The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 962: Maiden goes to war

Yan Wing De, the father of Yan Few, is also the current chief of the Yan clan.

The third in the list of Feng Shen, is Mahai, the general who has been with Young Master Yan for a long time.

Ranked fourth in the list of Feng Shen Shen, called Yan Zhu Xin, is a cousin of Yan Xiao.

With less flames around, including less flames themselves, you can imagine how powerful the top four sealed list is. Femme now offended Femme Femme Femme. If Femme Femme Femme really killed her, she would definitely die, and it would not happen accidentally.

Faced with Wang Junming's kind reminder, Fei Fei was just a little stunned and shook her head slightly: “No, thank you for your reminder. ”

She and Qin Yi, in order to enter the Garden of the Divine Demon, must be prepared here first, because in the Garden of the Divine Demon, there are their terrible enemies, how can they leave?

Seeing Femme's stubbornness, Wang Junming sighed slightly helplessly, turning her voice into a line and sending it directly into Femme's ear: “I have consulted with Femme Yan in private, so he defeated me in three ways. Then, let go of me and see if you can defeat me in three ways too? If you can do that, it means you have less power to fight the flames. ”

Three moves will defeat Wang Junming!

The eyes of the flaming woman had to be slightly gazed, and she had to admit that the lack of flames was quite astonishing.

“Okay, I'll try. ”

Fei Fei smiled slightly. At the next moment, she didn't even take the sword. She shook her body and appeared directly in front of Wong Junming.


A slight voice-over.

Femme Femme's fiber jade palm suddenly scratched, seemed casual, but speed, but quickly unspeakable, between the blinks, was cut in front of Wang Junming's neck.

Feeling the white and fair hands of the flaming woman, as sharp as a sword, Wang Junming was shocked, not daring to be slightly lazy, and her body turned directly into a silver light smoke, floating out.

Femme's fiber jade finger slipped across his neck, just one line away, chopping off his neck.

“It is true that he is the top ten in the list of gods, but he does have some strength. ”

Looking at Wang Junming's figure, the flaming woman sighed herself.

In her slight standstill, Wang Junming held a silver sword and had burst into pieces, while his body was instantly divided into nine parts.

Nine Wang Junming, surrounded by the Femme Femmes group, with swords fast stabbing.

The flaming woman smiled shallow, her delicate body burst out suddenly, like a dragon out of the sea, blinking between her eyes, to plunge into the sky.

She turned her back and slapped her. The white jade palm was also instantly nineteen. Nine fiber jade palms, each facing nine Wang Junming, slapped hard.

Nine palms, like a giant wave, squeezed the air within 50 lengths of the circle, all floating, a flying sandstone.

Wang Junming was shocked and hurried to fit in. The whole person burst out very quickly.


Femme Yan's fiber jade palm also followed suit, patted down on Wang Junming's collar, hit the ground hard, directly smashed the ground open, like a spider web, the whole dojo followed a tremor.

Between winks, two moves have passed!

Wang Junming stood in the air and looked at the flaming woman with horror. On the back of the spine, it was already a cold sweat.

It's too risky, you're just one line away, and you'll be shot straight by Femme, and once you're shot, you'll definitely get yourself seriously injured.

He had to measure the dying woman in front of him with a new look and continue to condense her voice into a fiber and send it into the ear of Femme Flame: “You are really strong, and there is a third trick, my third trick, called ‘Desperate Heaven Song'. When I consulted with Few Flames in the past, this trick was also carried out. At that time, he restrained me from this trick, defeated me. If you also have the ability to defeat me in this trick, then you can defeat Few Flames. Otherwise, I advise you to leave early to kill you, not to mention, there are other masters. ”

Femme Yan didn't say much, just smiled shallow and waved her hand: “Show me your ‘Desperate Heaven Song’. Let me see, how powerful is your trick? ”


Wang Junming nodded.

Then, with a silver sword, he rushed toward the flaming lady, not fast, but erratic and inconceivable.

Wang Junming, with her eyes slightly curled, looked at Wang Junming with a sword, Femme Femme Femme had some horror in her heart, because she found that Wang Junming's sword, when it was truly fantastic, had only one sword, but it gave a feeling that there were countless swords stabbed at her. No matter how she avoided it, she could not hide it.

This sword clearly contains a sword path!

In the blink of an eye, Wang Junming's sword had stabbed her heart. Femme lifted her fiber jade palm and hit it hard on the silver sword, but she felt this clap, like a swarm of cotton. Her clapping power was obvious, but she did not knock Wang Junming's silver sword down. Instead, she followed the power of Femme's blow, suddenly sinking and stabbed Femmer's Dantian.

“Wong Junming's sword is amazing...”

Qin Yi in the crowd, as he entered the state of emptiness, saw clearly the trajectory of this sword, and couldn't help but admire himself: “His sword, not from his hands, but from his heart, man is compatible with the sword, the sword is compatible with the avenue, he can do whatever he wants, he has no test, completely broken through the sword path...

“This Wong Junming, indeed, is the tenth best expert on the list of Feng Shen Shen. Indeed, he has some strength. If he is a general practitioner, he will be directly torn by Wong Junming's sword! ”

Fortunately, Maiden Yan is not an ordinary practitioner. She is the Divine Guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu and ranks 68th on the Divine Guard ranking.

With Qin Yi's knowledge of the power of Yanmei, Wang Junming's sword, although subtle, is not very difficult for Yanmei to cope with.

Qin Yi has confidence in Yanmei.

In the middle of the battlefield, Wang Junming, with the help of Feminine Fire, punched the silver sword into Dantian, Feminine Fire, but at this moment, Wang Junming suddenly accelerated, winking between his eyes, the tip of the silver sword, had already lit Feminine Fire's coat.


Wang Junming found his silver sword, he couldn't stab it. When he set his eyes on it, he saw Maiden Yunnan's two shallot jade fingers. He had already clamped his silver sword. He drew his sword as fast as he could, but found that the tattoo didn't move.

At the same time, he saw Maiden Yan smiling lightly, and his other hand was already five fingers together, cutting into his eyes very quickly.


Wang Junming shouted, and instantly he smelled death.

However, just as Maiden's slender hand was about to cut Wang Junming's neck, Maiden's finger caught the silver sword, but suddenly, a tremendous force suddenly withdrew him.


The palm of Yanmei's jade, which cut to Wang Junming's neck, was attached to his skin. All but a few lines away, he cut off his head.


Qin Yi, who watched the battle in silence, had to be slightly frowned upon. Junyi's face showed confusion.

Others may not be able to see it, but he is already in a state of emptiness, but it is not necessarily possible to see it. All the strike trajectories of the two men are in his sight, exactly doubled.

With this technique, Yanmei can totally kill Wang Junming, but not only did Yanmei not do this, but helped Wang Junming to escape the danger.

In the view of ordinary people, Wang Junming was able to break free of the two sword clamping fingers of Yanmei and avoid the deadly punch of Yanmei.

Yet Qin Yi could see that Mai Fei was one of the best and deliberately sent Wang Junming out.

“Why in the world did Mai Mai do this… she didn't want to win that million Kyushu Lingyuan stones? ”

Qin Yi was puzzled by the behavior of Femme Flame.

The center of the battlefield...

After sending Wang Junming out, Fei Fei's figure continued to turn into a shadow. He swept out quickly, attacking Wang Junming, and Wang Junming was horrified. There was a huge wave in his heart. He saw that Fei Fei had attacked quickly, but he dared not slacken. He hurried to make his fourth move.

“Silver Sword! ”

He fluttered, exploded to the side, the movement on his hand, but there was no pause, the opposite sword sharpened, a silver ray, like the silver moon sprinkled, rapidly poured to the flaming woman, with endless killing intentions.

Yanmei Nachana's moving delicate body suddenly flashed across her face, shooting out like a flowing arrow, balancing with the ground. Wang Junming cut out the silver ray, sticking it against her chest and pulling it past.

Femme flames in the blast, all of a sudden one of them turned over and climbed to the ground, rushed to Wang Junming at the speed, winking was in front of Wang Junming, her whole person suddenly burst out, the palm of the jade upright split, a huge powerful blade gathered together, is the sky split, seems to want to divide the heavens and the earth, into two parts.

Feeling the sharpness of the powerful blade, Wang Junming dared not be a bit lazy, his body was in a sudden shake, avoided the powerful blade, and then quickly made the fifth move.

“Silver Rosso! ”

His sword speeds more than doubled all at once. Suddenly, the sword flashes constantly around the flaming woman. Like the silver lightning on the same path, the whole huge battlefield is reflected in a silver color.

Every sword is held close to the flaming lady!

Despite the flaming figure, which instantly became volatile, her red dress quickly broke through several mouths and revealed her skin as snowy and white as coagulant.

It's too dangerous!

These battle scenarios, all around the world, the hearts are talking about the voices.

The whole vast battlefield did not make a single sound, many people's hearts were sighing: Wang Junming, really the top ten people on the list of the sealed gods, the strength of the battle can be seen.