The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1101: Traitors

“Then you can let go. ”

Looking forward, he had a bamboo East Palace song on his chest. Qin Yi touched his nose and smiled slightly.

The flaming woman beside him also lifted the beautiful corner of his mouth slightly to outline a charming shallow smile.

Well, it's like watching a monkey invite a comedy.

Now, they have succeeded in cultivating the Yin and Yang maps, and don't have much fear of the East Palace song.

“Well, I hope you live a hundred years! ”

The East Palace song smiled faintly.

In his view, it would not be too difficult to kill Qin Yi and Feiniang with his own strength, whenever he had the chance.

“Sister, come back here! ”

Next to the Orient Palace song, that wearing a gown with little flame, but staring dead at Qin Yi's side of the flaming bamboo hearts, face iron blue, chest a fierce rise and fall, obviously extremely angry.

The blood ghost on the cloud, the dead man's eyes, also stared at Bamboo Heaven without blinking, as if to eat her.

He felt quite disgraced when Yan Zhuxin clearly betrayed them and walked with Qin Yi.

The wind was endlessly flaming, looked at Qin Yi around him, looked at the fewer flames and the blood ghost, and then shook the beautiful head resolutely:


Now, as long as she sees Qin Yi's figure, her mood will become indescribable pleasure.

It's okay to compete with Femme Flame, be jealous, it's a wonderful thing in life!

With them, she realizes that she is a woman, a woman who needs love, a woman who needs happiness.

Together with blood ghosts and less flames, there are only endless massacres.

All the way down, she had long hated the flames and blood ghosts, their kind of autumn windsweeping foliage massacre.

“Sister, have you forgotten, Qin Yi they are our enemies, how can you stand with them? ”

Don't roar.

Without being cozy with the bamboo, their Yin and Yang curse of the Xuan Moon will not be able to be broken, which will give them fighting power and greatly discount.

Now, they are about to enter the tomb of the ancient emperor and compete for the emperor's liquid, and a chaos is imminent, so, in any case, they must compete with each other.

“Bamboo hearts, less flames and blood ghosts, how they exist, you should know better than anyone, if you are with them, it is obviously aiding and abusive. ”

Qin Yi on one side said faintly.

If Xin Yan and Xiao Yan really came back together, obviously this was not the situation he wanted to see.

“Well, I'm not an irrational person, don't worry, since I'm already on the same front with you this time, I will never betray you again. ”

Bamboo gently his head, then looked up far away to the flames and blood ghosts, in his eyes, the emitted eyes are already as solid as rocks: “Uncle Wind, flames are few, you needn't say more, from now on, I will never join you again, I have long hated your heartbreaking killings, for the flames have been less, that unified North desert, become the dream of the first generation of domination in the North desert world, in my view, this is a great joke...

“You steal the holy light of your blood witch ancestors, secretly build a base of the dead, maim innocents, even force me to take away the totems of the Yan tribe, and bring a disaster to the Yan tribe, and the thousands of ancient sinners, everyone can take it! ”

The words of Bamboo Heartbreak, like a cone, stuck harshly into the hearts of Few Flames and Blood Ghosts.


The flaming corner of his mouth smoked heavily and his lungs almost blew up.

He had no idea that this cousin, who had grown up with himself since childhood, would betray himself so resolutely at this moment.

The blood ghost on the cloud stood there motionless, overlooking the bamboo.

Fools can feel it. He's burning a lot of anger in his chest right now.

“The traitor of the Yan clan, there is only one fate, and that is the pieces of corpse! ”

The blood ghost suddenly had a cold drink, a large blood arm, directly from the blood cloud, scoured down, indefinitely stretched, crossed the long sky, and grabbed towards the flaming bamboo.

“Blood ghost, you evil creature, with me, you want to hurt her too? Dream!”

In a cold drink, Qin Yi pulled Xin Yan Zhu behind himself, and then instantly flipped out a long gun of smoke cloud. Stepping forward, he rushed towards the blood ghost of the huge blood hand that came at the speed.



The giant blood hand of the blood ghost, the moment it touched the smoke cloud gun, suddenly burst into a bloody mist.

Qin Yi's movements didn't stop, he held a long gun and speedily stabbed the blood ghost on the cloud.

Smoky cloud guns burst out in the “buzzing” tremor.


The next moment, the Orient Palace song that had been staring at me cold eyes, suddenly kept the palms better than all the women, shook them hard, a white light, burst into Qin Yi, instantly covered Qin Yi.

As it was covered in this white light, Qin Yi's figure also followed as if he were suddenly trapped in a swamp. The thrust suddenly became incredibly slow.

“Save Qin Yi! ”

Femme first reacted, shaking her body and rushing into the white light.


Ancestor Phoenix and the bamboo-hearted half-moon curved knife, Ancestor Wanjian's thirty-six swords, Oriental Shiba silver guns, Buzzing Lonely Green and Zhaoxue and others' swords of war, all cut through the long sky, towards the Oriental Palace song, and stabbed at great speed.

Endless killings, instantaneous, random.

“Eternal Heart! ”

Looking at the dense and numb weapon that stabbed itself at the speed, the Orient Palace song smiled slightly, and then stretched out a slender white finger, suddenly, the weapon, all of a sudden, stared at it, difficult to stab another half.


So strong!

Everyone here was stunned, but with their own strength, they settled all their weapons.

The speed at which weapons are stabbed, even faster, will take time to complete, however, the East Palace song solidifies the time at which these weapons are stabbed, and therefore they naturally remain static.


The Oriental Palace song whispered, it was always set on the face of a teenager, with a casual smile: “Do you want to beat up all of us? I'm not interested in hitting people like you, and when you have to die, you're all going to die. ”

He glanced at the blood ghost and the flames for a second, and Xu Xu said: "Don't be impulsive. Anything that must be focused on the big picture, now that the tomb of the rugged ancient emperor has not appeared, we are here to start with this crowd, and the ultimate beneficiary is the other practitioners. Why don't we just let these people live for a few more days? ”

Yan Bi, his body swung and disappeared directly into place.

With his departure, the effect of his eternal heart naturally disappeared, and everyone's weapons returned to their respective hands.

And Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai, also instantly became more mobile.

Blood ghosts and flames are sparse, and without further delay, each expands at extremely high speeds, and a few blinks disappear into the sight of others.

This time, they were going to take Bamboo Heather away, but they failed.

It is clear that they will not rest in peace.

“The eternal heart of the Orient Palace, when it was truly terrible, actually had so many weapons of mastery, instantly settled down. ”

For the first time, I saw the everlasting heart buzzing with them, one face full of horror.

“The power of the Eastern Palace song is terrifying, but as long as his brother doesn't show up, we don't have to fear him too much. ”

Oriental Chi said faintly.

Their strength now is also quite lazy. The three of them, Qin Yi, Yanmei, Bamboo Xin, Buzz Lonely Qing and others, against the three Donggong songs, there should not be too many problems.

The appearance of the Oriental Palace song, the Blood Ghost, the Flame Less Three, is just a little interlude.

Next, people continue to wait patiently for the emergence of the tomb of the ancient emperor.

And among the cultivators who gathered around here, there was a sorcerer like Oriental Lawn, who also speculated on the rugged tomb of the ancient emperor, which existed in a high-end gossip array.

And the news is like a plague, and instantly it's spreading around here.

Not long ago, all the practitioners here had a general understanding of the ancient tomb, which had not yet emerged.

Even some masters, even the next time that the rugged tomb of the ancient emperor appeared, were roughly extrapolated.

As the rugged tomb of the ancient emperor emerged, it grew closer, and the area around it became more and more volatile. Some practitioners had already begun to massacre other practitioners.

Between these practitioners, they are all opponents, killing one more practitioner, and the amount of emperor fluid they compete for will be one more.

And these images of the cultivators slaughtering each other, basically, were taken down by the Spiritual Wolf of Femme, who couldn't get out of the house, and knew everything about it like a hand.

“Before the tomb of the ancient emperor appeared, this place was already in turmoil. Existence and practitioners in this demonic mausoleum are all madmen. ”

Browsing through the eyes of the Spirit, the images ingested, the flaming woman smiled helplessly and paused, then said: “This time, the blood ghost, they didn't do it, but stayed quietly. ”

“Perhaps in their view, these practitioners, who pose little threat to them, are lazy enough to do so. ”

Qin Yimi said.

“Exactly. ”

Dongzhi softly nodded his head, “If I'm right, just these two days, that ancient tomb of emperor is about to appear, everyone is ready. ”

Even the more powerful sorcerer of the formation could not accurately deduce that the exact time of the rugged imperial tomb could only be deduced as an approximation.


Rumor has it, everyone present, including Qin Yi, is happy.

At this moment, one of Meizu's spirits returned, and Meizu drew a glimmer of spirituality, penetrating her eyes and browsing the images she had ingested.

“On the eastern sea surface, there was a vision, a cloud of clouds and lightning. ”

Femme Femme frowned slightly: “And all the practitioners around here, they were all disturbed. ”

“What did I say to you last time? The entrance to the tomb of the ancient earthquake, then revealed, is the thunderbolt orientation of the gossip, the cloudy clouds, the lightning bolt, is the characteristic of the thunderbolt, the tomb of the ancient earthquake is about to appear. ”

Dongzhi's eyes suddenly lit up and waved: “Let's go. Remember, on the East Sea, it's just a shadow, and we're going in the opposite direction. ”

After all, she turned into a red shadow and quickly plundered out of the camp.

Qin Yi, Femme Femme, Bamboo Heather, Buzz Lonely Qing and others dared not be lazy, rushed out of the camp tent, walked the back dust of Oriental Lawn and followed the explosion.


During the explosion, Qin Yi again prompted his left hand to elicit spiritual power, covering a range of about 15,000 square feet.

Within this realm of spiritual power, Qin Yi discovered that there were still several practitioners, exploding.

Obviously, all the practitioners who come here, they already know, are visions on the East Sea, just shadows.