The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1006: Thousand Mountains of Snow

“Okay, well, if you can't fight, you better come back, and we'll figure it out. ”

The medieval song said.

Without further delay, after saying goodbye to everyone, Qin Yi exited the tomb town and exploded towards the location of the Yan Minor and the Blood Ghost.

It is not difficult to locate the flames without them, because Lingwu's eyes took pictures all the way after they were released.

Through the sixth returning ghost, all the images taken, it is easy for Maiden Flame to tell where Few Flames, with Blood Ghost, have recently appeared.

During the explosion, Qin Yi tried to elicit the sensation of spirituality, covering the surrounding range, and then his surprise discovery was repaired to the extent that his sensation of spirituality covered mid-way through the imperial realm, reaching a diameter of 15,000.

This range is enough to cover the entire city of Cloud Waste.

“Once I mend, I have broken through the imperial realm two, the scope covered by spiritual awareness can reach at least 20,000, and when I mend to break through the imperial realm five, I fear that spiritual awareness can only directly cover a country, if I can break through the imperial realm eight, I fear that I can cover a whole continent, all of it. ”

Qin Yi speculated herself that her heart stinks and she doesn't want it.

Then, he tried the two immortal martial arts of "Zenith Life" and "Lingfeng Palm", and the effect was as follows:

The heavenly world is annihilated, only the golden palm imprint gathered by the hand, the diameter reached 1,500, one palm, enough to cover tens of thousands of people, but the strength, though some improvement, is still lacking.

Lingfeng Palm, the distance of its shattered space, also reached 1,500 feet, slashed, directly hitting enemies beyond 1,500 feet, without the process of slapping.

“Qin Yi, your Lingfeng Palm is actually one of the best clandestine martial arts attacks, huh? ”

Seeing Qin Yi slapped out, he directly struck a stone outside of 1,500 yuan, smashing it into pieces. Femme Flame's tempting red lip, stunned Zhang, then looked at Qin Yi with a smile.

“Attack martial arts? ”

Qin Yi frowned and thought a little. He couldn't help but smile.

Indeed, imagine that if someone chopped themselves apart from a thousand and a half hundred, and hit them directly, the scene would be like a foreigner, and the other party would not even be able to see his face.

Besides, you have a powerful sense of inspiration, you can feel each other's position beforehand, and then you can open 1,500 feet outside and give them a hard slap, as if you really don't know the ghost.

This scenario, just think about it, makes the blood boil!

Femme Yan touched the glossy forehead, her eyes swept past the cunning, and smiled shallow: “So, I suggest you practice this martial arts more in the future, try to increase the distance of its broken space, to 50, 10,000, even 20,000, and on the strength, also improve as much as possible, so that in the future, if you encounter an opponent that we can't do, it is good to use your wind and clap, brutally attack each other, and let the other get angry seven times to smoke. Huh...”

That makes sense!

Qin Yi's eyes also had to shine.


At some point.

Qin Yi and Feiniang burst into shape, suddenly stopped, their eyes, slightly gazed, looking forward.

Only about 300 feet in front of them, a tall white robe standing there quietly.

This is a man in a white robe, full of silver hair, no wind, with that broad gray robe on his body because it's full of majestic imperial strength and swelling.

The air around it is also pressed floating by the forces of the Emperor's Path.

The shadow of the white robe has slowly turned around. It is a middle-aged man, full of fuzz, and his eyes are like those of an eagle. At first glance, he knows that it is a harsh character: “Yanmei, you have finally entered this magical mausoleum, you know? I've been waiting for you here for years. ”

“You are?”

Femme Femme frowned slightly, and the eyes of those eyes had become a little cold.

Qin Yi next to her was silent, looking cold at the middle-aged man in the white robe in front of her.

Fools can feel it. This person is very unkind.

“Thousand Autumn Water arranged for me to enter here, deliberately here for you, and you, on our side, were ordered by Thousand Autumn Water to kill the boy beside you, and you fell in love with him. ”

The middle-aged man in the white robe said slowly: "Now, I'm giving you a chance to kill this kid around you right now, and I can give you a choice of a happy death. ”

This man, Chiaki Mizuki is here!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Yanmei looked at each other, both slightly and somewhat stunned.

“What's your name? ”

Feminine is cold.

“Thousand mountains of snow. ”

The middle-aged man in the gray robe, the vulture's eyes, looked at the flaming woman in a blink.

Qin Yi next to Yanmei smiled slightly: “Qianshan Xue, ranked 70th in the ranking of Shenmei, but Mei Mai, ranked 68th in the ranking of Shenmei, Qianqiu Shui sent you to kill her, did you get caught in the door? ”

Qianshan Snow shrugged his shoulder: “It was precisely because I was ranked 70th in the rankings of the Divine Guard that I asked Qianqiu Shui to send me in and wait for Meizu. Because after I kill Maiden Yan, not only will Chiaki Shui give me a huge reward, but I can also increase my ranking on the Divine Guard ranking to 68 places, double-carved with arrows. ”

“Looks like you have a lot of faith in your strength. ”

The flaming woman smiled and her eyes fluttered cold.

“Kill you, or have some certainty! ”

Qianshan Xue nodded slowly: “Do it, don't bullshit, bullshit won't change anything. ”


Let's do it!

However, it was not Fei Fei, but Qin Yi next to Fei Fei. In his hand, the long gun of smoke cloud suddenly appeared, and the whole person turned into a shadow, towards the thousand mountains of snow in front, bursting.

The seeds of the four elements in his field, in the hectares, were prompted by him and, at the same time, went into a state of emptiness.

Now, they are rushing to kill Yan Minor, and this Qianshan snow in front of them is suddenly killed out. Qin Yi did not want to waste time.

“Kid, if you want to die, the 101st last divine guard in the precinct, you dare do it to me! ”

Seeing Qin Yi suddenly attack himself, Qian Shan Xue was furious and had a cold drink: “Qian Shan Twilight Snow! ”

In an instant, the range of a thousand square feet is the snow flowing like goose fur in the sky, while the body of a thousand mountains of snow suddenly hid into the snow, and disappeared in the sight of Qin Yi and the flaming woman.

Suddenly, Qin Yi took a hard shot and stabbed him in the air.


Qin Yi and Yanmei, both had to stare at each other, revealing a surprising color.

“Thousand mountains of snow, you are so confident in killing Mei Mai, it looks like there are some doorways. ”

Qin Yi sighed.

Maiden Yan nodded slowly: “This sudden heavy snow falls, it is not the law. At the current height of the thousand mountains of snow, it is impossible to understand the law, it should be the treasure on the body. Qin Yi, be careful..."


As a result, her voice had just fallen. The tall figure of Qian Shan Xue suddenly appeared from behind Qin Yi. A broad yellow sword was held by him, and he struck him hard towards Qin Yi.

“Qin Yi, look out! ”

The flaming maid in the distance shouts!

Qin Yi, who had entered the state of emptiness, suddenly appeared in the thousand mountains of snow. He had long felt that his body instinct was swinging at the speed of speed. A giant yellow sword was attached to his coat, and he was severely sliced past it. Just one line short, he was sliced into a positive position.

Qin Yi didn't even go back to his head. He held a long gun of smoke cloud in his hand and swept it with his hands.

But unfortunately, Qin Shan Snow disappeared instantly again, leaving Qin Yi's gun empty.


Femme Yan's glamorous red lips stunned Zhang: “What a tremendous treasure! ”

Seeing this blow of his own, Qin Yi quickly turned around and looked at the snowflake that kept falling in front of him.

“Thousand mountains of snow must be right in front of me. It's just these huge snowflakes that disturb my gaze, and Thousand mountains of snow itself are dressed in white robes, making it difficult for me to see his exact location for a while. ”

Qin Yi's eyebrows, slightly raised.

“Boy, you seem to have some talent, that's good, but that doesn't change the way you die. ”

A cold voice, suddenly coming from the snow.

The next moment, a huge yellow sword suddenly came from the front, towards Qin Yi and stabbed him in the chest.

This swordsman, Horan, is a thousand mountains of snow. His face suddenly appeared with a cruel smile.

Qin Yi flashed hard, looking at the yellow sword that was about to pierce his chest, he hid away, and then he yelled: “Thousand mountains of snow, go to hell! ”

The long gun in his hand penetrated the sky and stabbed him in the cruel smiling face of Qianshan Snow.


That long gun, trying to pierce the face of a thousand mountains of snow, the thousand mountains of snow disappeared again.

“Ha ha, kid, just because you're strong, you want me to go to hell? I'm not afraid to make people laugh off their teeth! ”

The voice of a thousand mountains of snow drifted away, but no one was seen.

Obviously, the sound of a thousand mountains of snow, though far away, was impossible for him to leave, and he was making a fool of himself.

Qin Yi knew this well, exhaled gently, and then slowly closed his eyes. Inspirational perception covered this heavy snow into a state of forgetting me, relying on inspirational perception, calmly perceiving everything here.

With your eyes open, the heavy snow will interfere with your gaze, it is not easy to find the shape of a thousand mountains of snow.

“Boy, it's you who really deserves to go to hell! ”

In the midst of heavy snow, the sound of a thousand mountains of snow suddenly sounded.

The next moment, a huge yellow war knife suddenly burst out of a snow and stabbed Qin Yi hard.