The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 938: Guardianship Come

Qin Yi reported 45 medicines needed to practice Nine Qu Lindane.

“An entire 45 medicines, Qin Yi, these medicines, are needed to make a Dan medicine? ”

Fei Laohuai looked at Qin Yi with astonishment.


Qin Yi nodded and said: “These 45 kinds of Dan medicine can be cleverly refined together to produce a Dan medicine called Jiu Qu Ling Dan. ”

Qin Yi's move is actually a careful opportunity for him. Since these days, he has only become familiar with Jiuqu Lindane, a Dan medicine. By then, it will be refined and naturally more smooth. The chances of defeating the King of Chiang Ming will be higher.

Though he has earned the facsimile of the Master of Heavenly Corpse Guardianship, he also possesses the left hand of the Heavenly Demon and the potential of King Senroe, allowing his alchemy to advance at incredible speeds.

But who is King Bo Ming? Twenty thousand years ago, Qin Yi had no chance of winning by defeating the Master of the “Heavenly Corpse” Guardian, which was inherently there, and replacing it with any other type of Dan medicine that Qin Yi was not so familiar with.

Fortunately, there is a certain limit to the height of any given technique, which cannot be increased indefinitely, and the importance of a person's ability to attain a certain level of skill is determined by his or her gift, which cannot be achieved solely by time and effort.

Otherwise, King Bo Ming had reached the level of super alchemist 20,000 years ago, and now he is a legendary drug king or even drug emperor.

In other words, the talent of King Bo Ming determines that he can only reach the height of a super alchemist. Even if he works for another 100,000 years, he will not become the legendary king or emperor of medicine.

Otherwise, Qin Yi chose any kind of Dan medicine to try against him. The odds of winning are zero!

“A Dan medicine, you actually need a whole 45 ingredients, which can be refined successfully...”

Lieutenant Lao Huai stood there, full of horrible color, even if he did not know anything about the refining of Dan medicine, how difficult is it to refine this Dan medicine?

“Qin Yi, are you sure you won't refine the waste dan? ”

Returning to God, Fei Laohuai said: “I have to warn you, tomorrow you will compete with King Tongming's alchemy. If you refine the abandoned dan, it will be a thousand old jokes. ”

“Rest assured, Senior Lieutenant, I have studied alchemy very hard since the magic fairy trail. I have not come here for nothing for so many years. ”

Touched his nose and Qin Yi smiled slightly.

Looking at Qin Yi's face as self-confident, Lieutenant Lao Huai nodded herself. This teenager, indeed, is not simple.

But how did he know that Qin Yi is now most familiar with Jiu Qu Lingdan. If he refined Jiu Qu Lingdan, he could not win the King of Children's Ming, then he refined the other Dan medicine, the chances of winning are zero.

“Okay, I'm going to send someone to Yunwang City to buy these medicines back and prepare for tomorrow's Alchemy match between you and Bo Ming Wang. ”

Lieutenant Lao Huai will refine the 45 ingredients of Nine Qu Lindanes, after writing them on paper, went out.

Leaving the General Affairs Hall, Qin Yi's body was not far from home, because he saw a figure, in his sight, burst past.

The speed at which the shadow exploded was unspeakable, and between the blinks, it disappeared.

“Holy Land of the Holy See, who sneaks up there? ”

Qin Yi Jiaomei.


Rapidly activate the left hand to elicit a sense of spirituality, covering the wide area of the square.

This scope, undoubtedly, covers the entire Kyushu Holy See.

With the induction of spiritual perception, Qin Yi quickly discovered this person, and suddenly stared at him: “Turns out, it's him...”

The next moment, he suddenly fluctuated, turning the whole person into a very faint shadow, heading towards that shadow and exploding.

Not long ago, he was away from the Holy See of Kyushu, and his figure appeared in a wild mountain hill.

Not far in front of him, a bald man with a naked upper body was standing there looking at him grinning and smiling, and the bald man's naked upper body was stirring with a strange bloodstain.

There is no doubt that this man, Horan, is the “Heavenly Corpse” protector.

“Master, how did you show up in Kyushu Holy See? Didn't you want to die? ”

Looking at the “heavenly corpse” protection law in front of him, Qin Yi shook so hard to attach. The remnants of this vagina door were really daring to dive into the Holy See in Kyushu.

The vagina gate is the opposite of the Kyushu Holy See, while the “heavenly corpse” guardian is the remnant of the vagina gate. If the Kyushu Holy See were to discover it, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Moreover, now the “Heavenly Corpse” protection method is Qin Yi's teacher honor, and once the “Heavenly Corpse” protection method is discovered, he will follow suit.

Besides, don't forget, the top echelons of the Kyushu Holy See gave Qin Yi the task of "seizing his seat”, which was to kill the “Heavenly Corpse” Defender and take away the letters from him.

If the Holy See of Kyushu knew that the “heavenly corpse” protection law was still alive, even now Qin Yi became his disciple, how bad the result would be. It is conceivable that the punishment faced by Qin Yi would never be as simple as abolishing it and expelling him from the Holy See.

It will definitely be executed directly, even the soul will be melted into the weapon and become part of it forever.


The “Heavenly Corpse” defense method, however, whispered with disdain, saying: "Kid, don't scare this seat, the situation of the Kyushu Holy See, this seat is not unknown, there are only some Tingwei here, as long as the ancestors do not kill here to set fire, they still have some difficulty to find this seat. ”

Qin Yi was quite speechless in this regard.

“Don't worry, kid, we'll be careful. I was one of the eight guardians of the vagina gate 20,000 years ago. How could I be so easily exposed? ”

“Heavenly Corpse” looked up to his big head and said arrogantly.

“What about the eight ways of protecting the vagina door? Didn't I put it in my hands a few times? ”

Touching his nose, Qin Yi faintly said: “And the top echelons of the Kyushu Holy See know you exist, otherwise I wouldn't have sent you to kill me years ago. ”

“Heavenly Corpse” defense stunned, the arrogant colour on his face disappeared immediately, and he laughed embarrassingly: “This seat will fall into your hands several times, it was purely an accident...”

He stopped suddenly and blinked. It was not an accident that he seemed to have fallen into the hands of this boy several times before.

“Master, get out of here, as far away as you can, it's really very unsafe for you. ”

Qin Yi said helplessly.

The face of the "Heavenly Corpse” guardian stacked a good laugh and rubbed his hand: “Boy, aren't you about to compete with Alchemy? This is the one who came to watch your game from the wrecked war path. Just let me stay here till tomorrow, I promise, and as soon as I know the results of your game, I'll be back on the ruined track. ”

After a pause, the “Heavenly Corpse” defense said: “This disciple of the throne will defeat the King of Childhood Ming. I will never forget how desolate my teacher looked when he was defeated by the King of Childhood Ming, and how desolate he looked to die. Boy, if you truly defeat Bo Ming Wang tomorrow's competition, your people will be your servants for life, what do you want this seat to do, this seat won't even wrinkle a frown. ”


If you defeat King Ming, the Heavenly Corpse Guardian will be your own servant for life!

Qin Yi shrugged.

Grass, what a wonderful situation would it be to let the "Heavenly Corpse” guardian be such a powerful being, to be his own servant for life, and let him do his own service?

However, Qin Yi shook his head and said: “You are my master, how can you be my servant? You stay here, and I won't drive you, but don't let anyone see your whereabouts, or we'll both end up in hell. ”

“This seat is naturally clear. ”

Heavenly Corpse patted his chest: “Don't worry, this seat is not unknown. ”

“That's good. ”

Qin Yi nodded and went on to say: “As for tomorrow's alchemy match with King Bo Ming, I will certainly do my best. As for whether I can beat him or not, to be honest, I am not sure. ”

Fighting the Ming King of Boy, Qin Yi is not actually protecting the “heavenly corpse” law, but for himself. He must know what secrets are hidden behind the ranking list of Shen Wei?

Rumor has it, “Heavenly Corpse” Feston was happy. "As long as you put all your efforts into defeating King Ming, you have at least 50% certainty. You know, 20,000 years ago, King Ming won my teacher's esteem with only a slight advantage, and Kid, your talent in the field of alchemy is obviously more terrifying than my teacher's esteem, so my teacher's disgusting work, combined with your own talent, at least 50% certainty, won King Ming. ”

What a gift, I'm just for possession of the Left Hand of the Apocalypse and the potential of King Sanroh.

Qin Yi sighed at himself, how talented are you in the field of alchemy? He was perfectly clear.

Without the Left Hand of the Celestial Demon and the potential of King Senroh, I fear that I will not even have the opportunity to engage in the field of Alchemy.

Of course, he wouldn't have told the Corpse Guardian about these two babies.

“Boy, tomorrow's competition can't let this seat down. If you win the King of Childhood Ming, this seat will give you an extra reward in addition to being your servant for life. ”

After leaving this sentence, the “Heavenly Corpse” protection rose into the sky. A few blinks disappeared into Qin Yi's sight.

“This seat will be here tomorrow. After tomorrow's Alchemy match with King Bo Ming, you will come here to find this seat. ”

The voice of the Heavenly Corpse Guardian, echoing in the sky.