The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1027: Mirrors

The man who pushed the door quickly appeared in the eyes of the people.

“Again... Qin Yi! ”

Weng Lonely Qing and others looked at each other with a bitter smile on their faces.

And those practitioners under Sun Twilight, the color of the face, became more and more delightful.

“Hey, how could Qin Yi win that joke, boss? Boss, these three days of hard work are not wasted. ”

Someone laughed happily.

Another while later.

“Squeak! ”

The first floor of the hundred gates tower, another door, was slowly opened.

- Who is it?

In the eyes of all present, once again, they all stared dead at the door.

The doorman, again, soon appeared in the sight of the people.

“It turns out that... Qin Yi! ”

Weng Lonely Qing and others, the bitter face, a little thick.

And the people of the grandson Twilight just got happier.

Next, the whole hundred gates tower, stuck in a dead silence, no door for now, pushed open by who.

Weng Lonely Qing and others finally relaxed slightly.

Depending on this situation, Qin Yi inside should slowly find some way out.

In fact, inside this hundred gates, the 101 crossed paths are mainly a test of a person's memory and judgment.

And the 100 doors, in order for the appraiser to be more accurate in judging the person being appraised, both abilities, if something goes wrong, the person being appraised will come out of one of the doors, and the appraiser will know.

The whole assessment, the evaluators, even the evaluated ones, can clearly document how many mistakes have been made.

“Qin Yi, how quickly did you find certain doorways in the hundred gate tower? ”

“This Qin Yi, we seem to have underestimated him before! ”

Those practitioners under Sun Twilight are all showing incredible colors.

Little by little time passed, Weng Lonely Qing and them, a suspended heart, finally let down full.


Weng Lonely Qing's rather sophisticated john snorted softly: “Even if Sun Twilight had just become familiar with this hundred gate tower three days earlier, so what? I believe that Qin Yi can still defeat him. ”

However, her voice had just fallen.


In front of the hundred gate towers, the sound of a sliding door rang.

A door, slowly pushed open by one hand.

Everyone at the site held their breath for a moment, staring at the door that was slowly pushed open.

“It's still Qin Yi! ”

When Qin Yi's familiar and handsome face appeared in that door, Weng Lonely Qing and others felt that their hearts were all broken.

The result is unacceptable!

“Ha-ha-ha! ”

Among the practitioners under Sun Twilight, a burst of laughter broke out, all of them to the point of joy.

“Looks like we didn't underestimate Qin Yi. In this round, his chances of winning are zero! ”

“Hey, I think I heard someone say that even if the boss said he knew Baimenta for three days, Qin Yi could defeat him! ”

“Expectations are too high, and often disappointment increases, especially pouring expectations on Qin Yi's Dodge, which is obviously extremely stupid! ”

“ …… ”

A sharp irony, like a cone, heavily drilled the hearts of Ong Lonely Qing and others.

Weng Lonely Qing stood there, for a moment, his face grey, his heart sinking infinitely.

Since the two entered the Baimenta Tower, Sun Twilight has not even appeared in the door once, while Qin Yi has appeared several times.

This is a terrible scenario!

In this third inning, Qin Yi will defeat without any suspense!

Next, the door on the first floor of the Badminton Tower will still be occasionally opened, but every time it appears, it is Qin Yi.

Since its inception, Grandson Twilight has not even appeared once.

Three hours have passed.

Qin Yi appeared more than a dozen times, while Sun Twilight Gang, still never appeared.

Half an hour has passed.

The light on the second floor of the Badminton Tower came on.

“Someone has passed the first floor, went up to the second, who is that? ”

Everyone on the scene was full of confusion. I wondered whether those who went up to the second level were Qin Yi or Grandson Twilight Gang.


Not long ago, the second floor of the hundred gates tower, a door, was slowly pushed open, and the figure of Sun Twilight wearing a silver robe appeared in the eyes of everyone.

- What? - What?

Grandson Twilight!

Looking at the figure just appeared on the second floor of the Baimenta Tower, Weng Lonely Qing, Zhaoxue, Zhao Twilight, Zhaoqing and others were all staring at each other, and their hearts were bitter to the extreme.

Qin Yi is still struggling on the first floor, while Sun Twilight has reached the second level.

Just go through the third and fourth floors and Grandson Twilight will come to the top and win the game.

Compared to the bitterness of Weng Lonely Qing, among the practitioners of the great-grandson Twilight just came a shout of cheer.

“Ha ha, good, just three and a half hours, the boss not only succeeded in passing the right passage, but also passed the level that existed between the first and second levels, successfully entering the second level, did not disappoint us! ”

“The boss has reached the second level, while Qin Yi's boy is still struggling on the first level, this game has basically lost suspense. ”

“ …… ”

Badminton Tower.

Qin Yi is passing through a staggered lane.

He activated the Left Hand of the Celestial Demon, elicited the sensation of spirituality, and covered the first layer of the Badminton Tower, all of it.

Suddenly, this layer of 101 crossed paths, all in his mind.

“It's too complicated! ”

Qin Yi walked while browsing the overall structure of the first floor of the Baimen Tower in his mind.

He is now, almost in God's sight, looking at the entire first floor of the Bayminton Tower, but that extremely complex construction still makes him so big.

“The man who designed this hundred gates tower is a pervert. ”

Qin Yi sincerely said to himself: "However, such a complex design should have four layers all the same and different. If all four layers are completely different, then this designer is God. In other words, as long as the first layer is enlightened, the second, third and fourth layers should be able to pass easily. ”

Breathe out gently, Qin Yi tried to calm herself down: “I have walked through 16 channels to the east, south, west and north, all leading to the door outside...”

To elicit a sense of spirituality, the advantage of covering all the first layer, in addition to being able to see God and browse the whole tower, is to be able to browse over and over again, so that you can easily remember all the structures here, without spinning around and back into the original passage.

“The structure here is so complicated, it's obvious that I'm walking blind like this, just wasting time, an inadvertent, and even trapped here forever. ”

Qin Yi gave up his previous method of walking blindly for a moment and began to carefully identify the end of each channel in his mind.

He was well aware that he had been on the first floor of the Hundred Gates Tower for more than three hours. At this time, he was already familiar with Sun Twilight three days in advance, and most likely had left the first floor and reached the second floor.

However, Qin Yi is not in a hurry. As long as he can break the maze on the first floor, the second, third and fourth floors can be easily broken.

Half an hour has passed.

At some point.

Qin Yi's eyes lit up calmly, and his face appeared with a thick color of joy.

After a full half-hour of browsing, he discovered that one of the 101 intersecting lanes, the end of which was a stone step.

Above that stone step is a stone door.

“That stone door must be the entrance to the second floor. ”

Without further delay, Qin Yi quickly found the passage, then followed the passage, and went all the way.

On the way, there were quite a few switches, causing people to turn blind. Qin Yi rushed along the road, while in his mind, carefully browsed this passage to avoid these switched traps.

After more than ten minutes, Qin Yi finally appeared a stone step in front of him.

“Finally found the entrance to the second floor. ”

After a long exhalation, Qin Yi Da Bao meteor walked towards the stone step in front.

“Boom boom! ”

Just before he got to the stone steps, the closed stone door opened itself.

Only an old white beard wearing a grey robe appeared at the stone gate, blocking the way: “The outsiders dared to break into my country's heavy ground and have the courage! ”

The old man with white beard was blushing, his crane haired, his child's face was all over him, and he did not emit a single breath, but he hid an unparalleled atmosphere. At first glance, he knew that he was a strong man of the Imperial Path, who had already broken through.

This is… a mirror!

Qin Yi quickly made the judgment that this hundred gate tower, just a heirloom, authentic people, could not appear here.

The only explanation, then, is that he tells a strong member of the family, through a spiritual power, a cohesive mirror, to act as the first level of this hundred gates tower leading to the second level.

“Seniors, frankly, I am not from the grandchildren's family, but I must pass this level of yours, and I am offended! ”

Qin Yi's attitude was respectful, but his eyes were firm.

He is trying to compete with his grandson Twilight, and if he fails, he will be torn apart, and his soul will be withdrawn, smelted into a weapon, and eternal life will become a weapon.

“Foreigners, in order to pass the old man, you must take the old man's ten moves! ”

Old Baishu looked proudly at Qin Yi and said softly: “Ten moves, I will not show mercy. Each move is a full attack. If you are killed within ten moves, it can only mean that you are too weak to resent anyone else. Now it's too late for you to give up. ”

“I'm not giving up, Senior. Go ahead. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly. In his eyes, he had already ignited a battle spirit.