The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1051: Knowing the Truth

Qin Yi and the dragon flames up.

In fact, on the first four floors, it doesn't make much sense for people to be carried to higher levels, because on the fifth floor, they still have to break out on their own.

And when you're not strong enough, going to a higher level is not necessarily a wise choice, and it could be worse.

At first, they were lonely, there were more than a dozen people, and Zhaoxue Jiu merged into a nine-tailed blue fox, counting as one, and the lonely blue one. In other words, after the success of the nine-tailed blue fox intrusion, some ethnic groups were abandoned, and only led the lonely blue and the other three ethnic groups into the second floor.

Obviously, what a difficult choice it would have been to abandon others in the first place.

There's no way, this mausoleum, it's so cruel.

And like Qin Yi, Fei Mei Mai and Long Yan, by then, if one person successfully breaks through customs, he can lead the other two people to the second floor together.

In other words, by then, as long as Qin Yi or Feiniang successfully broke through the customs, as soon as he had just entered the Dragon Flame of the Divine Mausoleum, he was given the opportunity to enter the second level.

“Dragon flame, when I or Mei Mai will succeed, will you come with us to the second floor or stay here on the first floor? ”

Qin Yiwang turned to Long Yan, leaving the choice to himself.

Dragonflame sighed for a moment, "I'd rather stay here on the first floor. First, with my current strength, I'm afraid I'll drag you back...

“Secondly, if I am correct in my guess, the next person to be promoted to Divine Defense should be Yang Shiqi, but Yang Shiqi is your lover. I will wait here for her to come in, and then I will also take care of her. Don't forget, Yang Shiqi and I are disciples of the master. ”

Looking at the handsome face of Dragonflame, Qin Yi's heart bred a touch.

With the dragon flame, how can entering the second level drag yourself back with Femme Flame? He can't help but go crazy every day.

Therefore, he chose to stay on the first floor, mainly wanted to wait here for Yang Shiqi to come in, just take care of her.

Qin Yi didn't say much, just went forward and gave Dragonflame a bear hug.

The flaming woman beside her eyes also passed a strange light. She felt that Qin Yi's fraternity with Dragon Flame was deeper than she thought.


Right now.

A giant fireball, coming from the sky, toward the three of them, at great speed, is a spiritual whale.

Maiden stretched out her jade arm, summoned Lingwu here, elicited a little spiritual awareness, penetrated Lingwu's eyes, and browsed the images it had ingested.

“We are now about 500 kilometers from the central ladder, less blood witches and flames, about 200 kilometers north of us. Zuo Minghua, 300 km ahead of us, closest to the central ladder..."

Through Lingwu, Yanmei took the position of all the strong around her as if she knew it: “In our east, there are two men and women who look remarkable, women in robes... hmm? She's the ancestor of the phoenix! And that man, is the ancestor of Wan Jianzong's Wan Jian...”

- What? - What?

Ancestor Phoenix and Ancestor Wan Sword have also entered this demonic mausoleum!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi was also stunned.

For both of them, they were both present when they fought for the blood of the Emperor in the old days in the ruined battlefield.

The ultimate beneficiary of that battle between the Great Emperor's bloodline was Qin Yi.

Unexpectedly, many years later, we met them again in this magical mausoleum.

Both of them, though, are not simple. In the old days, their strength was only slightly inferior to the protection of “heavenly corpses” in the ruined battlefield. Today, they have mixed so many years in this demonic mausoleum, there should be a breakthrough.

“In addition to this, there are other practitioners, who are not weak in appearance and strength...”

Maiden Yan has always told Qin Yi the exact location of the person who intends to break through the central ladder, so that he has a general understanding.

At the end of the day, Maiden Yan said: “It is now five days before the second round, the blood ghost will surely take advantage of the massacre, we must be ready, Qin Yi, shall we complete the Yin Yang Formation? ”

“Five days to go, I'm afraid it's too late. ”

Qin Yi sighed and exhaled softly: “In case our Yin and Yang maps haven't been cultivated yet, the second round of crossing has already begun. By then, this must be a big mess, we are afraid of unexpected trouble. ”

Originally in the Yan tribe, they were able, in just a few days, to draw the Yin and Yang maps out of three spaces, because there were Yao pointing aside.

Now that Yao is not around, they will practice at least twice as slowly and will not be able to complete their training before they break through customs.

“If that's the case, then we'll have to be careful with the blood ghosts and them, as well as Zuo Minghua. ”

Femme Nodded.

“Zuo Minghua? ”

Qin Yi frowned: “Why be careful of him? ”

Qin Yi remembered that Zuo Minghua had only recently entered the mausoleum of the Divine Demon Garden, and his strength, rather horrible, was ranked 54th in the rankings of the Divine Guard.

"Zhuo Minghua, in fact, was sent by Qianqiushui to kill both of us. When I went to kill the blood ghost, Zhuo Minghua later appeared and joined the battle, forming a situation where the three of us held each other hostage. ”


Qin Yi smiled slightly. He smiled helplessly. Qian Qiushui really made him do everything in his power to put himself to death.

Dragon flame beside him, some surprised look at Qin Yi and Fei Mei Ma: “Zuo Minghua, isn't he also the divine guardian of the Kyushu Holy See, why did he kill you? And that Qiushui..."

Dragonflame knows nothing about the situation of Qin Yi in the Holy See of Kyushu.

Qin Yi roughly told him about his situation in the Holy See in Kyushu.

Dragon flame listen, the breasts of a fierce rise and fall, the face is full of shock and anger: “It's such an asshole, they've been chasing you in the dark. When I'm strong enough, I must kill the high ecclesial mountain of the Kyushu Holy See and turn it upside down! ”

He was born to be the Lord of good things. He couldn't resist chaos!

Qin Yi couldn't help but smile.

“Dragonflame, aren't you trying to challenge the other gods? I'll tell you where a god guard is now. ”

Maiden looked at the dragon flame: “About 100 kilometers ahead of us, a group of practitioners gathered, one of them, the divine guardian of the Kyushu Holy See, called Cornham. If you are sure, go challenge him. ”

Kangwahan, in the rankings of Shenwei, once ranked 73rd, ranked higher than Sun Twilight Gang, only later, challenged Qin Yi to fail, falling to 78th place.

“Conwalham! ”

Dragon flame just angered his face, instantly, became a little excited again, licked his lips: “Okay, I'm going to challenge him, you wait for me. ”

Yan Bi, he took out the silver gun, pulled out his body and turned into a silver flash. A few blinks, he disappeared into the eyes of Qin Yi and Feiniang.

The show stared slightly at the direction in which the dragon flame disappeared, and Maiden said: "Qin Yi, do you think your brother is confident that he will defeat Cornham and win the 73rd place? ”

101st, 73rd, the whole phase is dozens of places apart!

“If it wasn't an accident and we beat Cornham, the problem of dragon flame shouldn't be too great. ”

Qin Yi nodded without false thought.

He still has some confidence in the power of fighting Dragonflame.

Don't forget, Dragon Flame, is the reincarnation of the Great Dragon Emperor of Immortal Antiquity. The Dragon of War lineage in the body has long been activated by half, and has been cultivated into the "Dragon of War Model 8".

“You have a lot of confidence in Dragon Flame. ”

Femme Yan opened her mouth slightly stunned, twirling, and in her extremely beautiful eyes, she gently raised a fog, her eyes glanced straight at Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, Long Yan has gone to the fierce battle, so should we also fight hard? ”


Let's have a good fight!

Qin Yi was stunned and stared confused at Mai Mai: “Mai Mai, don't be ridiculous, we are well, what is the fierce war? ”

Fei Fei Mai, however, was under a style of mobile dress, two sexy long legs came to Qin Yi's face, and then stretched out two white snake-like delicate arms, caught Qin Yi's eyes, with the chest facing Qin Yi's chest, slowly pressed on, even intentionally on top, swept.

That wonderful touch made Qin Yi beat a spiritual spirit, over his belly, a rather shameless evil fire, soaring.

The flaming lady in her arms was the one who had gently lifted up the delicate toe, full of soft glamour red lips, on Qin Yi's big mouth, gently, both cheeks, gently appeared two smudged red, raised a clean eye curtain and looked at Qin Yi, and drowned in shame: “Pig, between us, naturally there can be no general fierce battle, I mean, special fierce battle. ”

Special fierce battle!

Qin Yi blinked and became more confused: “What special fierce battle? ”

Seeing Qin Yi's face confused, Femme Flame is still angry and funny. Does this pig really not understand or pretend not to move?

“It's the kind of... fierce war between a man and a woman! ”

Maiden's cheeks on both sides, already shy red can almost strangle out the water, dead buried on Qin Yi's chest, the flat belly below, began to move, on someone's “artifact”, quietly gentle friction rubbing.

- What? - What?

The kind of fierce battle between men and women!

Qin Yi was stunned, suddenly enlightened. The “artifact” below has been under the gentle friction of Feminine's belly. He stood up quite shamefully and cruelly against Feminine's belly.

Feel the angry “artifact”, the delicate body of the flaming lady becomes dry and hot, and there is a bit of weakness around her.

“Puff, puck, puck, puck, puck, puck, puck, puck, puck, puck, puck. Say so euphemistically. ”

Qin Yiqiang withstood the evil fire on his belly and smiled slightly.