The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1023: Winning Easily

“Don't worry, it'll be fine. ”

Qin Yi has always had bamboo in his chest.

Looking at Qin Yi's face, that casual slight smile, Weng Lonely Qing's heart gently bred an unknown peace of mind.

“In fact, before Zhaoxue Jiu's inheritance was awakened, we had three chances to kill strong enemies. ”

Buzzing Lonely Blue said: "It is to make the Shoyu Nine into the Nine-Tailed Blue Fox, but three times later, they have to wait for the inheritance to wake up completely before they can merge. ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi et al., the mind is clear.

Nine-tailed blue fox, the inheritance of the Blue Fox tribe, can be deduced completely. Once Zhaoxue Nine merged to form the Nine-tailed Blue Fox, it can definitely counteract the totem of the Yan tribe.

It's just three chances. It's too precious. Wang Lonely Qing doesn't want to waste it easily.

The next day, Qin Yi made a gambling appointment with the grandson Twilight, as scheduled.

All the men and women on both sides arrived in the square this morning.

Sun Tzu just wore a silver robe and shook a silver folding fan with his hands.

His handsome face was a little complicated, confident, angry, excited, and all.

“Qin Yi, the first question we will try, will be from me, the second question, will be from you, the third question, will be from me again, do you have a problem? ”

Although his grandson Twilight just felt that this competition was a disgrace and a disgrace to him, he was even more reluctant to miss the perfect time to kill Qin Yi.

He must defeat Qin Yi as much as possible and then destroy him so that he can go to the front of Qianqiu Shui and receive a rich reward.

“No problem.”

Qin Yi's face, from the beginning to the end, was filled with a casual smile. He waved his hands freely to his grandson and grandson: “Please ask a question. ”

Looking at Qin Yi's face with a smile, Sun Twilight's mouth slightly smoked, coldly humming: “Do you know what I most want to do now? I just want to smack your face! When I win this bet, I'll blow your face off and then I'll kill you! ”

This bet clearly took advantage of itself, deviating from Qin Yi and having a bamboo look on his chest. In that case, it is as if he is facing a brush!

Sun Twilight is about to blow up his lungs!

And then he turned his back and took out a little tower, and he said, "This little tower, called the Hundred Gates Tower, is an heirloom treasure of our people. ”

Sun Twilight Gang, the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, is not actually from the Kyushu mainland, but from the Yulan mainland, like the Knife River King whom Qin Yi had previously known, and does not belong to the forces of the Linyue peak and Lingxiao side.

It's just that Qianqiu Shui promised him that if he helped him kill Qin Yi, it would give him a rich reward.

Everyone in the room looked at the hundred gate towers in the hands of Grandson Twilight and stared at them.

There were four floors in the tower, and each floor was seen by the doorway.

“This hundred gates tower, I've never had a blood drop. ”

Grandson Twilight just said: "After my emperor's blood recognizes the Lord, 300 words will appear on every door, and my first question is, see who can remember the words on every door in the shortest time. Qin Yi, do you dare to compete? ”

A small tower with a hundred doors, you can imagine how small those doors are.

And every door has 300 words engraved on it!

Don't say that in a very short time, it's quite difficult to remember all of these words, to recognize them.

This grandson Twilight has to compare his memory to mine!

Qin Yi opened his mouth slightly in dismay.

He also remembered that in the past, at the time of the Celestial Palace, a star envoy named Makita had proposed a comparative memory to himself.

Unexpectedly, at intervals of many years, a similar scene appeared again.

“Don't you dare? ”

Touched his nose and Qin Yi smiled slightly.


Grandson Twilight was happy, "Qin Yi, you can be the first to be promoted to Shenwei. I believe your strength is not weak, but your strength is not weak and does not mean that you have a super strong memory. By the way, I forgot to tell you, when I was still a Tingwei, my memory, once struck the entire Kyushu Holy See...

“After becoming a divine guardian, even Bo Ming Wang was quite green to me. He wanted to train me as an alchemist. It was just a pity that I had an amazing memory, but I didn't have much talent for alchemy. He eventually disappointed Bo Ming Wang. ”

This person's memory has actually spooked the King of Childhood!

Qin Yi had to be impressed with the grandson Twilight Gang. Obviously, the memory of this person is more terrifying than the pastures of the previous years.

Hearing Sun Twilight say this, Buzzing Lonely Qing et al., his face suddenly showed a worrying color. Qin Yi's fighting power is strong, but in terms of memory?

They thought the grandson Twilight would just propose to compete with Qin Yi. Who thinks, he is unexpected to compete with Qin Yi's memory.

On the other hand, Sun Twilight Gang's side, is a happy looking at Qin Yi. In their view, Qin Yi's face already has an uppercase word "dead”.

“Qin Yi, don't defeat in the first match, if that's the case, it won't be fun. ”

Sun Twilight just smiled at Qin Yi and said nothing. He stabbed a finger with a sharp instrument and dropped a drop of blood onto the hundred gates tower.

Suddenly, in every door on that hundred gates tower, the text appeared dense and numb.

Those words, you know, are almost invisible to the naked eye.

After Sun Twilight called a witness from each side, he began to quickly browse through the text in the hundred gate towers, each door.

Not yet.

He exhaled softly: "Okay! ”

Just fine?

Everyone was stunned and stared.

The whole process, only about a minute!

A hundred doors, on each door, 300 words, that is, 30,000 words.

“I don't believe that in such a short time, I will remember all the words on 100 doors! ”

Buzz and loneliness did not believe at all, from the witness's hand, took the hundred gate tower: “Third floor, what is the inscription on door 39? ”

She will personally verify the memory accuracy of her grandson Twilight.

Next, however, she said more than a dozen doors in a row, and Grandson Twilight just read out the text.

Wong Lonely Qing's beautiful little face, his face is a little pale.

Yes, there are some strange strangers who have never forgotten, but to remember 30,000 words on a hundred doors in a minute's time, just too much to remember, can't do it, and must be able to browse 100 doors in just one minute.

Moreover, these words are extremely detailed and, at first glance, simply impossible to see and must be carefully identified, which would undoubtedly waste a lot of time.

This pervert!

Qin Yi was also staring at his eyes. The memory of his grandson, Twilight, was certainly more terrifying than the pastures of his past years.

“Qin Yi, it's your turn, buzz and loneliness, give him the Baimen Tower. ”

Grandson Twilight just raised his head slightly and said arrogantly.

He slowly swayed the silver fold fan in his hand and couldn't tell the wind.

Weng Lonely Qing can only bitterly face the hundred gate tower, will give to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi reached out his left hand and held Baimentato in his hand.

In an instant, on the hundred gates tower, everything in the hundred doors is copied into Qin Yi's mind.

“Start timing! ”

Grandson Twilight just said.

However, his voice had just fallen...

“All right!”

Qin Yi touched his nose and said softly.


All present, including Weng Lonely Qing and Grandson Twilight, were struck like lightning strikes, their bodies trembled suddenly, and their chins shattered the ground.

Qin Yi just picked up Baimen Tower, then, just fine!

The whole process, less than two seconds!

The whole graveyard, dead silence, almost smells like a needle.

“Qin Yi, I remind you that in addition to speed, the accuracy of memory is also very important. ”

Sun Twilight suddenly smiled cold: "If you remember one word wrong, this fight, even if you fail! ”

Taking over the Baimenta from Qin Yi's hand, he didn't believe it. Qin Yi was able to remember all the words on the Baimenta in two seconds.

“What is the text on door 3? ”

Grandson Twilight just started to verify the accuracy of Qin Yi's memory.

Qin Yi didn't even want to think about it, he was right.

Everyone shook up again.

Sun Twilight's windy rhyme is long gone, the colour of the face, shock and anger is mixed, then continue to verify: “What is the text on door 5? ”

Qin Yi is still right.

“What is the text on door 14? ”

Qin Yi is still right.

“What is the text on door 18? ”

Qin Yi is still right.

“What is the text on door 21? ”

Qin Yi is still right.


The next verification, every time the grandson Twilight reported a door, Qin Yi was able to say exactly what was on that door.

“I don't believe it! ”

Sun Twilight had just had a cold drink, his face had become extremely ugly, his breasts had risen and landed dramatically, and he was in a crazy constant reporting order.

However, what broke his heart was that Qin Yi was right all along, not a bad word.

Everyone present, one mouth stunned open, looking at Qin Yi as if he were a demon.

Finally, Sun Twilight just reported dozens of doors, and Qin Yi was completely correct.


Sun Twilight sat on the ground with his ass like ashes, muttering in his mouth: “Defeated, in this world, someone can beat me in memory...”

In two seconds, 30,000 words on the hundred gate tower, remember them all!

Such a scenario is as unreal as a fantasy!

The word "demon” is far from enough to describe Qin Yi's pervert!

“Hee-hee, Qin Yi, you're awesome! ”

Xi Ji Wen Lonely Qing suddenly opened his arms and pushed into Qin Yi's arms with all his efforts. The weapon with a considerable scale in his chest was also crushed on Qin Yi's chest and squeezed directly into the shape of two large pancakes.