The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 995: The Elder Song

The next moment, both of them, came up with a possibility.

“What's your tomb owner's name and why do you know my name? ”

Femme Flame twisted her eyebrows and drank them coldly.

“Anyway, you will soon be two corpses, and it is fine to tell you that the name of our tomb owner, called the Brother-in-law Song, as to why the tomb owner will know your name and must kill you by naming you, we will not know. ”

The skinny tall man shook his head and said.

After all, he has taken out his weapon, which is a blood sword.

And the fat man and the woman took out their own weapons, but surprisingly, their weapons were also blood swords.

The weapons of the three are the same!

“Brotherhood song? ”

Maiden Yan said softly, turning her face to Qin Yi next to her: “Qin Yi, how about it? ”

Qin Yi nodded: “It turns out that this is the case, buddy song, ranked 78th in the ranking of Shen Wei, he wants to kill you, undoubtedly he wants to compete for your ranking in the ranking of Shen Wei, ranking 68th. ”

If he succeeds in killing Maiden Yan, his name on the Divine Guard leaderboard will rise directly to 10 places!

“Mai Ma, this medieval song is already mine. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

If you kill this person, your ranking will rise directly from 101 to 78!

“What are you two muttering about? What Divine Guard leaderboard? What tomb owner is yours for mine? ”

Fat men wonder.

“Do it! ”

The woman acted very crisp, said nothing, and waved her hand.

At the next moment, the three of them held their own bloody swords of war and came towards Qin Yi and Yanmei Qi, all together to slaughter.

Obviously, the combination of the three, is a killing line, the three will be surrounded by Qin Yi and Yanmei, the group, spinning at great speed. The bloody sword in the hands of the three men formed a bloody sword wall in constant motion.

Endless swordsmanship, as this bloody sword wall formed, swept away as if it were a great wave.

All the trees around us, in the middle of nowhere, were stirred to pieces by this sword.

A round sword wall, quickly gathered together, will inevitably stir Qin Yi and Yanmei into pieces of meat.

However, Qin Yi and Yanmei's body suddenly shook, the speed reached the limit, and turned into two extremely faint shadows, flowing out of the very thin gap in the sword wall.

Good luck!

The three fat men, all slightly flattened, had not waited for them to return to God, and the scene that broke their hearts occurred.

Qin Yi, who had already flown out of dozens of places, suddenly flashed his right hand.

A golden palm imprint clustered together with his palms, from above the heads of the three men, appeared suddenly and then slapped down.

“Spray! ”

The earth is shaking for a while!

On the ground, a staggering palm print appears.

And the three of them, they were photographed in the palm of their hearts, gray-headed, dirty faces.

Although Qin Yi's “lifelong hand of annihilation" was impossible to achieve, he killed these three people, but he also slapped them, “buzzing” in his ear.


Late, by then, Femme Flame had long turned into a red light, towards the three people who had slapped, burst into flames.


A sharp instrument pierces the subtle sound of muscle tissue, but at this moment it is so clear.

Too fast, just in between moments, the long sword in the hands of the flaming lady passed through the thin tall man's chest.

Skinny, tall man's face passed the intense shock color, incredibly staring at the flaming woman: “How can it be so strong...”

This mausoleum of divine demons is a hell of a world. Now that you've done it, it's impossible for the flaming lady to have half a heart of compassion.

She slammed the blue sword from the skinny tall man's chest, pulled it out, and the blue sword thrust into the woman's chest, punching it straight through.

Too sharp!

Between the blinks, there were two people who died under the sword of a flaming woman.

At this time, the fat man finally returned to God, suddenly frightened and angry, the bloody sword of war, and slashed towards the flaming woman.

With the splitting of his sword, a bloody sword, like a giant wave, rushed towards the flaming lady.

Femme Yan smiled cold and turned the whole person into a shadow. She quickly swept away, easily hiding this bloody sword.

The next moment, her delicate body twisted suddenly in the air, turning back to the obese man, the blue elongated sword in her hand, yet another blue magnificent, as bright as a blue sun, the obese man, almost unable to open his eyes.

Femme's long sword, from the center of the bright blue light, came out harshly, the sword had not been stabbed, the pounding sword, the fat man's hair and clothes had been shocked backwards.

The fat man felt only a strong breath of death and suddenly covered him.

When he returned to God, the sword of Femme Flame had been stabbed in front of him.

Right now.

“Ma'am, stop! ”

A noise of anger and drink rang from afar.

It's just a shame it's late!


The blue elongated sword in the hands of Femme Flame turns into a blue flush, and the electric flint room passes from the fat man's chest.

The fat man's body suddenly stifled, his eyes blinked there, it was like a big cake on his face, stunned and shocked, looking at the flaming woman muttered and lost her voice: “What a terrible sword...”

Combined with Qin Yi's "annihilation of the world”, Maiden Yan used only three swords to kill these three people instantly. The obese man had never seen such a terrible practitioner.

“Push! ”

As Maiden drew out her sword, the fat man fell to the ground and died without meditation.


A dark shadow came from afar, and appeared beside obese men and others.

This is a young man in a black robe, with blue hair, a sharp corner of his face, like a knife, a firm smell, a tall nose and a slight vulture in his eyes.

The young man with blue hair looked at the ground, and the bodies of the three fat men glanced at him, turning to the face of Femme Flame, and the voice spouting in his mouth was as if it had frozen a thousand passes: “Femme Flame, ranked 68th on the ranking of the Divine Guard, was amazing, and she was able to make the three swords, and killed these three of my men. ”

In the face of the young man with blue hair, Maiden flashed the beautiful corner of her mouth, slightly lifting it, and showcased a shallow drunken smile: “Brother-in-law song, ranked 78th in the rankings of the Divine Guardian. ”

That's right, the young man in front of you is the Brother-in-law!

Hearing the words of the sweet lady, the brother-in-law song was quite unplugged, obviously stiff, the knife-like face over the color of shock.

In other words, he exhaled softly. He said softly: "Turns out you, too, know the existence of the Divine Guard ranking list. If so, you don't need to waste any lips and tongues, let a comparison between the Divine Guards begin. ”

“Wait a minute. ”

But Femme shook her head lightly. “I wonder, how do you know the Shen Wei leaderboard exists? So far, how many divine guards do you know exist in the rankings of divine guardians? ”

Qin Yi, not far away, couldn't help but frown and listen.

“In this mausoleum of divine demons, there are many divine guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu. From time to time, they will listen to some divine guardians. In pursuit of each other, they will listen much more. Naturally, they will learn about the existence of divine guardian rankings. ”

Brother-in-law had taken out his weapon, which was an ink gun, and he held the ink gun in his hand, pointing straight at Meizu, and for a moment, a great deal of killing, it was coming out of the ink gun and rushing to Meizu.

And the elder singer himself, with the appearance of this ink gun, and the whole person instantly became as sharp as the ink gun in his hand: “Anyway, you are a dying man, if there are any other questions, just ask them once. ”

Faced with her eyes, she had already burned a fiercely warlike brother-in-law song, but Feini had been quite calm, and smiled lightly: "Brother-in-law song, your ranking in the rankings of Shen Wei is just below my ten places, and you have such confidence to beat me. ”

“No confidence. ”

The chancellor's song was frank, shook his head, and said: "But the very existence of the Holy See in Kyushu is an enormous game that began endlessly before, and all that the Divine Guards have to do is kill each other, and that's the rules of the game, so even if I'm not sure, I have to defeat you, or kill you, and compete for your ranking in the Divine Guards rankings. ”

Femme Yan frowned slightly. “Have you been in this mausoleum for a long time? ”

“150 years. ”

The brother-in-law song was very frank.

“Are there any other gods besides you on the first floor of this mausoleum? ”

Maiden continued to ask.


The elder singer nodded and said: "However, this is only the first level of the Divine Demonic Garden. The strength of the Divine Guards here should not be too scary, and the ranking on the Divine Guards ranking list should not be too high. These Divine Guards do not necessarily know the existence of the Divine Guards ranking list. I am not interested in them either. I am only interested in the Divine Guards ranking higher than me on the Divine Guards ranking list, such as Yanmei. ”

“Very good.”

Femme nodded with a smile. "The last question is, how do you know that I am Femme Femme Femme, and you've noticed us as soon as we first came in? ”

“The high echelons of the Holy See in Kyushu will notify the Divine Guards here in a special way whenever a divine guardian enters or goes out of this mausoleum. And I've been here for 150 years, and I've been the tomb owner of a mausoleum with a lot of eyes, and it's not hard to do that. ”

The medieval song said.

So that's it!

Yanmei and not far away Qin Yi, are both naturally.