The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 930: The Fiber King goes to war

Challenges like this, like dreaming, are unreal.

Qin Yi always stood proudly in the martial arts, like a god, no god of war.

“Here we go! ”

A smile sounded.

Only among the five peak masters, the second Fiber King came out of the crowd, twisted that fiber handful of barbaric waist, moved to a strong and long sexy jade leg, and Mina Na arrived 30 years away from Qin Yi, stood still.

“Qin Yi, I came to challenge you, not to dislike your success in promotion to Divine Defense, but to think that if you fail in promotion, then you are damned. ”

Fiber Wang smiled shallow. All along, she did look good to Qin Yi. She said: “I came to challenge you because I was happy. You proved that my eyes were right. I came to help you! And of course, I want to see how much of a gap there is between my own strength and the Divine Defense. ”

“Thank you, Fiber King! ”

Qin Yi sincerely thanked Fiber King and smiled softly: "You can be one of the five peak divine guardians of the Holy See. Naturally, there are your exceptions, so do it! ”


The appearance of Fiber King is very delicate, but the personality is very crisp. When she does not say anything, as she brings her inner qi, suddenly flutters, a red half-moon curved knife, it is behind her, suddenly emerges, with the dress on her body, in one color.

As her red half-moon curved knife emerges, an invisible knife momentarily diffuses, filling every inch of space here.

“Strong indeed, it is the second-largest of the five peak masters! ”

Feel that sharp knife, Qin Yi nodded darkly.

And the people who watched the games around them, they were all excited, even the Fiber King existed, and made a move.

Prior to that, I had hardly seen Fiber King do anything, I didn't know what her strength was, I just knew she was strong, otherwise, she wouldn't be ranked second only to Knife River King.

“In this life and the afterlife! ”

Fiber King took the shot, the red half-moon curved knife behind her, which turned into two handfuls, and at the same time slashed out toward Qin Yi, reflecting the half-sky sky into red, endless knife, and scratching the cheeks of the surrounding spectators.


Qin Yi had a long gun and quickly approached two red half-moon machetes. He extended the "Flowing Cloud Skills". His figure was uncertain and uncertain. Many times, when he clearly saw the half-moon machete of Fiber King, he was about to chop him straight. But at a critical moment, his figure suddenly turned into a green cigarette. He folded out a strange angle and raw the half-moon machete of Fiber King, avoiding him.

“What martial arts is this? What a weird way! ”

Seeing Qin Yi as if he were dreaming, the whole scene, the noise, in one heart, is very uneasy.

“Imperial martial arts! ”

Even the child Ming Wang, who stood alone and watched the battle, had to lift his eyebrows slightly, twirling, and admiring gently his head: “This child, indeed, is remarkable, has itself been cultivated to only the peak of the Eight Realms of the Zongdao, but can understand imperial martial arts, and can also indoctrinate the deity of his cultivation. ”

King Song Yu and the Zong and Wang in the crowd were also slightly stunned, and immediately after that, the two smiled with disdain.

How extraordinary is Qin Yi, so what? When they come together, he's a corpse, and there won't be a second!

“Red Fire Body” and “Green Glass Body”, that is the strongest spear and strongest shield, Qin Yi will never be able to resist!

The war between Fiber King and Qin Yi continues in the center of the martial arts field.

It has to be said that Fiber King does have quite good strength and has been in Qin Yi's hands for five minutes.

However, over time, she gradually took the downwind. He felt that Qin Yi's identity was just weird to the extreme, and as soon as he wandered, he shook a big picture, causing confusion.

And the long gun in his hand, even more terrible, came with a single puncture, and the pressure was like a huge wave, rushing towards her, difficult to resist.


At some point!

Qin Yi's long gun swept, impartial, right in the sexy slender waist limb of Fiber King, Fiber King just felt like a huge mountain, hit her on her waist severely, she couldn't resist, Tina's moving delicate body, suddenly flew out.

However, that power, though vast, was soft, and the Fiber King seemed to have been pushed away by a large swarm of cotton, and eventually, even floating down.

Fiber King defeated!

“My God, am I blinded? The Fiber King defeated so easily! ”

“Hallucinations, this is absolutely hallucinations! ”

“ …… ”

Throughout the scene, there was an outpouring of mountains and seas!

Incredible, even Fiber King was easily defeated by Qin Yi. In Qin Yi's hands, he didn't even hold on for 10 minutes!

Fiber Wang stood still there, two huge crisp breasts in front of her chest, a sharp rise and fall, indicating that her heart was quite restless at this moment.

She knew long ago that Qin Yi was strong and knew long ago that she was not an opponent of Qin Yi, but she did not expect that Qin Yi had grown to such a terrible height. In the first war just now, she could feel that Qin Yi obviously had some reservations. Otherwise, she was afraid that she would only hold on to him for five minutes!

“Jiao Jiao Jiao, Qin Yi, you are so powerful that even I worship you! ”

Returning to the Fiber King of God, he smiled delicately at Qin Yi. In the demonic eyes, the color of gratitude was obvious.

On the last blow, Qin Yi obviously wanted to make himself unharmed, so that the sweeping power could be completely dispersed, so that he could be pushed away as if by a bunch of cotton.

This alone can only be achieved if the power is controlled to the slightest practitioner.

Of course, Qin Yi is able to defeat the Fiber King, which is what many people expected, and what the two could not have predicted was that the Fiber King actually defeated so quickly!

“Today is a wonderful day for collaboration! ”

Fiber Wang had just stepped down, an unusually heroic voice sounded in the field. In that voice, the inner strength of the pagoda, the blood in the people on the field was shocked, quite uncomfortable.

The people on the field, their eyes, were all looking at the voice, and their chins suddenly broke.

Because this speaker, Horan is the Knife River King!

Looking at the unusually tall body, slowly walking to the sword river king in the field, even Captain Lao Hua, all stunned open his mouth, appeared to be a little crying.

Today Qin Yi's challenging ceremony actually made the head of the Great Master of the Five Peaks of the Knife River King unable to sit down.


Qin Yi in the center of the martial arts field, also slowly walking the sword river king, quite helpless smile.

In the eyes of all on the scene, Knife River King has arrived at a position about 30 yuan from Qin Yi, standing still, his tall body, the male trembling within the pavement rushed out, his space around him, like the surface of the water, constantly distorted.

“Qin Yi, don't get me wrong. The purpose of my appearance is the same as that of Fiber King. It's not that I'm not dissatisfied with your successful promotion to Shen Wei, it's purely to come and help you, and I can feel your strength, above me. ”

The Knife River King was frank, Xu Xu said.

Before the war began, the Knife River King had already recognized Qin Yi's power over him!

How powerful is Qin Yi? Everyone here already has a number in mind.

Today's challenge is only a ceremony, there is no real significance at all. Even the Knife River King has admitted that Qin Yi is stronger than him before the battle. Ask, at the Tingwei level, who else can challenge success?

“I went to your homeland, the Yulan mainland, where the cultivation world is indeed much stronger than the cultivation world of the Kyushu mainland when I was on my last ‘King of Kings' mission, and I am not surprised that you can be the head of the Holy See's five Peak Archbishops! ”

In normal times, although Qin Yi rarely deals with the Knife River King, he still has some admiration in his heart, because he is honest and never oppresses anyone. Such people are more difficult to see in the Kyushu Holy See.

“The cultivation world of the Yulan mainland, on the face of it, is to be stronger than that of the Kyushu mainland, but it is not, because the Kyushu mainland exists in the Holy See of Kyushu, and the Yulan mainland does not. ”

The Knife River King said with a smile.

Qin Yi slightly flashed and gently nodded his head.

Indeed, the Holy See of Kyushu, not to mention the world of gloom, even in the wilderness, is a sacred being in the eyes of the world.

“Today we can have a good consultation with the Divine Guard, and I think I should be able to learn a lot! ”

In the talking room, the Knife River King has taken out his own weapon.

The Knife King calls it the Knife King. The weapon used is naturally a knife!

And surprisingly, the Knife River King's knife is actually transparent. If you don't look closely, you can't find it at all. He already has a knife in his hand!

“Ah, the Knife of the River King, is transparent! ”

Around the martial arts field, a shout erupted.

Until then, many Tingwei in the Holy See, like Fiber King, had never seen him fight.

At this moment, they only know that the original sword of the River King is so special.

“Transparent knives, indeed, have a great advantage in combat, because they are difficult to see and even more elusive. ”

Touched his nose, Qin Yi said faintly. However, this is only a great advantage for others, but in his hands, it is not necessarily.


Next moment.

Qin Yi darkened his left hand to push the demon into a state of emptiness. Suddenly, the clear battle knife in the hands of the Knife River King was in his sight and became clear.

“Indeed, because of this transparent knife, I took advantage of a little bit of the previous battle, but it was helpless, because it was an ancestral knife, and I could never throw it away. ”