The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1024: Six Palms


The soft and wonderful touch on the chest was so good that Qin Yi couldn't help but hit a spirit and blinked there.

Forget that so buzzing loneliness, the look of Qin Yi's dementia touched the appearance of Qin Yi's dementia, also instantly came back to God. Yu cheeks suddenly red, hurriedly let Qin Yi go, but still excited to lift Qin Yi's hand: “In two seconds, just 30,000 words on the Baimen Tower, remember them all. How did you do this? ”

The other blue fox tribesmen behind them, looking at Qin Yi, were also full of shock and worship, as if they were looking to a god!

“I actually have super strong memories, that's all. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

Naturally, it's impossible for him to tell people that he remembers his butt, and it's simply through his left hand, directly replicating the 30,000 words on the hundred gate tower into his mind.

Grandson Twilight's practitioners, all foolish, thought they were going to win the game, but they lost so badly.

And as a result, their hearts were shattered into pieces.

“Huh! What are you so happy about? Aren't there two more games left? ”

Sun Twilight had just returned to God. He stood up from the ground and rekindled his fighting spirit. He said harshly: "If I win the next two rounds, Qin Yi, you will also die without a burial place! ”

In the next two innings, he's got to get this place back!

There was no delay and the second inning began immediately.

“Qin Yi, it's your turn. What kind of questions do you come up with? ”

Grandson Twilight looked proudly at Qin Yi.

Everyone else present also cast a curious eye on Qin Yi.

This is a three-inning bet, no questions asked, any questions asked.

As for his own question, Qin Yi had already thought about it before: “Take my six hands, if I can defeat you within the six hands, even if I win, if the six hands do not defeat you, you win, how about? ”

Six hands, defeat Sun Twilight!

“Boy, you're insane. Look, I'll kill you right now! ”

Qin Yi's voice had just fallen. Behind his grandson Twilight, he sounded an angry drink.

At the next moment, only a young man in a black robe was seen, bursting out and slapping towards Qin Yi.

Looking at the black robe man, Qin Yi's eyes, suddenly gazed.

However, the black man was just halfway shot and stopped by his grandson Twilight: "Back off! ”

The young man in the black robe had to live and close his palms. After staring at Qin Yi severely, he retreated to the back of his grandson, Twilight.

Sun Twilight just stood there and looked at Qin Yi in a blink of an eye, as if there were two real swords, as if to pierce Qin Yi's heart, all of them: “Qin Yi, the first promotion to Shenwei, in such a short time, from the end of the ranking of Shenwei, directly rose only 70 places, I have to admit, you do have some strength, but now, you threaten to defeat me with six palms, okay, good! ”

His strength, ranked 74 in the rankings of Shen Wei, is only 3 places lower than Qin Yi.

However, now, Qin Yi wants to beat himself with six hands!

Grandson Twilight just couldn't help but slap the arrogant man in front of him into meat and mud.

And Weng Lonely Qing and others behind Qin Yi were all stunned again, and they naturally knew that Qin Yi was strong.

But Six Palms just defeated Sun Twilight?

That's insane!

Don't forget, Qin Yi's current cultivation is only a midway through the imperial realm.

And Sun Twilight's cultivation, a few years ago, had reached the middle of the imperial realm.

“Qin Yi, don't have a fever! ”

Behind him, Ong Lonely Qing shouted, “Why do you have to limit six palms? In my opinion, let's give it a fair test of force. ”

“Lonely, don't worry, I have my share. ”

Qin Yi turned around and revealed a warm smile.

How does Wong Lone Qing know the mystery? If Qin Yi is unable to defeat Grandson Twilight in six hands, then even if he fought with him for a long time, he cannot defeat him.

Looking at Qin Yi's heart, Weng Lonely sighed helplessly.

“Qin Yi, it seems that you have full confidence. Within six palms, you defeated me? ”

Grandson Twilight just stared at Qin Yi.

“Of course, there can't be an accident! ”

Qin Yi nodded and had Chengzhu on his chest.

“Well, I'll see, how do you beat me with six hands?! ”

Seeing as Qin Yi was confident, his grandson Twilight's lungs were all angry.

Divine Guardian of the Kyushu Holy See, he has not been so underestimated!

Soon, the two of them tried and pulled the prelude.

Grandson Twilight has just arrived 30 feet away from Qin Yi. The silver paper fan in his hand has risen to its width, slowly shaking room, hidden a trembling intensity of killing.

The imperial forces emanating from his body, and even more so the air within his ten lengths, were compressed and floating.

“In the ranking of Divine Defense, Divine Defense ranked 74th, it is true that strength is not built. ”

Feeling the spiritual pressure emanating from Sun Twilight, Qin Yi sighed.

So strong!

Everyone who watched the war around them, seeing the grandson Twilight at this moment, has become like a god of war who suddenly came here, all crying out to himself.

“Tsk, I've never seen the boss before. He smells so horrible. He's really strong. I'm about to worship him! ”

“This time, Qin Yi's boy will completely piss off the boss, and the boss will do his best to fight! ”

“Six hands defeat the boss? I think Boss Six defeated him. Almost! ”

“Six? Too many, better 1 fan, defeat this insane kid, so it's more frosty! ”

“The boy is so arrogant, he must be torn to pieces, then his soul withdrawn and melted into the weapon! ”

“ …… ”

Those practitioners under Sun Twilight, one of them is abnormal in excitement, and the body is hot and bloody.

In contrast, Buzzing Lonely Qing, Shoyue, Zhao Twilight, etc. are a bitter face.

6 palm general Sun Twilight just defeated Bei, Qin Yi, this time, is really too much, just from the breath from Sun Twilight, can basically tell how powerful he is.

“Qin Yi, if we fight hard, maybe you will have the chance to defeat me, but 6 palms, I have to wonder if your mind has ever been clipped to the door? ”

Grandson Twilight just said coldly: "Now, I'm going to give you one more chance to ask questions. ”

“No, just six. ”

Qin Yi shook his head and said softly.

“Boy, you're looking for a way to die! ”

Grandson Twilight's mouth, violently smoked.


Next moment.

His feet were stamped on the ground, and the whole tomb city was shaking violently. The ground was immediately stamped like a spider web and tortoised open.

With this stampede, Sun Dynasty just turned into a silver ray and burst out. At the same time, that hand has already surged to the full palm of the silver fold fan, sweeping hard towards Qin Yi.

In an instant, a huge silver ray, stacked in layers, penetrated towards Qin Yi as if it were a wave of heaven and silver, reflecting the entire tomb city, silver.

“It's so raw! ”

Looking far away at the silver wave that roared towards Qin Yi, there was a shout all around.

However, at this very moment.

“Pfft, pfft...”

In Qin Yi's left hand, however, a sudden slight sound of bone transformation came in. The entire palm, also in the hectare, surged to full width, and it was pitch black, as if it could absorb all the light.

Around that pitch-black palm, a strand of ancient pitch-black magic, haunted by the sky.

It is true that Qin Yi used the Seven Styles of Celestial Demons!

"The Seventh Style of Heavenly Demon", now Qin Yi has successfully practiced the sixth.


The Seven Types of Tendemons is Qin Yi's strongest martial arts. If the Seven Types of Tendemons are all unable to defeat Grandson Twilight, then, even 600 palms, he is unable to defeat Grandson Twilight!

“This is…”

With the appearance of the demon's left hand, there was another shout around.

Looking at the generous palms of the pitch-black, the souls of all those present were a trembling chestnut that could not be contained.

“What a magic trick! ”

Looking at that roll with the wind, brutally shot pitch-black clap, the grandson Twilight was also stuck, in the heart, the irrepressible breeding of a chill.


Dark and wide, the Left Hand of the Celestial Demon, as if from that very distant fairy year, broke into endless pieces of time and space and shot here.

The clap process seemed rather slow, but in fact, it was reaching its limits.

“Knock! ”

That giant wave-like silver flash, the moment it touched the demon's left hand, was suddenly crumbled and turned into nothing.

“Ids_pjuh002_suo ”

Once the Seven Types of Tian Demons were filmed, it was impossible to stop halfway through, and Qin Yi followed with a second slap.

Grandson Twilight was shocked and hurried to lift the silver fan, which had soared to the breadth, in front of him.


A loud bang.

Sun Twilight just felt the power emanating from the pitch-black giant hand, which weighed hundreds of millions, he shook his fan arm, suddenly numbness, and the whole person backed off a few big steps.

“Pong!” “Pong! ”

Qin Yi stepped forward and followed the "Seven Types of Celestial Demons", Types 3 and 4, and shot them out.

With Qin Yi's cultivation constantly breaking through, and the power created by the Seven Types of Celestial Demons is also more powerful than before, I don't know how much.

After these two palms were shot, the silver folding fan of Sun Dynasty showed signs of tortoise.

Four hands have passed.

And two hands.

At this time, the people around the field, already shocked hard to attach, chin shattered ground, Sun Sun Twilight's practitioners, at the same time shocked, filled with bad feeling.