The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1125: Men's Votes

Before entering the rugged tomb of the ancient emperor, Qin Yi had already deciphered the password on the first floor of "Ten Fang Hells”, deciphered it in half, and deciphered it in its entirety, already referring to the day to day.

Seeing the confidence on Qin Yi's face, the flaming woman and the flaming bamboo hearts, they were all full of surprises. “Can you really decipher the three-layer code of" Ten Fangs of Hell "? ”

“Of course.”

Qin Yi nodded and looked at Yan Zhuxin: “Remember when you brought me to this cave and I asked you to teach me to recognize the ancient words of the Yan clan? And frankly, those are the passwords that decipher the three layers of Ten Hells. It's just that I wasn't sure of your position at the time, so I didn't explain it to you, and now you think I'm your man... man, I certainly won't hide it from you. ”


The words that this guy used to teach the Yan tribe have long abandoned, turns out to be the deciphered code of "Hell of the Ten”!

Bamboo sweet attractive red mouth, stunned open, twirling, that delicate face gradually emerged a faint joy color, those two huge chests, also obscure light tenacity.

She felt quite proud to be able to do something for her male ticket. Although her strength was far less than that of the two of them, she ultimately helped Qin Yi a lot.

In the hearts of the bamboo hearts, delightful.

“Qin Yi, then, what is the problem with the three-tier password of 'Ten Fang Hells’? Do they have laws to look for? ”

Habitual touched the forehead, the flaming woman asked curiously.

The side of Bamboo Heaven is also the eyes that will be asked, looking to Qin Yi.


Qin Yi nodded and then took out the "Hell of the Ten” from Na Qing and entrusted it to the palm of his hand.

“Ten Fangs of Hell," on the surface, is an ordinary three-layer bloody tower, surrounded by a series of golden symbols, slowly surrounded.

Yan Zhuxin opened her eyes and carefully identified the surrounding golden symbols, her eyes, gently lit up, because she found that these golden symbols, indeed, were the ones that Qin Yi had taught herself to recognize.

“There are 360 of these golden symbols. ”

Looking at the golden symbols surrounding “Ten Fang Hells," Qin Yi Xu Xu introduced: “These 360 symbols, each layer, are 120, are not connected to each other, that is, the 120 symbols at the bottom, are sealed on the first layer, the 120 in the middle, the sealed on the second layer, and the 120 above, are sealed on the top layer. ”

Femme and Bamboo Hear carefully, both faces are full of surprises.

Qin Yi continued: “And these symbols are a series of confusion codes. By then, as long as I arrange the three layers of confusion codes correctly, then this‘ Hell of the Ten 'can also be opened. ”

“How do you know this is a mess code? ”

Femme Flame frowned lightly, slightly raised, asked.

His side of the bamboo is also a curious gaze, looking to Qin Yi.

Touched his nose, Qin Yi said: “I have thought carefully before, the password is nothing but two situations, the first: the 360 symbols are 360 organs; the second situation is the one I just said, the 360 symbols are a series of confusion codes...

“In the first instance, I have tried, injecting all 260 of these symbols into the force, trying to shock, but failed...

“So there's only the second scenario, the 360 symbols, which is a string of code errors. ”

So that's it!

Rumor has it, Maiden and Bamboo Heart are in the heart.

"But the problem is that these 360 symbols, even if they are divided into three parts, each part is 120, but a whole string of 120 symbols of confusion codes, can also list countless situations. If each situation is tried again, just don't be able to complete it, on the surface, there are only 120 symbols, but in fact, there are countless symbols, because he has countless situations, is this memory a little too huge, ordinary people, can try 30 situations, just afraid of all the confusion in the brain. ”

“This may have been the whole reason why no one has ever been able to decipher the password of the console 'Ten Hells’. ”

Maiden Yan habitually touched her forehead and looked at Qin Yi with a shallow smile. “But Qin Yi is different, he is not a normal person. ”

“What difference does he make? ”

Yan Zhuxin couldn't help but wonder to measure Qin Yi, but no matter what she thought, besides Qin Yi being particularly handsome, she didn't find any difference between him and ordinary people.

Qin Yi smiled somewhat helplessly and raised his left hand: “Because my left hand, unlike ordinary people, can help me remember. To be precise, I can copy things that have been touched directly into my mind. ”


Xin Yanzhu's tempting red mouth suddenly stunned Zhang, pulling Qin Yi's left hand over his palm, the fine end detailed, the end details for half a day, some disappointed said: “I don't see anything special. ”

The Left Hand of the Devil is already completely compatible with her Left Hand. If she could see it, she'd be damned!

“My left hand, born special. ”

Qin Yi naturally could not reveal the secrets of Tian Yu's left hand easily, and smiled casually.

“Oh, my sweet ticket, how could it be a mortal, must be special. ”

Bamboo smile delightfully shallow, that delicate face full of pride.

In this regard, Qin Yi and Yanmei are both somewhat speechless.

“But the question is, the password of 'Ten Fangs of Hell' has not been deciphered, so far everything is just assumed, what if there is no sealing function when it is opened? We are still unable to wipe out the evil presence of the Blood Ghost, from this world. ”

Maiden said positively.

“That's true. ”

Qin Yi nodded: “Hopefully by then, it will be as we now think, otherwise, if the blood ghost cannot be completely eradicated, the consequences will be unthinkable. ”

Donghong Fu, only threatens the lives of several of them, but the existence of blood ghosts is a threat to the entire cultivation world. If he is left to grow, even the Holy See of Kyushu will not be able to do so.

“Eradicating the bloody ghost is all aftermath, and maybe this time, the East Palace gives him a heart of light, which makes it possible for him to age directly into a pile of bones. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, then waved at Maiden Yan and Xin Bamboo: “The two of you, continue to enter the cave to refine Emperor Liquid. Don't forget, it's only two months since Dongzhi's Heroes Club. ”

Femme and Bamboo look at each other, they no longer say anything. After nodding their heads, they enter the cave and continue to refine Emperor's liquid.

Qin Yi, too, turned his hand and took a drop of Emperor's Liquid. Unfamiliar, he swallowed it into his stomach and began to refine Emperor's Liquid.

At the same time as refining Emperor Liquid, Qin Yi did not forget to elicit spiritual power, covering a range of about 20,000 square meters.

At present, Qin Yi's cultivation has just broken into the imperial realm of the second realm, and it is about two months before Dongzhi's heroic meeting.

In two months, Qin Yishang had more than a hundred drops of Emperor's Liquid. Once again, there would be no problem at all.

With Qin Yi's nine-curved body, he refined two drops of Emperor's liquid a day, without any pressure.


The nine curves in Qin Yi's body are the powerful suction of nine equilibrium strands. Qin Yi swallowed the incoming emperor's liquid and divided it all.

With the constant refining and refining of Emperor Liquid, Qin Yi's body's Xuan Qi is also climbing at a very welcome rate.

It has to be said that the luck of a few Qin Yi people who entered the second floor of this magical mausoleum is still quite good. To date, hundreds of drops of Emperor's liquid have been obtained. If they can kill more fat pigs and break into the tombs of the ancient emperor more than once, they will have the strength to break out of here in no time.

It will be the Great World of Xuan Huang who will wait for them after they have gone out of here.

The Great World of Xuan Huang, which is an extremely mysterious world, is only afraid that the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, aware of its existence, is a world created by the Great Emperor of Immortal Time and Space.

However, it is obvious that Xuan Huang Da World, during the immortal years, was not silent. Don't forget, the King of Chiang Ming used to pass Qin Yi at high speeds. In Xuan Huang Da World, many practitioners exiled. Now, Qin Yi even suspects that there are indigenous people there.

And the time of silence in the Great World of Xuan Huang should be the end of the Immortal Age, the World War of Destruction.

The first 30 Divine Guards who emerge from this demonic mausoleum will be eligible to enter the Great World of Xuanhuang, and eventually those who live out of that mysterious Great World of Xuanhuang will be eligible to enter the Emperor's Mountain and compete for the Emperor's Seal.

The cultivator who will finally compete for the Emperor's Imperial Seal will become the fourth Pope of the Kyushu Holy See.


This day.

Qin Yi dropped a drop of Emperor's liquid, but it had not been refined yet. The original light eyes opened suddenly.

Within his spiritual reach, only a middle-aged man in a yellow robe was seen fleeing to his death, as if there were another practitioner behind him who was pursuing him frantically.

In this demonic mausoleum, the scenes of practitioners hunting each other are like home meals, because inside, they are all madmen, practitioners killing each other, plundering the cultivation resources.

Just a moment's attention, Qin Yi shook his head and ignored it. He continued to refine the Emperor's liquid.

However, his eyes just closed, and the next moment, they opened up again, a horrible colour, slowly passing by.


It was only within the confines of his spiritual power, and all of a sudden, a spacious, more than ten pieces of blood, behind the middle-aged man in the yellow robe, crossed the sky, spying hard, and grabbed the middle-aged man in the yellow robe.

“Gaga, whoever is the Divine Guardian of the Kyushu Holy See, die in this house! ”

With the appearance of that bloody hand, a very sharp voice, like a sharp blade, pierced the long sky, sounded quite painful.

Next moment.

The long-barried blood ghost appeared, stepping on a cloud of blood, and rushed into the range covered by Qin Yi's spiritual power.

The middle-aged man in the yellow robe, feeling behind him, the bloody hand sent out a terrible killing, in great shock, hurried to turn around, punched, hit the bloody ghost.


The Blood Ghost's Blood Hand, even when it was blown into the sky by the man.

Those who are able to enter the second level of this mausoleum naturally have quite good strength.

Only in the next moment, the blood hand of the blood ghost grew up again, tens of feet wide, and grabbed the middle-aged man hard in the yellow robe.

Looking at the blood hand of the blood ghost, he has reached more than ten lengths. Qin Yi sighed at himself. In the time coming out of the tomb of the ancient emperor, the blood ghost is obviously quite powerful again.

“Oh, my God, what kind of evil exists? ”

The Godfather of the Kyushu Holy See, dressed in a yellow robe, was utterly desperate and pale.