The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 994: White Jade Embossing

“But as the divine guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu, even if we know that this is a trap, we have no second choice but to jump inside, and the Holy See of Kyushu wants to grind us up in such an extreme way that we can be strong enough. ”

Maiden smiled bitterly and swung her little white hand: “Come on, let's go in. ”

“Kyushu Holy See, Nima is a super pervert! ”

Qin Yi couldn't help but curse slightly, and then doubled into a shadow with Maiden Yunnan, heading toward the Divine Demon Mausoleum in front, and burst away.

“Boom boom...”

As they reached the front of the pyramid, a block of stone on the wall of the pyramid automatically split into two sides, revealing a passage that leads deep.

Obviously, this passage leads to the inside of the mausoleum.

Or, it's a passage to hell!

There was no choice, Qin Yi and Yan Meiqiang, after a slight hesitation, walked into the channel.

And what amazes them is that on both sides of this passage, there are white balls, one piece at a time, engraved with a portrait of a person.

“What do these portraits mean? ”

Faced with the portraits of these characters on the white jade, Qin Yi and Fei Mei, all revealed confusion.

It can be inferred from the hidden momentum of these portraits that the owners of these portraits all possess quite extraordinary force.

Moreover, the years of these white jade sculptures are also different, some of them dimly colored, obviously endless, some bright, and should have been inserted only in recent centuries.

At a certain moment, the eyes of the flaming lady stared and fell on one of the embroideries: “This is… a thousand autumns of water! ”


Qin Yi suddenly looked at it.

Only on that white jade was a young man in a white robe, who looked extremely handsome, but smelled shady.

“The first god who wanted to strangle me in the cradle at this moment looked like this. ”

Qin Yi frowned and stared at the white robe youth on the white jade.

And on the white jade opposite Chiaki, the engraved figure, is a man they know:

Luo Feng!

“I get it, these sculptures, they're people who have broken out of here. ”

The glance of a flaming woman, a gentle shine.

“Yes, it must be! ”

Qin Yi nodded in agreement, twirling, and said: “There must be other divine guardians in these embodies. We will write down the faces of these people, and maybe it will help us in the future. ”

Once upon a time, on the Holy Mountain of Kyushu, he had understood the ranking of the Divine Guard, and now, if he knew the appearance of some of the Divine Guards who had broken out of this place, it would only be good for them and not bad for them.

In the future, if you encounter a divine guardian who broke out of here, you can learn his name and rank him on the divine guardian ranking list at a glance.

What the Holy See of Kyushu is currently playing is a mutually destructive game, and it's important to know what these people look like, what their names are, and what they rank on the sealed list.

Next, Qin Yi and Yan Meiweng went along the aisle and took note of the characters on both sides.

Not yet.

They also saw the sculptures of the King of Childhood and appeared here, which reinforced their assumptions that the statues, indeed, were a record of those who had broken out of there.

Obviously, in the future, if they break out of here, their appearance, in the form of an embossing, will also appear in this passage.

“Thus, the embossing of the third generation of the Holy See of Kyushu must also be here, although we have not seen his true face, and we do not know which one is he? ”

Qin Yi was somewhat sorry.

The third generation of the pope of the Kyushu Holy See is the real mastermind who wants to strangle himself in the cradle. Qin Yi would very much like to know what this person really looks like.

Although the third generation of the pope of the Holy See of Kyushu had passed away when he traveled with the Ming King of Childhood to Shenshan in the past, he was so tall that Qin Yi could not see clearly at that time.

Moreover, Qin Yi had no idea at the time that the person who really wanted to die was the third Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu, so it was not necessary to pay special attention to his face.

At the end of the tunnel, they see a familiar figure again:

The second pope of the Kyushu Holy See!

After the embroidery of the second Pope of Kyushu, a vast continent emerged in front of them.

Qin Yi and Feiniang looked back subconsciously, and the passage disappeared.

They are trapped in this mausoleum!

If you want to get out of here, you have to kill to the fifth floor, and only the fifth floor has an exit.

If they do not reach the fifth level of strength, they will be trapped here forever. By then, what enters the great world of Xuanhuang, enters the Emperor Mountain, it is all bullshit and becomes a distant dream.

Next, after a day of wandering, Qin Yi and Yanmei discovered that there were some mausoleums on the first floor of Shenmu Garden.

These mausoleums, extraordinarily large, like a castle on the same seat, scattered sporadically on the first floor of this magical mausoleum, seemingly silently clamoring about the great war of extermination at the end of the Immortal Age.

Moreover, some mausoleums, occupied by practitioners previously trapped here, became the owners of live mausoleums.

Beyond that, they found that this great trap of the mausoleum was trapped in many practitioners after endless years.

Some people, trapped here, actually lived here, occupying the tomb for the city, opening branches and leaves, opening the sect.

But in a hurry to improve, kill to the fifth floor, get out of here, is to, between these mausoleums, the fierce war, sometimes happens.

“This mausoleum, unlike the two mausoleums I've been in before, is completely insane and not low. ”

Qin Yi sighed softly, "Now, our most important thing is to improve our strength and strive to break through to the second level as soon as possible. ”


Mai Mai agreed with the nod: “I think the most important thing for us right now is to have a complete grasp of the Yin and Yang map, so long as we can grasp it, we should have the strength to enter the second level. ”

Yet, at this moment, a great deal of killing comes suddenly and diffuse.

Capturing this killing intent, Qin Yi and Yanmei's face, are all Yilin.

“Unfortunately, we were discovered so quickly by the lunatics here. ”

Qin Yi turned her face toward Femme Flame and smiled helplessly.


At the next moment, Qin Yi prompted his left hand to elicit a sense of spiritual power, covering the range of about 10,000 square meters.

“There are three people in front of us who are coming towards us, and they are not weak, they have broken into the imperial road. Mai Mai, get ready to fight! ”

Qin Yi directly pushed the seeds of the four elements at Dantian. Junyi's face has already revealed a hidden killing intent.

Meanwhile, he took out the smoke cloud gun.

Femme nodded, then Fibrejade flipped his palm, a blue elongated sword, appeared on his palm.

With this and the appearance of the blue elongated sword, a great sword power, also with the havoc, for a moment, is filled with every inch of space here.

Now, Maiden Yan's cultivation has broken into the second half of the Emperor's realm, more powerful than before, and naturally has taken a whole new step.

The three men who came to kill them soon appeared, two men and one woman.

Two men, one of whom was thin and tall, had goat beards on his chin.

On the other hand, it's a short, round, fat, oily face, just like a super large piece of bread that just came out of a cage.

The woman, however, appeared to be a bit of a figure, but far from reaching the level of Femme Flame.

From the clothes of these three men, it can be seen that both men are from the Yan tribe.

And the woman's clothing, which was also a bit peculiar, had a lot of silver on her body and a spandex towel on her head, which should have come from another tribe in the North Wilderness.

“Gentlemen, we have just entered the mausoleum. It seems we have no enemies with you. Why did you come here to kill us? ”

Though knowing that the next World War I was inevitable, Qin Yi pointed the gun at the three people in front of him and asked with a smile.

“Hahaha, you are a rookie who has just entered the Garden of the Divine Demon. Do you need any reason to kill in this Garden of the Divine Demon? Hath none of you heard of the mausoleum before it came in? ”

The fat man, clapping his stomach out, laughed.

Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai frowned and looked at each other. In both eyes, they were helpless.

To be honest, if they can, they are not willing to kill innocents indiscriminately.

The three men's cultivation, although they have all broken through to the Imperial Path, if they really kill, only one of them will end, that is, they will be killed by the two of themselves, there will be no second situation.

“Naturally I've heard of it. ”

Qin Yi nodded.

“That's right, since you know the Devil's Landscape Garden and it's hell on earth, you must have bought a lot of treasures in the Yan clan before you came in. Hand over your babies, we'll make you die fast! ”

Fat men laughed happily.

In his view, Qin Yi and Yanmei's face had an uppercase word "death”!

The thin, tall man next to him stepped forward and said, "To make you understand, I'm telling you, it's our tomb owner who really wants to kill you, and the tomb owner also told us, most importantly, to kill this woman in the red robe. Hey, isn't your name Meizu Yan? ”

Kill Mei Fei mainly!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Yan Mei Mai, are all stunned, staring at each other there.

The three of them actually know the name of Mei Fei!

Besides, their tomb owner, he's designated to kill her!