The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 984: Yan Wing De

“There is a palace ahead. ”

At some point.

Qin Yi burst into the shape, suddenly stagnated, raised his eyebrows.

Within his senses of inspiration, about 8,000 feet ahead, an ancient temple of magnificent momentum, stood there.

The distance of 8,000 fathers, not long later, Qin Yi arrived.

This huge ancient palace in front of us is actually made of an entire boulder, and, obviously, it has been erected here for years. The stone walls have weathered very well and there is blood on them, but because the years are too long ago, these blood tracks have long become black.

In front of the palace is a large square, in the center of the square, built a three-meter high, five-meter diameter altar, surrounded by white bones.

Obviously, this ancient temple in front of us is the Temple of Blood Witches built by the people of the Yan tribe for their ancestors, endless years ago.

And from this altar in the square, it can be deduced that, once, the people of the Yan tribe used to perform rituals of worship on the blood of their dead ancestors.

Standing in front of the ancient Temple of the Bloody Witch, it was bloody and swept up, and even gave people an evil smell that made their hearts feel unquenchable and bred a chill.

“Yao Yao and Yan Pity Dream should be in this Temple of the Bloody Witch! ”

Breathe out gently, Qin Yi made such a decision.

Then, with a long gun, he walked towards the temple with a giant meteor, his face a little heavy.

The four elemental seeds at Dantian were also inspired by him and burning wildly, bringing his strength, speed, and physical defense to their peak.

If he had guessed correctly before, there must be a third person in the Temple of the Bloody Witch, besides Yao and Yao, a strong man who can, in a very short period of time, train the Takutoshi brothers to become senior dead men.

Obviously, Qin Yi's assumptions are correct. There are indeed three people in this hall: Yao Yao, Yan Pity Dream, and a middle-aged man with a healthy body.

In fact, not long after Yao Yao and Qin Yi were separated, he found the Temple of the Blood Witch.

Blood Witch Temple.

Pity dreams were hung from a stone pool, filled with blood and medicine, a strand of blood mist, and some colorful fog, rising from the stone pool.

Apparently, she's being made a high-ranking dead man.

The flaming dreams at this moment, her eyes closed, have obviously lost consciousness. Although she is only sixteen or seven years old, her development is surprisingly good, her chest is unblocked by two large seats, trembling, her skin is white and her skin is delicate and almost transparent.

Yet at this moment, Yao, the high esteem of the Yan tribe, has completely fainted, roaring at the healthy middle-aged man: “Yan Wing De, you shameless little man, many years ago, called yourself sick and in danger. Turns out you have been hiding in this temple of blood witches, stealing the holy light of blood witches. And now you're doing such a nasty thing. Our Yan clan people are so wrong about you. You're not even worthy of being a Yan clan chief. ”

“Mr. Yao Yao, you are angry, and I am doing this solely for the sake of our Yan tribe, which will be able to become strong in the future, and to make some of the surrounding tribes, all part of the territory of our Yan tribe. ”

Yan Wing De faintly said that in the face of the fiery Yao, he was calm and did not see a slight anger.

Yan Wing De, the father of Yan Xiao, is the current chief of the Yan clan.

In the absence of foreign claims of illness and danger, in the sealed list, ranking second, strength is abundant.

And now, from his height alone, the implicit momentum, it can be judged that his strength, less than his son's inflammation, is only afraid to be strong.

Obviously, he has been hiding in this Temple of the Bloody Witch and striving to improve his strength throughout the years when he declared himself ill.

After a pause, Yan Wing De went on to say, "Mr. Yao, you can't be so corrupt. Think about it. When we annex all the tribes around us, we Yan tribes will be directly tribal, promoted to empire, and, enough to fight the other great empire of this North Wilderness - the Great Empire of the Great Leung, then we will have the opportunity to attack the Great Leung Empire until we also annex the Great Leung Empire, then, we Yan tribes, together, will be the North Wilderness, become true masters! ”

“Bullshit! ”

Yao Yao's anger is unstoppable: “As a clan chief, you dare to forget the teachings of our ancestral blood witches. The witchcraft mastered by our Yan clan is used to heal the sick, save the wounded, do not witchcraft to harm the world, and the Yan clan must always live in peace with other tribes! ”

“Ha-ha-ha! ”

Hearing Yao's words, Yan Wing De laughed as if he had heard the lowest and most laughable joke in the sky: "Live in peace with other tribes? Yan Lao, are you old and confused? Am I the one who set the precedent and attacked the surrounding tribes and annexed them? No, when the chiefs were alive, they had already done so. I am Wing De, just the dust after the chiefs!

“Moreover, the blood witch of her ancestors advocated benevolent and humane governance of the world against violence, but what happened to her elderly family? Didn't they end up getting killed? ”

“Bullshit, Ancestral Blood Witch, how did someone kill you? In the history of the Yan tribe, it is clearly well documented that our ancestors of the Yan tribe, the Blood Witch, died 20,000 years ago in order to assist the Holy See of Kyushu in eradicating the vagina gate! ”

Yao Fu Dao.


Yan Wing De did not hesitate to hum: “You also remember the blood of her ancestors. She died 20,000 years ago in order to help the Kyushu Holy See eradicate the vagina door. However, in my opinion, the blood of her elderly people was killed by the bastards of the Kyushu Holy See...”

“I also tell you that it was only after I learned of the existence of the Divine Guardian of the Holy See in Kyushu that I decided to lie about my illness and to enter the Temple of the Blood Witch in secret. I want to practice, to obtain the Holy Light of the Blood Witch ancestors, to make myself stronger, and then to enter the Temple of the Divine Witch, to kill all the Divine Guardians of the Holy See in Kyushu, to avenge the Blood Witch ancestors. Moreover, I believe that the Blood Witch ancestors must be glad to see me do so. Otherwise, why am I absorbing her Holy Light? ”

“What, have you absorbed the holy light of the blood witch ancestors? ”

Yao Yao shocked and his subconscious retreated greatly, looking at Yan Wing De with tremendous shock like a monster.

As an elderly man of high moral standing in the Yan clan, he naturally knows what it will mean to get the Holy Light of the Blood Witch? That will give at least half of the blood witch's inheritance.

And most horribly, the blood witch holy light, is the holy soul of the blood witch, if someone forcibly absorbs it, it will conflict with the blood gas in the absorber itself, and eventually the absorber will become a blood ghost.

Blood ghosts, on the other hand, are incredibly evil and terrible beings, and once formed, they lose their humanity, and bloodthirsty, bloodthirsty, to grow their strength.

“Haha, Mr. Yao Yao, don't be so nervous, I do this for only two purposes, first, to help my son become the ruler of this northern wilderness, and second, to enter the mausoleum of the Divine Demons, to kill all the divine guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu, and to avenge the blood witch ancestors. Absolutely no harm to our flame tribe people. ”

Looking at the shock of Yaona's face, Yan Wing De looked quite delightful, and he even found some sense of sole pride.

“But you're already hurting the people of the Yan clan, and you can't let go of my dreams! ”

At this moment, Yao Dang was really furious: “Again, you know how horrible the blood ghost is? Do you think you'll still care if you're from the Yan clan? No, you just suck blood like crazy! Okay, I don't care what kind of evil things you're going to turn into. Now let go of your dreams! ”

“Let go of your granddaughter's dream? ”

Yan Wing De shook his head and smiled slightly: “Impossible, Dream's body is wonderful. If I sacrificed him as a senior deceased, her strength would be quite astonishing. Such a good material, not to sacrifice her as a senior deceased, is a waste of resources, and waste of resources, is shameful. ”

“You devil, I don't want to talk to you anymore! ”

Yao suddenly flashed in shape and rushed to the spotless place to accept the flaming dreams of sacrifice.

His speed, too, was fast, and between winks, he rushed to the side of the rock pond, and he had to carry a pitiful dream that didn't save people.

Yet the flaming wings beside him did not smile.

All of a sudden, his sleeve flashed and he saw a huge force in it, rushing out and hitting Yao very hard.

Yao could not resist this force, and was immediately shot out of dozens of places, fell to the ground, and was overwhelmed.

The strength of Yan Wing De is not weak in itself. He ranks second on the list of Sheng Shen Shen. Now, he has been practicing in this Temple of Blood Witches for so many years, and even gained the Holy Light of Blood Witches. How powerful and imaginable is he?

Normally, he had to kill Yao Yao, but he was afraid it would be a lot harder than killing a puppy cat.

“You devil, my husband, must rescue Dream today anyway! ”

In his anger and drink, Yao defied everything toward Yan Wing De, and quickly killed the past. His big hand split apart, a huge false palm stamp, was carrying a whistling sound, severely splitting into Yan Wing De.

However, the result was a little heartbreaking.

“Knock! ”

Only Yan Wing De punched it out casually, facing the huge face-to-face stamp, easily smashing it.

His gaze at Yao has become a little cold: “Mr. Yao, have you not seen that there is no one in this world who can stop me and my children from becoming the footsteps of this North Desert generation of dominators? I'm telling you, me and the kid, we've been plotting this for years, and if you want to stop me, there's only one thing left for you, that's death! ”