The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1009: Killing the Ma Hai

“Kill the boy in front of me! ”

Ma Hai sighed angrily at the four Blood Witch Messengers in front of him.

Huh? ……

With this anger and drink of Ma Hai, the four Blood Witch Messengers, even with their respective ink swords, burst like meteors towards Qin Yi in front of them.

Looking at the four bloody witch messengers who rushed to Qin Yi at great speed, Few Flames and Ma Hai's face, all had a delightful smile.

These four Blood Witch Messengers, although the fighting power is somewhat unsatisfactory, may not be able to kill Qin Yi at once because they are special and their actions are unpredictable, but it is enough to haunt him.

If both persist, Qin Yi will eventually die under the sword of the four Blood Witch Messengers.


“Magic Six - Six! ”

Suddenly saw Qin Yi in front, had a cold drink, over his head, appeared a small golden demon clock in the sky.

Qin Yi directly puts out the sixth change of "Magic Six Changes".

The sixth variation of Magic Six is a Soul Attack!


The golden demon clock violently trembled, with ears buzzing straight, a huge golden sound wave, followed from the demon clock, emitted, toward the four bloody witch messengers who had killed at the extreme speed, and went wild.

The loud golden demon sounds, from the four Blood Witch Messengers, burst into flash shape and stopped.

Then, it dissipated silently, and Huawei was silent.

These four people completely exceeded the normal existence, so they were all killed by Qin Yi in one face.

In fact, Qin Yi had long speculated about how these four blood witch messengers really existed.

Yao once said to Qin Yi that all physical attacks are ineffective on them, so there is only one possibility, they are not flesh, but four refined souls!


The scene in front of me made the two faces of Ma Hai less flaming and the smile, suddenly rated.

They were surrounded by the bamboo hearts, which also put the seductive glamorous red lips, silently opened Zhang, stunned standing there, incredibly blinking.

In one face, Qin Yi killed the four Blood Witch Messengers, which is as untrue as a dream.

“Don't be stunned, this image you see is still real, not a hallucination. ”

Qin Yi's golden demon clock on top of his head had disappeared. He plugged the smoke cloud gun into the ground and looked at Few Fire and smiled slightly.

“Boy, how did you do that? What are you doing here? ”

The flames were less cold to drink, the chest rose and fell sharply, and the face was horrible.

Ma Hai, Bamboo Heaven and others are also shocked and confused looking at Qin Yi.

It's next to the blood witch ancestors, the famous Four Ambassadors, the man in front of you in a blink of an eye, killed them all!

“Few flames, although the Blood Witch Messenger has always been used by you, you don't even know how they exist? Tsk, that's stupid! ”

Qin Yi whispered.


This is the evaluation of Qin Yi by Few, who thought, blinking, he also gave Few.

“Pfft! ”

Wearing a blue robe, the smile seemed a little low. I couldn't stand it for a while. My hands covered my mouth and I laughed.

Few flames stared at her severely. She quickly shut her mouth and dared not laugh anymore. It was just that beautiful little face, but it was red, obviously not to laugh.

“Sha Pen, let me tell you, these four Blood Witch Messengers, 20,000 years ago, your ancestors, the Blood Witch, did not use them to kill people, but to study witchcraft. If you study witchcraft with the flesh, what would happen? ”

Qin Yi shook his head with a smile: “With the powerful sorcery of your ancestors' blood, only one sorcery will go by, they will hang up, and, indiscriminately killing innocents does not seem to be the style of your blood sorcerer ancestors. So, the four Blood Witch Messengers were actually four refined souls. ”

What a rich insight!

Wearing a blue robe, he looked at Qin Yi from afar. In the eyes of the pair, it was a hidden passing away.

So that's it!

Few flames and Ma Hai and others, the hearts are clear, but the faces of the two are still terribly blue.

“Since they are purified souls, it should not be possible to be killed, but you kill them face to face, so why? ”

Ma Hai drinks cold.

“Blackpen, what kind of a bird are you? Why should I tell you? ”

Qin Yi whispered in disdain.

Ma Hai's tall body, a sudden shock, the corner of his mouth smoked violently, all of a sudden he yelled: “Kid, I'll destroy you now! ”

In front of his chest, suddenly emerged a blue sphere, the size of an adult fist, burning a blue flame all over his body, his mouth open, swallowing that blue sphere directly into his belly.

The next moment, he was all blue, and it seemed like his body was burning, and that blue flame was sending out his body.


The whole of Ma Hai burst out, waving his fist to Qin Yi, that whistle burning blue flame fist, instant foot surge to ten times, the air around that fist, all pressed floating.

Strike, it's your strongest hit!

See how much he hates Qin Yi!

Qin Yi attacked.

His whole person flew directly and suddenly disappeared empty-handed.

Next moment.


A long blue gun suddenly passed through the chest of the Ma Hai.

Qin Yi's figure reappeared in the eyes of everyone. He was holding on to the barrel of a long gun, and Junyi was suffocating on his face. He smiled with a faint smile: “Kill four blood witch messengers in one face? Kill you, I'll take the same picture! ”

Looking at the handsome face that suddenly appeared in front of him, Ma Hai blinked incredibly, the muscles on his face, a strange twist.

Then there was another weird twist.

Qin Yi stirred up the smoke cloud gun and immediately appeared in a large hole in Mahai's chest.

It all happened so suddenly.

It's inconceivable to anyone that Ma Hai, ranked fourth in the list of sealed gods, is not the enemy of Qin Yi's face!

One face, after killing Ma Hai, Qin Yi kept moving, smoking a long gun out of Ma Hai's chest, then quickly turned towards the side of the less flame, stabbing.


Smoke clouds trembled and shook with tremendous killing intentions.

The long gun had not yet been stabbed, and the flaming little chest was suddenly coming with a sharp pain, as if it had been pierced by a long gun hole.

Feeling the pain on his chest, Few flames finally came from consternation, suddenly came back to God, his body swayed, spread directly and instantly, the room disappeared in place.

The next moment, he appeared hundreds of husbands away, the face that was supposed to be handsome, at this moment distorted by extreme anger, looked frightening.

“Arrange the array and stir this boy to the mud! ”

Don't roar.


With his voice, the more than 100 elite generals instantly formed a hanging circle that swept toward Qin Yi.

And all of a sudden, the hundred top cavaliers, all of a sudden, traveled fast, turning into a dark shadow in the air.

It's actually two hanging lines, one elite and one dead.

I can't imagine how powerful this is!

Then, everything is in vain...

Qin Yi's eyes condensed slightly, looking at the two simultaneously swept up the hanging formation, said nothing, was to directly flash his right hand, suddenly saw a golden palm stamp clustered together with his palms, appeared abruptly in the air, covered with less flames, bamboo hearts, and two hanging arrays, all in.

“Spray! ”

The earth trembled for a moment.

All the people, all imprinted by the golden palm, climbed to the ground, became a dog eating shit, the wind of the end of the world, is also inevitable.

By the time these people climbed out of the ground with gray heads, Qin Yi had long since turned into a shadow and exploded towards the tomb town in front of them.

The graveyard tower ahead is under attack by a large number of bloody ghost wolves.

At this moment, the seeds of the four elements at Dantian were motivated to the extreme by Qin Yi, while he also motivated the left hand of the demon to enter the state of emptiness.

He glanced down over the graveyard and glanced at it.

Just below, inside the graveyard, a group of unusually large blood Holy Ghost Wolves are attacking wildly around a group of practitioners.

Obviously, the group of practitioners, all with quite extraordinary cultivation, had already broken through to the Imperial Path, but unfortunately, they were facing too powerful a bloody ghost wolf, too many in number, and more than a hundred head.

At this time, there were more than a dozen practitioners left, all scarred.

Around them lie the bodies of the practitioners, and the death forms are extremely harsh.

Under the leadership of a white robe woman, more than a dozen people, who fought against the bloody Holy Ghost Wolves, but, no doubt, this was just a dying struggle, so that no more time would come, these people would be killed by the bloody Holy Ghost Wolves, all of them.

“Son of a bitch, fuck you! ”

Qin Yi drank loudly from high altitude, holding a long gun of smoke cloud in his hands, facing a bloody hyena wolf below, and slapping it hard.

The smoke cloud gun, in between moments, soared to more than a dozen lengths, with a sharp whistle.


A loud noise, Qin Yi's long smoke cloud gun, shot the blood Holy Ghost Wolf, the unusually large body of the blood Holy Ghost Wolf, was shot directly into the ground by him.

It has broken through to Qin Yi of the Imperial Path. How powerful is it? It's unimaginable!

Qin Yi quickly descended from the air and stood with more than a dozen practitioners.