The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1118: Bite You Hardly

After a while, Xinfang Yanzhu came back from the shock feeling. Long eyelashes, he blinked slightly and looked at Qin Yi. He asked carefully: "These are for me? ”

“Of course.”

Qin Yi nodded with a smile.

Yet Yan Zhuxin still looked at Qin Yi and said softly: “Qin Yi, do you know what I want to do now? ”

“What else can be done is to quickly refine these imperial liquids, exactly 191 drops of imperial liquid, but can make you fix it, there is quite a welcome breakthrough. ”

Touched his nose, Qin Yi said.

The flaming lady beside her also sighed slightly helplessly: “The little girl is a little girl, easy to touch, let me tell you, this time, we plundered 498 drops of Emperor's Liquid, many of these Emperor's Liquid, didn't you also participate in the plunder? It's not like you haven't seen so many emperors. What's so touching? ”


Yet Yan Zhuxin shook his head: “Those, they all helped Yan fight less, but now, so much emperor liquid has really become me, this is like a dream. Qin Yi, the most important thing I want to do right now is bite you hard. ”

The jade cheeks on both sides of the flaming bamboo have emerged with a shy and moving redness, and the show's eyes look at Qin Yi without blinking.


Bite me!

Qin Yi stunned. For a moment, he was completely stunned there. A sentence appeared softly in his heart: Grass. Are women all dog belongings? When he was excited, he wanted to bite each other.

The flaming lady beside her was also suddenly holding on, but she flew over God quickly again, hurrying to hold Qin Yi's arm tightly in her arms, some vigilantly looking at the bamboo hearts. That means, it's pretty obvious.

That is: this is my ticket. To bite, I must bite. You are not allowed to bite!

“Pfft! ”

Seeing Mai Mai's nervous appearance, Mai Mai's hands suddenly covered their mouths and smiled: “Mai Mai, look at you nervous, I'm just saying. Besides, I just bit him. Nothing. What's so nervous about that? ”

“But don't you know he's my male ticket? You bite my male ticket, it must be unreasonable. ”

Maiden said positively.

“But the first time I saw this coyote, the coyote's figure was already in my head. I bit him, didn't I? ”

“Why not? He's my male ticket, and it has to be my bite. ”

Femme Flame shook her head.

“Who says a man can only bite his own female ticket? ”

The folk wind of the Yan tribe is quite plain. Although Yan Zhu Xin looks delicate and weak, the bones are a factor of exhilaration and disobedience.

“I say you bite my male ticket, it's not reasonable, it's not reasonable! ”

“What I say is reasonable, it must be reasonable! ”

“Can you be reasonable? ”

“Reasonable or loving? ”

“ …… ”

“ …… ”

Qin Yi stood there silly, his chin broke the ground and just felt his head as big as a fight.

Shit, what the hell is this, these two amazing women, didn't they say something before they went to the rugged Emperor's tomb? Why are they fighting now?

Besides, “bite” to “bite” to go, when it's really speechless.

The world is so... messy!

What a mess!

“Take your time here and bite. I'll go out and refine the emperor's liquid. ”

Qin Yi sighed helplessly, and took Femme Yan's arm away, turning to go straight out of the cave.

Coming to the mouth of the cave, Qin Yi breathed out a long breath: the whole world is finally clean!

Sitting down, he couldn't help but frown.

After a moment of reflection, it became clear that if a man was too handsome and too good, he would attract a lot of women to admire him, and if there were too many women who admired him, the torture would follow.

It can be seen that the days of the legendary and powerful backyard, the rainfall of which occupies every day, can never be drunk or dead, but will fall into the endless torment of the dark sun.

“Only a brush man thinks about going to the mighty rear palace and pushing himself into the fire pit. ”

Qin Yi sighed and shook his head and threw away these boring thoughts. After setting his mind straight, he took a drop of golden imperial fluid from Na Qing, and then swallowed it directly into his stomach without saying a word.

As Emperor Liquid entered the belly, Qin Yi's nine curves in the body were in the hectare, producing nine powerful suction, dividing the energy of that drop of Emperor Liquid, like a demon, madly.

Qin Yi's current cultivation is in the middle of the imperial realm, which is already incredibly low for a practitioner on the second floor of the Divine Demon Mausoleum.

Luckily, however, he now has 191 drops of Emperor's Liquid, a vast cultivation resource that will certainly help him make quite a breakthrough.

And from the current situation, Qin Yi and the others, really need to make a big breakthrough, so that their strength can be raised to a whole new level.

And don't forget, the next thing they're going to face, the enemies of Tomorrow, there are two, one is the Blood Ghost, and the other is the Orient Palace.

Donghong Fei, ranked 47th on the Divine Guardian list of the Holy See of Kyushu, is actually powerful, and has quite a bit of influence on the second level of this magical mausoleum, even the "Messenger of Hell” organization is quite cynical towards him.

Over the years, Donggong Palace Fu has been practicing in closed confinement, and no one knows what level of strength it has reached.

This time, I joined forces with Maiden Yan to kill Donghong song, Donghong will definitely come to seek vengeance after giving it away. These years of mixing with the Holy See of Kyushu, Qin Yi can't understand what is going on with the Holy See of Kyushu. Everyone there is definitely not good.

Besides, it is highly probable that Orient Palace Fu arranged to destroy itself here in Chiakiushui.

The only way to deal with a top player like Donghong Fu is to quickly become stronger, in the shortest possible time, strongest, and have the strength to kill him before he finds himself.

As for the bloody ghost, although he had broken through life and death and became an immortal being, it was impossible to kill him, but if he possessed a higher power than him, he had no fear of him, and although he could not kill himself, he could not kill himself.

Now, Qin Yi and the three of them, each divided into a whole 191 drops of Emperor's Liquid, and it takes constant time to refine a drop of Emperor's Liquid.

In other words, in the near future, Qin Yi several people will no longer go out to activities, mindfully practice, strive to refine Emperor's liquid and improve their strength.

And the two people in the cave were also no longer arguing about the question of Qin Yi, but instead sat down and began to concentrate on refining Emperor Liquid.

Before refining Emperor Liquid, Maiden did not forget to release the seven spiritual whales in the animal soul map, so that even if she did not step out of this cave, she would be able to roughly grasp the second layer of the situation.

Five hours later.

That drop of Emperor's Liquid has been cleansed by the nine curves in Qin Yi's body.

Qin Yi did not delay, then removed the second drop of Emperor's liquid from Na Qing, swallowed it into his belly, and continued refining.

Just as Qin Yi and the three of them focused on refining Emperor Liquid, a small stone mountain in the southern part of this second level of the Divine Demon Mausoleum suddenly cracked open from it. A young man in a white robe rushed out of the cracks in that stone mountain.

The young man in the white robe landed slowly on the top of the rocky mountain, halfway through the sky, as he harvested the air from his body.

The young man in the white robe, with long brown hair, white skin and extremely handsome appearance, is as beautiful as a woman of the same colour, if she does not look at the flat breasts and the raised throat, the average person will definitely see him as a woman.

“I was locked up for just over a year, and my brother was killed. ”

The young man in the white robe exhaled lightly, and the handsome almost demonic face appeared slightly iron green. The long brown hair that kept floating in the wind and the impenetrable impenetrable momentum from his body made him look like an immortal emperor who had suddenly arrived here.

Obviously, this man is Dong Gong Fu, the brother of Dong Gong Song.

There is actually a secret between the eternal heart and the flowing heart that no one can know, that is, they are just a heart.

One mind has two halves, but two halves function quite the opposite, half allow time to solidify and half allow time to flow at a fairly fast rate.

And the more powerful the person who owns these two halves, the more powerful the mind is.

Two halves of the heart, half owned by his brother Donghong Song and half by his brother Donghong.

Therefore, on that day, Qin Yi joined forces with Feiniang Yanmei in the tomb of the rugged ancient emperor to kill the song of the East Palace, which was being practiced in this stone mountain, was already clearly felt.

“Was it that bastard who killed my brother? ”

He held his fist tightly, a faint voice, from the mouth of the East Palace, slowly exhaled. Although his natural indifference to the ultimate eyes, he could not see any expression, he could still feel hidden the fire of hatred.

Obviously, when he was hiding in Stone Mountain practicing, he simply felt the death of the Orient Palace song, but could not know who the killer was who was delayed in killing.

And the second floor of this magical mausoleum, the vast infinity, is much bigger than the ordinary continent, there are many cultivators.

It is not easy to find out who killed the Orient House song.

“The Messenger of Hell. ”

At some point.

The Oriental Palace envisioned this famous organization on the second level of the Devil's Landscape.

“It shouldn't be hard to find out who killed my brother that day with a network of 'Messengers of Hell'. ”

When I think of the "Messenger of Hell” organization, the body given by the East Palace is gently wandering away and disappearing in place.

The “Messenger of Hell”, by its very nature a mercenary regiment, is naturally not disappointed in the possession of intelligence.

If you want to find the killer of the Orient House song and avenge the Orient House song in the shortest possible time, then finding Hell's Messenger is naturally the best option.

The Oriental Palace is constantly undergoing a transient movement towards the “Hell Messenger” organization that exists in the central area of the second level of this demonic mausoleum.

During the speedy journey to Hell's Dead base, the East Palace constantly heard the same news that a blood ghost appeared on the second floor of the mausoleum, where a madness of massacre was carried out to draw blood and strengthen its strength.

However, Donghong Fu ignored this, and there was only one thought in his mind: to find the murderer who killed his brother that day, and then to break his body into pieces.