The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 996: The Long Song

They had no idea that every time a divine guardian entered this mausoleum, the top echelons of the Kyushu Holy See would notify all the other divine guardians here in a special way.

At the top of the Holy See in Kyushu, it is obvious that we want to let the divine guards better execute each other!

At this moment, Qin Yi and Yanmei's brain both thought of a problem, namely: Tian Yu, the public ancestral record, and the public household pine, obviously have also known the two of them and entered this demonic mausoleum.

Fortunately, the three of them are now never on the first floor of this mausoleum, otherwise they will be in trouble.

Although they earned some treasures during the Yan tribe, they would still hang properly in the face of the three people: Tian Yu, the public ancestral record, and the public household pine.

Especially Tian Yu, who is ranked 12 in the rankings of the Divine Guard, can imagine how horrible his strength is.

“Yanmei, now that you've asked, let's do it, I must replace your ranking on the Divine Guard ranking. ”

The words spoken in the boss's mouth got colder and colder.

The gun in his hand, as he pumped Xuan Qi into it, suddenly “buzzed” and trembled, as if a soul had been sealed in the gun and activated by him.

From the beginning to the end, he could not see far away, and the exceptionally handsome young man took a look.

Of course he knows, that young man is Qin Yi.

However, Shen Wei ranked 101st on the Shen Wei ranking list, it is simply not worth his attention.

However, at this moment, only the flaming woman in front of her was seen, but she looked at the middle-class song with a slightly strange smile, and then wandered back to Qin Yi.

“Ma'am, you are...”

Femme Femme did this, causing the brother-in-law song to puzzle her eyebrows, slightly.

Yet Qin Yi, who saw the flaming lady, and the handsome young man who did not deserve his attention, had slowly stepped forward, and suddenly a long blue gun appeared on his hand, over his face, all the time, with a slight smile on his face.

“What do you mean? ”

Looking at Qin Yi, who was holding a long blue gun, slowly stepped forward, the medieval song became more confused.

Between his eyes, he thought of another possibility, his eyes turned cold as a blade: “Qin Yi, are you trying to challenge me? ”

Qin Yi has arrived at a position about 30 yuan from Zhongzhang Song, standing still, all over her body, instantly emitting an impeccable momentum, Xu Xu nodded: “That's right, your opponent today, it's me, not Maiden. ”

“You just missed my ranking, ranked 78th on the Divine Guard list? ”

Zhongchang sings his eyes and looks at Qin Yi without moving.

“Naturally, it's clear. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

The rankings on the Shen Wei ranking list are still what he told Fei Mei, how could he not know the ranking of the medieval song?

“Qin Yi, at the end of the ranking of Shen Wei, ranking 101, should be the Shen Wei who was only recently promoted. Now, you're challenging me to rank 78, are you sure your mind has not been pinched by the door? ”

The breasts of the brother-in-law song began to rise and fall, and the knife cut on the general face, has emerged a defilement.

101 bit, 78 bit.

Dozens of digits apart!

Zhongzhang Song felt that Qin Yi challenged him, his brain must have been caught in the door, and a person with a normal brain, how could he send himself to die?

“Actually, a lot of people have said that about me. ”

Qin Yi shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, if you want to die so much, I'll be all yours. Anyway, you're a god guard at the end of the ranks of god guards. It's no use keeping it, so practice your hand. It's also good! ”

In the middle-class song, Qin Yi challenged himself, was insulting himself. At this moment, he really moved the killing machine. In his eyes, there was already a strong killing intent: “Three shots, destroy you! ”

“Can you stop this nonsense? Fight if you want, or you lose! ”

Qin Yi touched his nose.

At this moment, he has darkened the four seeds of the Dantian, while simultaneously pushing his left hand into a state of emptiness.

Brother-in-law song, ranked 78th in the rankings of the Divine Guard, in this magical mausoleum again, for 150 years, his strength is definitely not weak, he dare not be too big.

“Kid, a little character in the rankings of the Divine Guard, at the end of the ranking, dare to be so arrogant in front of me, you are looking for death! ”

Zhongchang was furious, he had an ink gun in his hand and shouted: “First shot: Longteng Four Seas! ”


Zhongzhang sang his feet on the ground and stamped it hard. The ground was instantly stamped and torn, like a spider web, it continued to stretch forward. With this stampede, his whole man exploded to think of Qin Yi in front of him, and the ink gun in his hand instantly surged to more than ten lengths, sweeping hard.


A huge shadow of dense numbness, like a cloud, covered the day and rushed out towards Qin Yi.

So strong!

Qin Yi's eyes curled slightly and looked at the large number of gunshots that had surfaced. He sighed in his heart.

Cloud trick!

The next moment, he sprung this imperial martial arts, and the whole person became like a piece of smoke, Nana, as if she could change various shapes.


From the tiny gap in the shadow, he floated gently, with a long gun in one hand, and speeding like an arrow into the throat of the medieval song, between which he stabbed the medieval song in front of his eyes.


Zhongzhang song slightly, the whole person suddenly leaned out, Qin Yi's long gun, was attached to his neck, stabbed past, just one line short, stabbed him straight.

“Boy, I can't believe you still have some strength, but unfortunately, there are two more shots. Don't be too happy! ”

Brother-in-law sang in the air, overlooking Qin Yi below, his heart was somewhat uneasy. However, he still did not see the handsome young man below. The divine guard at the end of the ranking of the divine guard was not worth his attention at all.

“Second shot: Li Xianhua Mountain! ”

He suddenly shouted and clasped down at Qin Yi below, holding a ten-length gun in his hands.

With his shooting, a pounding pressure was like a huge mountain, crushing down towards Qin Yi, even now Qin Yi, resisting is quite a force.

Praise Father Boo!

He lifted his legs and broke through the pressure, turning the whole person into an extremely faint shadow and bursting towards one side.


He had just plundered, and the ten-length muzzle of the brother-in-law song was the position where he had just stood, and the ground was between hectares, by the shooting of the brother-in-law song, a huge crack in the foot width.

That huge wave of energy swept into Qin Yi, making him like a leaf in the sea, without any weight, straight out.

However, the attack of the brother-in-law song did not stop. After one shot was shot empty, the long gun was pulled, and the speed stabbed Qin Yi in the air: “Kid, hang it here properly! Third shot: Changhong through the sky! ”

As his gun stabbed out, the space around him was under pressure from the long gun, and the pressure was twisted, as if it were a hundred feet of space, which would collapse at any moment.

However, Qin Yi, who was flying backwards, suddenly burst out, single-handedly carrying a long gun, rushing to the middle chant song.


The heads of the two long guns, pointing hard together, made a huge sharp noise, almost piercing the human eardrum.

Brother-in-law song only felt numb in the arm, the sugar gun almost flew out of hand, two shots impacted the room, the huge energy wave, and even more so, he and Qin Yi both flew out in a severe earthquake.

Three shots have passed, however, Qin Yi did not defeat!

“Boy, looks like I underestimated you, but next I'll show you how stupid a decision you are to challenge me! ”

With more than a dozen lengths of marvellous ink guns, Zhongchang looked at the handsome young man in front, his chest rose and landed dramatically, and his heart was very restless.


He was in the air, more than a dozen long shotguns staring at the ground, huge waves of energy, instantly gushing out.

“Boom boom! ”

The ground in front of him, immediately unable to withstand the impact of this energy wave, cracked open a strip by strip by strip, rapidly spreading forward Qin Yi.

Feeling the horror of this wave of energy, Qin Yi did not dare to be a bit lazy, and rushed to the sky, then suddenly folded a 90-degree angle in the air, pushing the gun to the middle-class song very quickly.

At this moment, the smoke cloud gun in his hand, prompted by his full force, also instantly surged to more than ten lengths, the "whoop” through the long sky, turned into a huge green light, like a green dragon.

The long gun has not been stabbed yet, the great pressure, has already filled the middle-class song with blue hair, the impact always backwards, the shirt hunting and sounding.

He stood still as if he were a spear gun, pulled out a sharp piece of ink gun, resisted Qin Yi's gun, Qin Yi's gun tip, impartial, just on the barrel of the ink gun, the foot bowl mouth of the barrel, I don't know what material was made of, but Qin Yi didn't stab him with a gun, he just bent in suddenly.

The impact of Qin Yi's gun was to overfly the Brother-in-law song.


The brother-in-law song was flying backwards, and its curved ink gun was a sudden bounce, hitting Qin Yi hard.

Qin Yi's torso swung sharply, avoiding the barrel of the ink gun, and the forehead of the long gun in his hand remained unchanged. He still stabbed straight to the chest of the brother-in-law song.

“How could this boy be so strong? ”

Looking at Qin Yi, who was still stabbed with guns, Zhongzhang's song finally changed color, rushed to close the gun, trying to resist again. However, Qin Yi's speed was fast to the limit, and the blue flash flashed. The sharp long gun had already hit the chest of Zhongzhang's song.


Feel that cold gunshot, buddy singing stunned, the whole person completely stunned there.

“Brother-in-law song, I'm sorry, you defeated! ”