The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 971: Ten Hells Born

Throughout the auction hall, there was a sound of financial struggle.

Qin Yi, Yanmei, Yanmei, Yanmei, Yanmei, Yanmei and others, are all sitting there quietly, looking at all of this with cold eyes.

“Pity Dream, I haven't seen you quote for an item, it looks like you've come for 'Ten Hells’ too. ”

Suddenly, sitting not far from here, the flames are low, turning his face, smiling slowly at the flaming dreams: “I advise you to give up. The ultimate winner of ‘Hell of the Ten’ must be me. Don't forget, who am I? ”

This flame is low and is starting to exclude competitors!

The fewer competitors, the less money he ends up paying.

Especially competitors like Flame Dream, who have strong financial resources behind them, can surely save themselves a lot of money if they can scare her off first.

However, Flaming Pity Dream is obviously not vegetarian. He glanced at Flaming less and drummed the pink mumps on both sides of the drum: “What if I knew you were the son of a patriarch? The one who wants' Ten Hells' is my grandfather. It's useless to scare me. If you can, scare my grandfather. ”


With a small face, a slight lag, and a faint smile: “Your grandchildren and grandchildren, if you want to fight me with less financial strength, we will fight to see. ”

“Cut, who's afraid of who? ”

Flaming dreams put that tempting little red mouth aside: “Anyway, my grandfather has told the past and must try his best. ”

“Well, I welcome you to try your best, and then don't cry! ”

The less bloody flame, for a moment, was also aroused and said arrogantly.

However, when the afterglow of the corner of his eyes touched the side of the flaming pity dream, the face was smiling Qin Yi and Yan Fei, his mouth was smoking again.

Apparently, at this moment he, his heart, is pounding blood.

Paralysis, what the hell is this? I fought the two grandchildren so hard, it turned out not for me, but for someone else's wedding dress!

Especially unacceptable is that they are enemies!

Why is it so heartbreaking in this world?

At this moment, Qin Yi and Yanmei, obviously, have already held their stomachs and laughed, and will soon be unable to hold them.

After the entire auction of eight items, the demon dressed in purple robes presided, finally smiling: “Next, what is to be auctioned is a heritage treasure. This news, a month ago, our auctioneer association, has been released. It can be said that today's auction is mainly for it...

“Yes, you've all guessed that the next thing to auction is" Ten Hells "! ”

The host's voice suddenly doubled.

“Ten Hells! ”

All of them, including Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai, were in a shock of spirit. Their eyes looked at the stage without blinking and wanted to see the true face of the hereditary treasure of "Ten Fang Hells”.

The eyes swept slowly across the hall, the faces of the fanatical people, presided over a smile, then the white fiber jade hands flipped, an object suddenly appeared on his palm.

Everyone looked and saw that it was a small tower.

It's quite mysterious up there, and those bloody symbols, even give people a gloomy feeling.

With the emergence of this little tower, a hint of ancient breath, it spreads across every inch of space here, and the people in the lobby, in a moment, fall into an ancient sense of time and space.

“This is‘ Hell of the Ten ’, it's amazing! ”

“Indeed, it seems to be the enrichment of hell that gives me a creepy feeling. ”

In the lobby, there was a shout, a fanatical gaze, and a blinking look at the bloody tower.

“It's an heirloom treasure, I can feel it! ”

The flaming woman smiled shallow, because of the unusual excitement, which caused the two large seats in her chest to rise and fall uninhabited and surge a wonderful ripple.

Qin Yi next to him, that handsome face, was also filled with joy, because he knew very well that the heirloom treasure now in his hand would be in his bag, and it would not happen unexpectedly.

“Awesome! ”

The crystalline jade cheeks of the pitiful dreams were so excited they were red, then she glanced less at the flames not far away: “Humph! ”

Touching the flaming dreams that declare war like the eyes of the earth, flaming with little anger, frowning, spinning, but also with no hesitation: fighting Ben Shao Wei, that is a rather stupid thing!

“‘Ten Fangs of Hell’ is the ancestral treasure of an ancient family, because it has never been able to hold it, so the ancient family decided to auction off this treasure of ancestry in the hope that it could fall into the hands of the capable sages and develop a way to hold it and make it worth it. ”

Hosted a beautiful voice in the lobby: “The auction for this‘ Ten Hells' is now open, starting with 10,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones. ”

“20,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones. ”

The host's voice had just fallen, and a white-wheeled old man in a grey robe immediately raised his hand and raised the price directly to 20,000.

“Mr. Yan Qingcheng, 20,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones, you want to buy such an heirloom treasure, you blush? 30,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones. ”

Not far away, an obese middle-aged man glanced at the whitewashed old man with extreme disdain.

Obviously, a vast battle for hereditary treasures has begun.

“35,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones. ”

A middle-aged woman in a red robe slowly lifted the sign.

“You don't have to contend. ‘Ten Hells' must be mine today! ”

Flame smiled, then raised the cards: "100,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones. ”

Later, he looked at Qin Yi, Yanmei and Yanmei, who were not far away, and looked at Yanmei's eyes, full of provocation, while Qin Yi and Yanmei's eyes were hidden with a hint of resentment.

When he touched the less fiery eyes, his pitiful dreams whispered.

Qin Yi and Yanmei smiled faintly and turned a blind eye to the resentment in Yanmao's eyes.

With the sparse offer, the entire auction hall was instantly quiet, and everyone blinked incredibly.

As the younger owner of the Yan clan, it is true that the wealth is huge, and the price was raised directly to 100,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones!

“What's so scary about less flames? 110,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones. ”

A faint soft voice rang from the corner of the hall.

Everyone looked at this quote and saw that she was a wonderful young girl in a white robe with a beautiful face and elegant temperament.

“It's Li Dunyang, the young lady of the Li family! The Li family has been in the pharmaceutical business for a long time. The family has a strong background. Now we have a good show. ”

The whole lobby sounded a low shout when I saw what this quoter looked like.

“Since the Li family is not afraid of flames, our family is equally fearless. ”

In the crowd, only a skinny middle-aged man smiled slightly, then lazily raised the sign in his hand: “130,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones. ”

The Fang family is actually involved!

Everyone in the hall, after being stunned, had a smile on their faces.

Fangjia, always in the arms business, like the Li family, has a strong family background.

“When I first got the auction news of 'Ten Fang Hells', my father had told me to make sure I got it, 150,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones. ”

Fang's slender middle-aged man, whose voice had just fallen, a cold voice, followed.

The speaker, a young man in a robe, was angry and knew at first glance that he could not have been born in an ordinary house.

This man is Autumn Young Master Qiuyang.

Qiujia, always in the food and clothing business, the financial resources are not small!

“My grandfather was also very interested in ‘Hell of the Ten' and said it was of great research value, so he also instructed me to come and try my best. ”

Qin Yi's flaming dreams surrounded him. Shallow smiled: “160,000 Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones. ”

After that, she also deliberately glanced at the flames not far away.

Many people in the auction hall look like monkeys.

“Tsk, the elders, the Li family, the Fang family, the Qiu family, Mr. Yao Yao Yao, that's the five biggest owners of the Yan clan, now that they've fought together, it's a good show. ”

“Hey, this is a rare occasion to fight! ”

People talk about it.

This scenario, the happiest of all, naturally counts the original owners of "Ten Fang Hells”, the five major financiers have fought together, only enough to embody the value of "Ten Fang Hells”.

“160,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones in the district, you want to get 'Ten Fang Hells'? ”

Yan Xiao shrugged and laughed. Although he knew that he was being used as a wedding dress this time, but now the five major financiers fought together, which also stirred up his fighting will. As a young master of the Yan tribe, he must not lose this battle!

“200,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones! ”

Flame raised the sign less, provoked a look at the flaming dreams.

“250,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones! ”

Li Jia's younger sister, Li Duyan, said faintly, always looks elegant and elegant.

“200,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones! ”

Fangjia raised the cards.

“300,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones! ”

The Autumn family raised their cards.

“310,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones! ”

The flaming dreams around Qin Yi kept biting.

“I said ‘Ten Hells', I'm gonna get it today! ”

Wearing a gorgeous gown, he smiled coldly: "Half a million Kyushu Lingyuan stones! ”

Raise it to 500,000 Kyushu Lingyuan stones at once!

Throughout the hall, the pan blew up and everyone's chin broke the floor.

Qin Yi and Yanmei in the crowd also had to stand still and blink lightly. This flame is really a harsh character.