The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1107: Lingwu Pathway

Faced with the curious gaze of the people, Nine-Tailed Blue Fox did not think it was true. He just looked up at the beautiful little face, his eyes flashed and waited for Qin Yi's answer.

“Hard to say. ”

After touching his nose, Qin Yi shrugged and began to darkly imitate Naran Qiushui's thinking, "If the whole ancient mountain is filled with this terrible staggered flow space, obviously no one here can climb this ancient mountain to get the Emperor's liquid above. ”

After a pause, Qin Yi went on to say: "However, if those staggered mobile spaces that cannot be seen with the naked eye are not all over the ancient mountains, I have a way to find out where there will not be such staggered mobile spaces, and then we can go up there. ”


Is there a way to find out where there is no staggered mobile space?

Everyone present, their eyes couldn't help but shine. Even the bloody ghost, the East Palace song, and the three less flames, all looked at Qin Yi and looked over.

“What way? Tell me about it. ”

Xia Jiuyu, full of red hair, looked at Qin Yi from afar and said softly.

Qin Yi glanced at Xia Jiu and then turned to the flaming lady beside him and said: “I have met a woman full of wisdom. I'm sure you have also met this person, she is Naran Qiu Shui. ”

In the past, when Qin Yi went to Yulan Mainland and rescued Xuanlan and others, Yanmei also followed him. The aim was, ostensibly, to kill Qin Yi with Bailu under the orders of Qian Qiu Shui. In fact, on that trip, Yanmei was protecting him in secret.

“Naran Autumn...”

Femme Yan muttered and her eyes lit up softly: "This man's wisdom is truly remarkable. Why? ”

“At this moment, if Naran Autumn Water is here, then she will definitely find a way to probe this ancient mountain, whether it is really staggered with flowing spaces, all covered. ”

Qin Yi said: “And her method should be to make your spiritual soul happy. ”

“Lingwu? ”

Femme flames, spinning is rejoicing: “Yes, Lingwu, is an immortal being. Those staggered flowing spaces that cannot be seen by the naked eye cannot kill them, and there are seven of them. ”

On one side, Dongzhi said that his face, too, appeared instantly with a charming shallow smile: “What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and get the animal soul map out, stagger the flow space, and find out if it really covers this ancient mountain. ”

Fei Mei no longer said much, when she turned her hand to take out the map of the beast soul and show it, seven spiritual whales, even when turned into seven giant fireballs, came out of the map of the beast, in the long whistle, each fanning a wide wing, against the top of the ancient mountain, burst up.

Seeing the seven giant ghosts, and the distant blood ghosts and the flames were two less, they all smoked in the corners of their mouths and stood there without a word.

Obviously, the map of the beast is an eternal pain in their hearts!


At some point.

A spiritual whale suddenly burst open and turned into a spark of heaven, but at the next moment, the spark of heaven, again, suddenly gathered together, to form a spiritual whale, draw an arc in the air, change direction, continue to rush up.

“Pong!” “Pong! Pong! ”

Seven spirits, constantly staggered space, severely torn, and then constantly regrouped.

“This method, indeed, is brilliant, these seven spiritual whales, quite good, is the existence of a treasure level. ”

Xia Jiu quietly looked at the spiritual whale that kept bursting and regrouping. In the eyes of the show, the obscure passing of greed.

“Pretty good indeed. ”

The Orient Palace song nodded, and then looked at the blood ghost: "The blood ghost, I hear this map of the beast, was your heirloom, but you gave it to them for nothing? Tsk, I've never seen anything stupid, stupid like this before. ”

He said that the presence of Xia Jiuyu, the two Qingyun Seniors, Tuan Mu Debong and several other practitioners all cast strange eyes at the blood ghost and the lack of flames.

Obviously, in their view, blood ghosts and flames are now scarce, all over them, two uppercase "meal buckets”!

Bearing the strange gaze of the people, the blood ghost and the sparsely flamed mouth corner, smoked lightly again, cheeks as if by an invisible palm, slapped hard, a hot piece.

“I can't wait to destroy you with my own hands when I think of this! ”

The bloody ghost said harshly.

Yan Shaoxiang pulled his head, his face was red and white for a while, and the darkness cracked his fist. The original deal, his whole life, was an indelible stain.

The blood ghost stood on the blood cloud. He looked at Qin Yi from a high place and snorted at them. This time, in any case, he had to kill several Qin Yi people and fight for the soul map of the beast and “Hell of the Ten” back!

Even fools can see and feel, blood ghosts, fierce resentment.

Qin Yi ignored this.

After more than a decade of touching, seven spiritual whales, more than a dozen of each foot exploded, one of them finally succeeded in climbing to the top of the ancient mountain, and the remaining six spiritual whales returned to the map of the beast.

“That Lingwu, succeeded in going up, that is, on the route it had just flown, there was no staggered mobile space, and that route was safe. ”

Femme customarily touched her forehead and said: "But now that the ghost is not back, let's not rush up, because nobody knows if there is some kind of horrible organ at the top of the ancient mountain. ”

That makes sense!

Everyone in this room, in their hearts, bred excitement. Now, with the help of Feminine Lingwu, finally detected a safe route to reach the top of the ancient mountain. As long as that Lingwu detected the top of the ancient mountain again, there was no fatal danger, he could kill it and compete for emperor's liquid.

Not long later, the spiritual whale reappeared in the sight of the people, toward the flaming woman below, rushing at great speed, exploding, the shape of the body also rapidly became smaller, between winks, turned into an ordinary three-legged bird.

Maiden Yan entrusted Lingwu to the palm of her hand, elicited a little spiritual awareness, penetrated Lingwu's eyes, and browsed the images he had ingested.


Just penetrated the spiritual awareness into the eyes of Linwu, the tempting glamour red lips, was stunned Zhang, couldn't help but whisper.

In Lingwu's eyes, she saw the top of the ancient mountain, a huge yin and yang diagram, which was the core of the two meters, and the position of the eyes of the two black and white fish was a tiny golden spot.

That little golden light spot was dense and numb, conservatively estimated, with hundreds of capsules.

Without a doubt, those little golden spots are Emperor's Liquid!

“Mai Ma, on the top of that ancient mountain, is there some kind of horrible organ? ”

Qin Yi asked confused.

Both Dongzhi and Nine-Tailed Green Fox will also look at the Question and look at the flaming lady.

Not far away, Donggong Fu, Blood Ghost, Few Flames, Xia Jiuyu and others, similarly looked at each other, curious to look over.


Maiden shook her head and suddenly waved her little hand. She sipped delicately: "Follow the path of the previous Lingwu, go to the top of the ancient mountain, quickly! ”

Until the voice fell, she had taken the lead in turning into a shadow and rushed towards the top of the ancient mountain.

What's that supposed to mean?

Her sudden move made Qin Yi, Dongzhi and Nine-Tailed Blue Fox all unresponsive for a while, not far from the Orient Palace song, they were even more discouraged to say, standing there unnamed blinking eyes.

Qin Yi was the first to react, and suddenly she laughed happily: “Dongzhi, Nine-Tailed Blue Fox, hurry up, catch up with Mei Mai, she found the emperor's liquid above. ”

He carried a long smoke cloud gun, spread the speed, walked the back dust of the flaming lady, and rushed to the top of the ancient mountain.

Dongfangzhi and Nine-Tailed Green Fox also reacted extremely quickly, the feet on the ground, a gentle stamp, which is to individualize into a flush, fast to catch up with Qin Yi.

“Hee-hee, is this a robbery? ”

In the blast, Nine-Tailed Blue Fox couldn't help but send out a delightful series of silver bell-like smiles.

“Bastard, don't let them fight over the Emperor's Liquid! ”

The blood ghost drinks furiously, rides the blood cloud, and rushes to speed.


This is a complete mess between the moments, including the Orient Palace song and Xia Jiuyu, a cultivator, all unfolding at a very fast speed and rushing crazy speed towards the top of Nagushan.

All the cultivators of this Divine Mausoleum will see Emperor Liquid as a treasure, because only by obtaining Emperor Liquid will they be able to mend themselves, gain breakthroughs, increase their strength, and eventually escape from this Divine Mausoleum.

Ancient mountain is not high, just a few breaths, Qin Yi a few people, just rushed to the top of the mountain, a fixed glance, one face, all suddenly emerged a strong fanatical color.

The scene above, in the eyes of the Lingwu, is exactly the same, the center of the mountaintop, a giant two-meter yin and yang diameter of thousands of feet.

And in the eye position of the two black and white fish, a gleam of gold flashed, clearly a dense and numb imperial liquid.

“Mai Ma, Dong Fang Zhi, you two, go collect the Emperor's Liquid, I and Nine-Tailed Blue Fox, here to resist the other practitioners. ”

Qin Yi drank.

After more than a year of entering this demonic mausoleum, he finally encountered so much emperor's liquid. Why didn't he fight wildly for it?


Femme and Dongzhi responded and rushed to the dense and numb emperor's liquid.

“These emperors are all from my Orient House song, nobody wants to fight, otherwise there is only one end, is death! ”

A cold voice, suddenly rang from the bottom.

The next moment, he saw the Orient Palace song in a golden robe, suddenly rushed up, but he didn't say a word, he threw his hand away, a huge white light, it was in his palm, burst out, hectares, covered the flaming lady and Oriental Lawn.

On the other hand, the two of them are like instantly stuck in a swamp, and the movement becomes incredibly slow.

“Song of the East Palace, you die! ”

In a cold drink, Qin Yi's long gun pushed, rushing toward the East Palace song, and stabbed him hard. The target was the blood in "Three Shots of Despair".


Feeling the smoke cloud in the long gun, it sent out a terrible killing intent, and the East Palace song smiled slightly: “But to kill me, it's still a little difficult. ”

The ink sword in his hand, a casual prick, was impartial, just above the tip of the smoke cloud gun.


The gun sword collided and made a huge sharp noise, almost piercing Qin Yi's eardrum.

On the inky sword of the Orient Palace song, the power passed on was even bigger than you can imagine. Qin Yi's arms were all fierce. The tremendous shock power shook him out.

“I, Xia Jiuyu, will be ignored. It's amazing! ”