The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 957: The Taku Brothers Appear

At this moment, the center of the battlefield fought a green robe woman and a yellow robe man, and the battle between them was quite intense.

Anyone entering the arena must first sign a life and death deed, and if he dies in the arena, the arena will not bear any responsibility.

And those who enter the dojo must buy tickets, and if tickets are not cheap, the dojo will profit from selling tickets.

“This Shangguanxi Creek has already won eight consecutive games. Just kill two games and get 100,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones! ”

“Shangguan Creek obviously has the upper hand. It's not hard to win this game! ”

“ …… ”

Shangguanxi Creek, the woman in the green robe, looks beautiful herself, plus has won eight consecutive games, has accumulated a certain popularity, the surrounding audience is quite fond of her.

This is the world. It's worth it. It's better to go anywhere.


In the center of the battlefield, at some point, Shangguanxi Xi Fiber Jade Palm, lightning struck the man's chest, directly shot him out dozens of lengths, fell to the ground, pale face, obviously five dirty six lungs, all cracked by this palm.

“Upper Officer Creek did win! ”

“Just one more win and she will get 100,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi! ”

Around the pit, there was a noise.

“But on this occasion, Shangguanxi will regrettably rub its shoulders past 100,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi. ”

A sneer sounds from the crowd.

The next moment, only two figures were seen, simultaneously towards the center of the battlefield, burst out, between blinks, came to the front of Shangguanxi Creek, stood still.

Qin Yi and Yanmei laid eyes on each other and were forced to frown.

The two people who came out of this show were Toku Hui and Toku Shi.

Because five days ago, the Taku brothers had already slipped once and had a good track record, only losing with the 10th, so many of them recognized them as soon as they appeared.

“Isn't that the Taku brothers five days ago? I can't believe they're here again today! ”

“Five days ago, the Taku brothers were so fierce that no one remembered them and killed seven challengers. It was a god killing! ”

“The harsh scene back then, until now, was a heartbeat. ”

Around the pit, the pot blew up.

Qin Yi and Yanmei sat silently in the crowd, listening to the voices of discussion around them, unable to mention the brothers, another understanding.

“Aren't you going to admit losing when you hear the voices of our brothers around? ”

Tuotuohui and Tuotuoyi both stood in front of Upper Guanxi Creek and looked proudly at Upper Guanxi Creek in a high and low position.

There has been an invisible outburst of violence in both of them.

However, Shangguanxi Creek is obviously a person who doesn't like to admit defeat casually, and she shook her head slightly: “If you don't fight, how do you know who's stronger? ”

She has won nine consecutive games. She can win 100,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones just by winning this game. How can she just give up?

“We showed you a way to live, but you can't blame our brothers if you don't! ”

He laughed helplessly and then waved toward Toyotomi.


Both of them, even towards the delicate and weak Upper Officer Creek in front, killed the past wildly, all three with bare hands and no weapons.

“Ping-pong! ”

In time, the three of them fought together, fist and foot collision room, a wave of energy, and swept away, impinging on all sides.

Fortunately, the battlefield is large enough, and the wave, it's less than four weeks away from watching the war.


Qin Yi darkened his left hand and put a fight between the three men in the pit, covering them up.

Suddenly, all three of them doubled their attack trajectories, in his sight.

“The cultivation of the Tuotou brothers is actually not very high, only the peak of the six realms of the Patriarchate, but the tacit, but quite good, and the martial arts practiced by the two of them are complementary, hard, soft, defensive, and almost impeccable. ”

Qin Yi looked carefully at Mo: “The cultivation of Shangguanxi Creek has reached the middle of the seventh realm of Zongdao, and the martial arts of cultivation is also good, in good shape and healthy, but with the perfect cooperation of the Tuotou brothers, I fear that I will eventually defeat the north. Together, the Taku brothers can compete with practitioners who are a whole lot taller! ”

As he expected, the battle in the dojo, after more than a decade, was gradually losing strength in Upper Officer Creek.

Finally, Toku Hui punched him, fell out of dozens of openings, a bite of blood, from her mouth, erupted, obviously not a minor injury.

She lay on the ground, her face was white, her hair was messy, her appearance looked quite gloomy, and she looked into the eyes of the Taku brothers, filled with dissatisfaction.

Just one game away, you can earn 100,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones, however, you lost the 10th!

The Tuotou brothers' cultivation is much lower than their own, but their bias is that they have an astonishing acquiescence, that impeccable cooperation, the hard part is to cultivate themselves that have completely broken through the Patriarchal Eight Realms, all defeated.

Moreover, the Taku brothers, obviously, had mercy on their hands, otherwise, they were now afraid that it was not as simple as injuries, but rather that they were elsewhere.

“It's a shame to see you so pretty, I'll spare your life. Don't be discouraged. Five days ago, our Taku brothers also lost the 10th round, rubbing their shoulders with 100,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones! ”

Tuo Tuohui nodded at Guanxi and stopped looking at her.

Soon, there were two battlefield principals at the side, rushed into the field and helped Shangguanxi down.

Tuotuo Hui's hands forked waist, legs separated, proudly stood in the middle of the battlefield, eyes around the battlefield, cold swept: “Who else wants to teach us the Tuotuo brothers? You can come up! ”

Toyotomi is silent, eyes as cold as a blade.

There was a strong sense of killing in both of them.

Today, the Taku brothers, like five days ago, have a great tendency to sweep the battlefield, but today we don't know if, like five days ago, accidents will eventually happen, with 100,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi, rubbing shoulders past?

“I don't know anything about Xiangxiaoyu, I'll fight you! ”

A cold drink, suddenly coming from the side.

Only a young man in a white robe was seen, holding a jade folding fan in his hand, and in the eyes of the crowd, turned into a white light, winking, sweeping in front of the Takutoshi brothers.

As soon as the white robe youth came to the scene, without saying a word, they waved the jade folding fan and quickly attacked the two Taku brothers.

The jade folded in his hand and instantly turned into nine shadows. Qi Qi attacked the Taku brothers.

“This is a cruel battlefield in itself, you talk about pity here Xiaoyu, are you sure you are not a monkey invited comedy? ”

Toru Hui laughed without hesitation.

Later, the Tottori brothers had a very tacit bipolar retreat, even at a consistent pace, easily avoiding the angry blow of the White Robe youth.

The next moment, Tuotuohui suddenly took out two iron hooks, held the white robe youth split jade folding fan, the iron hook turned, the jade folding fan, dead stuck.

The young man in the white robe was horrified and rushed to smoke, but he didn't move.

It was too late, then quickly, just as Jade folding fan was jammed, in Toyotomi's hand, a one-foot-long sword suddenly appeared, lightning stroke.


The head of the young man in the white robe suddenly rolled out of the distance, a headless body, a blast, and fell to the ground.

- What? - What?

The Tolborough brothers killed the young man in the white robe with only one photo!

This scenario, even Qin Yi and Feiniang, is slightly stunned.

Before that, they had never entered any battlefield, and now they know that the battlefield was such a bloody place.

But think about it. Otherwise, how can anyone who takes part in a fight have to sign a life and death deed?

Brother Taku, my heart is so hot!

The surrounding area was instantly quiet and almost smelled like a dropped needle.

“Oh, my God, the massacre five days ago, is it going to happen again? ”

“Grass, Brother Taku, it's too harsh! ”

“ …… ”

The whole dojo, the noise, the people present, all chin shattered the ground.

Listening to the noise around him, the Taku brothers stood in the middle of the battlefield, both on their faces, killing each other.

With a pair of silver hooks held tight in his hands, Tuo Hui licked his lips with some excitement.

In the hands of his brother Toyotomi, he held a sword that was less than a foot long. The sword was pitch-black, as if it absorbed all the light.

“Today, 100,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones, our Taku brothers, must get, if anyone wants to block our financial path, it will be the same as this person. ”

With a silver hook, Tuotuohui pointed to the headless young man in a white robe on the ground. Coldly, he said, his voice was filled with ambitious intrathoracic strength, shocking the blood in the human body.

For that Yin and Yang map, today they have to win ten games.

Thinking of flaming dreams, he regretted not wanting to sell Yin and Yang maps to them, but resold them to a couple of lovers. In the heart of the Taku brothers, he couldn't help but be annoyed. Even more so, he firmly believed that today, in any case, he must win ten games and compete for the Yin and Yang maps.

They looked at the blade as if they were searching for something in the face of the audience around them.

But unfortunately, there were too many people watching around, and for a while, it was hard for them to find that awful pair of lovers.

“The Taku brothers, practicing, should be a killer martial arts technique. Each time they kill one person, the more excited they become, the more excited they become, the more powerful they become. ”

In the crowd, Qin Yimi said: “Therefore, they will take the method of killing each other directly. The woman in the green robe just now, when it is truly fortunate, it can be said that it was her face value, which saved his life. ”