The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1119: Transactions (top)

The Orient Palace song is his own brother!

Now Orient Palace Fu, though seemingly an extreme indifference, tends to hide more terrible blood and killing behind the indifference.

“Pfft! ”

At some point.

Over the head of the Orient Palace, a giant fireball, over the long sky, overrun, a few blinks, disappeared into the sky.

Just momentarily moved, paused at the Orient Palace, looking up, looking in the direction of the fireball disappearing: “Firebird, the second floor of this demonic mausoleum, when did this firebird appear? ”

With a slight indulgence, the body of the Orient Palace swayed again, disappearing directly in place, and when he reappeared, the distant firebird appeared again in his sight.

He swept fast and caught up with the firebird, which was better maintained than a woman's palm, and suddenly he caught the firebird directly in his hand.


Yet the flamingo's body burst into flames.

Only in the next moment, the spark of the sky, again, suddenly gathered together, once again to form a firebird, the long whistle of "Ying”, and went away very fast.

A few blinks, the flamingo disappeared again into the sight of the Orient House song.

“The bird of immortality is a miracle, but unfortunately too weak to be of any value. ”

He shook his head proudly, and the divine colour of the East Palace was slightly unfortunate.

He then proceeded without further delay and proceeded with the expeditious journey.

A few days later, the Oriental Palace gave it a pretty good shape, standing outside that huge tower building at the base of the "Messenger of Hell”.

And already standing on the top of the tower, dressed in red armor, he could see the Orient Palace below him. He couldn't help but tremble slightly, his eyebrows slightly raised: “Orient Palace Fu, finally, went out and found this place. ”

“Tomiya Fu, what are you doing here? ”

Dongzhi has taken out his silver gun and held it in his small white hand, pointing down at Dongzheng Palace and sipping it in his mouth.


With her delicious drink, the rays of the tower building, along the same road, burst out with it, and between blinks, the siege of the East Palace Fujian group.

More than three dozen “Hell Messengers”, all of them taking out their weapons, pointing directly at the East Palace, all of these “Hell Messengers”, are Emperor Dao strong people, the breath of the body is all emitted, the space on this side is a violent twist of oppression, seems to be about to collapse at any moment.

Among the members of the “Messenger of Hell" were Ancestor Phoenix, Ancestor Ten Thousand Swords, Buzzing Lonely Blue and others, and Horan was also present.

However, in the face of so many masters, Donghong Fu had no fear at all. He didn't even look at the people around him. He just looked up and said to Dongzhi on the tip of the tower, Xu Xu Xu: “Dongzhi, I came out this time to make a deal with you. ”


Dongzhi, at the top of the tower, sniffed, had to stand still slightly.

Obviously, the purpose of the East Palace gift exceeded her expectations completely. She thought the East Palace gift was coming to seek vengeance. Who wants to, he actually came to talk about the deal.

As soon as the light spirit leaps, Dongzhi is at the top of the tower, Xu slowly landed in front of the East Palace gift, shallow smile: “I heard that the East Palace is notorious. In the past years, I even had the privilege to see the means of your East Palace gift. That is truly amazing. I can't believe that the famous East Palace gift, there are things that cannot be solved. As soon as it is shut down, I need to find our ‘Hell Messenger’ to organize a deal. ”

Nor does the Orient Palace think of the deliberate extrusion of Oriental Lawn, but simply looks at Oriental Lawn indifferently. “You and I, as the divine guardians of the Holy See of Kyushu, say that I am notorious, not to touch your own black. ”

And the words that came out of his mouth, like his eyes, were always utterly indifferent, or even utterly lifeless.

“You're wrong. As the head of the ‘Messenger of Hell' organization, everyone knows that I've just been making fair deals, and we do things for whoever pays. ”

Oriental Chi smiled shallow, “No more bullshit, come on, what kind of deal are you going to make with us? ”

“Help me find the man who killed my brother that day, the reward, 60 drops of Emperor's fluid. ”

The East Palace gave Xu Xu remarks.


Help him find the man who killed the Orient House song that day!

Dongzhi's tempting red lips had to be hidden Zhang. She could not have dreamed of it. Oriental Palace gave it to herself to make this deal.

Besides, he's got 60 drops of emperor fluid!

Such a reward is already extremely generous, and their "Messenger of Hell” organization has never seen an employer offer such an impressive reward in its previous dealings.

It also shows how much the Orient House hates the murderer who killed his brother, the Orient House song.

And the phoenix ancestors, ten thousand swords ancestors, Weng Lonely Qing and others in the crowd, their faces also passed a strange color.

No one in the world knows better than them who killed the Orient House song that day.

Qin Yi and Fei Mei Mai are their friends, they are in any case impossible to betray their friends.

Moreover, Qin Yi and Yan Meiyi were members of their organization when they just entered the second floor of this demonic mausoleum. When replacing the dead ghost, they deliberately pulled a contradiction between Qin Yi and them. It was Yi that Qin Yi and Yan Meiyi joined forces to kill Dong Palace song, and they even had a dark heart.

Dongzhi was trying to reject the room and looked up at the sky, a spinning spiritual whale, an idea, in her heart again, the oil was born.

“I've heard of the killing of your brother Donggong Song, but the details are clearer than mine, so I think it would be more appropriate for you to go to that person for this deal. ”

Oriental Shiba smiled shallow.

“Who's that guy you're talking about? ”

The East Palace gave the indifferent eyes a slight stiffness.

“Qin Yi. ”

Dongfang Zhi slowly spit out two words.

“Qin Yi? ”

In the eyes of the Oriental Palace, at last, there was a hidden intention of killing, without traces of slaughter: “Are you talking about Qin Yi, who was recently promoted to Divine Defense by our Holy See in Kyushu, who has entered the second floor from the first floor of this Divine Demon Garden? ”

Captured in the eyes of the Orient Palace, the obscure intent to plunder, in the heart of Oriental Lawn, by which she could easily determine:

Dong Gong Fei, like his brother, was sent by Qian Qiushui to kill Qin Yi!

“Yes, I think this deal should be made more with Qin Yi. ”

Dongzhi softened his beautiful head a little: “According to the information I got, your brother, was buried with the latest treasure visit, and that treasure visit, besides your brother Donggong Song, there were practitioners, all went, and Qin Yi and Feiniang, too, were among them, they should know exactly who killed your brother Donggong Song. ”

Rumor has it, Donggong Palace stood still and watched Dongzhi constantly: “Dongzhi, why do I think you are reminding me that the murderer who killed my brother is Qin Yi? ”

He and his younger brother, Donghong Song, are both settled here in Qianqiushui, killing Qin Yi. If Qin Yi learns about this, he will kill Donghong Song backwards. This possibility is entirely present.

“How is that possible? ”

"Qin Yi was only recently promoted to Divine Defense. Do you think he has the power to kill your brother in such a short period of time?

“Besides, I haven't even charged you yet. Do you think I'll tell you who killed your brother? ”

Rumor has it, the Orient Palace gave a silent voice: “That is also true, I believe that Qin Yi, even after another 30 years of training, may not necessarily kill my brother, and your ‘Hell Messenger’ organization, without any remuneration, could not have disclosed to me the information I wanted..."

“So how do I find Qin Yi? ”

The East Palace gave a slight frown.

“I don't know where Qin Yi is right now. ”

"However, I don't think it will take long for him to automatically come here and meet you, just wait here in peace, because he once said that he would come here to trade this information with me. ”

Saying, she looked up and looked slightly over her head. It was still in a slow circle of spirits, and then smiled without a trace of light.

She had entered the tomb of the ancient Emperor with Femme Flame, and she knew very well that the spiritual whale that circled in the sky was released by Femme Flame.

Besides, she is well aware of the purpose of the flaming Lingwu.

She believed that the spiritual whale circling in the sky must have ingested what was happening on the ground into her eyes long ago.

When this Ling Wu returns, Yun Mei Mai will naturally know what is going on here through the images that she has captured from the Ling Wu.

“Lingwu, when it's a really good baby, it makes me feel a little jealous. I can actually have seven Lingwu. ”

Oriental Shiba sighs herself.

“Qin Yi will come to trade this information with you? It turns out that your" Hell's Dead "organization obtained information through such means that it bought it at a low price and took it out at a high price. ”

Donggong Palace gave it to him, that handsome almost demonic face, can't see any expression: “Okay, in that case, I will wait here in peace for Qin Yi. ”


Qin Yi, Yan Mei Mai, and Yan Zhu Xin lived in a cave that was quite clean and tidy by Yan Zhu Xin. In these days, Yan Mei Mai and Yan Zhu Xin both sat in the cave with tray legs and silently refined Emperor Liquid.

Qin Yi, on the other hand, stayed outside the cave to refine the Emperor's liquid.

Obviously, Qin Yi, while refining Emperor Liquid, also had the task of guarding the guard. He was far more powerful than ordinary people's sense of power, and always covered a position of about 15,000 square feet.

All the wind and grass blowing within this range cannot escape Qin Yi's spiritual perception. Once there is a practitioner or vicious bird beast approaching, he is able to detect it first, and then take corresponding measures.

Time flies, turns around, more than a dozen days pass.

Qin Yi, with nine curved bodies, has refined and dissolved more than 40 drops of Emperor's liquid in this short period of more than 10 days.

And this forty drops of Emperor's liquid essence is also the cultivation that allowed Qin Yi to break through to the end of Emperor Dao.

When that more obvious demonization sign disappeared from Qin Yi, Qin Yi also returned to God from some strange state.

Sitting on the floor, Qin Yi felt carefully. After all the functions in his body, he smiled slowly on that handsome face.

With the breakthrough of the cultivation, his sense of inspiration was drawn, and the coverage reached 17,000.

In the ancient martial arts of "the annihilation of all mankind", the golden palm stamp gathered by the clap strength also reached one thousand and seven hundred, its power, also has a certain improvement.