The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 941: Beyond the King of Childhood

Without any delay, Qin Yi immediately elicited a sense of spirituality and injected it into the drugstore, ready to fix the purple smoke.


Across the street, the pills in front of him drifted again, and then the pills needed to make the third song flew into the drugstore one by one, followed by black charcoal, into the coal warehouse.

“King Bo Ming has begun to refine the third song! ”

Qin Yi was slightly stunned and smiled herself: “His song has been refined just nine seconds faster than me, I chased it a second ago. ”

Then, without further delay, he also quickly locked the purple smoke in the drugstore, then opened the lid, and in the drugstore, he threw in the five materials: polygas leaves, rotten grass, blood lotus, snake locking yang, and dew lotus.

Then, in the coal warehouse, add a piece of black charcoal and start refining the third song...

Five hours later.

A Dan medicine in nine colors is already lying in the drugstore.

Qin Yiyi Yixi suddenly pulled his right hand away from the ignition port. Dan fire in the charcoal warehouse was also extinguished.

The first nine-currant lindane, refined.

The time gap between Qin Yi and the King of Children's Ming has been reduced to two seconds.

“There's only two seconds to go! ”

Around the scene, many people's faces showed incredible colors, especially those who had previously ridiculed Qin Yi. The faces were even hotter, as if they had been slapped harshly by an invisible hand.

Meanwhile, Huang Fushang's memory, Fu Qingqing, Leaving Lo, Yang Shiqi and others, also had a slight joyous smile on their faces.

Obviously, Qin Yi is trying to improve his speed, while the King of Childhood Ming has been maintaining a speed. If this continues, after all three Jiuqu Lindanes have been refined, Qin Yi can completely surpass the King of Childhood Ming in time.

Suddenly, Wang Fushang's mind sounded the joke he had made about Qin Yi before: If Qin Yi defeated Bo Ming Wang, he would marry him himself.

Her cheeks, unknowingly, rose again, her heart beating a little faster, and she thought to herself again: “If he really wins, will I marry him? ”

Finally, she still gets a similar shameful answer: I don't even think she'd nod her head if he wanted to, heh...

“Oh, this little guy surprised me. ”

Soya in the crowd, with a pale smile on her face, got a little thicker.

In the center of the martial arts, the Alchemy match between Qin Yi and Bo Ming Wang is still going on.

The eyes of everyone on the field were concentrated on the two of them, and the whole field gradually calmed down.

Nine Qu Lingdane, one for each refining, takes five full hours. Even a giant in the field of alchemy such as the King of Childhood Ming, cannot reduce the refining time to even shorter.

If you are an inexhaustible alchemist, you will be exhausted if you are afraid to refine only one Nine Cures Lindane.

Fifteen hours.

Qin Yi Yaoding's medicine warehouse, the third Jiuqu Lindane, finally lay quietly there.

After a faint smile, Qin Yi suddenly pulled away by pressing his right hand on the ignition port, and the dan fire in the charcoal warehouse was extinguished as well.

The third Jiuqu Lindane has been refined successfully!

He glanced at the king of children opposite him and saw that he was still standing there in silence. Through the fire vent, he could see his medicine in the charcoal warehouse, and the fire was still burning.

A little while later, King Bo Ming opened his eyes slowly, his medicine was in the charcoal warehouse, and the fire followed out.

Looking at Qin Yi, who had stood there quietly, King Ming revealed a laugh of appreciation to him and even put his thumb up against him.

Such a scenario allows the entire arena, a dead silence, only a heavy breathing voice, in the crowd, to diffuse.

Qin Yi actually completed the refining of three Jiu Qu Ling Dan one step ahead of King Tong Ming!

This scene, like a dream, gives a feeling of untruthfulness.

“Me, are you blind? ”

A cautious word broke the silence on the field.

Throughout the scene, for a moment, there was noise.

“I grass, no way, Qin Yi actually finished refining the three Jiuqu Lingdan one step ahead of the Bo Ming Wang. ”

“And fast enough for a minute! ”

“How is it possible that this kid didn't make three scrap dans? ”

“ …… ”

Including Wang Fushang, Fu Qingqing, Leaving Lo, Yang Shiqi, Suya and others, all people in the place are very uneasy.

At the time of refining the first song, Chiang Ming Wang was ten seconds faster than Qin Yi. However, after the refining of the three Jiu Qu Ling Dan, Qin Yi was later on top, surpassing Chiang Ming Wang for an entire minute.

Moreover, it appeared to be more than a minute, but in fact, it was much more than that. Don't forget that the King of Childhood is directly using Xuan Qi, controlling the dispensing bin and charcoal adding, which naturally saves more time.

Three Nine Clostrides of Lindane, that is, 27 such moves, saved how much time, can be calculated completely.

However, even so, Qin Yi still has an absolute advantage, surpassing the King of Childhood Ming for an entire minute!

Obviously, Qin Yi at the refining speed of this Alchemy competition has already blown up the Boy Ming King!

This is an unimaginable scene.

However, at present, it is also only known that Qin Yi won the King of Chiang Ming in refining time, but that does not mean that he won the game.

The quality of the refined Dan medicine is the key to winning and losing this match!

“Well, the three Dan drugs of Wang Zhong Ming and Qin Yi have been refined. The appraiser, went up to identify the quality of Nine Qu Lingdan produced by Wang Zhong Ming and Qin Yi. ”

Returning from the shock to the captain of God, Lao Huai spoke out loud.

In the end, his voice had just fallen, and the child king in the center of the martial arts staged a wave: “No need. ”


No, I'm good.

What's that supposed to mean?

Everyone present, including Qin Yi, was compelled to remain. He will look into confusion and look to the King of Children Ming.

King Bo Ming looked at Qin Yi, and his slightly blurred face was always smiling with a slight smile of appreciation. “Actually, every time Qin Yi refined and made a Jiuqu Lindane, I smelled the drug fragrance and judged its quality. ”

They nodded.

As a super alchemist who was famous 20,000 years ago, it's not surprising that he could do that.

After a pause, King Bo Ming continued: “Qin Yi refined the quality of the first Jiu Qu Lingdane, which is four, while the quality of the first Jiu Qu Lingdane I refined is five. ”

Nine Qu Lingdane such premium Dan medicine, the first to be refined, the quality is five products, what a super alchemist, so fierce!

Everyone in the room, they're all secretly amazed.

However, Qin Yi, as the next show, the first Dan medicine, was able to refine four products, which was equally shocking.

I have to admit, he is a super genius in Alchemy!

“And Qin Yi refined the second Jiu Qu Lindane, its pharmaceutical aroma, is slightly thicker than the first one, so his quality of Jiu Qu Lindane, is five! ”

Xiaoming Wang Xu Xu said.

Five pints, nine curls, Lindane!


Throughout the scene, all of a sudden the noise came out again, everyone looked at Qin Yi, as if looking at a green giant, full of shock and unbelievability.

It's amazing, Qin Yi actually made a five-pin, nine-piece Lingdane. Is he a man or a demon?

Don't forget, Qin Yi is involved in the field of alchemy. It has only been a few years, and he has actually refined and manufactured five products of Jiuqu Lindane, the ultimate medicine!

The difficulty of refining Jiuqurin Dan can be seen only by the 45 types of Dan medicine, and each song must be refined separately!

This kind of Dan medicine, if it is his master's memory, can produce three pints of Dan medicine, it would be quite good!

“My grass, this demon, has a feeling that makes me feel groundless! ”

Someone whispered.

“Oh! ”

The royal father in the crowd smiled lightly and raised his delicate face like a sculpture. He couldn't help but smear his arrogance. Qin Yi was her disciple. Now, Qin Yi actually refined five pints and nine Qu Lindane, which she felt quite proud of.

Likewise, Yang Shiqi, Fu Qingqing, Lilo and others, the face also emerged a strong joy color.

“Tsk, this little brother, he really shocked me. ”

Not far away, Suya whispered, looking far away at Qin Yi in the center of the martial arts field, suddenly smiling: “If I pushed this little guy down, it would have felt quite accomplished, wouldn't it? Hey hey...”

In the center of the martial arts field, King Bo Ming said: "And the second Jiu Qu Ling Dan, which was refined, is also of five qualities. ”

It is not surprising that a child such as King Ming is capable of producing five pints of Nine Clostrides.

So far, everyone has known that Chiang Ming Wang refined two five-pin Nine Qu Lingdane drugs, while Qin Yi, one four pints and one five pints respectively.

Obviously, Qin Yi is slightly less colourful in terms of quality, although he is better at refining speed than the King of Children.

There's one last pill left!

Wang Ming's eyes were on the people around him. After Xu Xuyi swept away, he paused and smiled slightly: “The quality of Qin Yi's third Jiu Qu Lingdan refined is still five, and the quality of my third Jiu Qu Lingdan refined is four! ”


Wang Fushang's memory sighed: “Qin Yi's alchemy technology is worse than that of Kid Ming Wang, but it is also normal. After all, Kid Ming Wang was famous 20,000 years ago. His three Jiu Qu Ling Dan's qualities are all five...”

She suddenly said, “What did King Bo Ming say? The quality of his third Kowloon Lindane, is it four? In other words, both of them made one 4-pin 9-pin Lindane, two 5-pin 9-pin Lindane, but Qin Yi was faster than Bo Ming Wang in refining speed, Qin Yi won? ”