The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 928: Challenge Day

After summarizing some experience again, Qin Yi returned to Pharmaceutical Ding and began refining the third Jiuxu Lindane.

Still fully refined for five hours, the third Jiuqu Lindane, finished refining.

“This is a three-pin nine-curtain! ”

Looking in the hand, the new Dan Yao, Qin Yi smiled satisfactorily, refined three Jiu Qu Ling Dan, the quality of the third, has reached three grades, such progress is absolutely enough to shock the world, only afraid of the previous years of Bo Ming Wang, not necessarily such a speed of progress.

Of course, this is mainly due to Qin Yi's possession of the celestial demon's left hand and the full integration of King Senroh's potential into his body, giving him extraordinary enlightenment.

The next day, Qin Yi has been hiding in his stone house, focusing on the refining of Jiuqu Lindane.

Between winks, ten days pass.

As Qin Yi expected, on this day, at the front door of the General Affairs Department, a series of examinations announcing that Qin Yi had successfully passed the promotion to Shenwei was the announcement of becoming a Shenwei, which was posted by Lieutenant Lao Huai.

The whole Kyushu Holy See suddenly started to make another noise, and almost everyone's face was full of envy or jealousy.

According to the Holy See, the day of the ranking will also be a challenge for Qin Yi. Anyone who does not accept Qin Yi's promotion to Divine Defense can go ahead and challenge him.

Thus, in the early morning of this day, all members of the Holy See, at the Tingwei level, were concentrated in the great arena.

The martial arts of the Holy See of Kyushu, unlike the martial arts of the general sect, are cultivated by some very hard stone, the whole block is not easily damaged.

If the strength of the Guardians of the Holy See in Kyushu, as in the case of the general Zongmen Arena, were to be compared to the test, the entire Arena would be basically destroyed.

Throughout the martial arts, it was loud and hot.

A lot of people here, for the first time, have come up with a test of this nature.

In the crowd, Qin Yi's master honored Huang Fushang's memory and sat there. She has always been famous for her cold-handedness. At this moment, the cheeks on both sides are also very excited.

Her two disciples, Lao and Fu Qingqing, two immortal teenage girls, one left and one right, were with her. The two of them, today, also raised that snowy pointed little chin, proud slightly. Their Pharmacy 1 came out of a divine guard, and they felt quite proud, openly accepting the enviable eyes cast around them.

In addition to this, Xian Wencheng, Yang Shiqi, King Lauro and others are naturally quite pleased.

“Congratulations to your disciple, Imperial Alchemist, on your successful promotion to Divine Defense. You have been instructed and should learn from you! ”

The unusually tall Knife River King, the first to come to the front of the Emperor's memory, bowed to the Emperor's memory, sincerely congratulated.

Qin Yi has now become a divine guardian, so as his teacher's honor, the Emperor's memory is to rise to the high rank, status of the Holy See of Kyushu, instantly pulled away from everyone, no one dares to easily sin.

“You don't have to be so polite. ”

The Knife River King came from Yulan mainland. His reputation in the Holy See of Kyushu has always been good. His Majesty's memory hurried up and helped him to the right end. He said: "Your two disciples, Pucky Mai and Yi Tai, have also successfully completed the task of" seizure of power ", only the task of" seizure of the king "is missing. By virtue of their abilities, I am confident that they will also eventually be able to successfully complete the task of" taking the king "and succeed in promoting him to Divine Defense. ”

Speaking of his two disciples, the face of the Knife River King, was also a joy: "I hope so. ”

“Hee-hee, Sister of Remembrance, congratulations on your promotion to the top of the Holy See. ”

Wearing a red robe, the immortal Fiber King is also in front of the memory of the old Emperor, sincere congratulations.

“Oh, thank you Fiber Sister, I see your two disciples Lin Xuan, Dongmen Yan, the potential is also extraordinary, and ultimately must be able to accomplish the task of 'seizing the king’ and successfully promote. ”

Huang Fushang recalled politely, although he rose to the top of the Kyushu Holy See, there was no shelf.

“Congratulations, Miss Shang! I didn't expect your disciple to succeed in his first promotion! ”

King Rollo laughed.

He comes from the feathered sect of the five major alliance forces. He is not in opposite relationship to the miracle fairy trail. Moreover, Qin Yi once mentioned to him that the discipline master and sword float zero. Therefore, he is also quite fond of Qin Yi.

“King Lauro is polite. This time, you did not take the apprenticeship exam to promote the Divine Guard. I'm sure it won't take long and there will be. ”

Huangfushang smiled.

“Ha ha, I'll lend you a good word. ”

King Lauro smiled happily. Although he had not yet seen the discipline master Xuan and Sword Floating Zero, since it was recommended by Qin Yi, he was also quite confident in his two future disciples.

“Congratulations, Emperor Alchemist! ”

King Song Yu and Zong He Wang also came to the memory of the Emperor, respectfully saluted, but in the eyes of both of them, it was obvious that the colour of disdain.

“King Song Yu and Zong and Wang are welcome! ”

Wangfushang's memory waved lightly and his attitude was naturally much cooler.

In the moment of turning around, King Song Yu and Zong He Wang instantly passed the slaughter intent on their faces. Today, Qin Yi's death period. They have been waiting for this day for more than a dozen days. They have already held off their strength. After a while of challenging activities, they immediately chopped Qin Yi to death.

Humph, wait a minute, when Wang Fushang saw his proud disciple with his own eyes and was slaughtered by both of himself, I really don't know how he would look?

I look forward to it!

King Song Yu and Zong and Wang are both secretly rejoicing, they have even seen a torn heart of the Emperor's memories.

Wang Fushang naturally did not know clearly that King Song Yu and Zong and Wang had already quenched into "the body of the red fire” and “the body of the green glass”. He waited for a moment to challenge him. He killed Qin Yi with one stroke. Her eyes slowly swept away from Qin Yi's face at the scene. She could not help but smile: “Qin Yi just didn't know that today was the day to set the list. At this moment, he should still try the medicine in his stone house. Leave Lo. Go and inform him. He will soon enter the challenge phase. ”

Qin Yi had already revealed to Wang Fushang's memory when challenging the King of Chiang Ming, so she didn't need to know all about Xiang. At this time, Qin Yi, what was being done.


Leaving Luo, he got up and left the martial arts. He quickly came outside Qin Yi's stone house and handed Qin Yi over.

“What, is today my day of reckoning? ”

After hearing from Lo's explanation, Qin Yi inevitably got a little excited. He had been hiding in the stone house to learn to refine Jiuqu Lindane, forgetting the time.


A little bit of a beautiful head from Lo. He said: "And soon we will be entering the challenge. Today you are officially a divine guardian. Anyone who is not comfortable with you at the Tingwei level can go up and challenge you. ”


Qin Yi was slightly stunned and blinked slightly.

However, he is not too worried about this, and he believes that his current strength can definitely sweep all the Tingwei players.

Without delay, Qin Yi quickly arrived at the martial arts field as he left Lo.

With their appearance, there was another loud noise throughout the arena. The gaze at Qin Yi was filled with envy, jealousy and even the smell of admiration, even the sword river king and fiber king were the exception.

Now Qin Yi, is already a divine guardian!

Only two of the crowd, King Song Yu and King Knife River, did not look at Qin Yi, who stepped on his foot, the corner of his mouth slightly raised, and hung with an indescribable smile.

In their view, Qin Yi's whole body is a capitalized “death” word, even quite brilliant.

“Well, Qin Yi has come to the scene. ”

Lao Huai, the chief of the general affairs hall, looked far away at Qin Yi, who also had a strong appreciation, said: "According to the Holy See, Qin Yi, now, stand in the center of the martial arts field, accept the challenge. From this moment on, anyone who is unhappy with your promotion to divine guardianship, can go up and challenge you. ”

In fact, such a challenge does not have much significance, just to calm down the emotions of those who disobey, because since Qin Yi has passed a series of examinations to become a divine guardian, even if someone defeats him in the next challenge, it will not affect him to become a divine guardian.

Of course, if Qin Yi was being challenged and unfortunately killed, the top echelons of the Holy See would ignore it.


Qin Yi didn't say much nonsense. When even the body's Xuan Qi moved slightly, the whole person burst into the center of the martial arts field, and then slowly landed, randomly went there one stop, all over his body, it emitted an impeccable atmosphere, giving a feeling like a mountain.

“Now the challenge begins! ”

Lieutenant Lao Huai announced.

However, just at this moment, a white light suddenly descended from the sky, winking, standing beside the martial arts, quietly standing there.

The eyes of all present, including Lieutenant Lao Huai, Knife River King, Fiber King and others, all of them are like five thunderbolts on top, standing there stunned, unable to move.

Qin Yi, in the center of the martial arts field, turned around and looked at this white shadow. It was also suddenly caught up. The spin was halfway between joy and nervousness.

Only that white shadow was seen, an old man with a crane hair and a slightly blurred figure, indicating that he was not a normal person but a mirror image.

“Meet the King of Childhood! ”

Returning to the captain of God, Lao Huai did not dare to be slightly lazy and hurried far away to salute the white shadow.

That's right, this visitor is the King of Children, a mirror image of the King of Children, to be exact.

“Meet the King of Childhood! ”

Everyone in the venue, including Qin Yi, is in a hurry to pay tribute to the Ming Wang.

King Chiang Ming, the only super alchemist in the Kyushu Holy See, has superior status in the Holy See.

Even Bo Ming Wang appeared here to watch Qin Yi's challenge ceremony!

In the hearts and minds of all present, there are huge waves!

“Forgiveness! ”

Wu Ming Wang Snow White's sleeves, whisked at will, suddenly, the people present felt an invisible force, bowing them to their bodies, blushing straight.