The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1108: People of Divine Descent

A noise of delicacy sounded.

Only a red-haired Xia Jiuyu appeared at the top of this ancient mountain, and her whole person turned into a red light, rapidly exploding like the emperor's liquid in the center.

“Little girl, before entering this ancient imperial tomb, this seat wanted to fight you well, can't you see? ”

In the next instant, the blood cloud rushed up in the grip of the blood ghost. His big blood arm, he tried his best to grab Xia Jiuyu.

“Evil exists, and you belong in hell, making waves here, looking for death! ”

In the delicious sound, Xia Jiu returned and split his hand. The palm concentrated into a giant jade palm, as if the white jade had been polished, a little shine, and hit the blood palm of the blood ghost.


Xia Jiu-Yin's huge jade palm prints gathered vigorously, with the blood of the blood ghost, all burst apart.

Speaking of late, it was fast, and the two elders of the Qingyun faction, with Mu Debong, Yufan Dream, and several other practitioners, rushed up very fast.

“Ping-pong! ”

It was a complete mess here. All the practitioners, they fought together, a pounding wave of air. In the wild battle of the people, like a giant wave, the air around them floated violently. The space seemed to collapse at any moment.

At the foot of this ancient mountain, I don't know if it contains any special legal formations. So many practitioners fought together, but they were not destroyed.


A female practitioner in a green robe was cut into two petals with a wooden knife, and fell instantly, and he had not yet received the knife.

A silver sword pierced him at once, and the silver sword stirred up, and a big hole appeared on Wood Bong's chest.

Tam Mu Defeng's tall body suddenly stagnated and turned around. When he saw the man with the sword, he had to smoke the corner of his mouth lightly: “Yufan Dream, you... how can you do this to me? ”

Yuvan Dream was the old purple robe he had allied with!


Yufan Dream snorted: “Tam Mu Te Bong, you bastard, is still in the aisle of the Four Elephants area, the woman you killed in the yellow robe is my sister, you know? I promised you an alliance to find a chance to kill you! ”


Tuan Mu De was stunned, his voice was not set, Yufan dream's long sword, a stronghold, one sword was the head of Tuan Mu De Feng, to fly to the sky.

This is how the cultivation world works, especially in this mausoleum, where allies are sometimes the most terrible enemies, unless they know the truth.

“Gaga, that's messy, but the more messy you are, the more you like it! ”

Blood ghosts stood on the bloodcloud, standing high, one bloody hand to shoot, directly several practitioners, on the ground, even Xia Jiuyu and Nine-Tailed Blue Fox, are no exception.

“Lack of flames, what are you still standing there for? Bleed the Holy Ghost Wolf and devour them all! ”

The blood ghost drank less towards the flames. The scene of the conflagration in front of him was completely frightened by the flames. When he returned to God, he did not dare to delay at all, and quickly took out the blood jade painting.

“Lack of flames, do you still want to do this? ”

Qin Yi in the mixed war, but suddenly, the gun came in very fast. The blue smoke cloud gun, in an instant, surged to more than thirty lengths, and stabbed fiercely on the blood jade painting in the hands of Yan Xiao.


The bloody jade painting was a totem of the Yan clan. It was hard and abnormal. Qin Yi worked so hard that he didn't pierce it, he just stabbed out a sparkling flame.

And now, how can he resist Qin Yi with less flaming strength? He just felt that his arms were pinching the blood jade painting. Suddenly, the tremendous power of shock flew him out and even the blood jade painting fell out of his hand.

Qin Yi was shaped into a very faint fiction. In a speedy explosion, a big hand looked, directly grabbed the blood jade painting in his hand, paralyzed, directly confiscated your blood jade painting, and see how you can bleed the Holy Ghost Wolf in the future!

“Qin Yi Xiao, dare to take our blood jade painting, you are looking for death! ”

The blood ghost on the blood cloud saw this scene clearly. Immediately, he was furious, and his big blood arm burst into Qin Yi, trying to slap him hard.

However, at this very moment.


Only one long whistle sounded, the sound rushed straight into the sky, and the clouds over the sky swept away.

All the people in the war, they had to attack and go towards the fame of the long tsunami. At once, they had to blink their eyes. Only Xia Jiuyu, the red-haired one, was directly transformed into a giant immortal crane. The mouth was nearly two meters long, like a sword.

Her wide wings, striving, flowing vector-like speed rush towards the blood ghost on the blood cloud, between them, it rushes into the eyes of the blood ghost, the lightning stroke of the mouth, fast and indescribable, before the blood ghost has returned to God, it is already on him, has pecked a big hole.

Apparently, the bloody ghost slapped her on the ground, completely annoying her.

“This heirloom of Xia Jiuyu is incredibly powerful and can be transformed directly. ”

Looking at that mouth, he pecked the blood ghost out of a large hole of Xia Jiuyu. Qin Yi couldn't help but sigh him now. This Xia Jiuyu was originally descended from the ancient god clan Crane.

Before entering the tomb of this ancient emperor, the blood ghost and Xia Jiuyu almost fought, but eventually it was made by the Orient Palace song. Now it seems that Xia Jiuyu is unusually strong, and the power of battle is only over the blood ghost.

The other practitioners, also by Xia Jiuyu's real strength, shocked to forget the battle, stood there stunned open mouth, for a moment, just felt this scene, as if it was a dream unreal.

“Xia Jiuyu, I didn't know you were a descendant of the Divine Nation! ”

On the cloud of blood, the blood ghost of a big hole on his body, but his body, also strong and transverse tongue, the big hole pecked out by Xia Jiu, at incredible speed, quickly healed.

“I told you, evil things should exist in hell! ”

Xia Jiu delicately drank, wide wings suddenly slammed the room, once again rapidly killed to the blood ghost, that speed, almost hard to see.

“Die! ”

Looking at the rapidly killed Xia Jiuyu, the blood ghost roared, the ten fingers tossed hard, the ten foot two feet long blood nails, is turned into ten bloody rays, towards Xia Jiu's extreme speed stabbing.

These ten nails are filled with the power of blood ghosts. If they hit you, even Xia Jiuyu, you are afraid that you will only leave a blood hole.

But unfortunately, Xia Jiuyu's wings were a flash, directly shooting down ten nails, as many as possible, before the blood ghost had returned to God, Xia Jiuyu had already exploded in front of his eyes, two meters long mouth armor, and pulled hard, easily through the blood body hole of the blood ghost.

“Bastard! ”

Two hits in a row, both Summer 9 hands, the blood ghost is completely furious, full of blood hair, suddenly surged to a thousand places, cover the day, and drastically curled into Xia Jiuyu.

However, Xia Jiu Ying's wings struggled again, the wind storm, blood ghost, the speed of the curly blood hair, instantly was blown back.

Xia Jiu's body, turned into a shadow, shouted, rushed to the eyes of the blood ghost, another mouthpiece, left a large hole in his blood body.


The bloody ghost, already thoroughly angry, the generous bloodhand shot it very fast. This time, Xia Jiu was finally photographed in the face, and she was photographed flying out with one hand.

“Xia Jiuyu, go to hell and hurt my father! ”

The flames in the distance were low, until then, when he returned to God, he drank angrily, and suddenly a round of black blue moon appeared in his chest, toward Xia Jiuyu, who was flying backwards, severely cut off.

However, as a Hejian descendant, the greatest advantage was not attack, but speed. Only Xia Jiuyu, who was in reverse flight, suddenly turned into a shadow, burst out, easily avoided the black Xuan Moon, she opened her wings, lightning swept through the long sky, instantly came in front of the fiery few eyes, the mouth and armor worked hard to peck, the flames rarely alarmed, rushed to lift the silver sword to stop.


Xia Jiuyu's mouth and armor were harshly pecked on the silver sword with little flame. Fewer flames only felt his arms numb. Tiger mouth almost cracked. That huge impact made him shock out.

“These two buckets of rice already warned you that anyone here can make a mess, that Xia Jiuyu can't make a mess! ”

The Far East Palace song shook its head helplessly and then ignored them. He turned his hand and took out his inky sword and swept his eyes to the whole field. It permanently stopped on the face of his teenage years and passed a brutal: “Obviously, to compete for these emperors, these practitioners must be killed! ”

“Qin Yi, today, you will never get out of this ancient tomb! ”

The next moment, he only heard the Orient Palace song cold drinking, held an inky sword, and the meteor-like speed stabbed Qin Yi. In the moment, it stabbed Qin Yi in front of him.

Qin Yi did not dare to be a bit lazy, suddenly spreading the cloud trick, the whole person instantly became like a smoke, floating like a ghost.


The inky little sword of the Orient Palace song, with a weak broken voice, attached to Qin Yi's coat of clothes, stabbed past. Although this sword failed to stab Qin Yi in the right face, Qin Yi's skin was still burned, like a fiery and intense pain.

What a sword!

Qin Yi was surprised. He had a long gun in his hand. He swept his opposite hand toward the Orient Palace song. He swept away a shadow of the gun and rushed to the Orient Palace song.

“Qin Yi, it's really nice. Oh, no wonder Chiakishi is going to kill you. Oh, no, it's the Pope of Kyushu who's going to kill you. Ha ha! ”

The East Palace song swung and appeared hundreds of people opened fire, easily dodging Qin Yi's gun.

“To me, you're nothing but cow shit. Chiaki sent you to kill me, it's stupid! ”

In a cold laugh, Qin Yi was already a long gun, and he stabbed hundreds of people out of the Orient Palace song: “Extreme spirit! ”

Extreme Spirit, again, is one of the three Shots of Despair.

Features: Unmatched penetration.

With the stabbing out of his gun, the song of the Orient Palace, hundreds of highs away, was the feeling of the killing intent emitted over the long gun, the huge waves came, his clothes and black hair were all shocked backwards.

This kid is really strong!

Feeling that mighty killing intent, the Orient Palace song surprised me and suddenly smiled disdainfully: “In my opinion, all your attacks, all your attacks, are just a dying struggle. Today, I am the master of this place! ”

Between the words, his hands shook: “Eternal heart! ”

In an instant, including Qin Yi and Xia Jiuyu, all people, their shapes became instantly slow, as if they were stuck in a swamp, even blood ghosts are no exception, the flaming lady and Dongzhi, who had been attacked by the eternal heart before, are even more discouraged to say.

He actually coagulated the entire time on the field.