The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1110: Operation Pig Slaughter Begins

Yan Bi, she wobbled, turned into a shadow, burst towards the side, and stood there raw.

Obviously, her decision was wise, and although her strength, of these people, was rather pointy, she ended up alone, careless, buried here, not impossible.

Emperor fluid is precious, but life is more precious than life.

“We also withdraw from this battle for emperors. ”

The two elders of Qingyun faction, after sweeping their eyes on Qin Yi's four people, also shook their shape and came to the side.

So much emperor fluid, indeed, is tempting, but they don't seem to have the strength to eat this fat piece of meat.

“I give up those emperors too! ”

Yufan dreamed of wearing a purple robe, didn't even think about it, came to the side, her strength, compared to Summer 9 is not bad, now, Xia Xia Jiu Yi has given up, how can she have a reason to persevere.

“I give up too! ”

“I give up too! ”

The next few practitioners came to the side.

In a moment, only Qin Yi, Yanmei, Dongzhi, Nine-Tailed Green Fox, Donggong Song, Blood Ghost, and Flames were left in that huge yin and yang diagram.

After the death of hundreds of practitioners, seven of them became the true protagonists of this massive treasure hunt.

These seven men, both of them horses, are enemies of life and death. Either way, one of them must die! This is true for Qin Yi and them, as well as for Dong Gong Song and them.

It's a pretty good choice to make an understanding here.

The sword crossbow room, a strong powder smell, has been quietly in the middle, slowly diffused open, the presence of seven people, in the eyes, has slowly burned up a battle spirit.

“Hee-hee, although you can't compete for Emperor's Liquid, it's good to see a big duel. ”

Xia Jiu-Yin's beautiful eyes twinkled gently, with a strong color of anticipation.

And Yufan Dream and others, all seven people on the scene with blinking eyes. Apart from the small flames and weak strength, the other six are top masters, especially Dongzhi. In this second level of the magical mausoleum, the fame has long been enjoyed, and the three East Palace songs, blood ghosts and nine-tailed blue foxes are also incredibly powerful.

Such a huge collision between the two peak strengths is really exciting.

“Mai Ma, Dong Fang Zhi, we have limited time, we have to fight fast! ”

Qin Yi had long ago put the seeds of the four elements in Dantian. He had been implicitly provoked. He had entered the state of battle, and his voice had become a little cold.

Nine-tailed blue fox existed for only five hours. From the merger of the nine people of Zhaoxue to now, more than two hours have passed.

In other words, within the remaining two hours, they will have to kill three less East Palace songs, blood ghosts and flames, then collect the Emperor's liquid and get out of here.

As for how to face his brother Dong Gong's gift after killing Dong Gong Song, Qin Yi has not thought about it at this time. Now kill Dong Gong Song, or he will kill himself.


Feminine and Oriental, both nods.

After a pause, Qin Yi went on to say: "Dongzhi, you and Nine-Tailed Green Fox, deal with the Oriental Palace song, while Mei and I are for the blood ghost and less flames. ”

The leader of Dongzhi, the “Messenger of Hell” organization, once defeated the 61st ranked divine guardian on the Divine Guard list. If it is the true strength of the wheel, it is no longer beneath the Orient Palace song, but the Orient Palace song has a terrible eternal heart, so Qin Yi asked her to join forces with the Nine-Tailed Blue Fox to fight the Orient Palace Emperor.

Nine-tailed blue fox, can easily break the eternal heart of the Orient Palace song, so the two of them join forces to fight the Orient Palace song, stabilize the upper wind, there will be no suspense.

Qin Yi herself joined forces with Yanmei, the father and son of the war-blooded ghost. Obviously, the black moon with little flame cannot pose too great a threat to them. The hard part is the blood ghost. This evil existence is almost indestructible existence.

The power of the blood ghost may be slightly weaker than the Orient House song, but obviously, it is much more difficult than the Orient House song.

“Mai Ma, kill the pigs. Let's go. It's up to us to kill these two fat pigs. ”

Qin Yiyang gun, pointing remotely at the blood ghost and the lack of flames, that was pulled out on the body, a pounding imperial power, when even the outbreak, the air around it, instantly pressed floating.

“Pfft! ”

Already ready ready to kill the past Mai Fei, after hearing the words "Operation Pork Slaughter”, she couldn't help but cover her mouth and smile directly.

“Operation Pig Slaughter? ”

Yan Xiaomei frowned and drank cold: “What pig slaughter operation? ”

Blood ghosts and East Palace songs, their faces are full of confusion.

Xia Jiuyu and others on the side of the Yin and Yang diagram similarly looked at Qin Yi with suspicion.

“Mai Ma, it's time to tell them. ”

Qin Yi Long Gun, still motionless pointing to the blood ghost and less flames, turned back and said to Femme Flame.


Femme nodded her head and looked right in the face, but the foxy corner of her eyes still smiled with a happy smile: “Yes, in fact, all along, in Qin Yi's eyes, the blood ghost and the flame are both two pigs he has raised, and today, killing you both, isn't that Operation Pig Slaughter? ”

“For a long time, this seat and the flames were low. In Qin Yi's eyes, it was just two pigs he raised? ”

Blood ghost, tall blood body, suddenly on the cloud, cold drink: “What do you mean? ”

“It's simple.”

Femme habitually touched the clear and full forehead and smiled delightfully: “Because both of you have been in this demonic mausoleum for a long time, carrying out crazy massacres and pillaging, Qin Yi reckoned that, when you have plundered enough imperial liquid, we will kill you and plunder all the imperial liquids that you have plundered before...

“So, the two of you, in Qin Yi's eyes, are the two pigs he raised. Now, you two pigs are fat enough to kill. ”

Throughout the field, at this moment it was like a cemetery, dead silent, without a sound.

The people present, including Xia Jiuyu, Dongzhi and Donggong Song, all looked at the extremely strange eyes and looked at Qin Yi with a long gun in his hand and a faint smile on his face.

They could not have imagined that this young man, who was suffocating, had such fun, had always regarded the blood ghost and the flames as less than he had raised two pigs!

Later, the extremely strange gaze of the people, looking to the blood ghost and less flames, both of whom had been slaughtering and plundering indiscriminately, is now carrying a considerable amount of imperial fluid on their bodies.

It is only a pity that all their previous efforts were to make bride clothes for the people, who had long been stuck with the emperor's liquid on them and even regarded them as two domesticated pigs.

At this moment, in the eyes of everyone, there are two less blood ghosts and flames, all over the body, two capitalized words “pigs”, with a strong and stupid smell.

And the blood ghost and the flame were low, and the stomach stood still, and the chest rose and landed violently, and the breathing gradually became unusually heavy.

On the faces of the two people, they began to feel hot, and the eyes of those people were like whips, “punching” and "punching” on their faces, spinning, and gradually becoming unusual iron blue.

That's right, at this moment, the bloody ghost's original unusually white face, it's all horrible to turn iron green.

“Pfft! ”

Still a nine-tailed blue fox, broke the silence on the field, her hands covered her mouth, smiled directly, laughed that it already had a certain size of the front two seats, both kept moving up and down, shaking a wonderful tempting ripple: “Two pigs! ”

“Ha ha ha ha, still two fat pigs to kill! ”

That red-haired Xia Jiuyu, even more unscrupulous, laughed forward and backwards, flower branches trembled, but also extremely spectacular.

“This Qin Yi, though, is extremely interesting, he actually sees people as two pigs directly. ”

Wearing a red armor, Dongzhi completed the two intoxicating moon teeth and turned to Qin Yi, who had a long gun in his hand. In his eyes, a little tear had been shed.

“Here we go! ”

“Hey, two pigs! ”

“Hahaha, is there anything more humorous in the world than this? ”

Everyone else in the room laughed happily, and they thought it was worth it to enter this rugged tomb and not compete for Emperor's liquid, but to witness such a funny thing!


Wearing a golden robe, the Orient Palace song with an inky sword, whispered, looked at the blood ghost and less flame: “Blood ghost, less flame, you two super big rice bucket, it's so funny, even when I heard about this, it almost peed...

“It turns out you're only two pigs in the eyes of others. Now you two pigs are fattened and can be killed. Now, how do you feel when you know the truth? ”

The whole thing is so sad!

Blood ghosts and flames were low. He stood there in disgust, clacking his fists. His eyes stared dead at Qin Yi, as if he were going to eat him.

At this moment, they heard their heartbreak, piecemeal, smashed to the ground.

“Feel her sister! ”

Yan Shao Lung is going to blow up, he is the future North Desert generation master, who thinks that he has been in the eyes of Qin Yi, only a breeding pig!

It turns out that as soon as he entered this mausoleum, Qin Yi began to smear the emperor's liquid on himself, so angry!

Less than flames in an instant, he lost his mind, roared like a wild animal, and rushed to Qin Yi at all costs: "Kid, go to hell with Ben! ”

In the roar, in front of his chest, the black Xuan Moon, suddenly emerged again, severely shredded to Qin Yi, diameter up to a thousand.

A pounding wave, also with the appearance of the black moon, swept away and distorted this space violently.

His eyes curled slightly and looked at the huge black Xuan Moon that had been slaughtered so fast, Qin Yi's chest was also instantly burning a tremendous battle will.

At the same time, in his heart, it is also a shadow of luck: fortunately, thanks to the fact that Yan Zhuxin has completely stood on his side, otherwise, if she joins Yan Shao in striking out the complete Yin Yang Xuan Moon, even now herself, it is definitely irresistible.

“Well, start slaughtering pigs! ”

In a faint smile, Qin Yi's foot palm, on the ground, a harsh stamp, “Peng” emitted a loud and dull sound, the whole ancient mountain, followed by a tremor.

With this stampede, Qin Yi held a long gun with a smoke cloud, and the whole person turned into a shadow. He rushed to the black Xuan Moon that flew away.


A loud bang.

Qin Yi's long gun of smoke cloud, with the black Xuan Yue that Yan Xiao punched less, was a severe impact. Qin Yi only felt his arm numb, even the tiger mouth almost cracked, that huge impact, more than that, it shocked him across the flight.