The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1050: Goodbye Mei Ma

Of course, if you encounter a practitioner from the Imperial Three Realms, you are afraid that you will only escape.

Qin Yi sincerely said: “Dragonflame, I estimate your current strength, to take the three moves of the white tiger, to the second level, there is a certain difficulty, but you will definitely not stay too long on the first floor, then I will wait for you on the second floor. ”


Dragonflame nodded excitedly: "Hey, by then, our brothers can fight side by side. ”

“More than just me and my brothers, I think this mausoleum, we break into the end, Sister Yang, Xuanlan, will all join us. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly. In his heart, strong expectations arose.

Now, Dragon Flame has been successfully promoted to Shen Wei, entering this Divine Demon Mausoleum, Sister Yang's last “king taking” task, as long as it is not too perverted, it is expected to be completed soon.

Qin Yi remembers that Yang Shiqi's task of “seizing the king” was to enter the world of Xuanzheng and kill the chief rudder master of an organization called the Black Dragon Society.

“By the way, after you completed your mission to take over the King and return to the Holy See in Kyushu, did you see King Lauro recruit two disciples, a man and a woman, rarely called Sword Zero, and a woman called the disciple Xuan? ”

Qin Yi asked the dragon flame.


Dragonflame nodded: "Besides, my relationship with the two of them is not bad, they often talk about you, saying that you are living and dying. ”

What's more than life and death? The disciple also declared that he had always admired himself in silence.

Qin Yi sighed, and at the same time completely relieved themselves. They will appear in the Holy See in Kyushu, which is to say that Shenlan has successfully helped the disciple Xuan to find the bloody flag.

Also, with Naran Autumn Water, this super brain help, if you don't find the bloody flag belonging to the disciple, then you're damned.

For the talent of Naran Qiushui, Qin Yi is still fresh in memory. He has never met a second, so smart woman.

Many of the problems I encountered along the way were actually coping with Naranju's thinking and solving.

“By the way, Dragonflame, tell you a secret. ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi said to Dragon Flame: “The disciple disciple disciple of King Lauro Xuan, like you, is an immortal emperor, reborn against the heavens, and besides, the fame of the immortal emperor is not less than you. ”

“Who is she? ”

Dragon flames reveal curiosity.

“The Emperor! ”

“Ah… man, emperor! ”

The dragon flame was stunned, and the whole person was like a five-lightning blast, and the whole place could not move.

The Emperor, that's definitely a super big character, passed on, in that very distant fairy years, the Great Emperor of Immortals, a roll of the Great Flag, enough to stir a continent into pieces.

Qin Yi even suspected that the Emperor was an ancient emperor when he learned of the Immortal Age and that the ancient age existed.

“Yes, she is the reincarnation of the Emperor. ”

Qin Yi faintly said: “Xuanlan's ‘take over' mission is actually to help her find the Hongmeng flag. But the secret, the disciple announced himself, I don't know yet. ”

“Goddamn it, this news, when it really shocks me, doesn't it? ”

Dragon flame came back to God, chest a fierce rise and fall, obviously by this news, severely shocked.

Next, the two men flew at full speed for half a month before finally entering the central area of the first floor of this mausoleum.

In the air, it is clear that there is a strong scent of the strong.

“As we predicted before, there are indeed many practitioners gathered here ready to break into the central ladder and enter the second level. ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly and turned to look at the dragon flame: “Get on alert in case someone finds you. Also, if you are here and you encounter Kyushu Holy See Divine Defeat with certainty, challenge them to rank you on the Divine Defense Ranking and try to move forward. ”


Dragonflame nodded and his handsome face swept past his will.

Dragonflame's favorite thing to do is challenge!

Next, Qin Yi said the ranking of Shen Wei on the ranking list to Dragon Flame again.

Dragon Flame.

“This ranking is the ranking that I initially saw in the rankings of the Divine Guard. With the constant challenges between the Divine Guards, there will definitely be some changes now, but it doesn't matter, you are at the end of the ranking anyway. If you encounter the Divine Guard, the ranking is higher than yours, so you can challenge. ”

Qin Yi admonished the dragon flame.

Dragonflame nodded, looking curiously at Qin Yi: "What is your ranking in the rankings of Shen Wei now? ”

“70 bit. ”

Qin Yi said faintly.

Dragon flame, looked at Qin Yi as if he were a monster, his heart whispered to himself: he was a pervert, and it took him so long to get promoted to the Divine Guard that he actually ranked 70th.

No more words, Qin Yi prompted the left hand of the Tian Demon, elicited the sensation of spiritual power, and covered the range of about 15,000 square feet, all in.

Everything in this range can't escape his senses of power.

“Indeed, within this range of fifteen thousand, I found two trainers. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly.

At some point.

Qin Yi's eyes were bright again.

Because in his range of spiritual perception, a familiar shadow appeared suddenly, then the shadow flashed and disappeared directly in place.

Next moment.

The shadow of the shadow has risen in front of Qin Yi's eyes. The delicate little face bears a strong joy: “Oh, Qin Yi, I finally found you. ”

The visitor is a woman in a red robe with a beautiful face. She is truly a flaming woman.

Looking at Mai Mai, Qin Yi is also a delight. She naturally pulled up Mai Mai's white hands: “Mai Mai, how did you find us so quickly? ”

Femme Yan snuggled on Qin Yi, and the two large ones in front of her chest slowly pressed Qin Yi's arm.

It feels so good!

With the two huge flaming ladies, slowly pressed up, Qin Yi's heart, slightly shaken, just felt refreshed for a moment.

“I have Lingwu, and naturally I can easily grasp your whereabouts. As soon as you enter this central area, I discover you and I come. ”

Femme Femme smiled shallow and met Qin Yi again. Her heart was also extremely happy. Then, she looked at the extremely beautiful eyes and looked at the dragon flame beside her: “Who is this? ”

“My name is Long Yan, and I am Qin Yi's living and dead brother. Hey, I heard Qin Yi say that your cultivation, but it has broken into the imperial three realms. ”

Dragonflame looked at Femme Blanc and smiled, revealing a white tooth, at the same time, in her eyes, there had been a gradual surge of war.

“Dragon Flame, the dragon flame that was recently successfully promoted to Divine Defense. ”

Femme Yan smiled shallow, and she didn't think she was willing to fight Dragon Flame.

Based on the current fix of dragon flame, if challenging her, the chance of winning is zero!

“Mai Ma, don't underestimate the dragon flame. He is the reincarnation of an ancient emperor with an incredible legacy. ”

Touched his nose, Qin Yi said faintly.


Femme Femme flashed slightly. She couldn't help but look at the dragon flame and soften her head: “No wonder this promotion of Tingwei, the second person who succeeded in promoting to Shenwei, has a great chance. However, with your current fix, you have to successfully break through the central ladder and enter the second floor, only to fear that it is unlikely. ”

“You misunderstand, I don't want to go to the second level, I just came to have a lively time, by the way, to see if I can meet one or two divine guards, challenge them, improve my ranking in the divine guard rankings. ”

Dragon flame is very straightforward, the speech room, the battle spirit in the eyes, a little thicker.

“Mai Ma, tell me about the central ladder. What's going on? There seems to be a lot of cultivators here. Why not break through the central ladder? ”

Qin Yi said to Feiniang Yan.

The dragon flame beside her is also curious to look to the flaming lady.

Touching her full forehead, Maiden said: "White tiger will only fight three times per round, and every round must be at least 40 days apart to accept the second round of challenge. A month ago, White tiger has accepted the second round of challenge. ”

A month ago, the White Tiger had accepted a round of challenges!

Qin Yi frowned slightly. He sighed slightly. "So the challenge 20 days ago was whether there was a nine-tailed blue fox. ”

In terms of time, a month ago, it was just buzzing lonely and they came here to challenge.

“How do you know? ”

Femme Flame is a confused question to Qin Yi.

“In the past, when our soldiers split the two roads, I went to the graveyard city to rescue them, they were the lonely ones...”

Things between Qin Yi and Bu Lonely Qing and them, briefly say.

Femme Femme nodded. “I did hear that a month ago, there was a nine-tailed blue fox in the round, followed by three tricks from the white tiger, and then led a group of people to the second level. It is said that only the nine-tailed blue fox broke through in the round, and the other two failed to break through customs. ”

Luckily, Buzzing Lonely Blue they did make it through customs, the Blue Fox tribe totem, no disappointment.

Qin Yi relieved herself.

“By the way, Mai Mai, you said that the nine-tailed blue fox, after the next three tricks of the white tiger, led a group of people to the second level. In other words, as long as one person successfully breaks through customs, can one lead a certain number of them to the second level? ”

Qin Yi asked.

Femme nodded: “Yes, according to the rules of this magical mausoleum, the first floor enters the second floor, and the successful traffickers can lead no more than four people to the second floor...

“The second floor enters the third floor and the successful customs broker can lead no more than three people to the third…

“The third floor enters the fourth floor, the successful customs broker can lead no more than two people to the fourth floor…

“The fourth floor enters the fifth floor, the successful customs broker can lead no more than one person to the fifth floor…

“To get out of the fifth floor is not to take anyone with you and put all your strength into it. ”