The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 953: People Behind Chiaki Water

She has a hidden feeling that this matter is absolutely extraordinary, otherwise, she will never let Qin Yi, who has always been calm, fade away.

“Oh, nothing. ”

Qin Yi returned to God, breathing out a long breath, fingers slightly hard, that thin jade Jane, is a "bang” sound, completely powdered.

After destroying Yu Jane, Qin Yi said to Li Luo: “Li Luo, the master is right, you can never let anyone know about this, even Qingqing can't. ”

Fu Qing has always talked straight. He feared that she would inadvertently talk about it. Once that happens, there is only one end to them, which is: death!

Leaving Lo's heart, she was confused. When Wang Fushang gave this piece of jade to herself, her face was also extremely ugly. She was advised not to tell anyone about it.

Now, after Qin Yi obtained the information contained in Yu Jian, the same is true. Even Fu Qingqing could not be informed.

The information contained in Jade Jane is absolutely unusual. What is it?

“Oh, I won't tell anybody about it. ”

From the point of view of Lok Shin, the problem is painful: “What did the Master tell you? ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi said: “Leaving Lo, don't ask. There are some things, the less you know, the safer it is for you. ”

Leaving Lo will attract a small red mouth, stunned Zhang, no more words.

Next, Qin Yi left the Kyushu Holy See and went north to the part of the Divine Demon Mausoleum that existed with the northern Kyushu mainland.

This was his first mission after becoming the Divine Guardian.

Actually, it can't be called a task, it's just a grind.

It exists in the northern part of Kyushu mainland, about 1,000 kilometers west of Daliang.

“The top ecclesiastical of the Kyushu Holy See behind Chiakiushui will be him! ”

Qin Yi hurried along, thinking in his head, his heart was shocked and angry: “No wonder Qianqishui sent someone so obviously to kill me. Behind him, there was a mountain so big. ”

“On that day, when the Wushu Pavilion, the image of the public household pine will appear there, and this person also has a huge relationship. At that time, the public household pine was not just testing its own power, but trying to kill itself, and only he dared to put the image of the public household pine into the Wushu Pavilion and kill himself. ”

“Now, I finally understand that then King Bo Ming and Sherzee Gung would instantly care about that ‘he’...”

The Emperor remembers two words branded in Jade Jane: Pope!

The man behind Chiakishi is the third Pope of the Kyushu Holy See!

Before that, Qin Yi had never dreamed of it. The person who wanted to strangle himself in the cradle was the third pope of the Kyushu Holy See!

This man wants to kill himself, it's definitely a lot harder than pinching an ant.

“I am in a very dangerous situation, and in the shortest possible time, I must become the strongest enough to resist the third generation of the Pope of the Kyushu Holy See! ”

Qin Yi's eyes emitted a resolute gaze.

In fact, he was able to figure out why the Holy See of Kyushu, the third generation, wanted to kill himself, which was to feel his presence and to threaten his position.

He also saw that Qianqiushui represented the peak of the moon and the Lingxiaokang side, and the side of the miracle fairy trace and the drifting peak had the potential for water fire, so he instructed Qianqiushui to kill himself.

And Qiushui, naturally, is very happy to do this.

He pioneered nine curved bodies, cultivated them and broke through into the middle of Zongdao Nine Realm. Qin Yi's speed was much faster than before. Three days later, he had entered the northern wilderness.

“This kid is really good...”

On the top of a large tree, a white shadow stood still, looking to Qin Yi, who went to the blast, Xu Xu said: "The repair broke through the middle of the Ninth Realm so quickly, and I feel that his strength can easily kill the practitioners of the early Emperor Dao. ”

The man was a young man with a rare white hair, an unusually handsome face, all over his body and a gloomy and tender breath.

And beside him was a young man in a robe, the opposite of a young man with white hair, full of flesh and blood, who looked a little dull.

The young man in the robe turned to pay tribute to the young man with white hair: "Autumn Shui, why don't I kill him? ”


The young man with white hair nodded: "Your current strength should be slightly stronger than that boy's. If you fight with all your might, you could kill him. But remember, if you are killed or defeated by him, your ranking on the Divine Guard ranking will be replaced by him. ”

“This kid wants to replace my ranking on the Divine Guard ranking too? ”

The young man in the robe smiled disdainfully, and then turned his hand and took out a trident. Without saying anything, he went towards Qin Yi in the blast and killed the past.

Qin Yi did not sense the existence of these two people at all because he did not urge his left hand to elicit a sense of spiritual power.


The young man in the robe had the broken voice of the heavenly trident in his hand, and the robe on his body swelled up because of the fierce imperial strength.

With this blow, he did his best.

He believed that he would be able to kill Qin Yi with just one blow, and then he would get a huge reward.



A blue elongated sword appeared abruptly, and made a sharp and loud noise on the young man's square trite.

The young man's arms were numb and Fang Tian Painted Trident almost came out.

At first glance, he saw only a beautiful woman in a red robe, already standing in front of him, holding a slender blue sword in his hand, pointing to the young man in the robe, endless sword strength, coming from the slender sword, scratching the young man in the robe's ugly cheek, are all in pain for a lifetime.

So long ago, Qin Yi in front of him, had disappeared without a trace, and he didn't even realize what was happening here.

“Ma'am, do you know what you're doing now? ”

Young man in the robe, looking at the red woman in front of him growled, angry to the extreme.

On Maiden's delicate face, she slaughtered a piece of it. The words spoken in her mouth were cold to the point: “Upper Officer Han Zheng, I also want to ask you, what do you want? Behind God's back? ”

“Fei Mei, I was looking for you. I didn't think you'd show up. ”

A lazy voice sounded slowly from behind.

As the voice sounded, even the air seemed instantaneous and solidified.

Femme Femme quickly turned around and found herself just around the corner. At some point, a young man with white hair had been standing still.

At this moment, Femme Flame really shook the point, using her own cultivation, but she didn't realize that this person had come behind her.

Moreover, she felt that the person's eyes were strange, and he looked at himself motionlessly and felt a sense of powerlessness.

“Who are you? ”

Femme looked vigilantly at the young man with white hair, almost unable to hold the slender sword.

“Thousand Autumns. ”

"Last time I asked you to kill that boy, what did you do? Not only did he become the bodyguard, he protected himself all the way, but he even fell in love with him. ”

- What? - What?

This man is Chiaki Mizu!

Femme was completely stunned there.

Rumor has it that the dragon is standing in front of herself now, no wonder it's so powerful.

In the past, she killed Qin Yi twice. Although Yanmei received orders from Qianqiu Shui, Yanmei never passed Qianqiu Shui. Both orders were passed on to Yanmei by other divine guardians.

Qianqiu Shui is the # 1 divine guardian on the divine ranking alongside Luo Feng. It is easy to slay yourself.

At this time, the flaming woman, her heart is really bitter.

“I was looking for you, and then you ran into yourself, and you did something wrong, and there was only one result, and that was death. ”

The divine colour on the face of Qianqiu water is always quite faint, staring at the flaming woman.


He slowly took the first step, the space around him, and twisted constantly.

“Psst! ”

Femme's sword fell directly on the ground, and the whole person was soft and almost paralyzed.

The mythical existence of Qianqishui is so powerful that she didn't even do it. Femme Flame has lost her ability to fight back, even her sword can't hold steady.

He stood there quietly, motionless, looking at Meizu, his handsome face, without any expression,

He then cared for his hands like a woman's, flipped them gently and took out a silver sword.

He lifted the silver sword slowly and slowly in front of him, a silver sword, from the sword, burst out into the flaming woman's neck.


Smelling the scent of death, suddenly a delicate sip, all the strength will burst out, the elongated sword on the ground, rushing up, hard hit the painted silver sword.

“Knock! ”

The silver sword flashed that crumbled, the huge wave of energy came out, impacted the flaming lady hard, directly lifted the flaming lady out and fell to the ground.

"Don't resist, for all your rebellion will be futile. If I kill anyone, I will die, and no one will have room to resist. ”

He is the first divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, not to mention the flaming lady ranked 68 on the divine guard list, just some of the top ecclesiastics of the Holy See, if he really wants to kill, he will not have much difficulty.

Today, Femme Flame actually bumped into me, saving me some hands and feet.



A cold smile came.

The next moment, only a tall figure in a black robe was seen, and suddenly, it descended from the sky, standing in the middle of a thousand autumns of water and a flaming woman.