The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1079: Escape

As his voice dropped, he was suddenly beside him in a white robe, with a white hair.

It's all over and down, always in the ultimate shade of softness.

Obviously, it's just a mirror of autumn water, and it can't be real autumn water, real autumn water, it can't be here right now.

Some of the hearts and minds of the third generation of the Holy See of Kyushu were mirrored, which helped him to better understand and manipulate the Holy See of Kyushu.

“Seen the Pope! ”

The mirror of Qiushui, respectfully said.

“Before you sent to kill Qin Yi's Zhuo Minghua, now that she has been killed by Yanmei, Yanmei, shouldn't she be one of your employees, what's going on? ”

The face of the third generation of the Holy See of Kyushu is quite gloomy.

“Back to the Pope! ”

The mirror of Qianqiushui respectfully said: “Femme Yan, originally one of my men, but then she rebelled and is now inseparable from Qin Yishang. However, Maiden Yan alone, fearing that she has not yet had the strength to kill Zuo Minghua, should have joined forces with Qin Yi to kill Zuo Minghua. ”

“So that's it. ”

The third Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu nodded and said softly: "In that case, give Meizu Yan a double kill order. ”

“I had already ordered the killing of Maiden Yan together, and the Pope was assured that the two of them, even with three heads and six arms, would not be able to survive that mausoleum. ”

The mirror of Chiakiu water says.

“You have arranged this well. In any case, Qin Yi cannot be allowed to enter the great world of Xuanhuang. ”

The third generation of the Pope of the Holy See of Kyushu, with a slight indulgence, continued: “The Great World of Xuan Huang is about to open up. Prepare yourselves. In the Great World of Xuan Huang, it is not fun. Once you get inside, you and Luo Feng will be killed. ”

The mirror of a thousand autumn waters, couldn't help but get a Rin.

Even himself and Luo Feng entered the great world of Xuanhuang, an inadvertent, will be killed!

There... what kind of world is it?

“By the way, Luo Feng's whereabouts now seem strange. ”

The Holy See of Kyushu, the third generation of the Pope, exhaled lightly.

The mirror of Qiushui, slightly flashed, said: “The last time he found me, the two of us ended up flat, and then he disappeared without knowing where he was going. ”

“To Xuan Zongzheng world. ”

Third generation pope of the Kyushu Holy See, Xu Xu said.

“To Xuan Zongjie world...”

The mirror of Qiu Shui, the muttering lost its voice, the divine color was confused to the extreme.


Magic Mausoleum, 2nd floor.

Qin Yi joined forces with Yanmei to kill Zuo Minghua, then the Orient Palace song was beaten by Qin Yi Yi's "Heavenly Extinction” hands, which brought him back to God.

Looking toward the ground, Zuo Minghua's headless body glanced at him. The white face of the Orient Palace song clearly swept past the horror: “You... killed him? ”

“The truth is in front of you, aren't you talking nonsense? ”

Touched his nose, Qin Yi said faintly.

“You, in front of me, killed Zuo Minghua. ”

The face of the Orient Palace song gradually became horrible, and the golden robe on his body, because it was filled with the majestic imperial power, and swelled up.

The surrounding air, pounds of internal energy emitted from its body, pressed violently floating, like the waves, irresistibly distorted.

He slowly raised the inky sword in his hand, pointing remotely at Qin Yi and Fengmei in front of him, a pounding sword, instantly filled every inch of space here.

Even Hundred Brothers apart, Qin Yi and Feiniang's cheeks were scratched by this powerful sword.

This Orient Palace song seems, like, outraged!

Feeling that powerful sword, Qin Yi and Yanmei stood there looking at each other and blinking lightly.

The Orient Palace song is ranked 50th in the rankings of the Divine Guards, such a divine guard, once angry, can imagine how powerful it is to kill and maim.

“Under the rage of the Orient Palace song, it is absolutely easy to kill Zuo Minghua, I also join forces, I am afraid of not being able to fight it. ”

Qin Yi took a quick assessment of each other's strength in his heart, and his heart was a little bitter.

The current situation seems to be quite detrimental to them.

“Mai Mai, run! ”

Qin Yi was very decisive and suddenly had a loud drink.

At the same time, Maiden Yan also took out the statue of the jade that had previously been looted from the snow of Thousand Mountains.

As she suddenly filled it with Xuan Qi, there was instant red snow floating around them like goose fur.

It's just a shame that these goose fur snows are red and the flaming lady hid them inside, but Qin Yi in the black robe is still outside.

“Ah, I can't believe I forgot! ”

Seeing that he was still exposed to the sight of the Orient Palace song, Qin Yi opened his mouth in dismay and couldn't help but laugh.


The Orient Palace song stared dead at Qin Yi, and rolled out the word in his throat.

Everything was planned to kill Qin Yi and Yanmei with the help of Hell's Messenger.

But now, Qin Yi and Fei Mei Niang, just beneath their own eyelids, killed Zuo Minghua, Dong Gong Song was completely angry, felt it was an insult to him, and had to blade them with their own hands before they could be happy.


Next moment.

The foot of the Orient Palace song, stamped hard on the ground, the ground was instantly stamped out several huge cracks.

Through this stampede, the Orient Palace song held an inky sword and lost its ordinary prick to Qin Yi.

However, he has just begun.

Qin Yi out of the hundred brothers, was suddenly slapped: Lingfeng!

A dense and numb gray giant palm print, no chopping process, with Qin Yi's palm chopped, appeared directly in front of the East Palace song.

“Boom! ”

That dense gray palm print of numbness directly hit the Orient Palace song, and that huge impact shocked him across the sky.

At the same time, in the flurry of red snowflakes, an astonishing blue sword flashed out, with a terrible intent to kill, with a tremendous whistle, like an astonishing blue lightning, seems to want to divide the heavens and the earth into two parts.

“Ba”, the astonishing sword split the flying East Palace song, allowing him to fly at a speed that was almost up a few points and fell hundreds of feet away.

“Mei Ma, we are not rivals of this bird right now, don't fall in love, run away! ”

Qin Yi had a big drink.


Maiden harvested the jade, the burgeoning red snowflake instantly disappeared, and her moving figure, also reappeared, still holding her blue sword in her hand.

Obviously, in the face of such a powerful enemy as the Orient Palace song, it would be wisest to disperse and flee.

First, the East Palace song will not know who to hunt.

Secondly, even if he kills one, the other can survive, and later slowly seek revenge.

“I'm going north, you're going south. ”

Feminine Flame is also quite decisive. After leaving this message, the delicate body is shaken, and the whole person disappears directly in place.

Obviously, she was directly on the move.

Qin Yi also fled quickly without further delay, shaking in shape, unfolding momentarily.

“Qin Yi, is the main target of Qian Qiushui's killing. ”

The Oriental Palace song didn't even hesitate to think about it. Even though it didn't even think about it, it gave up Yanmei and went after Qin Yi directly.

Next moment.

Qin Yi's figure appeared outside 15,000 fathers. He looked back and saw Donghong Song in a gold robe. Right behind him, he had to send a secret breath. On that handsome face, a slight smile appeared: “Fortunately, Donghong Song chose to hunt me down. At least, Mai Mae is safe. ”

And when he regretted it, he was now dispersed with Femme Flame, and it seemed that the Yin Yang map had succeeded and had to be postponed.

However, he is not too worried about this, don't forget that Yanmei has seven Lingwu, so long as she is not killed by the Orient Palace song, it is not difficult for her to find herself in the future.

And that's one of the reasons why they're decisively separated.

“Qin Yi, do you think it would be wise to split up? Stupid!”

Donggong Song has arrived within Qin Yi's fifty husbands, holding a small ink sword in his hand, stepping towards Qin Yi step by step.

He intentionally slowed down his steps quite slowly, staring at Qin Yi like a cat staring at a mouse.

“Idiot, all I have to do is pack you up. As for Maiden, you killed the people of the Messenger of Hell organization, the Messenger of Hell organization, and even if you chase it to the corner of the sky, it will be Maiden, and it will break into pieces. ”

Every step of the East Palace song, the earth trembles, and the air around it, like the surface of the water, slowly separates into two sides.


How could I forget about Hell's Messenger?

Qin Yi was stunned, for a moment, and stunned there.

“Does it work now? This is actually a dead end for you, whether you or Meizu Yan are already hopeless, doomed to die on the second floor of this magical mausoleum. ”

The pure white face of the Orient Palace song emerged with a cruel smile.

He looked like a teenager who looked like he was only fifteen or six years old, with red lips and white teeth, amazing.

“Die! ”

He suddenly had a cold drink, and the inky sword in his hand threw hard at Qin Yi. The inky sword was instantly divided into two parts, divided into four parts... In between blinks, it turned into a full thirty-six handles, a dense piece of hemp, looked choking, Qi Qi speedily stabbed Qin Yi.

Cloud trick!

Looking at the 36 inky swords stabbed at the extreme speed, Qin Yi's figure suddenly became like a piece of green smoke, floating. In the gap of the 36 inky swords, it flew out.

Next moment!


Qin Yi's figure, between blinking eyes, was again divided into 64 full channels, flying and dancing in the air, clearly extinguished, difficult to wonder.

“Damn, this is another move! ”