The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 978: Mixed Warfare

“Can I still trust you? ”

Qin Yi said coldly.

Before that, I almost died in the hands of this woman.

“You must trust me. Yes, Flame wants you dead, but now it is time to suppress the foreign enemy. ”

Said Bamboo eagerly.

Qin Yi, however, stopped saying anything. Suddenly, he raised his gun and went towards Bamboo Heartbreak.


Bamboo flame was a big shock, and Nathanna's beautiful body burst out in a hurry.


At the same time, he heard a scream, and suddenly it rang. He turned his face and saw only Qin Yi's long gun. He had already stabbed a masked man so hard that he directly pierced the other party and picked it up.

Yan Zhuxin understood that Qin Yi's gun was not stabbing her, but saving her.

I glanced at Qin Yi, and it became a little complicated.

“Damn it! ”

Not far away, there are few flames that are being mixed up. He looked at this scene and sighed a cold drink: “Now this scene is messy enough, this is the perfect time to kill Qin Yi and Yanmei. ”

He turned to Ma Hai, who had been inseparable from him, and said coldly: “Uncle Ma Hai, you deal with Yanmei, I deal with Qin Yi, attack with all my strength, it is best to kill them once, do not drag mud with water! ”

During the conversation, he turned his hands and took out a silver sword, and under the sudden urging of his brazen Qi, the silver sword sword swept and ravaged the whole field.

He is the number one on the list of sealed gods, strong and full of strength.


Ma Hai looked at the woman in the red robe, trapped in a slaying flame, licked her lips, and a cruel smile appeared on her face.

His strength ranks third in the list of the Feng Shen, after the incumbent Patriarch Yan Wing De.

The next moment, a blue sphere suddenly appeared in front of his chest, with only fists about the size of his fist, shouting and burning a blue flame.

He swallowed a blue sphere into his stomach, and instantly he was covered in blue flames, like a blue flame burning in his body, which looked bizarre.

And the breath that emanates from it is more than twice as powerful at once.

“Strongest blow, great! ”

The flame looked down at Ma Hai, nodded satisfactorily, and suddenly his eyes were cold: “Do it! ”

He waved his silver sword and turned into a silver ray. He burst into Qin Yi in the middle of the war.

Meanwhile, when Ma Hai struck out, he punched Mai Mai from hundreds of lengths away, the fist instantly surged to full ten times, the blue flame, mad burning, the huge boxing, squeezing the surrounding air, all floating.

However, at this moment...

“Little Flame, you bastard, is this a big battle to capture my granddaughter? Give me the dream! ”

A roar came.

The next moment, only a giant white shadow was seen, coming from afar, and between them, came the mixed battlefield.

Everyone looked and saw only this visitor, who was the grandfather of the flaming dreams.

That is rushing to half of the flames and the Ma Hai, can only live to stop the shape, both faces, appeared a smudge of annoyance.

And Qin Yi and Yanyue, who are in the process of being mixed up, heard Yao's words, instantly understood everything. For a moment, they were also there. In their hearts, they were shocked and angry.

“Jasmine, are you still lying to me? These gray cloak men, and these masked masked masters, are not so-called killers and top masters of a tribe, but rather less fiery ones! ”

Qin Yi stared at Yan Zhuxin dead and smiled coldly: “In order to kill us and take the treasures of" Ten Hells ", Falun Front, Yin Yang Array Map, etc., you really can't afford to give up blood, even though so many of your men are still alive, creating such a big mess, trying to kill us! ”


Bamboo's delicate body trembled, for a moment, without a word right, in the heart, gently bred a bitter bitterness.

“Ha ha, it turns out that Jiang is still old and spicy, so that Mr. Yao can see through. ”

Seeing that the plot was uncovered, Less Flame became frank instead, Long laughed: “Mr. Flaming Yao, you don't have to be nervous, I'm less flaming, I just want the yin and yang map, as long as your granddaughter can hand over the yin and yang map, I promise not to move a single hair. ”

“Few flames, don't forget, you are about to succeed the Patriarch, so harsh means, how can you serve the public in the future? ”

Yao Yao roared, his hands splitting apart into fewer flames. His hands instantly condensed into a huge false palm print and slapped hard into fewer flames.

“Mr. Yao Yao, have you always forgotten that I am ranked first in the list of Feng Shen? Don't embarrass yourself with this sculpture trick! ”

Looking at the false fingerprints that were struck at the speed, Flame smiled a little, punched it out randomly, and directly smashed it into pieces, and said proudly: “Mr. Flame Yao, you are wrong, I did this solely to make myself stronger, only I became stronger, waiting for me to succeed the Patriarch, to lead us to the Yan tribe, to march the Quartet, to conquer all the tribes around us, then our Yan tribe can also be a super empire, to fight the Great Beam Empire far east, eventually unify the North Wilderness! ”

“With your mouth on your face, you want to be a generation of dominators, boy. Dream on! ”

Yao Yao's anger is unstoppable: “Whatever spring and autumn dreams you have, you don't care about your husband, but if you touch one of your dreams' hair, my husband won't be finished with you! ”

“Haha, Mr. Yao Yao, the younger generations have only said that, as long as your granddaughter handed over the Yin Yang map, I guarantee her safety! ”

Few laughs on fire.

“You dream, my husband's work will never fall into the hands of a despicable little man like you! ”

Yao Fu drank.

With a cold eye, the smile on his face instantly disappeared: “Mr. Yao Yao, since you are so corrupt and stubborn, it is no wonder that there is so little merciless, successive masters, nothing but killing decisive generations, let me put it here, if your granddaughter refuses to hand over the Yin and Yang maps, then she will end up like them. ”

He suddenly took a big hand and grayed an old man and waved a silver sword in his hand. The face of the grayed cloak man was revealed.

Everyone set their eyes and stared at each other. Only the gray cloak man's face was white as paper. There was no blood. The pupils in his eyes were also degenerative, only a white eye.

This is a dead man!

Clearly, after the plot was unveiled, Few Flames went out completely, no longer worrying about the world knowing that their men were dead.

“You inhumane bastard, you deserve hell! ”

If you don't hand over the Yin and Yang maps, you will be cultivated as a dead man. Yao Lung will be angry and yell, and you will rush forward to fight with Yan.


A blue elongated sword suddenly lay in front of him, blocking his way.

This sword bearer, she's the one!

“Mr. Yao Yao, you are just a master of tattoos, you are not their opponent at all. These people have long since died. If you continue to rush past them, they will kill you without courtesy. ”

Maiden said to Yao.

Since Yan Xiao dared to capture Yan's dreams of pity, he naturally already had the heart ready with Yao to tear his face apart!

In fact, after Yan Xiao went to Yao's residence on that day and was touched with the ashes of his nose, Yan Xiao was already hating the grandchildren of Yao, when he even came up with the idea of cultivating his dreams of pity as a dead man.

“Qin Yi, you protect Mr. Yao Yao from this place, these people, just let me handle it. ”

Maiden again turned to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi still has some confidence in the strength of Feminine Yan. Without thinking too much, he nodded: “Then be careful yourself. ”

It doesn't matter if she can't handle so many masters by herself, because she still has the same baby!

He stopped saying anything. When he grabbed Yao, the whole person turned directly into a shadow and blinked, it disappeared.

“Tsk, Yan Mei Ma, in this situation, you dare to separate from Qin Yi, doesn't this just give us a chance to kill each other? ”

Seeing Qin Yi leaving with Yao, Yan Xiao not only didn't ask anyone to stop him, but rather happily mumbled and paused, and said: “However, you seem to have been intentionally hiding your strength before, but obviously, even if your real strength is stronger, you and Qin Yi are separated, it is the stupidest decision, you will soon die here, and then we will find Qin Yi and kill him again, oh no, maybe we will turn you into dead men! ”


Femme smiled slightly and stopped suppressing her strength. Nathanna's moving delicate body suddenly emitted a pound of imperial power like the sea.


The next moment, with a blue elongated sword, she suddenly opened more than a dozen lengths and pierced the chest of a masked man.

She's directly on the move!

The masked man, with no room for even a little resistance, was killed by the sword of Femme Flame.

“Now, do you think you have the ability to turn me and Qin Yi into dead men? ”

Femme suddenly pulled out her sword, and her beautiful face had raised a shallow smile, only deep in her eyes, but cold.

Seeing a face, he repaired a strong man who had suddenly broken through the peak of Zongdao Nine Realms to kill, including three people, including Few Flames, Heavenly Bamboo, and Asahi, all of whom were in the place, all changed color.

“In the battlefield in the past, you deliberately hid your strength. With your current sharpness, you can defeat Wang Junming without fear of up to two swords. Why do you deliberately hide your strength? ”

Few of the flames stare at Yanmei, her face has become quite ugly.

“What kind of bird are you? Why should I tell you? ”

Femme smiled and shook her head. “Aren't you trying to recapture the Ten Hells and the Beast Soul Map? Then come get it if you can. ”

Her slender palms flipped, “Ten Hells” and a map of the beast's soul, while floating in her palm.

Seeing these two kinds of treasures, there is less flame, more flame, more mahjong, more mahjong on people's faces, fanaticism, anger, and boredom.