The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1005: Refining Emperor Liquid

“Di Liquid. ”

Qin Yi pulled out a little emperor's liquid from the Na Qing ring and put it on his palm. On that handsome face, a slight smile appeared: “Many people went into the Divine Demon Mausoleum, mainly for this kind of thing, how did it work? ”

Qin Yi's heart was full of curiosity.

Without delay, he leaned over his neck and swallowed this drop of golden imperial fluid into his belly.

Then, only a drop of the golden imperial fluid was seen, suspended quietly in his body, a faint mist of gold, from which it diffused.

Obviously, this golden mist is the energy of emperor fluid.

The main ingredient of Emperor's liquid, to put it bluntly, is the essence of the Great Emperor.

This is the Mausoleum of the Divine Demons, buried in large numbers in the last World War, the fallen Immortal Emperor, even in the last World War, the fallen Ancient Emperor.

Let us not forget that, at the end of the ancient era, there was also a war of annihilation, and the heavens and the earth slowly became alive again after the silence of endless years, entering the immortal world.

These immortal emperors, the rugged emperors, are buried here, and the finesse is released from the emperor's body, and after endless years, these finesse nightfall and eventually become solids.


In an instant, the nine curves in his body emitted an unparalleled suction, dividing the fog into insane pieces.

As the nine curves of madness divide the imperial fluid, Qin Yi is able to clearly feel that the nine curves, bones, and major meridian veins in the body are constantly becoming stronger at a very pleasing rate.

“It worked great! ”

Qin Yi's heart is delightful.

This imperial liquid, although not a dandruff, is not artificially processed, but is naturalized by the emperor's own refinement, so it does not burn, or hurt as badly as a knife, like some natural medicine with strong properties.

The energy of Emperor Liquid, though pounded, is thick, and Qin Yi is now a nine-bent body, which divides these energies into nines. Therefore, even the pounds of these energies will not harm his body in any way.

Imagine, if you split the nine, it would all damage the nine curves. How many pounds would this energy have to weigh?

It is impossible to have this anti-sky training material in the whole lower realm.

Of course, as for the legendary upper realm, it's hard to say.

Legend has it that what exists with the upper realm is the true God, and their cultivation material, naturally not the human body of the lower realm, can bear.

However, there has always been rumor of the existence of a boundary between the heavens and the earth, and there is no information to confirm this.

The emperor fluid is small enough to be as large as an adult's thumb, but the energy it contains is an unusual pound, and it is constantly emitting.

Five hours have passed, and half of that drop of Emperor's fluid is still there.

After another five hours, Qin Yi's nine songs in the body, the drop of Emperor's liquid was only partitioned.

Xu Xu opened his eyes and Qin Yi exhaled softly. After carefully feeling the various functions in his body, he smiled slightly: “Emperor Dao one and a half steps midway! ”

A drop of Emperor's liquid broke him through half a mile, and the effect was undoubtedly quite astonishing.

Don't forget, Qin Yi now, but the Emperor Dao Qiang, if practiced according to the traditional method of absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, is not necessarily able to break through a small land for only 50 years.

This is true of everything in the world, the higher it is, the more difficult it is to break through, and so is practice.

After a short break, Qin Yi took out the remaining drop of Emperor's liquid and took it.

It is also a full ten hours, Qin Yi's nine songs in the body before this drop of Emperor's liquid, completely divided.

Qin Yi's cultivation also broke through a small situation and reached the middle of the imperial realm.

Thus, Qin Yi's training materials were consumed by him.

“To make another breakthrough in the shortest possible time, you have to get Di Liquid again, or high-quality premium Dan medicine. ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi said to himself: “And, with my current fix, to break through the Emperor's realm in the late stage, I'm afraid that the energy of four drops of Emperor's liquid is not enough. ”

He turned to look at the flaming woman and saw that she was still sitting there, the whole person seemed to be sitting, motionless.

At this moment, she, too, has already taken Blood Saint Dane and is now trying to refine the first drop of Emperor's Liquid.

Obviously, however, it is impossible for her to completely refine Emperor Liquid within ten hours. She does not have a nine-fold body and will not have such a rebellious speed.

Of course, she is the stronger of the imperial realm, and the speed of refining is several times faster than the average practitioner.

Qin Yi did not disturb her to refine Hell, but went out of the square outside the tomb and began to refine the final formula of "Seven Types of Celestial Demons", Formula 7.

This day.

The fourth Lingwu returned to the tomb city.

The news brought back was that Fewer Flames and the Blood Ghost soldiers split the road, not only washing two more gates in blood, but also slaughtering a number of practitioners who did not belong to any gates or graveyard.

Flame leads the crowd, wildly plundering cultivated materials, and everything else that has some value.

Blood ghosts, on the other hand, constantly absorb blood and grow their strength.

Two more days have passed.

The fifth Ling Wu returns.

The news brought back by this ghost is that less flames and bloody ghosts have begun to wash the graveyard.

“Keep doing this, that little flame and blood ghost, it won't be long before the blood washes to us, we must kill them immediately! ”

“I hear that on the second floor of this mausoleum, there is a team of Hell Messengers, and every member there is a top expert. Why does no one build a team of Hell Messengers on this first floor? Otherwise, send a team of Hell's Messengers out and they will kill the Flames and the Blood Ghosts! ”

“Don't be so far-fetched that you can build a team of hell messengers with the strength of a practitioner on the first level? It is said that the minimum requirement to become the Messenger of Hell must be repaired to reach the Mid-Second Realm and above, and you have achieved this repair? Are you qualified to be the Hell's Messenger? ”

“What do we do now, just watch the less fiery and the less bloody ghosts, slaughter them, and then plunder all our treasures and suck us all into dry bodies? ”

“Qin Yi and Yan Mei Mai, when is it going to be?" ”

“ …… ”

The whole graveyard city was in panic.

As the master of the tomb city, his face is also quite ugly.

“Brother-in-law song, why don't we lead the crowd, go to the fire and blood ghost, and fight to the death, maybe there is still a glimmer of hope. ”

The state of Ayyang, surrounded by the chancellor song, exhaled softly: “Everyone said that you Jiuzhou Holy See's divine guardian, but Lulu, look at Qin Yi and Feiniang now, this is the time, they can practise so peacefully, don't they have any plans at all? Hmm, it was like a bull trick at first. ”

“What are you talking about? ”

The elder singer glanced at Aiyang State dissatisfied and said: "Qin Yi and Yanmei, isn't this trying to improve your strength before you do it? What's your hurry? Even if that Yan Xiao and the Blood Ghost really got here, Qin Yi still has a defensive law formation? It will keep everyone alive. ”

“Defensive laws? ”

Rumor has it that Aiyang State skipped its mouth with disdain: “It's not like you haven't heard Qin Yi and Feiniang say how powerful the blood ghost is. In my view, Qin Yi's defensive magic array may not be able to resist the attack of the blood ghost. ”

The brother-in-law sings slightly, whirling, and sighs darkly.

Obviously, he is also less confident in Qin Yi's defensive law formation.

Three more days have passed in the midst of a thousand torments.

On that day, the sixth spirit returned to the tomb city.

The news it brought back was that during those three days, Fewer Flames and Blood Ghost soldiers were separated into two roads, each slaughtering two towns.

Also on this day, Maiden finally refined and refined two drops of Emperor Liquid, and its modification broke through into the early three realms of Emperor Dao.

Her delicate body grew from the ground, and her hidden momentum was much stronger than before.

In fact, for more than 10 years, her cultivation has been staying in the middle of the imperial realm. In recent days, she has finally broken through the early three realms of imperial realms.

Early repairs to the three realms of the Imperial Patriarchate were, in fact, still only moderate in relation to the Divine Guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu.

“Qin Yi, let's go. ”

Slowly came to the square, Femme Flame walked toward Qin Yi sitting on the ground.

Xu Xu opened his eyes and felt the smell on Femme Flame. Compared to before, there has been a lot of change. Qin Yi smiled slightly: “Breakthrough? ”


Femme Yan nodded with a smile: "It's a breakthrough to refine all of those training resources. ”

“Okay, let's go. ”

Qin Yi stood up from the ground.

In fact, he is far from having succeeded in training the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh Edition of the Seventh

We're finally leaving!

The people in the graveyard were relieved.

“Qin Yi, Fei Mei Mai, why don't I lead some good hands in the tomb city and come with you. ”

Zhongzhang song came to Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai, said.

After all, he still lacks confidence in Qin Yi and Yanmei.

The same is true, despite the fact that Maiden's cultivation has now broken through into the early three realms of Emperor Dao, the two of them, to slaughter the less fiery, and the bloody ghost, are still quite suspenseful.

Don't forget, what is the origin of the bloody ghost and how horrible is it?

As for the less fiery side, the less fiery people themselves are not weak, and there are also a large number of dead men and generals who are elite and, even more terribly, they have a group of bloody ghost wolves.

“No need. ”

Qin Yi shook his head at Zhongchang song: “You are here to guard your graveyard. Once you leave, you are afraid that other graveyard masters will seize the opportunity to attack you. ”

Around the side, Ayangzhou heard an awkward look on his face.

In the beginning, he attacked the cemetery while leaving with the medieval song, only as a result, a little heartbreaking.