The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1065: Disorganized space-time

Soon, the six Qin Yi people, also came outside the last 300 stone steps.

Blood ghosts, low flames, etc., immediately cast a hateful look at Qin Yi several people.

“Do you want to fight again? ”

Femme shrugged her delicate shoulders: “Obviously, this idea is rather unwise. First of all, you may not have been able to massacre us, and we can even prevail...

“Secondly, the top of the central ladder is already in front of us, and it would be a clear pity to see who unfortunately died in battle. ”

Less blood and ghosts want to slay hard, but they have to admit, Maiden said, quite plausibly, kill each other here, one careless person will lose all his credit.

After taking a few deep breaths, the blood ghost and others were forced to suppress the fierce anger in their chests.

Qin Yi ignored several blood ghosts. He just stared at Zuo Minghua, frowned and pondered for a moment. He said: "This last 300 levels of stone steps seems to be a single time and space. We stand here, but Zuo Minghua has no sense. ”


That makes sense!

Everyone here can't help but notice.

Even the blood ghosts and others not far away looked at Qin Yi from a rather unexpected distance and then listened carefully.

“Moreover, while we were still in the more than 2,000 stone steps, I noticed that Zuo Minghua had killed Dongguoyuan and entered the 300 stone steps. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and said: “That is, Zuo Minghua has been entering this 300-story stone step for a long time. However, with the strength of Zuo Minghua, even if it is difficult to walk, at this moment he should be finished walking, but why is he still struggling on these 300 stone steps? ”

Rumor has it, for a while, the people present are there, facing each other.

“Is the space resistance and space gravity present in this last 300 storeys of stone suddenly become enormous, Zuo Minghua is not strong enough to break through these two forces, but has been stuck here? ”

The elegant, endless phoenix ancestors, frowned.

“This should not be the case. ”

Femme in a red robe, habitually touched her forehead, said: “Zuo Minghua, the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, is actually ranked 54th on the ranking of divine guards. If even he can't break through these two forces, few people are afraid to break through these two forces...

“However, it is clear that there were many practitioners who passed the last 300 stone steps, and do not forget that the practitioners of this mausoleum, above it, will pass through here. ”

Rumor has it that everyone nods and feels justified.

A few blood ghosts not far away are silent and continue to listen carefully to each other.

“Is it possible that a practitioner who steps on these 300 stone steps will disappear in an instant and become an ordinary person, an ordinary person, who is naturally difficult to break through these 300 stone steps? Remember, there are two forces of space gravity and space resistance. ”

Ancestor Wan Jianzu interjected.

Fixing will disappear in a flash?

Everyone here was shocked, and their subconscious took a step backwards, looking with some vigilance at the 300 layers of stone ahead.

However, just at this moment, a strange scene occurred, only to see that the struggling Zhuo Minghua was on the 300-story stone steps, suddenly disappearing.

Everyone was stunned but surprised to find that Zuo Minghua was already standing not far from them.

He was somehow sent out of the 300 stone steps.

“Hmm? You're all up here! ”

Not far away from Qin Yi and others, as well as the blood ghost, Zuo Minghua's eyes stirred and his face showed vigilance.

“Now, at the top of the central ladder, right in front of us, I don't think we should be killing each other right now, in order to avoid everyone losing their lives. ”

He glanced faintly at Zuo Minghua, Qin Yi Xu Xu said.

Zuo Minghua, was sent by Qian Qiushui to kill herself and Yan Meihua. This person left, after all, is a scourge, but obviously, if it is done at this time, it will not benefit anyone. Qin Yi can only suppress the thought of Zuo Minghua by force.

“At this point, this seat agrees with Qin Yi. ”

Blood ghost not far away, coldly said.

His voice, always sharp, had to be made by humans, and it sounded rather uncomfortable.

“Well, since both of you have reached a consensus, I don't have much to say. ”

Zuo Minghua said coldly.

In fact, in the present situation, the strength of the three parties, he is the weakest.

On Qin Yi's side, there are now six top experts.

Blood ghosts, there are five of them.

He's the only one who can do it alone. He can't help it.

“The top three, are they all here? ”

A loud voice suddenly came from the top of the central ladder, deafening.

The people present, hurriedly looking up, saw only one white tiger like a mountain, sometime already there, two dish-sized tigers, sleeping eyes, seemed to wake up in a big dream.

With the emergence of the White Tiger, an invisible pressure, was instantly suppressed, so that everyone present felt like they couldn't break through.

Really strong!

People sigh in their hearts.

“These 300 stone steps, you can't break through without my permission, because the time and space on these 300 stone steps, they're confusing, you look at the top of the central staircase, right in front of you, but in fact, most likely, in another time and space, you'll never get there. ”

White tiger said.

As Qin Yi had originally guessed, the 300 storey stone steps in front of him were not in the same time and space as they were, which was a messy time and space.


“Can you understand the messy space-time? ”

White Tiger blinked a huge pair of tigers: “It's time and space, they're all confused. Let me first explain the time of confusion, is that the time flow rate on you may be normal, while the time flow rate on the opponent is ten times faster than you...

“Well, in this case, your opponent, it's easy to attack you, because he's ten times faster than you, which means he's ten times faster than you. Do you think this is fun? ”

Looking at White Tiger's already squeezed eyes and slightly raised corners of his mouth, everyone in the room was forced to “chirp” and create a bad feeling.

This white tiger, what are you doing?

“Next, I'm going to explain to you a little bit more about the messy space. ”

White Tiger went on to say: "The confused space, that is, your opponent seems to be right in front of you, but most likely, he and you are not in a space, so you can't attack him, or your opponent will be in front of you, suddenly disappear, or you can't attack your opponent, but your opponent is able to attack you, because you are in a space, you can't reach your opponent's space, and your opponent's space, but you can reach your space...

“You think that's funny? Answer me, it's only funny, it's not funny! ”


This white tiger, is it the monkey who invited you?

The people present, for a moment, were stuck inside each other. Where is this white tiger of one of the four great beasts? It is clearly a young tiger with a sexual greed!

At the same time, that ominous hunch grew stronger in people's hearts.

“What, you don't want to go to the second floor? Answer me, will you? ”

You can see people standing there staring at each other. White Tiger's eyes turned upside down: “Again, just answer funny, don't answer funny. If the answer is not fun, it will be sent directly to the foot of the central ladder. ”

“Fun! ”

Everyone nodded bitterly.

Can you answer that?

The white tiger guarding this mausoleum is obviously the monkey's comedy!

“Very good!”

White Tiger's mouth, raised vigorously, his eyes have squinted into one place: “Now that you all agree that it's fun, go into this messy space and have fun. ”


Get into this messy space and have fun!

Everyone in the room was staring.

Even women like Meizu Yan and Ancestor Phoenix, at this moment, there are 10,000 grass horses running around: didn't you force us to answer the funny question?!

White Tiger continued to sneer: “You don't need to go into all the messy spaces. There are too many people, too messy, I can't appreciate it, so one or three of you just have to send one representative to go into the messy spaces...

“In this messy time, you can beat whoever you like. Starting with your delegates entering the chaotic space-time, after one hour, this chaotic space-time will automatically disappear. All right, you guys take your time, send someone into the mess. ”

Everyone here is laughing, angry, helpless.

Obviously, practitioners who used to go through the central ladder to the second floor must have experienced this.

However, Qin Yi also implicitly felt that White Tiger should do this for a different purpose, just because it's not purely fun.

But what exactly is the purpose of the White Tiger doing this?

For a while, Qin Yi couldn't speculate.

“Let me go into the chaotic spaces, of these people, I am the highest, and I have the map of the beast with the jade. ”

Femme Yan only slightly sighed, smiling shallow at Qin Yi, Ancestor Phoenix and others.

Of those five, Ancestor Phoenix and Ancestor Wan Sword, though ancient antiques, were repaired, but only in the late imperial realm.

Yuwengong Yang, is lower, only in the middle of the imperial realm.

Qin Yi is the bottom of the mat, only Emperor Dao Mid Realm.

“Mai Mai, in this messy time and space, your animal soul map and jade statue, just don't think it's going to work. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and looked at Maiden Yan with a smile: “So let me go inside. I have the earthly seeds, the assisted martial arts of" The Arts of Destiny ", also infinitely close to the successful realm, the most resistant. ”

After entering the chaotic space-time scene, it is perfectly conceivable that the representatives of the three parties, if given a chance, will launch a fierce attack on the other two.

According to the nature of disorganized space-time, the opponent can attack himself, but not necessarily the opponent, so in this case, physical defense is the only way to go.