The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1063: One's Own Power

“Spray!” “Spray!” “Spray! ” ……

Qin Yi stood proudly there, manipulating the hands of the “world of annihilation”, one hand after the other, the blood Holy Ghost Wolf, just rushed up, was beaten down by the other.

The whole massive stone step, for a moment, there was no sound other than the huge noise shot by Qin Yi, who constantly carried out the hand of "the heavenly annihilation of all beings”.

“Oh, my God, what martial arts is this? That clasp stamp can actually reach over a thousand lengths. ”

Ancestral phoenix returns to God, with two large seats of considerable size on their chests, a violent landing and landing, shaking a beautiful ripple.

As an antique that lived tens of thousands of years, this is the first time she's seen such an exciting scene.

“Yeah, this Qin Yi, this time, really shocked me completely. ”

Ancestor Wan Sword sighed too.

“Oh, this boy, who has practiced the hand of the ‘Undead' so powerful, is incredible. ”

A flaming woman in a red robe touched her forehead and looked above her. She stood proudly like an angel. By herself, Qin Yi held all the blood holy ghost wolves together. That beauty reached the ultimate, obsessed with her eyes.

The blade around him, the blade on his face, revealed a thick and horrifying color: “It's really... rare to see! ”

All the practitioners who broke through the ladder, including Nanmen Qing and others who had fought with Qin Yi wildly before, stood there staring far away at Qin Yi, slapping him.

In their hearts, for a moment, they were delicate.

All practitioners breaking through the ladder here, each other, are enemies, but now Qin Yi obviously saved everyone.

If it weren't for him, hold over a hundred bloody hyena wolves, they would rush all the way down like a flood, and ask who could resist?

By then, these bloody ghost wolves will sweep the entire central ladder with the autumn wind, and the cultivators who will survive will, for the most part, suffer the fate of being devoured.

“Ha ha, such a scenario, when you really admire the eyes, you deserve to be my dragon flame brother! ”

Below, the dragon flame has not yet rushed to much height, looking up at the top, that continuous shot of the golden palm prints, after stunned, suddenly laughed.

“A golden palm prints out, and all the blood of the Holy Ghost Wolf, it's all made up. Shit, you're so handsome! ”

“I didn't expect that the man named Qin Yi would save everyone. He's a savior! ”

“The point is, aren't all the other ramp practitioners his enemies? I don't think so. If it were me, I'd just be afraid to find a way to protect myself. The other practitioners, the Blood Holy Ghost Wolf, swallowed as much as they wanted, and even the more they swallowed, the happier I was. ”

“That's the difference between a male god and a scum man! ”

“I don't think that's the point. The point is, my sister suddenly remembers that he looks awesome! ”

“If I could put him to sleep, my sister would wake up in her dreams, hip-hop...”

“ …… ”

Other practitioners, too, are arguing.

Obviously, a lot of these voices came from idiots.

At the upper end of the central ladder, blood ghost, low flame, bamboo hearts, and two other practitioners, stood high and saw Qin Yi below, with his own strength, all the blood ghost wolves, all restrained, blood ghost and other people mouth, all violently sucked, and a strong defilement appeared on his face.

Only Bamboo Heavenly, quietly staring down, Qin Yi like an angel, in the show eyes, hidden obsession, that gently ups and downs huge chest vessel, showing her at this moment, heart extremely uneasy.

The two practitioners who followed them through the central ladder were the two most powerful ones selected from the group of practitioners they had previously recruited.

The names of these two men are: Thor Yongzhen and Sima Jinkong.

Among them, Thor Yongzhen is a young man in a white robe with a similar rhythm to Qianqiu water. He looks a little handsome and looks a little devilish, all over his body, suddenly wearing a cloud of shade, but not as shady as Qianqiu water.

Sima Jinkong, on the other hand, is a very ordinary middle-aged man, wearing a grey robe, with nothing distinctive about his face, difficult to attract attention.

They are five people, apparently, and in fact they are far more than that, because they have blood jade paintings.

It can be said that this time they broke through the central ladder, they skilfully avoided the rules and occupied an absolute advantage. If they were based on their strength, they seemed to be five, in fact, they were afraid of more than 50 people!

However, despite taking such great advantage, the situation in front of them still broke their hearts.

More than 100 head of blood Holy Ghost Wolf, from the current scenario, not even a fart effect, was suppressed by Qin Yi alone!

“Damn, I guess I'm wrong about this kid Qin Yi! ”

Few flaming breasts, a fierce rise and fall, the qi desolation: “I thought that all those on this central ladder were enemies of each other, in this case, the boy would only seek self-defense, ignore this group of blood Holy Ghost Wolves, and eat other practitioners wildly, who thought, he still struck that messy gold palm print! ”

“What, did Qin Yi's boy show this golden palm print before? ”

The blood ghost turned his face and asked less coldly about the flames.

“Yes, Father. ”

Yan Xiao nodded: “In the past, Qin Yi and Sister Zhu Xinyang came to kill us while practicing Xuan Yue Yin Yang spell. At that time, he made this move, suppressing all blood Holy Ghost Wolf, even a lot of blood Holy Ghost Wolf, was scattered directly by him. Fortunately, later, I and Sister Zhu Xinyang succeeded in practicing Xuan Yue Yin Yang spell, eventually killing him back. Otherwise, we would have died under this kid's rifle.

So that's it!

The blood ghost nodded and paused. "Let's sacrifice the Yin and Yang curse of the Xuan Moon, kill Qin Yi first, then carry out a mad massacre of the practitioners here! ”


In the sparsely flamed eyes, a brutal colour swept past.

In the heart of Yan Zhu Xin, however, he eventually stood on the stone steps side by side with Yan Xiao.

Both hands still bear extremely complex and strange fingerprints, reciting obscure ancient spells in their mouths.

Below Qin Yi, although in the manipulation of "the hands of the heavenly creatures”, he constantly beat the blood of the Holy Ghost Wolf, and his powerful spiritual perception is to always cover the whole central ladder, all the movements here, he perceived the truth.

When he perceived the action of less flame and more flaming bamboo, Qin Yi's heart cried out: No, these two, the Yin and Yang curse of the Xuan Moon is about to be cast!

This is the last scene he wants to see!

The power of the Yin and Yang spell of the Xuan Moon, he has taught before, basically nobody here can resist the ancient sorcery inherited from this ancient blood witch.

Unless these practitioners are able to join forces and fight together.

However, once these people join forces against the Yin and Yang curse of Xuan Yue, the Blood Ghost and the other two practitioners will take advantage of the opportunity to kill again!

It's a dead end in itself!

Qin Yi's previous plan was to quickly kill Yan Xiao and Yan Zhuxin, even if one of them was killed, it would be fine.

Who thinks they'll summon the Bleeding Holy Ghost Wolf one step at a time, and then cast the Yin and Yang spell of the Xuan Moon.

Now, it's impossible for them to rush up and kill Little Flame and Xin Bamboo, because there's a lot of blood between them, Holy Ghost Wolves, and one of their own hands.

Beast soul map!

Qin Yi's heart was burning. At some point, he suddenly remembered this magic treasure in his brain. He hurriedly turned his face and yelled at Mai Mai: “Mai Mai, Few Flames and Bamboo Xin are casting the Yin and Yang spell of the Xuan Moon. Hurry up and release the seven spiritual whales on the way to the beast's soul to see if they can haunt them both. ”

The power of Lingwu, though not strong, prevails over the number, there are exactly seven, and there is immortality.

Fei Fei dared not be slightly lazy. She turned her hands and took out the map of the beast and suddenly showed it.

“Pfft!” “Pfft!” “Pfft! ” ……

Seven spiritual whales, immediately in the soul map of the beast, rushed out.

This descendant of Jin Wu, perhaps because of its great ability to fly, since it directly broke through the central ladder, the space gravity and spatial resistance existed and turned into seven giant firebirds, over the bloody Holy Ghost Wolf, swept past, under the control of Femme Femme Femme, the speedy slaughter to the Yin and Yang curse of Xuan Yue is being carried out with little flame and bamboo.


Seven spiritual whales, whistling, wide wings and hard work, turned into seven flames, between them, smashed over the flames and bamboo hearts.

Before the blood ghost and others reacted, there were already two ghosts, and they opened their claws. Suddenly, they grabbed Xin Yan and Xin Yan Zhu, and they had to fly under the central ladder.

“Bastard! ”

The blood ghost was furious, a pair of blood arms probed out at great speed, indefinitely extended, instantly grabbed the two spiritual whales, and grabbed them hard. The two spiritual whales were suddenly scratched by them, and turned into a spark of heaven.

Few people fell on the stone steps, and the wolf was overwhelmed.

Only in the next moment, the two scratched spiritual whales quickly regrouped, intact.

And the remaining five spiritual whales, towards the stone steps of less flame and sweetness, quickly slaughtered down, the five spiritual whales of ten wings, like ten sharp knives of war, at the same time crushed down.

Few flames and bamboo hearts are shocked, hurrying to score quickly on both sides.


The wings of the five spiritual whales were simultaneously cut over the stone steps, and the whole central ladder was shaking.

“Goddamn it, is this the soul map of our flaming tribe? ”

Looking at the seven immortal ghosts, the blood ghosts roared and the heart broke into pieces.

Veterinary soul maps, which were theirs, who wanted them, are now attacking them in reverse!