The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 980: Blood Witch Holy Land

Qin Yi is clear that this is definitely not some kind of kung fu, but an ancient mystery of mystery.

If he can't crack this ancient mystery, no matter how powerful he and Meizu are, he can't kill those four cloaks.


Yao slightly flashed, his face was horrified: “As you put it, it is immortal, which is incredible, even the more powerful mysteries cannot be so counterproductive. ”

“In other words, it is not clear to my predecessor what kind of phenomenon is this? ”

Qin Yi asked.

“Forgive my husband for his shallow insight, but I do not know. ”

Yao sighed and even the mountains showed a hint of shame.

It is said that Qin Yiton was inevitably somewhat disappointed, even Yao Yao did not know, so no one in this Yan tribe, except a few people, knew what kind of phenomenon this was.

“It seems impossible to kill the four cape dead. ”

Qin Yi sighed at himself, inevitably with some regret.

The only thing to be thankful for is that the forces of the four cape dead weren't too strong, otherwise, this time, he and Femme, were really in trouble.


Next, Qin Yi prompted his left hand to elicit the sensation of spiritual power. The entire base of the dead was overshadowed by his sensation of spiritual power. Suddenly, everything in this base of the dead was clearly perceived by him.

“I found the cape of the dreamer, Mr. Yao, let's hurry! ”

Qin Yi's eyes snapped and said.

In his spiritual perception, just about 500 feet ahead, he saw the cape of the cape that had taken the pity dream, suddenly appeared in the sky, then swept to the distance at great speed, a few blinks, disappeared.


The spirit of Yao Yao was vibrant.

Without delay, the two men proceeded with an explosion, even at extremely high speeds.

Soon they stood on the edge of a cliff, as if, to be precise, it were a rift in the earth, as if it were a rift in the distant past, struck out here with weapons from the sky.

There are hundreds of cracks in the earth, about three broad ones, but they are deep and dark. I have no idea what it looks like down there. I just feel that there is a hint of extremely ancient smell hidden from them, and it seems that there is even a little bit of blood in that ancient smell.

On the edge of the earth's cracks are rock walls, which are manually chiseled with a staircase, leaning down, the surface of that staircase is very smooth, obviously someone often goes up and down from here.

Obviously, the cape dead man just came up from under here.

In other words, the cape dead man has sent his dreams of pity down here.

“This is... Blood Witch Holy Land! ”

Looking at this deeply unseen crack in the earth in front of him, Yao Yao was a tremendous shock to his body, and instantly a huge wave of waves rolled up in his heart: “Legend has it that it is true. Moreover, the base of the less fiery dead was built on the Blood Witch Holy Land...”

“Blood Witch Holy Land! ”

Qin Yi's confused look toward Yao Yao: “Senior, what is that? ”

“The Blood Witch, legend has it, is the ancestor of our Yan clan, and after she crashed, she buried herself in a fissure in the earth that she had cut out before she was born. At the bottom of that fissure in the earth, future generations created a Blood Witch Holy Land and built a gorgeous tomb for her, the tomb known as the Blood Witch Temple. ”

"For a long time, people in this world thought it was just a legend. Turns out it's all true, and the Blood Witch Holy Land has always been occupied by the elders, so no wonder the world can't find it. ”

Blood Witch, the ancestor of the Yan tribe!

Qin Yi blinked quite unexpectedly and touched his nose and said: “So what kind of person is he, Senpai, the legendary blood witch? ”

“Blood witches, because of their mastery of a great deal of witchcraft, are absolutely a strong man, only how to die. There is a lack of rumors about this in our Yan tribe. ”

Yao Yao said.

Qin Yi nodded.

So the ancient mysteries that now appear in the Yan tribe are supposed to be the legacy of blood witches.

Of course, it's very likely that only a small fraction of the witchcraft, most of the blood witchcraft, should have been completely lost.

“Qin Yi, let's go down quickly. Nobody knows what is in the ancient ruins such as the Temple of the Blood Witch. I fear that the dream will be in there for a long time and something will happen. ”

Yao said with some anxiety.

Who thinks, at this moment, the cape dead man who left before suddenly killed him again. He held a black sword and stabbed Qin Yi very quickly: “Little guy, this is not where you should be, get out of here! ”

His voice, still dull and low to the extreme, was not capable of being uttered by humans at all.

Qin Yi had long felt, his figure flashed extremely fast, and instantly flew out of the 10 lengths, avoiding the blow of the cape death.

However, the Cloak Death did not strike, but suddenly the blade swept and stabbed toward the flaming yaw on one side.

“Evil things, to hell with my husband! ”

The cape death took away the flaming dreams. As soon as Flaming Yao saw him, he was furious and yelled at. In his hand, a dark, autumnal crutch appeared, and he fought against the cape death.


The cape death raised his sword and stopped, the tremendous force, suddenly shocked Yao's arms numbness, crutches flew out of hand.

However, the black sword in the hands of the cape's dead man was only shaken for a moment, and then the straight-up technique stabbed Yao's chest.

With the power of Yao, he is not an enemy of the Cloak Death!

The cape death sword is fast, between winks, the sharp tip of the sword, has pierced Yao's shirt, the eyes are about to pass.

At this moment, however, his whole person suddenly stretched indefinitely, forming an ash cigarette, snapping Nana, emptying away.

At a glance, Yaoding found a bullet in the chest of the cape's dead man.

“This is…”

Yao Yao looked at the cloak dead that had turned into smoke, his eyebrows tightened and his mouth opened stunned.

Qin Yi was right behind the cape dead man after he dispersed, with a long gun with a smoke cloud in his hand. He put away his long gun and said to Yao, "Senpai, this is the situation, can you deduce what it is? ”

Yao Yao returned to God and sang, "Since the blood witch temple has long been under the control of the elders, it is obvious that it is a kind of witchcraft of blood witchcraft, and that this witchcraft is only mastered by the elders. However, my husband still can't tell what kind of witchcraft it is. ”

In this regard, Qin Yi can only be disappointed again.

And then there was no delay, and the two of them went down the steps on the rock wall, fast, and yet the Great Rift gave them the feeling that they would never reach the point.

For more than ten minutes, they went down to a depth that had reached 10,000 feet, and by this time the crack in their heads had been known to be only one finger wide, as if it were a pitch-black night sky that had cracked a gap.

At this depth, if you are a normal person, you will feel an unknown tension in your mind, and if you are serious, you will even lead to a psychological breakdown.

More than a decade later, their feet finally stepped to the solid ground and came to the bottom, while a strong, bloody and ancient scent surfaced.

“Senior Yao, I don't think this is a good place, we should be careful, you can't come too far away from me. ”

Qin Yi admonished the surrounding Yao, at the same time, he hidden the four elements of the seeds in Dantian, all motivated, his strength, speed and physical defense, all to reach the peak state.

At the same time, he prompted the Left Hand of the Celestial Demon to enter the state of the Emptiness.

“Dream, was sent to this place, hoping she hadn't had an accident. ”

Yao's face was anxious, spreading at great speed, exploding forward, and searching wildly here.

In this regard, Qin Yi was quite helpless and could only hasten to catch up.

He didn't forget to look around and discover that the bottom was infinitely bigger, in the distant past, to build this bloody witch sanctuary, and he didn't know how much human and financial it took.

Suddenly, Yao in front, the bursting figure, suddenly stopped, even the subconscious trembled suddenly: “Is this… the mount of the blood witch, the blood ghost wolf? ”

Qin Yiding glanced at him and glanced at him. He only saw a giant wolf with red blood all over him. He reached dozens of lengths. He lay quietly there and closed his eyes to support his gods.

“Come on, we can't freak it out, Blood Holy Ghost Wolf, is the mount of the Blood Witch before life, how powerful, it's perfectly conceivable, Qin Yi, you can never be its opponent. ”

Yao's face has become extremely ugly.

At this moment, Qin Yi's heart also has some hair, blood witches such as this exist, how can it be anything? More importantly, it has existed for endless years.

He also thinks it would be wise not to provoke this bloody ghost wolf.

The two retreated silently and began their dreams of pity in a different direction.

After a blast, Yao suddenly said: “I said that the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf could not find us. Turns out it was guarding the Blood Saint Lotus. Even if it were discovered, it would not be ignored, because in its view, blood Saint Lotus is much more precious than we are. ”

“Blood Saint Lotus, what is that? ”

Qin Yi Qiduo.

“Naturally, it is an extremely precious medicine, legend has it that when the blood witch fell, the blood spilled, and a plant grown, that is, each blood Saint Lotus, is a drop of blood of the blood witch. ”

Yao seemed to have some understanding and sighed: “The Patriarch's vein has always occupied the Blood Witch Holy Land, only one of the aims of which is to swallow the Blood Holy Lotus. It's just that this bloody ghost wolf is too powerful for them to move lightly. ”