The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 952: Intelligence from the Master

“Say, as long as this seat can do it, this seat will do everything in its power! ”

“Heavenly Corpse” guardian's eyes lit and patted his chest.

Qin Yi Xu Xu said: “Master Yang's next task is to go to the Xuan Sect world and kill a rudder master there called the Black Dragon Society, Xuan Sect world, we are all quite strange to this world, so I would like to invite the teacher to accompany Master Yang to protect Master Yang in secret. ”

Although Yang Shiqi's current strength is quite good, there should be no problem killing a strong man in the early Emperor's Path, but he is still a little young after all. If there is a "Heavenly Corpse” protection, this is the remnants of a fine vagina door, in the dark to protect, nature must be quite safe.

“Travel to the world of Xuanzheng, to protect your loved one in secret? ”

“Heavenly Corpse” guardian smiled and nodded: “Xuan Zongzheng world, this seat is quite curious, no problem, this seat will protect the integrity of your loved one. ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi said slightly embarrassed: “However, regarding the expenses of the transmission array, I am afraid that the master will honor himself...”

“Che, isn't that 100,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones? I went out for a few nights and got it. ”

“Heavenly Corpse” guard puts his mouth aside without hesitation.

Qin Yi couldn't cry. Of course, he knew what “play” meant by “heavenly corpse” protection method, which is to steal, with the “heavenly corpse” protection hand, 100,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi, it is certainly not difficult.

Conveyor arrays, specially cared for, and charged, and because of the very small number of conveyor arrays, there are only two or three of them in the lower realm, whereas those who need to use them are found everywhere.

Consequently, transmission arrays are charged in all currencies.

Of course, because the amount of money is too large to carry easily, usually people traveling in the transmission array will go to the local money dealership, first deposit the money into the money dealership and then collect the money dealer's card at the money dealership.

In the Qianzhuang crystal card, the amount of money of the person who has deposited money, when riding in the transmission array, just deduct it from the crystal card, the future exchange problem, that is the matter between the transmission array and Qianzhuang, the person on the transmission array, do not need to ignore.

Looking at the “Heavenly Corpse” guardian, Qin Yi promised to go to the world of Xuanzheng, completely relieved himself.

“Kid, let's take a step, get involved, and wait for your loved one in the transmission line to the Xuan Sect world. ”

The “heavenly corpse” protection law did not delay. Immediately, he resigned to Qin Yi, and his huge body swept up. A few blinks disappeared into Qin Yi's sight.

Entering the Xuanzuo World Transfer Array, in the eastern part of Kyushu mainland, you need to cross the entire Yulan mainland, the road is quite a long way.

Qin Yi also stopped staying and immediately got up and returned to the Holy See in Kyushu.

He first came to Xianwencheng's residence and found Yang Shiqi.

Yang Shiqi's task of “seizing the king” was announced ten days ago by the head of the General Affairs Hall. It is exactly like King Tong Ming's original disclosure to Qin Yi. He entered the world of Xuan Sect and killed the Black Dragon Club rudder master.

The reason why Yang Shiqi did not leave was that Qin Yi had not returned since the last time she went to that mountain with King Tongming. She was waiting for Qin Yi to return and bid him farewell.

“Sister Yang, I have found a super bodyguard for you this time. He will protect you secretly. If you encounter any confusing problems, you can ask him to teach you. More importantly, you should try to get involved with him and help you refine the medicine. If possible, it is best to wait for your own repair and break through the Imperial Dao before taking the helm initiative against the Black Dragon Society. ”

Qin Yi said to Yang Shiqi.

None of them understand what kind of world the Xuanzheng world is, not to mention how powerful the Black Dragon will rudder master, can only improve his strength as much as possible before starting.

“Super bodyguard? Can you refine Dan? ”

Yang Shiqi is such a smart woman, shallow eyebrows slightly contemplated, who knows who this person is, that tempting red mouth, suddenly stunned Zhang.

At the same time, a thick sweetness, in the heart of a teenage girl, flows past.

“Thank you, Qin Yi! ”

Yang Shiqi grabbed Qin Yi's arm intimately, and even deliberately pressed the sizeable crisp breast on Qin Yi's arm.

Is this for my benefit?

Qin Yi was stunned and couldn't stop crying. However, he had to admit that this welfare, he quite liked it!

Then, Qin Yi took out a five-pin nine-piece Lingdan from his arms and gave it to Yang Shiqi: “Sister Yang, this is my trial product. After you take it, you will create nine songs in your body, which will become nine songs in your body. The speed of your future practice will increase by a factor of nine. At the same time, in the battle, because Xuan Qi is full of nine songs, it will increase your fighting power and improve your current fighting power by about one-half. ”


Nine Qu Lingdan in nine colors was pinched in his hand, and Yang Shiqi's delicate little face revealed intense ecstasy.

Qin Yi nodded and said: “I want you to put this Jiuqu Lindane under your clothes before you leave, to open up the body of the Nine Songs. However, the process of opening the Nine Songs will be a little painful, you have to be patient. ”

“Okay, I'm going to take this Dan medicine right now, and I'm going to open up a nine-piece body. ”

Yang Shiqi went.

Looking at Yang Shiqi's departure, Qin Yichang exhaled. Yang Shiqi, in and of itself, was the reincarnation of a certain immortal emperor. Her body sealed with a "sword power”. If she opened up nine more body tracks, how horrible was the fighting power, you can imagine.

Plus, there is a powerful bodyguard with "Heavenly Corpse” protection, which can even help her refine a large amount of Dan medicine, help her upgrade to repair, Qin Yi has basically no need to worry about this task of Yang Shiqi.

Returning to the lobby, Qin Yi handed the remaining five pints of Nine Qu Lingdane and four pints of Nine Qu Lingdane to Xian Wencheng, and told him to wait for Dragon Flame and Xuanlan to return and hand them over to them.

Dragon flame, is the reincarnation of Emperor Dalong, and his own brother, Qin Yi has no reason not to help him.

Xuanlan's relationship with several of his own people is quite good. The Xuanlan family has also helped themselves a lot, and Xuanlan's task of “seizing positions” is actually to help disciples announce.

Therefore, Qin Yi had no reason not to help her.

But she tries to be slightly less colorful and dragon inflammatory, five pints of Nine Clostrides Lindane, she may not be able to bear it, so only four pints of Nine Clostrides Lindane can be left to her, five pints to Dragon inflammatory.

After speaking to Hyun Man, Qin Yi came to King Lauro's residence and handed over two two-pint nine-Qu Lingdane to King Lauro.

“Seniors, these two Jiuqu Lindanes have unexpected effects. I see that Master Xuan and Brother Qianqiao are also about to be taken to the Holy See of Kyushu by Xuanlan. When they arrive, you give them these two Dan pills and give them to take separately. ”

“Two pints, nine curls, Lindane...”

King Rollo looked curiously at the two Dan pills in his hand: "What is the efficacy of Nine Clarindanes? ”

“is to be able to create a peculiar nine-way body...”

Qin Yi roughly introduced Jiuzhu's physique once again. At the end of the day, he said: "This physique is too stunning, so for the sake of Master Xuan's safety and that of Brother Miao, I hope that my predecessors can keep it a secret. Don't let them just enter the Holy See in Kyushu, causing the accident of death. ”

He understood the darkness of the Kyushu Holy See.

King Lauro's face was already full of fanaticism. He was so excited to grab Qin Yi's hand: “I naturally know that, Qin Yi, thank you so much! ”

After handing over the two 2nd pin Jiu Qu Lingdan to King Lauro, Qin Yi came to Pharmacy No. 1 to bid farewell to Wang Fu, Fu Qingqing and Leaving Luo, and then went to the Divine Demon Mausoleum.

Now that he is a divine guardian, the number of times he will return to the Holy See in Kyushu will be small.

However, Qin Yi was surprised that Wang Fuxiang had left Pharmacy 1 a month earlier, went to that mountain and officially became a senior member of his Holy See in Kyushu.

Now, Leroy, head of Pharmacy 1.

“It should have been as soon as I left the mountain. ”

Without seeing the memory of Wang Fushang, Qin Yi was somewhat sorry.

“Qin Yi, this Jade Jane, was here three days ago, and asked me to hand it over to you. ”

In the reading room, Leo stroked a milky white jade Jane out of his arms and handed it to Qin Yi: “The teacher also told me that as soon as you get the information contained in Jade Jane, you will destroy Jade Jane, and no one else can know about this matter. ”

Listening to the words from Lo, Qin Yi's heart, “Jiao Zhang”, has guessed eight or nine copies of the information contained in Yu Zhen.

Unexpectedly, the memory of joining the top ecclesiastical level in Kyushu, just a month ago, was that Qin Yi had already got the information he wanted.

Of course, this is mainly because Wang Fushang remembers worrying about the safety and security of Qin Yi. It took only a month to solve it.

“Who the hell is that big guy hiding behind Chiakishi? ”

Qin Yi's face was a bit gloomy, but also quite curious in his heart.

You don't need to see it. The Imperial Padre's memories are branded in the Jade Jane, which is the information about this person.

After a pause, Qin Yi elicited a sense of spiritual power, wrapped Jade Jane around her and obtained the information contained therein.


When he got one or two words contained in Jade Jane, Qin Yi's mind, like a time bomb installed, blew up and he was completely stunned there.

“Turns out, it would be him...”

At this moment, no adjective can describe the shock in Qin Yi's heart. He stood there, muttering to himself.

“Qin Yi, what is wrong with you? What message did your master send you? ”

Seeing that Qin Yi was completely stuck there, he asked confused.