The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1076: The Pursuit of Hell's Messengers

Without delay, the two men immediately arrived in a wide open space, took out their weapons and began their training.

While they were still in the Yan tribe, they had succeeded in eliciting the three spaces contained in the Yin and Yang maps, so with the Yin and Yang maps, just after the exercise, they appeared three Qin Yi, and three Yan Fei.


Three Qin Yi and three Yanmei women, their shapes constantly staggered, a sword and shooting.

And under their feet, and over time, a huge picture of the yin and yang slowly emerged, and they stood on both sides of the yin and yang map, slowly rotating as the yin and yang map.

At this moment, Qin Yi and Yanmei are both in a wonderful state, as if the whole world, there is only one another left.

Time runs out...

Between winks, three days have passed.

However, Qin Yi and Yan Meiwen were still unable to lure the fourth space out.

Obviously, the further back you go, the more difficult it will be to extract space.

Moreover, they are now totally on their own, unable to obtain Yao's guidance.

And on that day, the first one came back.

When the two stopped practicing, Maiden protruded a white jade arm, and the spiritual whale swept in at great speed. Between the blinks, she turned into a three-legged bird and fell on Maiden's palm.

Femme Flame elicits a glimmer of spirituality and injects it into Lingwu's eyes, browsing through the images she has captured over the past three days.

“Mai Mai, how's it going? ”

Qin Yi asked curiously.

“The scene on this second level is very similar to that on the first level. There are a number of tomb towns and sects, and there are occasional mixed wars between them and plundering resources for cultivation. ”

Maiden said.

Qin Yi suddenly sighed in his heart. Every floor of this magical mausoleum is a terrible lunatic!

This Lingwu did not bring back truly valuable intelligence, but captured images of some graveyards, sects, and some practitioners fighting.

Next, Maiden Yan included this spiritual wu in the soul map of the beast, and then continued with Qin Yi to cultivate the yin and yang map.

Another day later, the second spirit returned.

Maiden Yan will spiritually penetrate Lingwu's eyes and browse the images he has ingested.

At a certain moment, the seductive sexy little mouth of Femme Flame lifted slightly to outline a delightful shallow smile.

Seeing her expression, Qin Yi Meiyu shouted: “What, got valuable information? ”


Femme nodded: “This ghost, the ghost of blood, has taken their picture. The ghost of blood, they entered from the western part of this second layer. It is a desert, and there is nothing but a fierce sand beast...

“Moreover, these sand beasts, a peculiar existence, to be clear, were sand gathered together, and even if they were killed, the blood ghost could not absorb any blood to grow him, and now, the blood ghost, several of them, trapped in the desert, was going crazy. Ha ha! ”


Qin Yi opened his mouth in dismay and blinked slightly.

Indeed, when the white tiger saw the nature of the bloody ghost, it was extremely evil, and at the same time the growth rate was incredibly fast, which was to crush them into a hole.

Day five.

The third Lingwu returns.

Like the first Ling Wu, Fei Mei saw only some images of the tomb town, the sect, and some practitioners fighting wildly in the eyes of this Ling Wu.

Day six.

The fourth Ling Wu returns.

“Zuo Minghua. ”

After browsing through the images captured in this spiritual eye, the flaming woman's shallow eyebrows slightly crept up.

“Found Zhuo Minghua? ”

Qin Yi's eyes couldn't help but shine: “Where is he? ”

“In the eastern part of the second floor, he seemed to have met a master, a teenager. Moreover, Zuo Minghua seemed to obey the juvenile's orders. ”

Maiden Yan said slowly.

A teenager!

Zuo Minghua still obeyed him!

Qin Yi sighed softly: “In the beginning, Bai Hua sent him to a place where the master was relatively dense, with the intention of frustrating his sharpness. Who thought, Zuo Minghua actually crossed these masters. ”

“This Zuo Minghua is also a bit talented. ”

Femme nodded, habitually touching her forehead, and said: “In such a short time, Zuo Minghua was able to meet the man, who, like us, was also the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, and who was also under Qiushui. ”

That makes sense!

Qin Yi concurred, "And Zuo Minghua will obey his orders, which means that he is stronger than Zuo Minghua. He ranks higher on the rankings of Shenwei than Zuo Minghua, and is afraid that he is already within 50 rankings.

Divine Guard ranked within 50 on the Divine Guard ranking list, how powerful, unimaginable!

“In the light of the current situation, we must act immediately. This Zuo Minghua is not stupid. Once he has made contact with more powerful people, our situation is seriously dangerous. ”

Femme's face became a little heavy, and the eyes of the show were already pouring with slaughter.

So it was settled, first kill Zuo Minghua, then as for the cultivation of Yin and Yang map, we can only push back again.

In this operation to destroy Zuo Minghua, Yanmei did not let the Phoenix ancestors keep up with the three of them.

For two reasons, first, the three of them are currently weak, and going there together will not only not work, but will also delay the legs.

Secondly, it is a battle between the divine guardians of the Kyushu Holy See, who do not want to involve people outside the Kyushu Holy See.

“Ancestor Phoenix, Ancestor Ten Thousand Swords, Senior Yuwen, I suggest that the three of you first find the organization 'Messenger of Hell', if you can, become one of them, so that you also have quite an umbrella. ”

"When we kill Zuo Minghua, we will go to Hell's Messenger to find you. If I'm right, Hell's Messenger, by its very nature, should be a high-ranking mercenary regiment, so long as you're willing to serve this team and be a part of it, it shouldn't be difficult. ”

“But the question is, can you find us by then? ”

Ancestor Phoenix asked.

Ancestors Wan Jian and Yuwengong Yang also cast confused eyes on the flaming lady.

“Rest assured, I will naturally find a way to find you. ”

Femme Flame smiled shallow.

She has seven immortal spiritual whales, and it is not difficult to find the organization "Messenger of Hell” in the future.

Next, without further delay, Qin Yi and Feiniang, were directly unfolding in a blink of an eye and rushing towards the east.

At present, Qin Yi shifted once, which is 5,000 characters, while Femme Flame shifted once, which is 10,000 characters, which is twice the size of Qin Yi!

The second floor of the Mausoleum is also more vast than any other continent, even if it is a transient movement, it will not be possible to reach it for a moment and a half.

Taking this opportunity to rush, Qin Yi and Feiniang worked hard to cultivate speed.

In an effort to cultivate for more than ten days, Qin Yi's instantaneous shift finally increased to 10,000, while Maiden Yan increased to 15,000.

In the meantime, the last three other spiritual whales released by Maiden Yan returned.

One of these three spiritual oohs took a seven-story tall tower, surrounded by beautiful surroundings, streaming water from the bridge, and bird-language floral scents, and its presence on the second floor of the slaughtered mausoleum of the gods is quite out of place.

“Is this The Messenger of Hell? ”

Browsing through the images captured in that spiritual eye, the flaming woman couldn't help but smile.

“Mai Ma, I do have a suggestion that you release the seven spiritual whales at any time so that we can know everything about the second level of the Devil's Mausoleum. ”

Qin Yi touched his nose and said.

Femme's eyes couldn't help but shine: “Nice. ”

She immediately took out the map of the soul of the beast and released all seven spiritual whales.

It would undoubtedly be a wonderful thing to know everything on the second level of this mausoleum.


At a certain moment, Maiden Yan and Qin Yi's figure, couldn't help but have a meal, her eyes slightly curled, and she looked forward.

In their gaze, a young man in a purple robe stood quietly there, staring at Qin Yi and Fei Fei.

“Your names are Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai. Someone offered the price of three drops of Emperor's Liquid and let me kill you. ”

The young man in the purple robe, with the same long purple hair and a squared trite in his hand, stood there quietly as if compatible with the heavens and the earth, covered with nothing broken.

“Are you a member of the Messenger of Hell? ”

Qin Yi Jiaomei.

Messenger of Hell, obviously, is a high-ranking mercenary corps, and only a mercenary corps would do so.

Therefore, Qin Yi and Yanmei, soon came to think of the identity of this person.

And what they felt helpless about was that as soon as they entered the second floor of this mausoleum, someone had bought the Hell's dead to stab them.

“Obviously, you were absolutely right. ”

The purple robe young man nodded.

“So, who's the bidder behind you? ”

Femme's eyes slowly became a little sharp, staring at the young man in the purple robe.

“Well, of course I won't tell you. ”

The young man in the purple robe said faintly.

Femme smiled helplessly and shook her head: “That man bought you to kill us? That's too careless! ”

The next moment, she stopped saying a word of crap, turned her hands and took out the blue elongated sword, and the whole person turned into a shadow, and burst out towards the purple robe youth.

“Ping-pong! ”

In the meantime, the two were at war.

The purple robe young man, though a "Messenger of Hell”, was clearly less powerful than a flaming woman. Shortly after the battle began, he fell into the wind and the festival was defeated.

The whole battle lasted less than 10 minutes, and the young man in the purple robe was split in half by the sword of Maiden.

“3 drops of Emperor's Liquid. ”

Qin Yi searched only 3 drops of Emperor's liquid that the people behind the scenes traded with him from the purple robe youth, inevitably some disappointment.