The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1072: Qin Yi Appears

The blood ghost was pouring with blood. He glanced at Qin Yi and Zuo Minghua and saw the scene between them. He immediately understood what was going on and sighed again with regret.

“Why is this...”

Zuo Minghua's mouth, violently smoked.

You can kill Qin Yi by sight, but at the last critical moment, the time is up.

How angry and unhappy his heart is at this moment, as you can imagine.

“Why is there so much? There's only one explanation: this is a world of dog blood! ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.


Zuo Minghua suddenly raised the sky roaring, blue hair full of hair, all roots upside down, face became frightening.

He felt his chest almost burst open: "Your sister, I was in this bloody world, playing with myself! ”

“You're going to kill yourselves. That's fun! ”

At the top of the central ladder, the two tiger eyes of the white tiger squinted together, and the corner of your mouth curled up violently, making it look extremely pleasant: “Well, you performed in a messy time and space, it was wonderful, and I was happy to see it, so give each of you a chance to challenge me, come on up. ”

Zuo Minghua could only bring anger and unwillingness into full cavity, forcibly suppressed it, put away the war knife, stared at Qin Yi severely, and then walked straight to the top of the central ladder.

“Let's go up too. ”

Qin Yi waved to the four women below, Ancestor Phoenix, Ancestor Wan Jian and Yuwengong Yang.

The top of the central ladder is incredibly wide.

The guardian beast of this mausoleum, the white tiger, is like a mountain, lying quietly there, smiling and looking at the people.

On the chest of Zuo Minghua, there is still a blood hole, blood continues to pour out, the appearance looks extremely harsh.

His face was shady and terrible. He looked into Qin Yi's eyes and lit a fierce fire of hatred.

And the blood ghost, dozens of gun holes previously stabbed out by Qin Yi, at this time, has all healed, leaving no trace, this healing speed, when it is really annoying.

However, although the wound on his body has healed, the trauma of his heart, fearing that Eternal Life will be difficult to heal, his dead stare at Qin Yi's appearance, knew that he was reluctant to jump directly on it and tear Qin Yi to pieces!

In this regard, Qin Yi shrugged his shoulders and did not care. Anyway, he and Zuo Minghua and the Blood Ghost were both dead enemies, and they did not mind hating themselves any more.

“Well, you three dialers are the first three to break through the ladder in this round. ”

The tiger eyes of the white tiger, on the faces of the people, Xu slowly swept: “The three people who entered the messy space-time before came up to challenge me, challenge the successful, you and your allies, will be sent to the second level of this demonic garden, challenge the losers, then you and your allies will be sent down the central ladder. Which of you came up first to challenge me? ”

Challenge the White Tiger, just follow its three moves and you will be eligible to enter the second level.

However, it is obviously not easy to take the three moves of the White Tiger, which can be judged only by looking at the body of the White Tiger.

“I'll be the first! ”

Zhuo Minghua in a robe, walked towards the white tiger.

Zhuo Minghua's strength, with the Blood Ghost part of Paradise.

Qin Yi, however, seems to be slightly weaker. Of course, that is without the implementation of Formula 7 of the Seven Devils.

Since the successful cultivation of the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, Qin Yi has not really implemented this formula. I don't know how powerful it is, what is it?


Zuo Minghua's figure disappeared, along with the white tiger.

“Obviously, the White Tiger manipulated a law formation, and they entered it. ”

Everyone in the room, it's all in their hearts.

Now, both Zuo Minghua and Bai Tiger have disappeared from sight. People cannot see the scene of their battle. They can only stand where they are and wait quietly.

Not yet.

Zuo Minghua and the figure of the white tiger, reappeared.

Zhuo Minghua's body, has torn open, the robes are all dyed red robes, it looks so fierce to the extreme.

His face, however, was clearly thrilled.

Even the presence of Zuo Minghua was torn apart by the three palms of the white tiger. The power of the three palms of the white tiger is terrifying, imaginable.

Everyone in the room blinked and sighed in their hearts.

However, this is entirely in Qin Yi's expectations and Fei Fei's expectations. Don't forget, Zuo Minghua's strength, ranked 54th in the rankings of Shen Wei, if he can't even challenge success, then damn it.

“Zuo Minghua, challenging me to succeed, will qualify for the second level. ”

White Tiger announced.


Zuo Minghua raised his head proudly.

Although White Tiger's three palms cracked his torso and nearly fell, he eventually stopped and held the ticket to the second level in his hand, it was worth it!

Then, the white tiger looked at Qin Yi and the blood ghost. "Where are you two? Who's going to challenge me first? ”

“Come here! ”

The sound of the white tiger just fell, and the blood ghost stepped out and said.

The greatest advantage of the Blood Ghost is having an incredible physical defense, which is already infinitely close to immortality, best suited for challenging the White Tiger.

In the eyes of all, the bloody ghost walked toward the white tiger.

When he walked into the thirty husbands of the white tiger, the blood ghost and the white tiger suddenly disappeared in the sight of the people at the same time.

Obviously, blood ghosts entered a legal formation with the White Tiger, as they did in the previous Left Minghua Challenge.

The scenes of their fighting remain invisible to all.

Soon after, the blood ghost and the white tiger appeared again in the eyes of the people.

At first glance, there are signs of tortoises on only the bloody ghost, and it looks quite grim.

However, those tortoised wounds on the bloody ghost are healing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“The physique of blood ghosts is certainly comparable to that of non-ordinary practitioners. ”

Looking at the blood ghost, that rapidly healing tortoise crack wound, Qin Yi and others all sighed.

In this case, the blood ghost will be able to completely break through the immortal realm in no time.

Qin Yi and Yanmei in the crowd looked at each other. In each other's eyes, it was a hidden passing.

Obviously, at this moment in their minds, they all have the same idea: when they reach the second level, they must do everything possible to kill it, and once he has grown to immortality, it will be an extraordinary disaster for the entire cultivation world.

“The Blood Ghost, followed by my three palms, qualified to enter the second level. ”

White Tiger announced.

“Ha ha, great! ”

As White Tiger announced this result, Few Flames, Thor Yongzhen and Sima Jinkong all cheered, and their faces showed strong joy.

And they were beside them, wearing green robes, the pair of two seats of considerable size in the chest, also a slight rise and fall, a beautiful little face, a delightful shallow smile.

Although, all along, her heart was suddenly disgusted by the lack of blood ghosts, she was quite happy to be able to enter the second level of the mausoleum.

“Qin Yi, it's your turn. ”

The tiger's eyes of the white tiger looked to Qin Yi.

“Qin Yi, if you can get to the second level, it will depend on you. Come out with your strongest strength, you will succeed. ”

Maiden lifted her little white hand and gently held Qin Yi's cheek, smiling at Qin Yi.

On the other hand, the Phoenix ancestors, Wan Jian ancestors and Yuwengong Yang on the side, that look to Qin Yi, are also full of expectations.

“Qin Yi, I also hope you can succeed. Our accounts are not yet settled. ”

A cold voice, sounding slowly from side to side.

This speaker, Horan, is Zuo Minghua.

Zuo Minghua entered this mausoleum for the purpose of being ordered by Qian Qiushui to kill Qin Yi. Now, instead of killing Qin Yi, he was badly shot by him in a time of confusion. How could he be so relieved?

“Qin Yi, I also hope you can succeed, because the accounts between us are not yet settled. ”

The blood ghost on the other side, also cold, said that his voice, always sharp as metal rubbing against each other, sounded extremely painful.

“Well, I also feel that the bill between me and you is not yet settled. ”

Qin Yi glanced, sweeping Zuo Minghua and the blood ghost, respectively, said faintly.

Spin him without further delay, walking the meteor toward the white tiger in front.

The scene, like the previous Zuo Minghua and the blood ghost, when Qin Yi walked within thirty years of Bai Tiger, surrounded by a sudden and intense ancient airflow.

Qin Yi's subconscious glance revealed that Femme Yan and others had disappeared.

He found himself in a blank space, in the air, hidden with an amazing smell.

Obviously, this is a battlefield, and so far, countless practitioners have entered it to challenge the White Tiger.

Some of these challengers are better, have succeeded, have reached the higher level of this mausoleum, and some have even escaped from poverty, such as Luo Feng, Qiushui and others.

There have also been a number of challenges that have failed, and they have continued to remain on the first floor of this mausoleum, or have been killed directly by the White Tiger.

“Qin Yi, according to the regulations, you will only succeed in the challenge if you take me to the third palm. You will be eligible to enter the second level. ”

Bai Hu's body was like a mountain, appeared in front of Qin Yi, looked down and said with a smile: “All three palms, I will do my best. If you are killed by me, you can only blame yourself for not fixing it enough. Now, if you give up the challenge, it is still time, I will send you and your allies down the central ladder. ”

“Since it took so much effort to compete for the top three, I certainly won't give up easily. ”

Qin Yi smiled lightly.