The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 922: Mysterious Defense

The Holy See stipulates that any person who fulfils his or her mandate will have the opportunity to enter the Martial Arts Academy once to select martial arts and receive an additional 5,000 Kyushu Spiritual Stones.

Now, what Yang Shiqi has accomplished is a "take over” mission. She will have the opportunity to enter the third level of the Wushu Pavilion and choose Wushu.

“No, Master Yang no longer needs to choose martial arts in physical defense. Her physical defense now has reached a terrible level. ”

Qin Yi shook his head and said.

Yang Shiqi herself, too, smiled lightly.


What's that supposed to mean?

Xianwen looked at Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi in confusion.

“Sister Yang, you are the client of the vagina gate incident in the Seven Kingdoms, you know what happened best, you want to explain. ”

Qin Yi waved at Yang Shiqi.


Yang Shiqi nodded, Xu Xu Xu said: "Master, this is how I entered the wilderness world of seven killings and met the original ancestors of the Yin Gate...”

Yang Shiqi will use the origins of the vagina gate to refine his own blood and improve his physical defense.

Xian Wencheng listened. He called Qilian. He was amazed. Yeung Shiqi was able to transform the vicious into an opportunity. Such a talent is truly amazing.

With regard to the blood refining method of the vagina gate, Xian Wencheng also heard a little. He speculated and choi also speculated that Yang Shiqi reached a height of physical defense with the original vagina gate full blood refining for more than two years.

After a slight indulgence, Xian Wencheng said: “In this way, Siqi's speed seems weaker. When entering the Wushu Pavilion to choose martial arts, choose a martial arts of speed. ”

“It's certainly better that way. ”

Qin Yi concurred.

The next day.

Awarded, Xian Wencheng and Wang Fushang memories, both earned 5,000 Ling Yuanshi per Kyushu, while Yang Shiqi also picked a speed martial arts suitable for his training on the third floor of Wu Xuekou.

Qin Yi, for the time being, did not go to choose martial arts, because the Martial Arts Council of the Holy See at Tingwei level in Kyushu, only three floors, and the Martial Arts Council at Shingwei level, is on that mountain.

The Holy See stipulates that those who succeed in promoting themselves to divine guardianship must wait until it is precisely after becoming divine guardianship that they will be eligible to enter the pavilion of martial arts and to choose martial arts with their presence on that divine mountain.

Fei Laohui has not released the news that Qin Yi has become a divine guardian. Qin Yi's current identity, still Tingwei, is not eligible to enter that mountain.

Qin Yi is clear that the Seventh Style of "Tenjin Seven" exists in the Martial Arts Palace on that mountain.

Qin Yi's heart is full of anticipation.

Returning to the stone house, Qin Yi took out the skin of the animal that Qin Yi had given herself the day before at the time of the ruined martial arts, and prepared to study "The Essence of Medicine Refining in Wupintan".

In order to learn the secrets of the Divine Guard leaderboard, he must challenge King Bo Ming and then defeat him.

Now, he increasingly thinks that the Divine Way ranking list is definitely not an ordinary ranking list, and it must contain some secrets.

“It's too obscure! ”

Looking at the skin of the animal, those dense numbness words, Qin Yi headaches all the time.

He reached out his left hand and slowly touched it on the skin of the animal, and instantly, the content on the skin of the animal was copied into his mind without a word.


As he suddenly fluctuated with his natural qi, a flame flared above his palm, burning the fur of the beast.

Soon, the whole skin of the animal was turned to ash. The essence of five pints of medicine refining, this alchemy book, disappeared completely in the world.

Of course, in order for it to reappear, Qin Yi simply needs to write down what is in his mind.

After destroying the animal skin, Qin Yi set his mind to it and began to fully understand and analyze the "essence of the refining of five pints of Dan medicine".

Just as Qin Yi hid in the stone house and studied the essence of Wupin-Dan medicine refining.

An old yet luxurious cabinet in another courtyard.

King Song Yu, dressed in a silver robe, and the king and the king, dressed in gold, stood in the hall.

At this time, both of them, with their hands vertical and respectful, were at the corners of the two, even sweating cold.

And in front of them, a shadow in a black robe, standing quietly there, at this moment, that shadow, did nothing, and King Song Yu and Zong and Wang, feeling the shadow of the black robe, the pressure, like an invisible mountain, slowly pressed towards them, so that they had to push the body's air resistance, not to fall on their knees.

“I think you've guessed that my identity is divine. ”

The shadow of the black robe slowly said, his voice was dull and cold, and he heard some numbness in his scalp.

In previous years, a divine guardian had appeared in their dwelling, but the person in front of them was clearly not the same one who had appeared in previous years.

In the past, the divine guardian was Maiden Yan, who was ordered by Qin Qiu Shui to kill Qin Yi.


The king and the king in the golden robe hurriedly saluted: “Your breath is so strong that even a pig can guess that you are a divine guardian, and I think that even at the divine guardian level, you should be at the peak of existence. ”


The shadow of the black robe hummed softly: “The peak exists at the divine level, is Luo Feng and Qianqiu Water, do you think I am Luo Feng or Qianqiu Water? ”

“I dare not speculate. ”

Zonghe Wang shook his head hastily and couldn't help but wonder: “Are you Luo Feng or... Qiushui? ”

“Luo Feng, famous for the bravery of the sun, and Qianqiu Water, famous for its softness and weirdness, do you think I am more like Luo Feng or Qianqiu Water? ”

The shadow of the black robe still hadn't turned back, said Xu slowly.

Rumor has it, King Song Yu and the Zong He Wang are all in the same place.

They still belong only to Tingwei, although the Supreme Master of Shenwei, and they know nothing about the level of Shenwei. For the first time, they heard about the existence of the peak of Shenwei, which is Luo Feng and Qianqiu Shui, and have a slight understanding of their characteristics.

“Are you… Chiaki Mizu? ”

King Song Yu couldn't help but ask curiously.

“Do you think Luo Feng and Qiushui will appear in your other courtyard attic? You lift yourselves too much. ”

The shadow of the black robe, no shame in laughing.

King Song Yu and Zong and Wang couldn't help but stare at each other.

From the mouth of the divine guardian in front of them, they could tell that Luo Feng and Qianqiu Shui were much more powerful than the man in front of them.

The strong in the divine defense level are certainly not their Tingwei level. As you can imagine, the divine defense in front of you, King Song Yu and Zong and Wang all feel it. If you want to kill them, you will definitely not exceed five moves.

What if Luo Feng and Qiushui were in this man's mouth? To kill them, just one move is enough.

“It doesn't matter who I am. ”

The shadow of the black robe shook his head gently and slowly said: "But what you are going to do next is very important. ”

After Yan Bi, the shadow of the black robe did not turn back. He raised his hand and threw it back randomly. One red, one blue and two shadows were fired at King Song Yu and the Zong He Wang, respectively.

King Song Yu and Zong He Wang did not dare to be lazy, hurriedly lifted their hands and shot them into their shadows to catch them. They opened their palms and looked at them. Only then did they discover that they were two strangely shaped medicines.

The medicine caught by King Song Yu is all red, while the medicine caught by Zong and Wang is all green.

On both medicines, there is a hint of wonder, a pleasant smell, and even a feeling of hot blood boiling in the body.

“Is this...”

Looking at the medicine on hand, King Song Yu and Zong He Wang are all staring at the black robe with confusion.

“Cheap for both of you. ”

The black robe shadow Xu Xu Xu said: “The medicines caught in the hands of both of you are rare and rare medicines. It took Chiaki Shui a while to get them. ”

A rare potion!

Or did Chiaki get it himself?

On the faces of King Song Yu and Zong and Wang, all of a sudden, a glimmer of joy appeared.

“The red medicine caught in the hands of King Song Yu, the name of this medicine, is called 'Red Fire of the Spirit', and its effect is to be able to wash a person of ordinary body, directly into an exotic body called 'Red Fire's Body', which is able to ignite red fire all over the body, with extraordinary fighting power. This medicine, called" Red Flame, "is extremely rare, and there are no more than a hundred strains in the entire heavens and the earth. ”

The shadow of the black robe still hadn't turned around, and he turned his back on King Song Yu and the Zong He Wang, introducing him.

“Spirit fire, body of fire...”

Looking at the red medicine in his hand, King Song Yu's eyes filled with fanaticism.

Just by listening to the description of the black robe, he can conclude that Ling Qihua, a medicine, is absolutely remarkable, no wonder it led to Qiushui himself.

And there won't be more than a hundred shares in the entire heavens and the earth!

This time, I think I really stepped on super big shit.

“So what kind of medicine is this in my hand? ”

Hearing that the medicines obtained by King Song Yu were so precious, Zong and Wang envied each other and asked hastily.

“The medicine caught in the hands of Zonghe Wang, called" Ling Qing Glass ", is also extremely countervailing. It can directly wash a person of ordinary body into an exotic body called" Green Glass Body ". This body is able to emerge green glass all over the body, and the fighting power is also extraordinary. ”

The shadow of the black robe slowly said.

Zong and Wang were ecstatic: “Ha ha, that's great! ”

The shadow of the black robe continues: “Spiritual red fire and spiritual green glass, also referred to as‘ green glass red fire ’, so it is necessary to find two people to quench the two medicines simultaneously in order to realize their true value, and to quench the two medicines' red fire body ’and' green glass body ’, at the same time, the battle can be carried out seamlessly, so as to maximize the fighting power. ”

After listening to this attack of the shadow of the black robe, King Song Yu and the Zong He Wang have already floated. As if stepping on the cloud, I can't help but immediately quench these two medicines, making myself “the body of the red fire” or “the body of the green glass”.