The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 911: The Silver Moon

She was resolute, nailed to pieces, and shouted.

At the time of the Seven Killings, Qin Yi and Feiniang, that was to help them canary tribe, obtained six whole strands of Emperor Soul Lotus. This grace, they dare not forget their teeth. Now, how can we grace vengeance and push them into the fire pit?

Even if it is the canary people who will really be trampled, they can't give Qin Yi and Sister Yan up!

Autumn silver moon white small hands, dark self-grip.

Qin Yi, Yan Meiyi and Yang Shiqi in the crowd heard that they were all forced to slightly flash and flow through a warm stream.

“Autumn Silver Moon, now that you're here, I can't say if I'm still hiding in the crowd. ”

A whisper of laughter sounded from the crowd.

The grand martial arts stadium suddenly quieted down as it reached the sound of a faint laugh.

Tap, tap!

Heavy footsteps, in a quiet martial arts field, came without delay and were amplified indefinitely.

Every step of the way, the whole huge martial arts field is a tremor.

Everyone's eyes, with this set of footsteps fame, saw a young man in a white robe, as he was slowly stepping forward, the people of Tianshui and Ancient Moon, all appeared in a happy face.

And the canary people, including Autumn Snow City, are slightly bitter.

“I was right to speculate that this man, who was the first expert in the Tianshui family to be suppressed by red and snow cherries, can't help but stand up now and see Autumn Silver Moon coming out. ”

Qin Yi in the crowd, slightly frowned, whispered to Yan Meiyi and Yang Shiqi.


Femme nodded: “Obviously, now that Red and Snow Cherry are trapped in the Seven Kingdoms, this man is trying to regain his position as the number one leader in the Sky Aquarium. It's a bit of an opportunity. ”

Yeung Shiqi, however, seemed a little confused. She knew nothing about what had happened before the Seven Kills and the Seventh Kills. At that time, her consciousness went into deep meditation, basically a dead person.

The red sea lion in a white robe has come to a position about 30 yuan from Akiyoshi Moon to stand still. That's a handsome face, with an uncompromising smile: “Akiyoshi Moon, you don't want to hand over the Sister Yan, fine, as long as you let me defeat, and attach some other conditions, we will not hold you accountable for killing the Sister Yukira and Fanghua. ”

Indeed, this man wanted to take the opportunity to put himself back in the eyes of the world and become the first master of the Tianshui Nation.

Qin Yi was three people in the crowd, and his heart was clear.

“Sci-fi, what are you doing? ”

Red-witted Tianfang knife, but unhappy, the pair drank heavily behind him.

The two ancient peoples behind them were also dissatisfied with the Red Sea Fu's behavior. They clearly could take advantage of this to flatten the Canary Nation. The Red Sea Fu preferred to do this.

But where do they know the red sea lion's caution?

“Don't worry, I'm not done yet, didn't I just say there are some additional conditions? Allow me to conclude with conditionalities. ”

Red Sea Fu turned his face and smiled faintly at the two ancient peoples behind him. He turned his face slowly and looked at Autumn Silver Moon. He smiled faintly and said: "In addition to you letting me defeat, my condition is that you marry me again, and then you canaries give us ten thousand rough coins each year to Tianaquarium and Ancient Moon, as well as three cars of medicine, four pints of medicine 5,000 pieces. ”

He said that the people of the heavenly aquarium and the ancient moon were all stunned, and spinning, each person's face, appeared in a thick color of joy.

This is all about turning the Canary into a subordinate family of the Tianshui and Ancient Moon tribes!

Indeed, this approach is much more intelligent than placing the Canaries directly on the ground.

“Damn, these bastards are bullshitting people! ”

“Fuck them, even if they die in battle, they don't want to live in the shadows of these bastards! ”

“ …… ”

One of the canary tribes is a furious, angry lung.

Don't forget, they are ancient gods, of noble descent, and the conditions offered by the Red Sea are worse than killing them.

“Fight these bastards to the death! ”

Autumn Min in the crowd, angry and delicate, the voice in the noise, especially pleasant ears.

In front of the Autumn Silver Moon, the huge pair of crispy breasts in front of the chest, is also a fierce rise and fall, beautiful face, iron blue, cold eyes, staring at the red sea lion in front without blinking.

But after all, she was not a generalist. Soon, she suppressed the anger in her chest and forced it down. The words spoken in her mouth were as if they were frozen: “Impossible, we canary people, will never become affiliated family of any ethnic group. How about this? I fought alone against you, Red Scavenger, Fang, one sword, three people. As a result, whoever wins or loses, this matter will be uncovered. What do you think? ”


Qin Yi in the crowd, Meiyu chuckled: “Silver Moon is to sacrifice itself and save the whole family. ”


The flaming lady beside her also nodded: “She is using the excitement method to provoke the people of Tian Aquarium and the Ancient Moon. She is challenging the three leading players in the red sea, Red Tsunami Tian and Fang One Knife at the same time. These three people have to fight. Otherwise, they will be regarded by the world as really frightened, and their faces will be exhausted, which will greatly damage the reputation of Tian Aquarium and Ancient Moon. ”

“It has to be said that this young girl's trick is really impressive. An invitation to war makes it difficult for Tianshui and Ancient Moon to ride tigers. She turns passively on her own initiative, but she faces death herself. ”

Yang Shiqi softened his head.

“Silver Moon, no! ”

Autumn Snow City, the elder of the Canary Nation, was suddenly shocked and rushed to stop drinking.

“Silver Moon, we will never let you die alone with these three bastards! ”

“Sister Silver Moon, are you crazy! ”

And the canaries behind them, they were all yelling.

At this moment, Autumn Silver Moon completely calmed down and restored her constant elegance and dust. Turning to Autumn Snow City and the canary people, she pressed her hands slightly, indicating that they were quiet.

On the other hand, the people on the Tianshui and Ancient Moon sides were all violently fluctuating in the corners of their mouths, their breasts fluctuating and appearing extremely angry.

She simultaneously challenged the Red Spirit, the Red Throat Heaven, and the Three Fangs. This is a blatant contempt for their two ancient gods!

“Autumn Silver Moon, you are insulting us Sky Aquarius and Ancient Moon! ”

A sword from the red sky and the square, and a sigh of anger.

And the red sea lion in front, the face is also iron blue to the extreme.

He wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to fight the Autumn Silver Moon, defeat it, and then regain his fame and regain his place as the number one celestial aquarium player.

Who thinks that Autumn Silver Moon suddenly came out so suddenly, he was overwhelmed.

“Cut the crap, fight if you want, if you don't have the courage to fight, get out of my canary tribe, and don't be embarrassed here! ”

In disdainful laughter, Autumn Silver Moon has taken out its own weapon.

Her weapon, like that of Maiden Flame, is an elongated blue sword.


With the blue elongated sword, held tight by the Autumn Silver Moon, the sword body was trembling in a wave, the blue sword was in full swing, and tremendous swordsmanship.

Slowly lifting the sword, pointing remotely at the red sea lion, the red tsunami heaven, the three of us, Qiu Yin Yue Born there, the touching delicate body of Nachana, also gradually became as sharp as the sword in her hand, a powerful invisible killing intent flourished.

“Silver Moon, don't be ridiculous! ”

Patriarch Qiu Xuecheng shouted.

“Sister, what are you doing? Come back here and we'll kick these bastards out of our canary clan together! ”

Qiu Min in the crowd was also in a hurry to stamp his feet.

“I've made up my mind, and nobody will talk me out of it. ”

At this moment, Autumn Silver Moon's voice becomes cold again.

Together to kick this son of a bitch out of the Canary Clan?

That's impossible, so many masters gather here, just one move, then the whole family of canaries will instantly become a piece of ruin, and she will never allow the canaries to ruin it.

The only way to preserve the Canary is to make it difficult for the Tianshui and the Ancient Moon to ride tigers and sacrifice themselves.

“The three chiefs of our two ancient tribes won't dare to fight your little girl film. It's a joke! ”

He took out a silver knife in anger and colored his clothes.

The silver robe on his body, instantly swelled by the majestic imperial power, in the distance, like a giant silver toad, quite funny.

“Can we have any choice but to confront our three masters alone? ”

In the cold drinks, Tianshui clan chief Red and Xiaotian also took out his own weapon, it was also a battle knife, but it was black, over that broad knife, a dark blur appeared.

The man's face was blurred, giving a mysterious and powerful feeling.

“Choosing to sacrifice yourself while preserving the whole canary tribe, Autumn Silver Moon, you are really smart enough and harsh enough! ”

Red spoiled in a white robe, shaded to the point.

In fact, he had always loved the beauty of the Autumn Silver Moon and married her to the Sky Aquarium. That was his long-standing dream, which was why he would ask for Autumn Silver Moon to marry him.

Who thinks that Autumn Silver Moon, with his own wisdom, is hard to turn the bad luck of the Canary tribe, raw, so that he can take Autumn Silver Moon for a period of time, become an eternal dream.


Next moment.

Red Scafford also took out his own weapon, which was a generous heavy sword, swordsmanship purple, swordsmanship Heather.

Since Autumn Silver Moon cannot be married as his wife, now he wants only one sword to cut off this smart, hateful Canary first master.

“Good. Looks like the three of you are not too pathetic! ”

Looking at the red sea lion, the red tsunami sky, the three of us, all have taken out their own weapons, Autumn silver moon shallow smile.

She knows that in this battle, she will die. Although she is the best expert in the Canary Nation, she will have to fight the Red Spirit, Red Tsunami Heaven, Fang One Knife, and there will be only one end, that is, death, no accidents can happen!

But the face of death, she had no fear at all, and that delicate face, even full of pride, because her death would save the whole Canary tribe.