The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 942: Qin Yi wins!


Wang Xiaoming gently nodded his head, without any shame on his face. Instead, he smiled with a slight smile: “I have won this Alchemy Trial with Qin Yi! ”

Qin Yi won!

Qin Yi won!

Qin Yi won!

The whole scene was quiet to the extreme, and all the people, as if they had been stereotyped, sat there stunned, with their mouths open, motionless.

And the last words of "Qin Yi won” put forward by King Tong Ming were on everyone's ear, constantly haunted, can't wave.

Qin Yi himself, also stood there stunned, stunned to open his mouth. After a while, that handsome face slowly appeared with a faint smile. He sighed: I finally succeeded!


A silver bell-like cheerful laugh, rang from the crowd, separate ears, it was Yang Shiqi.

Her glassy eyes curled slightly, looking at Qin Yi in the center of the martial arts, her heart, filled with surprise and pride, crystalline jade cheeks, reddish due to excitement.


The next moment, her whole person turned into a white shadow and burst towards the center of the martial arts field. In between blinks, it burst into Qin Yi's face. Despite all efforts, she burst into Qin Yi's arms: “Qin Yi, you are wonderful, huh...”

She was thrilled with tears and flowers, and her two white delicate arms held Qin Yi's waist tightly, as if to blend herself into Qin Yi's body.

Qin Yi actually defeated King Bo Ming, as his lover, she felt immensely proud and happy.


Hold Yang Shiqi tightly, feeling in front of his chest, being held by two huge groups of soft, harshly, Qin Yi blinked lightly, and was held up for a moment.

It's so... fantastic!

Immediately afterwards, Wang Fushang, Lilo and Fu Qingqing all left the act, rushed to the center of the martial arts field regardless of everything, and held tightly with Qin Yi, one of them was all excited and cheeky red.

“Qin Yi... actually defeated the King of Chiang Ming...”

“Oh, my God, the world is full of illusions! ”

“I grass, this kid Qin Yi, I used to think he was extremely ill-eyed, and now I start worshipping him! ”

“Man, look this way, I'm here! ”

“ …… ”

Throughout the scene, the pan blew up and the noise almost lifted the sky off.

Today's Alchemy Competition, when it's a real dream, gives a sense of unreality. Everyone's heart is filled with shock and difficulty in choking.

Incredible, Qin Yi, a disciple from the miracle fairy trail, was so young, but defeated the King of Childhood Ming. Although there is no shortage of speculative ingredients in this, it still makes people feel so incredible.

Remember, King Bo Ming, in Alchemy, that's God's existence.

Now, Qin Yi actually stomped “God” hard under his feet.

In the noisy crowd, Soya, this beautiful creature, sat quietly there, staring at the center of the martial arts field, Qin Yi, tightly surrounded by Yang Shiqi and others, in those foxy eyes, reflecting a disenchantment.

Suddenly, she smiled again: “Sister, am I really going to push this little brother? It's supposed to be a pretty wonderful thing to have sex with a little brother who's better than God, right? Huh..."

The Alchemy Contest is over.

Everyone has dispersed.

Obviously, this is a shocking alchemy competition. Qin Yi, this backstage show, will actually be famous 20,000 years ago as the King of Kids, all defeated!

This Alchemy Competition will definitely be recorded in the history books.

Qin Yi's stone house.

At this moment, Bo Ming Wang's hidden and luminous figure was standing in the center of the stone house. He did not lose to Qin Yi in the Alchemy Games. Instead, he walked down the Divine Altar with a little shame. Instead, he looked at Qin Yi with a full appreciation.

The existence of such a height, the mood and the eye, are naturally not ordinary people, can be compared.

“Qin Yi, this alchemy competition, although you defeated me in a speculative way, I lost orally. ”

King Bo Ming looked at Qin Yi, glanced at him and said with a smile: “Because what I saw was not the result of this Alchemy competition, but your incredible talent. You do have an incredible talent in Alchemy. ”

“King Bo Ming has been praised, I know that if it wasn't for my speculation, I would have lost miserably, and, while I do have some talent in the field of alchemy, it is mainly my teacher who teaches well. ”

Qin Yi nodded slightly, saluting.

Looking at the respectful Qin Yi, the color of admiration in the eyes of King Bo Ming is a few points thicker: good, with a powerful talent, but not arrogant.

“Your master respects the Emperor's memory? ”

"Well, although her Alchemy talent is far less than yours, she is indeed quite brilliant in teaching her disciples, knowing how to dig up your talent, and this time, not only did you succeed in promoting the Divine Guard, but you also showed a shocking alchemy technique, and the Emperor's memory was incredible. At that time, I will try to help her achieve a position that better matches her abilities at the top level of the Holy See. ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi is delighted.

Obviously, the higher the status of His Majesty on that mysterious mountain, the easier it is to find out which high ecclesiastical ecclesiastical rank, and to think of one's place of death.

This was plotted by them before the Alchemy competition. After the Royal Father's memory rose to the upper echelon of the Holy See, he searched secretly to find out who it was and wanted to strangle Qin Yi in the cradle.

If this person is not investigated and removed, Qin Yi's situation is always extremely dangerous. A high ecclesiastical level, it is not too difficult to kill a divine guardian. It is only possible to play a little conspiracy trick.

“Then I'll be the first to thank the King of Childhood! ”

Qin Yi respectfully saluted.

“There's no need, I told you, I don't like it. ”

King Bo Ming waved and went on to say, "Actually, I'm here today, in addition to the Alchemy competition with you, there are two other things. ”

“What is it?”

Qin Yi Qiduo.

“To give Yang Shiqi the task of" seizing the king ", and also to give you a task, as if it were your first grinding to become a divine guardian. ”

King Bo Ming said.

Qin Yi's eyes lit up: “What is Sister Yang's task of ‘seizing the king’? And what is my mission? ”

“Yang Shiqi's task of ‘seizing the king' can be told here, enter the world of Xuanzheng, kill the leader of a black power, disintegrate that black power, and the name of that black power is called the Black Dragon Society. ”

Xuan Zongzi world!

Black Dragon Club!

Qin Yi sighed. The top echelons of the Holy See in Kyushu are truly magnificent. Even the Xuan Sect world is as knowledgeable as ever.

The Xuan Sect world, during that very distant immortal year, was the site of the Sakura Emperor, who presided over the world.

Cherry Emperor, after the downfall of the World War of extermination, has now been reincarnated into this gloomy world where she is practicing with King Senro.

“Is the difficulty factor high for this task? Is Sister Yang's life in danger? ”

Yang Shiqi's safety is the most important concern of Qin Yi.

“Gao, as far as I know, the Black Dragon Club rudder master, who was built two hundred years ago, has broken through the Empire Dao and is an imperial Dao strong man. ”

"But don't worry, we are only exciting Yang Shiqi's potential to the best of our ability, not to let her die. With Yang Shiqi's current strength, she can kill the Black Dragon Club's rudder master as long as she does her best. ”

Qin Yi was somewhat relieved by the rumor.

"The Xuan Sect world can only be reached through the transmission array, unlike the Great Wilderness world, in addition to the transmission array, there is a broken war path to enter. The cost of transmitting the array once is 100,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones, and one round trip is 200,000 pieces. These costs, the Holy See will prepare, do not worry about Yang Shiqi himself. ”

The transmission array transmits once, which is 10 Kyushu Lingyuan stones!

It's not very expensive.

Qin Yi mumbled.

The transmission array, to be honest, is actually also a form of array method, which is difficult to arrange, absolutely no less than to arrange a dark realm.

“So I became the first mission of the Divine Guard, and what was it? ”

After a pause, Qin Yi asked.

“If you are lucky enough, you will have an unexpected harvest. Of course, if you are unlucky, you will most likely be buried there. Remember, you are now the Divine Guardian, and the Holy See will only issue missions to the Divine Guardian, ignoring the life and death of the Divine Guardian. ”

King Bo Ming looked at Qin Yi and smiled with an indescribable faint smile: “Qin Yi, in fact, you should have understood that promotion to the Divine Guard is a chance to make yourself truly strong. At the same time, it is also a chance to send yourself to the ghost gate and lose your life at any time. Are you afraid? ”

Becoming a divine guardian has always been the goal of Qin Yi. He didn't even think about it. He shook his head: “If he was scared, I wouldn't have participated in the series of examinations to become a divine guardian, and he was comfortable following his teacher to learn to refine Dan medicine. ”

“Very good.”

King Bo Ming appreciated the nod: “You must know that only those who have experienced countless lives and deaths can truly be strong. If a life and death do not survive, even if your potential is higher, the Holy See will not spare you. You will be relentlessly eliminated in this game. ”


Qin Yi frowned slightly. There was an unknown feeling in his heart.

Prior to that, he had speculated that the existence of the Holy See in Kyushu was a huge game, a supergame that had to go on indefinitely, a game that had begun in that distant and ancient year, even more distant.