The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1120: Intelligence

In addition to this, the effects of these martial arts such as "Lingfeng Palm", "Praise for Father", "Father's Return" and "Seven Types of Celestial Demons" have also changed markedly.

This is true of any martial arts, the effect of which will change with the breakthrough of the practitioner himself.

This is a very shallow logic, such as the most basic boxing technique, "Champion Fist," a practitioner from the first realm of the Xuando Province, and a practitioner from the first realm of the Emperor Province, naturally there is a difference between cloud and mud.

The practitioner of Xuan Dao realm punches out a book of "Champion Fist". At most, he can only smash a bowl of thick trees.

A practitioner from the imperial realm, who punched the Champion, was able to smash a stone into pieces.

These two effects are completely different.

“Pfft! ”

The sound of a flying wing pounding the air sounded from the air. Qin Yi opened his light eyes slowly and opened his voice.

It was a spiritual whale burning with flames, with wide wings, and from that day on, it swept toward this place at great speed, and the spiritual whale dived down from the sky, and the wide wings, a hard fan, fanned the trees below, were all green rays out of array.

“One of Mei's spiritual oohs is back. What news will this spiritual ooh bring back? ”

Qin Yi's eyes curled slightly, showing a slight interest.

Fei Fei, who sensed Ling Wu's return, walked out of the cave with Xin Yan Zhu and stood beside Qin Yi. Later, Fei Fei extended out her delicate jade arm.

There was already a spiritual connection between Yanmei and Lingwu. Seeing that Yanmei emerged from the cave, Lingwu shrunk immediately. In an instant, she became a three-legged bird and fell into the palm of Yanmei's white palm.

Femme Flame elicits a glimmer of spirituality, penetrates Lingwu's eyes and browses the images he ingests.


At some point.

The flaming lady clasped, and the delicate face revealed a strong shaking colour.

“Mai Ma, this Ling Wu, what kind of images did you get? ”

Seeing the appearance of the flaming maid, Qin Yi Meiyu, slightly flashed, confused asked.

Side by side of the bamboo, is also to look at the curious eyes and look at the flaming lady.

“From this image of the ghost, I saw a man with an indifferent eye to the point of a white robe who went to the Hell's Messenger base. ”

"I remember Dongzhi once saying to us," If one day we meet a man like this in the second level of the Devil's Landscape Garden, run away, because he is the gift of the East Palace, "said Maiden Yan. ”

Lingwu, you can only capture the images, but you can't record the conversation between Oriental Lawn and the Oriental Palace.

“What, the Orient Palace Fu has been cleared and gone to the Hell Envoy base? ”

Qin Yi shrugged, twirling, and sighed helplessly: “After all, the East Palace has found the 'Hell's Messenger’ organization. So, there must be blood flowing there now. I hope that Dongzhi, Ancestor Phoenix, Ancestor Wan Sword and other strong people can join forces to make the East Palace resist. ”

Side by side, the sweet little face, also slowly grew white.

Although this visit to the rugged Emperor's tomb to visit the treasure, she still has some knowledge of the Donggong Song Brothers. Don't forget, when Qin Yi first met Donggong Song, it was she who saved Qin Yi from the Donggong Song.

“It's not what you think. ”

Femme Yan shook her head slightly: “Donghong Fu did not do it, but seemed to be dealing with Oriental Chi. ”

Talk about a deal!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi and Yanzhu Xin are all stunned and open their mouths.

After touching his nose, Qin Yi sighed: “This matter truly exceeded people's expectations. The East Palace gave him a clearance. Instead of looking for the murderer of his brother's East Palace song, he went to the 'Hell Messenger’ to organize a deal. ”

“Yeah, that's puzzling. ”

The flaming bamboo flavor beside him is also accompanied by a sermon.

Femme Yan frowned lightly, slightly raised her eyebrows, and silenced for a moment. “At first glance, this matter is incredible, but it is normal to think carefully. The Oriental Palace did not know who killed his brother, so he would go to Hell's Messenger, hoping that Hell's Messenger would find the killer of the Oriental Palace song. Hell's Messenger, to be honest, is a mercenary regiment, and the East Palace is naturally the best way to find the killer of the East Palace song by ‘Hell's Messenger’. ”

That makes sense!

Rumor has it that Qin Yi and Yan Zhuxin's eyes are all slightly bright and gentle.

Obviously, Femme Blanc's inference is entirely correct.

“What puzzles me, however, is that Oriental did not seem to refuse to make a deal with Oriental Palace, but instead gave Oriental Palace and left it at the base of Hell's Messenger. ”

Habitual touched the shiny forehead with her hands, Maiden said: "With our friendship with Dongzhi, Dongzhi should reject the deal. Besides, I noticed that Oriental Chi even looked up at Wang Lingwu quite profoundly, what was the implication? ”

“Didn't you say 'Messenger of Hell' was a mercenary group? In the eyes of an organization of this nature, only interests, how is it possible to talk about relationships? ”

The flames were sweet and faint, he said.

“No, Dongzhi can't be such a person, and more importantly, Ancestor Phoenix, Ancestor Wan Jian, Yuwengong Yang, Bu Lonely Qing and other people are also very close to us, even if Dongzhi really wants to betray us, a few of them will not be able to agree. ”

Breathe out softly, Qin Yi said: “So what kind of situation is this? Besides, you also said that Oriental Chi is a deep look at Wang Lingwu. She knows that Lingwu is a beautiful girl and will definitely come back to us, and what exactly is this look she is revealing to us? ”

If Naranjo was in this situation, how would she understand the whole thing and how would she understand Oriental Chinatown?

After touching his nose, Qin Yi began to imitate Naran Qiushui's thinking.

Naran Qiushui's mindset, Qin Yi has seen, she will start with the whole situation, judge right and wrong, then fine analyze, find out the key details, and then make corresponding countermeasures.

“Overall, Dongzhi must be an ally, not an enemy, so he would never do anything to betray us...”

Qin Yi began to think bitterly.

“It is obvious, then, that instead of refusing to deal with the Orient House, she left him at the base of the 'Messenger of Hell'. ”

Qin Yi glanced slightly: “No, leaving the East Palace at the base of the ‘Messenger of Hell' organization just means that she did not have a deal with the East Palace. Otherwise, the East Palace Emperor was leaving, not staying...

“So there are only two possibilities in this situation: first, the East Palace has given them membership in Hell's Messenger; and secondly, what are they waiting for? The first possibility, which can be completely ruled out, is how is it possible for Orient Palace Fu to join Hell's Messenger? So there's only two possibilities left...

“So what does Oriental want to wait for? This must have something to do with Dongfang Zhina's profound look up. ”

Imitating Naran Qiushui's thinking, Qin Yi's thoughts were smooth and quite a bit of silence. She said to Femme Yan and Xin Yan Zhu: “Dongzhi has a deep view. If under normal circumstances, she is very close to us and has made a deal with Donggong Fu, then she is undoubtedly implying that we want to escape...

“But the question is, we don't see Dongzhi trading with Dongzhi, and Dongzhi doesn't know where we live or what we're running from? So she's suggesting that we escape, and that's not true. ”

Rumor has it, Maiden Yan and Xin Bamboo can't help but look at Qin Yi with amazement. When did this guy become so smart, he could actually analyze the problem so deeply?

Though Qin Yi was not stupid in their impression, Qin Yi now, giving them a feeling, is completely transformed into a wise person.

But how do they know that Qin Yi at this moment is painfully imitating Naran Qiushui's thinking.

Ignoring the two people, she looked at herself surprised, Qin Yi frowned, exhaled softly and continued: “Well, in this situation, we can only make bold assumptions. Dongzhi is suggesting that we go to the 'Hell Messenger’ organization base to meet with Donggong, other than that, I can't think of any other possibility. ”

- What? - What?

Head to Hell's Messenger base to meet with the Orient Palace!

Rumor has it that the flaming woman and the delicate body of the flaming bamboo are all sudden flashes, the pointed snow and white chin of the two people, directly broken the ground, over the face, revealing a strong shock color.

“But isn't it the two of you who killed the Orient House song? If you don't hide, go to Hell's Messenger base. It's not extremely dangerous. ”

The flames of bamboo shock cannot be added.

“Otherwise. ”

Qin Yi shook his head and smiled softly: “First of all, Dong Gong Fu didn't know. Mei Mai and I are the killers of Dong Gong Song...

“Secondly, we went to the base of the ‘Messenger of Hell' organization to confuse the Orient Palace and completely wash away his suspicions against us. He could never have dreamed that the murderer of his brother would dare to meet him. ”

After a pause, Qin Yi continued: “Moreover, Dongzhi hinted at us to go, and there was also a purpose, which is to let us go to deal with Dongzheng Fu to kill the information of Dongzheng Song. At a glance, she did not deal with Dongzheng Fu, but left him behind, and then, through Lingwu, suggested that we go to meet with him, which is enough to illustrate this. ”

“Yes, Dongzhi does have that purpose. ”

Fei Fei is also an extremely intelligent woman, the foxy show eyes suddenly lit up, "She did so for two purposes: first, to dispel our suspicions more thoroughly; second, the last visit to the ancient imperial tomb, to make her ‘Messenger of Hell’ organization so profitable, she wanted to lend us a gift of flowers, repay us, give us a chance to blackmail the East Palace. Oh, the character of this Oriental Chi is also impressive. ”

“It's nature, don't forget, she's the head of the 'Messenger of Hell' organization, if she didn't have a hard personality, how could she serve the public? ”

Qin Yi smiled deeply: “And before entering the Holy See in Kyushu, she was the Virgin of Father's Village. If she could not serve the people, how could she be the Virgin? ”

So far, the whole thing has been completely cleared up.

When it was impossible to know what the conversation between Dongzhi and Donggong Fu was about, it understood all the intentions of Dongzhi, which is by no means ordinary people and can be done.

Fortunately, it was Qin Yi, who once had contact with Naran Qiushui, a superbly intelligent strange woman, for some time, to understand her thinking pattern, and then to imitate the way she thought about the problem in order to be able to do so.

Otherwise, even if he wanted to lose a layer of scalp, he wouldn't necessarily be able to grasp Oriental's intentions.