The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1003: Bite You

Therefore, Qin Yi absorbs a nine-fold Lindane nine times faster than a general practitioner.

However, the amount of blood sundane taken this time is a bit high, and even if absorbed more quickly, it will take some time.

The main pharmaceutical ingredient used in Blood Saint Dan is Blood Saint Lotus, and a Blood Saint Lotus is a drop of Blood Witch's Blood.

It has to be said that this Dan medicine, which is equivalent to the blood of a blood witch, has an incredible power, and a Dan medicine enters the stomach, and the emitted power is pounding like the ocean, flipping through the body.

It is also fortunate that Qin Yi has a nine-fold physique. Otherwise, he may not be able to resist the shock of this medicine by defending himself with his current physique.


Nine songs in his body, and nine huge strands of suction, like the big mouth of the Kyushu devil, pounded the power of the blood Sundance, and absorbed it wildly.

Twenty minutes later, a blood sundane was divided clean by nine songs in Qin Yi's body.

This rate of absorption is far less than that of a flaming woman who has reached the half-step peak of the imperial realm.

Qin Yi did not delay, immediately took out the second blood sundane and swallowed it into his belly.

Still 20 minutes, the second Blood Saint Dan, was split clean by the nine songs in his body.

Qin Yi took out the third blood sundane and swallowed it into his stomach.

Still 20 minutes, the third Blood Saint Dan, was divided clean by the nine songs in his body.


Five hours later, Qin Yi has taken exactly 30 pieces of blood sundane.

At the same time.

Pfft, pfft...

In his body, a slight sound of bone transformation followed.

An ancient magic of pitch darkness also arose, and signs of demonization appeared on him again.

At this moment, he, the whole human being, looks mysterious, ancient and powerful, distinguished by an ancient monster.

Obviously, this time the signs of demonization, compared to the last time, are quite obvious.

Indeed, he is turning step by step into an ancient monster.

Let's get this straight. He's becoming a demon step by step!

Alternatively, the existence of an ancient demon from that very distant ancient year, by some means, travels step by step to the present era of Hongmeng.

Eventually, one day, he'll be here!

After a while, that sign of demonization finally disappeared on Qin Yi.

Qin Yi slowly opened his eyes. In his eyes, he wiped away the residual magic. He passed slowly. It was astonishing to see. It was chilly.

At the same time, a huge wave, also on its own, burst out and swept to all directions.

Feeling the shock of this air wave, Fei Mai, not far away, slowly opened her eyes and looked at Qin Yi Fei with a smile: “Qin Yi, have you broken through to Emperor Dao? Congratulations!”


Qin Yi Xu Xu nodded. At this moment, he was also slightly happy in his heart. Now, he finally walked into the example of the Emperor Dao strong.

Patriarchs and Imperial Dao are two completely different levels of existence. Once practitioners break through to Imperial Dao, their strength, speed and physical defense will all have a very welcome boost.

“The trick of life! ”

Qin Yi suddenly thought of this martial arts, and hurried out to try to practice it, suddenly ecstatic.

Until then, the pace of progress of this ancillary martial arts is largely negligible. After so long, it is still far from being a great success.

Now, after breaking into the Imperial Path, the pace of martial arts progress has returned to normal.

And "The Art of Return of Life" is such an aid to martial arts, once practiced to great success, there is a certain chance to become immortal.

Before that, Qin Yi had gone through so many quenches of emperor's blood and divine blood. His physical condition was already comparable to that of a general practitioner.

“As long as the ancillary martial arts of Return to Life is successfully practiced, I have at least an eighty percent chance of becoming immortal. ”

Touched the nose, Qin Yi's heart, delightful.

Of course, he is well aware that it is far from enough to become an immortal being. It is not possible to compete for the Emperor's Imperial Seal on the basis of one immortal body alone, and become the fourth Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu. It is also necessary to have a strong fighting power.

If there is not enough fighting power, by then, the existence of Qianqishui will still have the ability to suppress its own death.

Besides, behind Chiakiushui, there is a super big guy: the third Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu!

Next, Qin Yi transferred the speed martial arts of "Kwafu" out and tried to practice it, and found that the speed of progress of this martial arts also returned to normal.

"Praise the Father", the speed martial arts left behind by the immortal Great Praise the Father, cultivating a great success effect: instant shift!

In fact, there are a number of imperial-level speed martial arts, so long as they are practiced successfully, they can achieve the effect of transient movement.

But there is also a difference between transients.

Some transients, even if cultivated to the extreme, can only reach a distance of about 10,000 feet.

And some of the transients, if cultivated to the extreme, are able to cross a continent instantly.

There's obviously a difference between the two effects.

“Mai Mai, how many blood sundanes have you taken? How did it work?”

Qin Yi tried to suppress the ecstasy in his heart and asked Femme Flame.

“You're a nine-piece physique, and I'm not as sick as you are, and so far I've absorbed 18, plus the previous 20, for a total of 38. ”

"I'm already a practitioner at the half-step peak of the Imperial Dao Era, and the effect of these dandelions on me is no longer particularly obvious. Nevertheless, I still feel like I'm about to reach the peak of the imperial realm. ”

“So good. ”

Qin Yiyi was delighted, sincerely happy for Fei Fei.

He took 2 drops of Emperor's Liquid from the Na Qing and threw it to Mai Mai: “Mai Mai, why don't you just refine these 2 drops of Emperor's Liquid together and try to break through the Emperor's three realms. ”


Femme received two drops of tearful golden imperial fluid and held them tightly in her hand, holding them in front of her chest, afraid they would fly away.

Her gaze at Qin Yi was ecstatic and gradually became blurred. In that extremely brilliant eye, Xu slowly raised a smudge of water fog.

“Mai Mai, what's wrong with you? ”

Qin Yi blinked confused.

“I want to bite you. ”

Femme Flame looked at Qin Yi in a blink of an eye, her cheeks crystal bright on both sides, quietly floating two blooms of red. She said with shame: “I want to bite you very gently...”


You want to bite me gently?

Qin Yi was stunned and incredibly blinked his eyes. He couldn't help but mutter: Are all the women in this world? Are all the monkeys here to make fun of him? When I get excited, I want to bite gently!

Without waiting for him to return to God, Fei Fei was already a "ah” voice. Despite all her efforts, she poured into Qin Yi's arms. Two full, soft, seductive red lips had been harshly covered on Qin Yi's big mouth. That warm little tongue, flexible as a muddy tongue, slipped into Qin Yi's mouth quietly and stirred warmly.

It's so... so fierce!

Qin Yi stood there and sighed in his heart: Grass, I can't believe she kissed me again. Why do all the chicks in this world like to kiss me?

Fei Fei, however, held Qin Yi to death. There were two large seats on the chest on a considerable scale. She pressed them hard on Qin Yi's chest. She completely pooped. She swelled out of the crosscollar and had a shocking visual impact.

At this moment, she is already passionate like fire, attracting red lips to tightly cover Qin Yi's big mouth, vaguely said: “After so long, I can no longer control it, I must go with you to the wonderful environment of life, immediately, now, quickly, wood, give me a reaction! ”

Her little hands, like snakes, swam around Qin Yi.

Suddenly, Qin Yi's divine color stagnated: “Oh, the artifact, don't touch my artifact, I fear it will break you down! ”

“Pfft! ”

Listening to him, the flaming lady smiled and her tongue withdrew from Qin Yi's mouth. She glanced at Qin Yi in a gloomy white way: “Have you forgotten that I am a strong man at the height of the Emperor's Second Realm? Do you think your ‘artifact’ can frighten me? ”

Her eyes hooked long and she stared at Qin Yi without moving. She seemed to want to hook Qin Yi's soul out. The movement below was still unstoppable. Her soft, white hands were still stubbornly wiped down.


At one moment, her glamorous red lips stunned Zhang, revealing the colour of shock: “Why is it so big? You really scared my sister..."

Holding the fiery and angry “artifact” in her hand, the flaming lady burst into a heartbeat, cheeks on both sides, so delicate that it almost drips out of water.

“I told you, don't touch it, or I'll scare you. ”

Feeling his nose, Qin Yi shrugged his shoulders innocently.

Maiden set her eyes on Qin Yi and shook her beautiful head: “Really? ”

Then, she put a hot cheek on Qin Yi's chest gently. The round, tall, delicate buttocks lifted gently, towards the hot “artifact," and sat down slowly...

However, just halfway through the seat, the flaming woman suddenly flashed, the delicate red on the cheek, the strange instant disappeared, light eyebrows, slightly flashed.

“What happened? Mai Ma.”

Qin Yi asked confused.

“Another Lingwu is back, let's go out and see what it brings back. ”

At this moment, Femme Yan's passion has long been completely extinguished. She climbed up from Qin Yi and rectified the whole dress.

Since then, when the map of the animal's soul has been fully mastered, the seven souls in the animal's soul, within a certain range, can be clearly perceived.

The two men soon left the graveyard and came to the square.


As soon as they came out, a huge fireball burst into the graveyard and flew straight to Maiden Flame, just like a ghost.

Maiden reached out her delicate arm, and the spiritual whale quickly became smaller. The flame burned on her body also disappeared and fell on Maiden's palm.