The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1032: Another Demon of Heart

Badminton Tower designer smiled slightly, and the divine state was the same as Qin Yi's: “You know what? Your thinking is just a little faster than mine. If you were a little hesitant, now, the defeated person is you! ”

It's dangerous!

Qin Yi heard the words, the colour of the divine, on the spinal bone, gently chilled.

Obviously, by listening to the designer of the Badminton Tower, he was also trying to do the Seven Types of the Celestial Devil, just a little bit faster himself.

Breathe out softly, Qin Yi touched his nose and smiled softly: "But this is the difference, it has decided our end. ”

“Well, you've earned the right to enter the fourth floor. Go on in. Good luck! ”

The designer of the Baimenta Tower did not see the colour of half decadence, but suddenly smiled, then the whole person suddenly spread out and turned into a green cigarette, disappearing in front of Qin Yi.

He's just a mirror, and naturally he can do it without a trace.

Qin Yi was loose in color, put away the long gun, and turned towards that stone step leading to the fourth floor of the meteor and walked away.

This hundred doors tower, which has only four floors, will reach the top as long as it passes through the fourth floor, so he wins the game.

If you win this sentence, then all Emperor Liquid currently on Sun Twilight will belong to you.

With this in mind, Qin Yi's heart couldn't help but rejoice.

Without reaching a higher level, this mausoleum must possess a certain amount of power, and it is full of madmen who are terrorizing.

To eventually get out of here alive, you have to do everything possible to make yourself stronger.

Before entering the fourth level, Qin Yi agitated the left hand again, powerful sensation of spirituality, covering the entire third layer.

“No sign of Grandson Twilight, obviously he is still struggling on the second floor! ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

Obviously, there is no longer any suspense in this game.

“Guys, look, the light on the fourth floor is on! ”

As Qin Yi entered the fourth floor, a shout erupted in the square outside.

“Undoubtedly, the person now entering the fourth level is Qin Yi! Heh..."

The wind was endlessly buzzing and blue, with a series of silver union delightful smiles in his mouth. The jade cheeks fluttered with excitement and looked quite moving.

“Is this Qin Yi really a god? From the indicator light on the third floor to the indicator light on the fourth floor, only about one hour apart, one hour, he successfully crossed the labyrinth on the third floor of the Baimento Tower and entered the fourth floor. ”

“The fourth floor, the last floor of the Bayminton Tower, we are on the verge of victory! ”

“Ha ha, I would like to know what kind of look Grandson Twilight has when he finds out he's lost. ”

“ …… ”

The people behind the buzzing are also a joy to the extreme.

In contrast, the practitioners of Sun Twilight across the street are one who is all depressed, and the color of the gods darkens to the extreme.

Now that Qin Yi has reached the fourth level, the outcome of this situation is basically settled. There can be no chance of reversal for the grandson Twilight.

“Alas, if the boss loses, those emperor liquids that we have worked so hard to get, we have to put them in Qin Yi's hands. I don't like it! ”

“This is basically a done deal, let's face it. Now, I just hope the boss doesn't lose too badly. ”

“Well, the boss has been on the second floor for quite a few hours, and now he's been gone for a long time. He should be on the third floor. ”

“It goes without saying who the boss is, there is absolutely no way he could have been worse off and still struggled on the second level. ”


Their voices have just fallen.


The second floor of the Badminton Tower, a door, was slowly pushed open, a silver figure appeared in that door, Horan entered the second floor, the already timeless grandson Twilight Gang.

Moreover, the divine colour on his face seemed quite liberal, obviously not yet known, Qin Yi at this moment, has reached the fourth level.

He just looked out and went back to the second floor, continuing to look for the right passage to the third floor.


Sun Twilight, you're still on the second floor!

His group of practitioners, one completely stunned there, blinked incredibly hard.

This truth is so... heartbreaking!

They thought that the grandchildren had already reached the third level, so that even losing would not be too ugly.

Who thinks that after so long now, he actually...

Still on the second floor!

“I wish this was just a dream! ”

Someone sighed, “God, do you want to ruin my little heart so cruelly! ”

And Buzzing Lonely Blue and others, after being stunned, burst into laughter.

Qin Yi is now on the fourth floor, and Sun Twilight, the owner of Baimenta, is still on the second floor, this gap...

And what is particularly heartbreaking is that now the grandson Twilight doesn't even know, Qin Yi has reached the fourth level.

In fact, this is a ridiculous scene, it is normal, Baimenta, is the heirloom treasure of the grandson family, the grandson Twilight is not new to it.

In his view, Qin Yi's ability to go up to the second level in such a short period of time has been a great miracle.

Qin Yi also wanted to go from the second level to the third level in a short time. It was a delusion of mind, and he would eventually beat him easily.

Grandson Twilight just addressed himself,

If he were to know, Qin Yi at this moment has reached the fourth level and is afraid to spit blood directly.

Badminton Tower, fourth floor.


Qin Yi prompted his left hand, and that powerful sensation of spirituality led out, covering the entire fourth layer of the Baimen Tower.

“It's still a gossip array! ”

The vision of God caused by the sensation of spiritual power prompted Qin Yi, who soon became aware of the structure of the fourth floor of the Baimenta Tower,

According to previous inferences, this fourth floor leads to the top entrance, which should be in the direction of Gonzán.

Next, Qin Yi tried to identify the 101 intricate passages in front of him through the sensation of spirituality, while walking toward the direction of Gongshan.

One hour later, the same stone steps appeared in his sight, and above the stone steps, there was also a closed stone gate.

“Just go through this level in front of you and get to the top, then I win this round too! ”

Looking at the stone steps and stone gate ahead, Qin Yi smiled slightly and was curious: “What kind of level will this be together? ”

Without delay, Qin Yi Dabu meteor walked towards the stone step in front of him.

Meanwhile, the seeds of the four elements of gold, water, fire and earth in the Dantian field burst under his instigation, allowing his strength, velocity and physical defense to climb to the peak in an instant.

This is the last level of this hundred gate tower, it is absolutely remarkable, Qin Yi dared not have any totality.

Not long ago, Qin Yi had stood in front of the stone steps, his eyes curled slightly, looking at the door above the stone steps, waiting for the appearance of this level.


What the hell is going on?

Exactly five minutes later, that closed stone door still had no movement. Qin Yi had to confuse himself and raised his eyebrows.

“Is there no level here? ”

Qin Yi's heart raised such questions, slipped up the stone steps and slowly retreated towards the stone gate.

However, when Qin Yi's palm just touched the stone gate, the stone gate suddenly swung open like a wave. His palm seemed to push on the water, not to mention push the stone door open.

“What do you mean? ”

Looking at him, Qin Yi suddenly swung a circle of rippled stone doors to the point of confusion.

When the ripples on the stone gate disappear, a voice sounds from Qin Yi's mind: “You have started this fourth layer of gossip array, and then you will be in your own illusion. The most unscrupulous or most wanted to know in your heart will be presented in a substantive way in front of your eyes, which is called the demon of the heart. ”

This voice, clearly, is in the third floor, inspired by the designer of the Bayminton Tower.

Obviously, this man also retains a sense of consciousness on this fourth level.

“Heart demon? ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi's heart is slightly flashed.

As for the demon of the heart, it actually happened once, in the old years, when it entered the head of the punishment.

“Thirty times the natives have had the chance to challenge the demons, while the aliens who come in have three chances to challenge their demons. ”

The voice of the Baimenta designer continued to sound in Qin Yi's mind: “If the ultimate challenge fails, you must return to the first level along the way. ”

Thirty times, three times.

My people are ten times more likely than foreigners!

“Three chances, it seems, my demon, it's a big shot. ”

Qin Yi sighed softly, and did not feel that three chances were too small. Instead, he felt that his mind and demon were extremely simple.

“What is my demon now? ”

Qin Yi frowned and pondered.

Normally, I don't know what my demon is, because it's hidden deep inside, and I don't usually realize that it's only when it comes out that the person concerned will suddenly realize it.

Obviously, this place is able to present the demons of the human heart, naturally because it's in the gossip array, creating hallucinations.

In other words, the next demons of the mind are just hallucinations, not real beings.

Not long ago, Qin Yi's demon of heart appeared.

And when Qin Yi saw his demon of heart, the whole person was completely stunned there. His chin broke to pieces: “My demon of heart is him now...”

What a surprise, my present demon, is actually a person.

Moreover, Qin Yi Wan did not think that this person is now his own demon!

But this man will be his present demon, and it's perfectly reasonable!

Looking at the person in front, Qin Yi exhaled softly and tried to calm himself down.

Just a short distance ahead, a young man in a white robe and a long body stood quietly there.

The young man, with his rare white hair, unusually handsome face and all over his body, had a feminine tenderness.