The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1041: The Power of Witchcraft

Qin Yi struck this golden palm print, although it does not have the horrible killing power, but it beats the area, it is more than a thousand lengths wide, one slap, all the blood Holy Ghost Wolf and the dead, all of them are held, making it impossible for them to launch an attack.

“Xuan Yue Yin Yang curse, we just practiced successfully, okay, now look at the magic inherited from this blood witch ancestor, how powerful is it? ”

Few faces of flame, the iron blue is terrible, turning to look around and look at the flaming bamboo: “Sister, I know you like this kid, but if this kid doesn't, it will eventually be our heartbeat, go ahead. ”

The Yin Yang spell of the Xuan Moon is a double witchcraft. It must be carried out by two people at the same time in order to exert its power.

Flaming silence, beautiful little face, always a little white, obviously her heart is struggling with pain.

After a while, Bamboo Heartbreak eventually lightened its head.

Later, they stood side by side and rose to the air as they slightly fluctuated the air inside them.

Then they both recite ancient spells in their mouths, with strange fingerprints in their hands.

“Pong!” “Pong! ”

Two slight sounds.

On the chest of the bamboo-hearted moon and the flaming moon, respectively, burst out of the blue moon. The flaming moon is black, and the flaming moon is white.

“Yin Yang Xuan Moon, demon chopping demon, flying heaven and earth, ancient and present, let me cross, go! ”

Less flame and more bamboo and a loud sip at the same time.

One white, one black and two rounds of Xuan Moon, is the speedy rush out, spinning to kill Qin Yi forward.

In the course of the flight, the two rounds of Xuan Moon suddenly merged, forming one round, one white and one black, like a yin and yang diagram.

In fact, including when they practiced before, the huge figure above the head, technically, is not a real yin and yang diagram, it's just a white, black and two rounds of the Xuan Moon merged, and the shape is very much like a yin and yang diagram.


Yin Yang Xuan Yue quickly spinning, slaughtering Qin Yi.

In the process of slaughter, Yin Yang Xuan Moon rapidly grew, and finally became as wide as a thousand diameters, covering the heavens and the earth, and spinning at the speed of the speed, with tremendous pressure.

All the flower and grass trees around, they were pressed into pieces by this majesty.

“Is this the Yin Yang Xuan Moon? ”

Looking at the Yin Yang Xuan Moon, which was spinning at the speed of the slaughter, Qin Yi opened his mouth in dismay. His heart was appalled: “Shit, how could this ancient sorcery inherited from the blood witch be so powerful? ”

That round of Yin Yang Xuan Moon has not yet been slaughtered, the pressure is already like a huge wave, coming towards Qin Yi madly, shocking it hard and then taking a big step back.

In the blink of an eye, that giant disc-like Yin Yang Xuan Moon was slaughtered in front of Qin Yi's eyes. He dared not be slightly lazy and pushed his gun hard to stop him.


A loud bang.

Yin Yang Xuan Yue was chopped on a Yan Yun long gun. Qin Yi's arms were numb. The tiger's mouth was instantly cracked and a piece of flesh was blurred.

That pound of impact, like a huge mountain, hit Qin Yi severely, Qin Yi could not resist it at all, the whole person was impacted to fly out.

However, that round of Yin Yang Xuan Moon was only a slight lag, and then, again, it spinned at great speed towards Qin Yi, who flied backwards, slaughtered the past.

Seeing such a scenario, there was little flame in the distance, and I had to stand still and blink hard.

They had just succeeded in practicing this sorcery. They had no idea how powerful it was before, and now they know that it was so scary.

“Hahahaha, the Yin and Yang curse of the Xuan Moon, I didn't know it was so strong! ”

Fewer flames come back to God, it's all a long laugh and a joy to the extreme: “It's amazing, we have such a strong Yin and Yang curse of the Xuan Moon, and then we will rendezvous with my father. I think that sweeping the first floor of this demonic mausoleum will basically be fine...

“When we plunder all the cultivation resources in the first floor of the Divine Demon Garden, then we fix that, absolutely, we can break through a considerable height, and then, even if we enter the second floor, we should be able to basically sweep across the second layer and plunder all the resources there, and then we fix that, again, we will break through to a considerable height, and then, finally, we will be able to sweep the entire Divine Demon Garden, and when we get out of the Divine Demon Garden, hey...”

Obviously, Few Flames have fallen into wonderful fantasies.

His side of the bamboo, in the eyes of the show, also passed a thick and horrifying color, obviously she was also shocked by the power of the Yin and Yang curse of Xuan Yue.

However, in the eyes of the bamboo show, in addition to the shock, there is more to worry about.


Huge disc-like Yin Yang Xuan Moon, slaughtered Qin Yi in a backwards direction, continued spinning room, tremendous killing intent.

Looking at the Yin Yang Xuan Moon, Qin Yi was about to chop Qin Yi, but Qin Yi's flickering figure suddenly rose. The huge Yin Yang Xuan Moon, the sound of "Yin Yang Xuan”, adhered to his feet, crushed past.

Just one line away, is to chop Qin Yi straight.

With the power of Yin Yang Xuan Moon, once it is cut, even if Qin Yi has a strong physical defense, he will be severely injured.

“Pfft, pfft...”

Next moment.

Qin Yi suddenly provoked the Heavenly Demon Type 7 mentality. His left hand instantly burst to the width of his leg. It was pitch-black, and it was haunted by a strand of pitch-black magic. He was not cold enough to see.

Qin Yi's rhythm, with the appearance of the celestial demon's left hand, changed rapidly, as if a great immortal demon suddenly came here, ancient, divine demon, powerful.

“Ids_pjuh002_suo_1 ”

Qin Yi resided high and headed toward the Yin Yang Xuan Moon below, slapping hard.


Jong-won's left hand slapped hard on the Yin Yang Xuan Moon.

However, the giant Yin Yang Xuan Moon was only a sudden tremor.

Then, Yin Yang Xuan Moon drew a beautiful arc, and it spinned toward Qin Yi, quickly slaughtering him.

“Ids_pjuh002_suo ”

Qin Yi stepped forward, facing the Yin Yang Xuan Moon, which was slaughtered at great speed, one day the demon left hand, and took a hard shot.


The Yin Yang Xuan Moon was trembling.

Qin Yi's action could not have stopped, followed a sigh of breath to beat out the remaining four, and photographed Yin Yang Xuan Yue flying out, but it did not crumble.

Qin Yi's left hand instantly returned to normal after striking out the Six of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons.

He stood there and looked at the Yin Yang Xuan Moon, which flew out backwards. On that handsome face, a bitter smile appeared: “This Yin Yang Xuan Moon, when it is really strong, how can you beat it? ”


The presence of blood ghosts has already made the situation quite bad, and now, with little flame and bamboo, Xuan Yue Yin Yang has successfully practiced this perverted sorcery, which undoubtedly adds to the snow.

Originally, with less flames, you have to pour out water, all hatred that can't be washed away. Now, less flames have the Yin Yang Xuan Moon, your future situation will undoubtedly be quite bad!

“Haha, Qin Yi, it seems that your magic work is still not possible, you cannot destroy my Yin Yang Xuan Moon at all. ”

There is little flame in the distance, the whole person is cheerful, laughing joyfully.

Now he can finally be completely fearless of Qin Yi.

That round of Yin Yang Xuan Moon, which was bombed out by Qin Yi, flew back, but for the time being, no attack was launched on Qin Yi. It was just suspended there, paved the ground, and slowly spinning room, with tremendous killing intentions.

This round of Yin Yang Xuan Moon, whether to attack or not, seems to be controlled by the hearts and minds of less flame and bamboo, they want it to attack or stop, all at will.

“Now, you have two choices, number one: hand over that defensive magic array, ‘Ten Hells', and all the training material on you, and I can consider leaving you an entire corpse. ”

The flames are now low, and have become full of gas. With one hand behind his back, he looked forward to Qin Yi's arrogance and said: “Second, accept my solicitation and submit to me. I'll give you two minutes to make your choice. ”

“Choose your paralysis! ”

Qin Yi shouted, “Don't you think I have a third option? And my third option is...”

The third option for Qin Yi is...

His whole body suddenly disappeared in place, and the next moment, he appeared in front of less flaming eyes.

He just rolled out!

Yan Xiao felt only a handsome face with a slight smile, suddenly appeared in front of him, and before waiting for him to react, it was a flash of blue.


A sharp instrument pierces the slightest sound of muscle tissue, making it look so crisp and delightful in this suddenly quiet world.

The sharp smoke cloud long gun easily penetrated the flame less chest hole. Qin Yi threw the gun with one hand, and directly threw the flame less into the sky.

“Why, am I always the one who gets hurt? ”

In the air, a less fiery roar was heard.

He couldn't stop moving, the long gun pulled, and stabbed to the side of the flaming bamboo.

Sharp gunhead, piercing space, dramatic killing, that gun head has not yet been stabbed, on the hearty chest, is a passing pain, as if it had been pierced by a hole.

“Qin Yi...”

The bamboo was stunned and shocked.

Qin Yi went too fast to react at all.

Looking at that speedy bullet in her chest, the next moment, Bamboo Heaven suddenly smiled, then the show closed its eyes, a tear, from her crystal clear cheek, suddenly slipped.

Qin Yi's long gun, the one that stabbed the bamboo hearty chest, pierced her clothes, pierced a little flesh, a little rainbow blood, suddenly poured out.

However, Qin Yi's mind suddenly sounded a less fiery voice: “And I also told you a secret. My sister, she has actually always secretly liked you. What, do you think this secret is funny? ”