The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 954: Reminder of Luo Feng

In the hands of the young man in the black robe, the air is like a wave, swinging round and round.

The young man in the black robe held a pitch-black battle knife with two lengths, his handsome face with a funny smile and a cynical taste.

“Luo Feng! ”

Seeing the black robe man in front of him, Qiushui no longer had no expression, he had a beautiful mouth like a woman, smoked in obscurity, his eyes slowly swept past the defilement: “Why are you here? ”

Pedro Peak suddenly appeared here, a distant flaming woman, and after an incredible blink, she exhaled slowly.

I finally got my life back.

Not far away, Han Zheng, a superior officer in a robe, is also shocked and angry.

Until then, he had never seen Luo Feng, only to know that he was ranked first on the Divine Way ranking alongside Chiakishi.

Luo Feng, like Qianqiu Shui, is a godlike being in the Divine Defense of the Holy See of Kyushu.

Now that Luo Feng has appeared here, it means that they have basically lost the chance to kill Qin Yi and Yanmei.

“Are you Luo Feng? Sure, it's true, but don't think that as the first guardian, you can be unscrupulous. Brother Akimizu wants to kill Mei Yan, what do you care? Don't forget, Yanmei is a disciple of Lingkou, a man on our side, and now you want to get involved, don't you care too much? ”

Upper officer Han conquered Qiushui by his side, angry at Luo Feng.


Luo Feng frowned, then suddenly a knife cut out, a huge pitch-black knife, severely smashed to the upper officer Han sign, between that, smashed him on the upper officer Han sign, directly cut him out of nearly a hundred lengths, and fell to the ground.

“In the rankings of the Divine Guard, the 70th ranker is also qualified to yell at me. With this knife, I only used 50% of my strength. If you yell at me again, the strength of my knife is 70%. ”

Luo Feng grinned, smiling slightly at the gray-headed dirty face of the upper officer Han Zheng.

He had more than 70% of his strength to slaughter the official Han Zheng.

Chiaki Shui ignored Luo Feng's knife into a severely injured upper officer Han Zheng, but frowned slightly, staring at Luo Feng: “You, you know the ranking of the Divine Guard? ”

At this moment, there is undoubtedly a tremendous wave in his heart.

Shen Wei's ranking list is in itself a secret, knowing that Shen Wei exists, rarely, is Chiaki Shui himself, the big guy behind him, revealed to him.

He had no idea that Luo Feng, in front of him, knew the existence of the ranking of the Divine Guard.

“What's so strange about knowing the rankings of the Divine Way? I also know the secrets hidden behind the rankings of the Divine Way. Why, are you disapproving? ”

Luo Feng carried that pitch-black battle knife on his shoulder, leaned back slightly, and looked at Qiushui with tease: “Actually, I never liked the ranking on the rankings of the Divine Guard. What the hell, how did we end up first in line? Why don't we compare and see who's the real number one? ”

Thousand Autumns water slightly flashed, twirling, cold smile again: “I also look forward to fighting you, when you enter the great world of Xuanhuang Huang, there will be this opportunity. ”

He said, his body swayed, directly applied a transient motion, blinking and disappearing.

From the beginning to the end, he was as obsessed as anyone could see.

As soon as Qianqiu Shui walked away, Shang Guanghan Zheng dared not to stay at all, but also quickly left.

“Ma'am, are you all right? ”

Luo Feng closed his smile and came to Mai Feng's face.

“Brother Feng, I'm glad you got here in time. If you're late, I'll be fine. ”

Fei Fei picked up the sword on the ground and lifted her hand and touched her pure and full forehead: “Brother Feng, why are you here? ”

“I'm also asking you, how did you end up here? ”

Luo Feng questioned, paused, and said: “I thought the last time I went back to Kyushu, you would hide and practise. If anyone wanted to, you'd show up again. ”

Fei Fei smiled slightly helplessly and said: “I was hiding and practicing. I was ready to rush into the part of the demonic mausoleum that existed in the northern wilderness. Who thought, I saw Qin Yi, so I followed him behind him in secret, and then it became like that. Brother Feng, why are you here? ”

So that's it.

Luo Feng's heart suddenly smiled slightly: “I have always been curious about Qin Yi, I have been watching him in secret. After a period of attention, I found that this guy, it is extremely simple, even the leftovers of the vagina door, dare to collude, shudder, even I will admire him! ”

From his words, it can be totally heard that Qin Yi and the “heavenly corpse” guardian were in all contact before, Luo Feng saw it in his eyes.

Rumor has it, the flaming beauty of the goddess is a little nervous: “Brother Feng, in fact, the vagina door left him...”

“What are you so nervous about? ”

Luo Feng waved his hand: “I have no proof that the bald man is the remnant of the vagina gate. All I know is that he is a master of Qin Yi in the field of alchemy. ”

After listening to Luo Feng, the flaming lady suddenly rejoiced, completely relieved.

"Luo Feng, you said earlier that you knew the secret behind the rankings of the Divine Guard, but could you tell me what kind of secret it was? ”

“In fact, there are already a number of people who know this secret Divine Guard. It would be good if you knew more alone. ”

"This secret," said Luo Feng, "relates to the entry quota of the Great World of Xuan Huang. Only the top 30 people in the rankings of Shen Wei are eligible to enter the Great World of Xuan Huang. And now, your ranking on the Divine Guard ranking is 68. If you want to qualify for the Great World of Xuanhuang, you must defeat or kill a 30-place divine guard, and then you can replace his ranking. ”

“What are the benefits of entering the Great World of Xuanhuang? ”

Maiden frowned and asked.

“There are no benefits to entering the Great World of Xuan Huang, and it is actually a huge battlefield of life and death, but those who can eventually emerge from the Great World of Xuan Huang can benefit greatly.” Luo Feng said.

“What good? ”

The eyes of a flaming woman were bright and gentle.

Luo Feng looked at Fei Mei Mai, and now he had some winged eyes, Xu Xu said: “Do you remember the Imperial Seal and Emperor Mountain that I told you about at the time of the Seven Killings? As long as the divine guards who can survive the Great World of Xuanhuang are eligible to enter the Emperor's Mountain and compete for the Emperor's Seal, even if the Emperor's Seal is not finally contested, they can obtain a divine character of the Emperor of Time and Space. After refining the divine character, it will greatly increase, and even have a certain chance of obtaining the inheritance of the Emperor of Time and Space. ”

The god of time and space!

The legacy of the Emperor of Time and Space!

The abnormally full crisp breasts in front of Femme Femme's chest, a fierce rise and fall, a delicate face with a strong fanatical color.

Lord of Time and Space, how delightful would it be to be able to obtain his divinity and even some of his inheritance?

Femme's little heart, pounding.

“Yanmei, I know that you are also very motivated to enter the great world of Xuanhuang, so work hard. ”

Luo Feng smiled lightly: "Now, you better follow Qin Yi and go into the mausoleum and grind together, so as to improve your strength, but..."

After a pause, Luo Feng went on to say, “I remind you, that place, me and Chiaki Shui, have all been in before, in the name of ‘hell in the world', there is no such thing as that. So, a hundred miles from the front of Shenming Garden, there is a small tribe called the Yan clan..."

The Flame Clan!

Femme flashed slightly, and a strange color appeared on her face, because she remembered something. When she first approached Qin Yi, she falsely claimed to belong to the Yan clan.

“There are a lot of people who want to enter the Divine Demonic Garden, but most of them have heard of the perils inside, so before entering the Divine Demonic Garden, they will usually buy the Yan clan, buy some life preservation, or can temporarily high power Fabao, Yan clan, a tribe that has inherited endless years, master a lot of ancient magic, many magical things, can be obtained. Over time, the people of the Yan clan opened a trading shop there, offering a treasure deal for people entering Shenming Garden..."

Maiden listened carefully and her eyes sparkled.

Luo Feng continued: “The mausoleum is not the exclusive property of the Kyushu Holy See, but the site of the monument. Therefore, those who enter it are not only the divine guardians of the Kyushu Holy See, but also some other masters. Therefore, you must not only guard against other divine guardians, but may also encounter some other masters...

“After entering the mausoleum of the Divine Demons, you must be aware of at least three people, one of whom is a rainfall, who is a beast master and a man of Qianqiushui, ranked 9th in the rankings of the Divine Demons, and his strength is a little scary. ”

Luo Feng went on to say: “The second, is the ancestral record, this man is a Yin Yang man, and a powerful general of Qianqishui, ranked 12th in the rankings of the Divine Guard. ”

“The third, Kobe Matsu, is also a heart of Chiakishi, ranked 29th in the rankings of the Divine Guard. ”

“I wrote down that when we meet these three, we'll be careful. ”

The glorious colour of the flaming woman has become a little heavy.

He ranked only 68 places in the rankings of the Divine Guard, but the rankings of these three are so forward, so powerful, imaginable.

Maiden Yan estimated that she was ranked 9th in the rankings of Shen Wei in front of Tian Yu, and was afraid that she could not get out of three moves, and that she was still a slave beast master.

Slave Veterinarians, practitioners with super spiritual power, are learning some ancient mysteries of controlling animals that can control the spirit of animals and attack opponents.

Moreover, usually, people with super spiritual power will also have strong spiritual perception, like Qin Yi, to bring out the spiritual perception, can cover a certain range, can be easily detected by all the winds in the enclosed range.