The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 987: Ghost Wars Ghost Wolf

Looking back at the blood ghost, Qin Yi blinked incredibly.

The next moment, his figure suddenly disappeared and he spread out in a blink of an eye.


“Gaga, boy, you also refined Yao's space-time stripes. You have transients, but it's useless. You can make transients without refining any space-time stripes, so today you will definitely die. ”

The bloody ghost laughed joyfully, the kind of man who couldn't make a sharp laugh, quickly came from behind and heard the numbness of his scalp.

Qin Yi suddenly remembered that in the battlefield in the past, Yan Xiao had carried out transient movement. Yan Wing De had been here for so many years, and now he has become a blood ghost. His strength is far above Yan Xiao, how could he not reach the height of transient movement?

Qin Yi's heart had to be bitter for a while.

He did not dare to be lazy and had to make another quick move, only to change direction and no longer rush towards the entrance to the Bloody Witch Holy Land, because he feared that the Yao and Pity Dream of the moment had not yet escaped from here, and if they met, they would be in trouble, and they would surely die in the hands of the Blood Ghost.

“Gaga, boy, in this seat, stop dying and let this seat drain the blood from you. ”

Qin Yi's figure just appeared outside Wan Zhang, the bloody ghost that sharp pleasant laugh, sounded behind him again.

Qin Yi looked back and found that the blood ghost was right behind him, all over him and down. Blood kept pouring. He looked disgusted and suddenly surprised.

“Gaga, boy, leave your life behind! ”

In the blink of an eye, the bloody ghost had burst out laughing.

“Ow! ”

It was just at this moment, a low, dull roar, but suddenly it rang from side to side.

The blood ghost had just fallen halfway into their shape and had to stagnate. He turned his face and saw a pound of blood. From afar, he rushed towards both of them and instantly came in front of them.

Blood ghost wolf!

When he saw the look of this bloody pound, Qin Yi suddenly stood still. He only saw a bloody Holy Ghost wolf of a full height and a foot of length. He wore his teeth a foot of a meter long. He was covered in bloody hair and his roots were erected. He was as hard as a steel cone. He looked at himself and the bloody ghost with extreme anger.

Obviously, the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf returned to the Blood Sacred Lotus after devouring the Taku brothers, and found that the Blood Sacred Lotus was gone, which prompted him angrily.

But it obviously doesn't understand who the two men in front of them are, who stole the sacred lotus.

“This is... Blood Holy Ghost Wolf! ”

Feel the blood holy ghost wolf, the intense and violent breath, blood ghost on the white face, also appeared the color of vigilance.


The next moment, the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf opened its big mouth, suddenly toward Qin Yi and the Blood Ghost, madly slaughtered, the speed to the limit, blinking between the eyes, is in front of the eyes.

Qin Yi and the Blood Ghost were both afraid to be slightly lazy, each expanding their speed and bursting out to both sides.

And Qin Yi ecstatically said that the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf may have felt that the threat to the Blood Ghost was even greater. He renounced the attack on him, his huge body turned, quickly slaughtered towards the Blood Ghost, instantly caught up with the Blood Ghost, and the Blood Basin Big Mouth tried hard to bite it down.

“You bastard, you dare attack this seat! ”

The blood ghost was furious and flashed to the side.

“Knock! ”

The big mouth of the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf suddenly came together and bit him under the coat of the Blood Ghost, just one line away, biting him straight.

With the power of the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf, if this is bitten, the Blood Ghost may not be able to resist.

“Die! ”

Blood ghost growled, angry to the extreme, turned blood hand beat, the blood hand quickly grew bigger, like a puffin, took a bloody glow.


Blood Holy Ghost Wolf was photographed positively by the Blood Ghost. His huge body was actually photographed flying out and falling out of dozens of places.


The Blood Holy Ghost Wolf was completely furious, growled, quickly washed up from the ground, two thick buckets of forelegs, and pounded hard, directly pouring the Blood Ghost to the ground, opening his big mouth directly to the head of the Blood Ghost.

The bloody ghost was horrified. He punched the bloody ghost wolf in the stomach. He punched the bloody ghost wolf out.

Just for the next moment, the bloody Holy Ghost Wolf was completely angry and instantly slaughtered up again.

“Ping-pong! ”

The Blood Ghost and the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf fought together. The power of this man as an animal is equivalent to that of a banner drum. For a while, no one can take the upper hand.

Qin Yi quickly retreated, fearing that it would affect the pond fish, looking at the bloody ghost and the bloody Holy Ghost Wolf, incredibly hard to blink.

Spin, Qin Yi was ecstatic again. He could not have imagined that this kind of divine turning would happen. The Blood Holy Ghost Wolf killed him like this, and was still in a frantic battle with the Blood Ghost.

“Ha ha, Yan Wing De Sha Pen, take your time to fight Blood Holy Ghost Wolf, I won't play with you anymore! ”

Qin Yi laughed wildly, and without further delay, he began to praise his father, heading towards the exit of the Blood Witch Holy Land, and exploded.

“Kid, don't go! ”

Seeing Qin Yi go away, Yan Wing De growled and rushed over to intercept Qin Yi.

But unfortunately, he had just started, and behind him was a wind of intense blood, and in the blink of an eye, the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf came up again, and he fell directly to the ground, and opened his mouth and bit him.

“Son of a bitch, you want to die! ”

Yan Wing De's lungs were all angry, and the blood Holy Ghost Wolf flew out with one hand. However, the huge body of the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf suddenly twisted an incredible angle in the air and instantly slammed him again.

After turning his face and looking forward to the fierce battle between Yan Wing De and the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf, Qin Yi stopped ignoring it and proceeded to speed and rush to the exit of the Blood Witch Holy Land.

Not long ago, his figure had appeared beneath that huge crack and then burst towards it.

“Finally out of here! ”

Standing beside the earth's cracks, Qin Yi smiled slightly.

This time entering the Blood Witch Holy Land, I didn't expect to have much to gain. I got one hundred and sixty-seven Holy Blood Lotus, which is enough to make him and Maiden's cultivation and improve it.

The only thing that makes him somewhat sorry is that this time in the Blood Witch Holy Land, he used exactly three transients, and now he has only 12 transients left.

“The Blood Holy Ghost Wolf is comparable to the power of the Blood Ghost, a man who fights an animal for a short period of time and fears that he will not be able to stop. ”

Qin Yi also thought of the battle between the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf and the Blood Ghost. Whether it is the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf or the Blood Ghost, it is hard to say who can kill each other in the end.

After shaking his head, Qin Yi stopped taking care of the matter, unfolding at extremely high speed and bursting towards the Yan clan.

Flame tribe.

The battle between Maiden and Young Master Yan is over, and the scene is a mess.

In this mixed war, there were three people, all of whom were injured to varying degrees. Hundreds of their men died, and only more than two decades died.

However, the cape dead are safe and sound, and the few of them, no matter how powerful you are, do not seem to be able to attack them. As soon as they attack, they immediately turn into a smoke and dissipate into invisibility.

In order to completely let Qin Yi go, she did not suffer any harm in this mixed war. She led the seven spiritual whales by herself and defeated these top masters. In fact, she can see how powerful they are.

The original dwelling has been completely destroyed. Qin Yi and Yanmei have temporarily lived in the bamboo house of Yao, and are still not in a hurry to enter the Shen Di Mausoleum.

The Mausoleum of the Divine Demons is absolutely a ferocious place. If you enter by accident, you are afraid that you will soon die without burial.

“Qin Yi, this time, thank you so much. If it wasn't for you, this time, me and Dream would definitely die in the hands of the blood ghost. ”

In Yao's bamboo house, Yao Yao, Yanmenger, Qin Yi and Yanmei Mai were all present. Yao Yao sincerely thanked Qin Yi.

“You're welcome. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly: “We have come to the Yan clan, you have always given us a lot of grace. You and Dream are in danger in the Blood Witch Holy Land, I take it personally to help. ”

“Blood ghost, what is it? ”

A flaming woman beside her, curious to ask.

“The bloody ghost that exists in the Blood Witch Holy Land is actually Yan Wing De, the father of the less fiery, that is, the current elder of our Yan clan, his previous strength, ranked second on the list of gods, slightly less colorful and less fiery. ”

Yao Yao said.

“It turns out that this is the current chief of the Yan clan. No wonder we haven't heard of the chief of the Yan clan since these days. ”

Femme Flame is in her heart.

Next, Yao Yao once again told Yan Mei Mai how to turn Yan Wing De into a bloody ghost. Yan Mei Mai heard amazing things.

Even as the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, she had never heard of anything so bizarre before.

In fact, technically, Yan Wing De is dead, and by the time of the Temple of the Blood Witch, he had been killed by Yao with a blade of time and space. Now Yan Wing De is a real bloody ghost.

“Brother Qin Yi, the bloody ghost, is unusually powerful. How did you finally escape from him? ”

Flaming dreams flashed a pair of inspiring eyes and asked Qin Yi.

Yao Yao and Feiniang beside him are also curious to look to Qin Yi.

“Because of the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf, it was later killed, the two wars were together, and I took the opportunity to slip away.” Qin Yi said.

Yao Bai frowned, wondering: "Blood Holy Ghost Wolf, didn't you always guard that blood Saint Lotus, how did you kill it all at once? As a matter of fact, it should not give up guardianship of the Sacred Blood Lotus. ”

“That's true, but because something happened. ”

Touched his nose, Qin Yi faintly laughed: “Before entering the Temple of the Blood Witch, I actually encountered the Takushi brothers who had become senior dead men. Then I introduced the Takushi brothers to the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf. The Blood Holy Ghost Wolf was furious and ate the Takushi brothers directly, and I stole the Blood Saint Lotus during the battle between the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf and the Takushi brothers. The Blood Saint Lotus was stolen, and the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf naturally went mad, so he was in the Blood Ghost War. ”