The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 913: Audacious Silver Moon

Four imperial fighters, fighting together, such a battle scene is rare.

Everything is as Qin Yi said, over time, due to endurance, the Autumn Silver Moon gradually dropped wind, the red sea lion, the red tsunami heaven, the weapons in the hands of the three, like three giant pythons of black, silver and purple, towards the Autumn Silver Moon.

It will not be easy to defend yourself against the attacks of the three imperial powers.

Yet another while later, Autumn Silver Moon was already a little pale, sweaty and festive.

Apparently, she has reached the end of the crossbow.

At this time, the people on the canary side, one by one, were extremely anxious, and they knew that Autumn Silver Moon could persist to this day, which was already quite difficult.

And the people of Tianshui and the Ancient Moon, their faces are still full of horrors, and Autumn and Silver Moon can persist to this day, which in their view is truly amazing.

The strength of Autumn Silver Moon greatly exceeded their expectations.

“Autumn Silver Moon, I have to admit, you are stubborn and have created a great miracle, but I want to see how long can you last? ”

On the fierce battlefield, only heard the red sea fury drink, the tall body turned into a white light, in the long sky a plunder, between that, to the side of the Autumn Silver Moon, holding his heavy purple sword with both hands, standing and falling, the heavy sword, is like a giant purple lightning bolt, cut in the air.

Feel the sword, it emits tremendous power, Autumn Silver Moon does not dare to be slightly lazy, the toe is in the air, the air beneath her feet is a circle of ripples.

With that very faint air buoyancy, she bursts to the side.


The red sea lion's purple heavy sword fell hard against her body, another piece of blue silk, chopped off, just one line short, to cut her straight.

The red sea lion's heavy purple sword split underground and directly cut a fracture to several lengths on the ground.

In the air, the shape of the Autumn Silver Moon has not yet been determined, the red tsunami sky and the other two, one left and one right, each with his own weapon, rapidly exploded, the air around the two people, floating.


In the delicious sound, Qiu Yinyue Nachana's moving delicate body rolled suddenly in the air, like a rolling white snake.


Red tsunami black sword, with a silver sword, under her, a harsh point together, a sharp loud sound.

The sword struck each other, pounding the energy wave, rolling and moving, directly lifted the Autumn Silver Moon to more than ten long heights, and the Red Tsunami Tianfang sword and two people, was also suddenly lifted out by this energy wave, “blast" fell to the ground.

What an opportunity!

The red sea lion below, that's quite a handsome face, suddenly swept past the shade: “Kill you, at this moment! ”

His feet were on the ground, he stamped hard, and in a loud noise, the ground was hidden directly from a small crack like a spider web, and his tall body, followed by this stampede, burst.

The heavy purple sword in his hand pierced the long sky and sped towards the autumn silver moon that was rolling in the air at an unspeakable speed.

In the electric light stone fire, it was stabbed beneath the Autumn Silver Moon. The sharp tip of the sword has been affixed to the fall silver moon's collar.

The body was still tumbled by the waves of the autumn silver moon, even felt its own waist, suddenly a cold, she didn't think, the long sword in her hand, under his body, a sword struck the purple heavy sword of the Red Bliss Sea, cut it to the side, from her fiber waist, a prick.

The Autumn Silver Moon exploded and landed on the ground with the rebound force of the two swords colliding.

It's too dangerous!

This series of escapes is the escape from the dead. Each attack by the Red Spirit, the Red Tsunami Heaven and the Fang One Knife is only one line away, and she has already been killed.

With a blue sword in her hand, she stood there, with the big tits in front of her, a violent rise and fall, her face pale to the extreme.

Bringing together the three major Emperor Dao masters, Red Spirit, Red Tsunami Heaven and Fang One Knife, she has stood up for so long, her endurance has reached its limit, in the previous wild war, there is actually a lot of luck ingredient, otherwise, now she, it is impossible to stand here.

If this battle continues, she is no longer confident that she will persist for another two minutes.

In this battle, she has only one ending, which is: death in battle!

However, in the face of such an end, Autumn Silver Moon's heart not only did not show any fear, but was full of pride.

She felt incredibly proud to have fought to save her family.

“Autumn Silver Moon, your limit has reached, if there are any last words, say it now. ”

The red sea lifted its hand, the purple heavy sword, pointing far to the autumn silver moon, while the red tsunami heaven and square sword were on his left and right respectively.

The three of them lined up with the word "one” to tie the weapon in their hands, point to Qiu Yin Moon, and force them to Qiu Yin Moon step by step.

“Pong!” “Pong! Pong! ” ……

The steps of the three of them were consistent, and every step taken, the entire immense martial arts field, was a fierce tremor, the footsteps were dull and loud, as if stepping on the human heart, with the same rhythm as the blood in the body.

Looking at the slowly forced red sea lion, the red tsunami heaven, the three of us, the Autumn Silver Moon Show eyes slightly condensed, the beautiful mouth corner, slightly raised, that tragic white has no bloody face, Xu slowly emerged a light smile: “I don't have any last words, or that phrase, if you want to fight, get out of our canary tribe if you don't fight! ”

Yan Bi, she also lifted the blue sword in her hand slowly, pointing remotely at the slowly forced red sea lion, the red tsunami sky, the three of us, the white robe hunting room, an invisible and powerful killing intent, is diffuse.

She knows that the next battle, herself, will die!

But she sees it as an honor.

The words of Autumn Silver Moon, Red Haifu, Red Tsunami Heaven, Fang One Knife and Three People's mouth, all violently smoked, the face appeared angry color.

“Cut the crap with this little bitch and just kill her! ”

Red tsunami drinks furiously.

“Although this cunning pussy has deprived us of the opportunity to trample the Canaries, it is also good that this pussy is so skinny that we have the opportunity to kill her together! ”

The other side of the knife, too, whimpered cold.

He is telling the truth, kill Qiu Yin Moon, they feel that this time, there is not much loss, Qiu Yin Moon, is the first expert of the Canary Nation, as long as it is killed, then the whole Canary Nation, is also equivalent to the abolition of half, its fame, will decline in a straight line.

In the future, the Canary people want to cultivate top experts like Autumn Silver Moon. In nearly 100 years, it is obviously impossible to complete it.

“You can't let these three bastards kill you. Let's go! ”

Among the canary people in the rear, a delicious drink sounded suddenly, it was Qiu Min.

She suddenly waved her little hand, thousands of canary people, suddenly a noise, several people, even have taken out their weapons, to rush forward.


Qiu Xuecheng, the head of the Canary Nation, was also suddenly angry and drunk. He could no longer help himself: “We Canary Nation must not allow the first master of the family to watch the war die on our doorstep and fight them. ”


The canary family, the unrest, made great strides forward.

“Ha ha, that's what we want! ”

“Just in time! ”

The people of the Tianshui and Ancient Moon tribes suddenly burst out laughing joyfully. In between blinking eyes, they also took out their weapons.

They are the two great ancient gods, both in numbers and in the content of masters, far higher than the Canary.

They can't help but let the canaries get down and fight, so they can take advantage of the opportunity to flatten the canaries!

“Everybody stop! ”

Autumn Silver Moon in the center of the martial arts, but suddenly turned around and looked at the canary people who had stepped towards the great stride, that bloodless face had already killed a piece: “Whoever dares to provoke this conflagration, I will kill him first, even the chief, I will not show mercy! ”

The canaries, all of them tremendously trembled, could only stop at their feet.

“Sister, what's the matter with you? Woo..."

Qiu Min cried directly.

How can she now see her own sister and be killed at home?


Qiu Xuecheng, the chief of the Canary Nation, was also helpless to sigh: “None of us Canary Nation is greedy for life and fear of death. We would rather die in battle than watch you fight for us! ”

“I don't want this! I want to die in a hurtful and quick battle! ”

“ …… ”

A canary tribe, all breastpounding.

They want a quick and painful war, but they can't. How helpless can they be?

“Needless to say, stay honest with me! ”

Autumn silver moon attitude, unusually resolute, she absolutely does not tolerate the canary tribe, therefore disappearing in this world, she must carry the burden of the canary tribe with her own delicate shoulders!

Otherwise, she would be ashamed to cultivate herself with care for the Canary Nation for so many years, and to call herself the first master of the Canary Nation!

The seemingly foolish and moving Canary people were finally overwhelmed by the Autumn Silver Moon. The Tianshui and Ancient Moon people, instantly on one face, all showed disappointment. They had the feeling of holding back a bunch of strength, but ended up beating on the cotton.

“If that's the case, then there's no need to say anything more, Autumn Silver Moon, you die! ”

Red spoonfuls burst into a sip, a sword towards the red tsunami sky and square, suddenly hands for a moment: "Go, kill her! ”

The next moment, the three men burst from the ground simultaneously, in the shape of "product”, each of them with a body and hand weapon, holding a straight line, three ways towards the front of the Akiyoshi Moon, burst.