The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1049: Meizu's Spiritual Ulu

“Central ladder? ”

The colors of dragon flame are getting confusing.

“The central ladder, which is the first floor of the Sanjin Demon Garden, leads to the entrance to the second floor, but not all practitioners here can enter the second floor from the first floor, through the central ladder, must take the current guardian of the Sanjin Dragon Fire, the White Tiger three moves, and are still eligible to enter. ”

Qin Yi explained.

Dragon flames up.

“In the past days, although I've been practicing, I don't have to think about it. Blood ghosts, they must have caused a bloody storm here. Many practitioners have been slaughtered by them, causing people to panic here. The rest of the practitioners, in order to escape the blood ghosts from their pursuit, will only choose to break into the central ladder. ”

Qin Yi frowned and analyzed: “At least, breaking into the central ladder, even if it has not, will not necessarily die. Once it has broken through, entering the second floor of the Divine Mausoleum, it will be relatively safe. Stay here. Once you meet the bloody ghosts, there's only one way to die. ”

“Blood ghosts, are they so horrible? ”

Dragon flame blinked slightly, but in that eye, it was an obscure glimpse of war. He looked at Qin Yi hey and smiled: “Qin Yi, why don't we break into the central ladder too? ”

This crazy warrior!

Qin Yi sighed helplessly at the battle spirit caught in the eyes of Dragon Flame: “If you don't want to die, you better not mess around. ”

“Rest assured, I have my share. I've heard of this demonic mausoleum. It's a hell of a world. All the practitioners here are crazy. I just want to see what the legendary blood ghost looks like. ”

Dragonflame grinned, revealing a mouthful of white teeth, giving a feeling of extreme sunshine.

Qin Yi sang for a moment and turned his hand to take out a white jade ring and give it to Long Yan: “This is a space ring with a space inside. This is what I bought when I was in the Yan clan. Give it to you. You now recognize the Emperor's blood, and then you can open the space it contains. ”

When Qin Yi was in the hands of Yan Pi Dream, he bought several space ring rings, which were meant to give them one each.

“I also saw this at the pitiful dreams stall, but I didn't like them. You already bought it, so I see I have a vision. ”

Dragon flame is also welcome, accept the ring immediately.

After the blood drip recognized the Lord, Dragon Flame turned his palm toward Na Jing Detective, and suddenly his hand disappeared, apparently into the space of Na Jing.

Just the next moment, he grabbed seven golden drops of solid, like tears, from the Naruto.

“What is this? ”

Dragonflame looked curiously at the palm of his hand, seven drops of golden imperial fluid.

“This is Emperor Liquid. ”

Qin Yi said: "In this demonic mausoleum, countless immortal emperors and ancient emperors were buried. The finesse of these emperors was liquefied after endless years, and then turned into a solid like tears. This is a good baby. The practitioners here mainly rushed to it. You have a special physique, ordinary dandrugs, medicines, which are ineffective for you, but this is what the Emperor's essence is, and your body, should be able to absorb. ”

These 7 drops of Emperor's Liquid were also won in gambling with Grandson Twilight.

Now, the repair of dragon flame is obviously too low for this magical mausoleum. Although he inherited it surprisingly, it is extremely dangerous to go to the central ladder.

Qin Yi speculated that the central ladder now, fearing that it was already very lively, many practitioners had arrived there and were ready to break into it.

“Thank you, then. ”

Dragon flame is also welcome, put away 7 drops of Emperor's Liquid immediately.

“By the way, after you completed the task of ‘taking the king', did your teacher honor the seniors, give you a Jiuqu Lindane? ”

Qin Yi suddenly remembered the matter and asked Dragonflame.

In the past, when Qin Yi left the Holy See of Kyushu and went to this magical mausoleum, he handed over the remaining Jiu Qu Lingdan to Xian Wencheng, who handed it over to Yang Shiqi, Long Yan, Xuanlan, Ji Shixuan, Sword Floating Zero and others.

“Here you go. ”

Dragon flame nodded, some excitedly licked lips: “Qin Yi, you are a genius of the heavens. Even the anti-heavenly Dan medicine can be refined. Now, I have nine songs. ”

What kind of genius is that? It's an ancient magic trick that's passed down to you, okay?

Qin Yi smiled lightly.

“You wait for me, I'll go refine these 7 drops of Emperor's Liquid, and then we'll go to the Central Ladder together to have some fun. ”

Without delay, the dragon flame immediately sat down and prepared seven drops of golden imperial liquid to be refined.

However, at this moment…

Only a giant fireball, coming from the sky, swept over their heads, swept past.

“Feminine ghost. ”

Looking at the giant fireball that went very fast, Qin Yi's eyes couldn't help but shine.

“What Lingwu? Mei Ma, who is it? ”

Dragonflame just closed his eyes and opened them again, looking curiously at Qin Yi.

For a long time, Maiden Yan was only with Qin Yi, and Long Yan had no idea that she existed.

“Lingwu, a descendant of Jinwu, can ride, fight, and spy on intelligence, which is our unexpected harvest in the Yan tribe. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly: “As for Maiden Yan, a divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, the current cultivation has broken through the three realms of Emperor Dao. Thanks to her help, I have today. Obviously, Mei Mai is now releasing Lingwu to look for me. ”

Looking at this ghost, Qin Yi also completely let go of his heart. Today, it seems that in the first battle between Femme Flame and the Blood Ghost, Femme Flame did escape and was not killed by the Blood Ghost.

After a pause, Qin Yi went on to say: “Now it seems that we don't want to go to the central ladder, it's not working, because the direction that Lingwu just flew in is the location of the central ladder. In other words, Mei Ma, has also gone to the central ladder. ”

“Maiden Yan, the mighty one of the three realms of emperor...”

Dragon inflammation showed a slight interest.

So far, outside of Qin Yi, he has not seen any other Kyushu Holy See Divine Defense.

Qin Yi suddenly remembered another thing and touched his nose: “By the way, Dragonflame, in fact, on the high level of the Holy See in Kyushu, there is a ranking list of divine guards...”

Next, Qin Yi detailed with Dragonflame about Shenwei's ranking list, Xuan Huang Da World, and Emperor Mountain.

At the end of the day, Qin Yi said to Long Yan: “You don't need to look at it. You are now ranked 101st in the rankings of Shen Wei, that is, at the end. If you want to eventually enter the Great World of Xuanhuang, you must be ranked in the top 30, which means that you must constantly challenge other Shen Wei. ”

“Challenge, that's my favorite thing to do. ”

On the face of the dragon flame, a colour of excitement appeared.

This crazy warrior!

See, Qin Yi had to sigh again.

Next, Dragon Flame was no longer delayed, and the tray legs sat on the ground and began refining seven drops of Emperor's Liquid.

Five hours later, the first drop of Emperor's liquid was refined by him.

This speed of refining is the same as Qin Yi.

Three days later, seven drops of Emperor's Liquid have been cleansed by Dragon Flame.

And the repair of dragon flame, by the first nine realms of the Patriarchate, directly breaks through the first realm of the Emperor.

A whole breakthrough!

Of course, between the Patriarchate and the Imperial Patriarchate, it is a watershed. The more difficult it is to break through again, the more difficult it will be to break through.

The rhythm of the dragon flame that has broken through the empire is obviously very different from before. Standing there gives a sense of the immortal emperor, ancient, powerful and mysterious.

Moreover, at the moment the dragon flame breaks through the imperial province, Qin Yi even seemed to see a silver dragon scale on his skin when the dragon flame was exposed.

“He, indeed, is the reincarnation of Emperor Dalong. ”

Capturing that glittering silver dragon scale, Qin Yi completely confirmed the matter.

“Haha, I'm Dragon Flame, and an Imperial Daoist! ”

Breaking into the dragon flame of Emperor Dao, the whole person was very excited, and he turned to look at Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, let's go, let's look at the central ladder of Qin Yi, what's going on there? ”

Qin Yi nodded.

Without delay, the two men proceeded at speeds and burst towards the heart of the Garden of the Divine Demons.

Each layer of this magic dragon flame is more vast than any other continent. Qin Yi and Dragon Flame need a certain amount of time to reach the central region, even if they are expanding at extreme speeds.

“Don't know if he's on the second floor? ”

Qin Yi rushed along, thinking about this issue in his mind.

Buzzing lonely blue and snowflake them, nine of them are the totems of the blue fox tribe, can be combined into nine tailed blue foxes.

Although Qin Yi has not seen the Nine-Tailed Blue Fox after the merger, he must have quite extraordinary fighting power. The next three tricks of the White Tiger should not have too big a problem.

In the conversation that followed, Qin Yi learned from the mouth of Dragon Flame that Dragon Flame has now completely mastered the Eight Types of War Dragon.

The Dragon of War Eight, when the Dragon Flame has not activated the Dragon of War blood in the body, he only obtained the four, the remaining four, after he activated the Dragon of War blood in the body by half.

“Dragon Flame, the Dragon of War blood in your body, has been activated by half, and the last four of Dragon of War Eight are fully mastered, so guess, how powerful are you now? ”

Qin Yi asked.

“What I am now fixing is that Emperor Dao is in its early stages. If all efforts are made in World War I, defeating the practitioners in the middle of Emperor Dao II should not be too much of a problem. ”

The dragon flame is full of confidence.

Qin Yi nodded, not surprisingly for such a result.

Dragonflame itself is the immortal emperor, without the reincarnation of the Great Dragon Emperor, together with the usual way of breaking through, and different from the rest of the world, must constantly fight, this road has accumulated quite a lot of combat experience.

He even speculated that the dragon flame now, even in the face of the late imperial realm practitioners, had a certain chance of winning.