The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1126: Ghost of War

“Gaga, you don't even know who this seat is. Damn you! ”

The blood ghost stood on the cloud and looked down at the Kyushu Holy See in his yellow robe: “Haven't you heard of this lately, the second floor of the mausoleum, where an indestructible blood ghost appeared? That's the seat! ”

In the conversation room, the bloody ghost of the generous blood hand, the speed was not slowed at all, and the harsh speed was beaten towards the golden gown of the Kyushu Holy See.

The saint of the Kyushu Holy See, dressed in a yellow robe, flashed into a shadow and burst out towards one side.


The mountains sway.

The bloody ghost's giant blood hand struck out, slapped hard on the ground, and tore the ground apart.

“What, are you the latest, circulating evil creature that has broken through life and death? ”

Jiuzhou Holy See Divine Guard in a yellow robe, desperate to the point, all with a sudden tremor: “But the question is, I have no quarrel with you, why did you kill me? ”


Blood ghosts sniff, but as if they heard the most laughable joke in the world, they make a bunch of crazy laughs: "Didn't you all say I was evil? Then naturally I have to do something evil! ”

He laughed again, suddenly harvesting, that was like a dead man's eyes. At this moment, he became extremely sharp. He looked at the Kyushu Holy See in his yellow robe in a blink and said coldly: “Besides, the Kyushu Holy See's Divine Guard has no vengeance with this seat. All the Kyushu Holy See's Divine Guards are damned! ”

“Why, what the hell is going on here? ”

The sage of the Kyushu Holy See in his yellow robe was very unhappy and confused, and his anger growled.

“Okay, I'll let you die! ”

The bloody ghost stood proudly on the bloody cloud with his hands forked, looking down at the Kyushu Holy See in his yellow robe, Xu Xu Xu said: “This is the blood witch's heir. Do you know who the bloody witch is? The ancestors of our Yan tribe. Do you know how the Blood Witch Ancestors died? It was killed by your Kyushu Holy See, so all of you who are Kyushu Holy See deserve to die! All of you, the Holy See of Kyushu, will be killed and avenged for your blood witch ancestors! ”

“Now that you understand this seat, why are you being chased? Now that you understand, go to hell! ”

Blood ghost suddenly coarse blood arm, suddenly, suddenly probed directly from the bloodcloud, harshly grabbed the Kyushu Holy See divine guard in a yellow robe, speed unspeakable, between winks, caught the Kyushu Holy See divine guard in a yellow robe in front of his eyes.

The Kyushu Holy See divine guard in the yellow robe, when he was really angry, his figure swung and he burst to one side, leaving the bloody ghost to grab the sky.

“Don't struggle, in front of this house, you have only one ending, and that is death! ”

Blood ghost hummed cold, blood hands suddenly dumped, ten Yulioli sword-like blood nails, turned into ten bloody rays, flowing only at the Kyushu Holy See divine guard in the yellow robe.


A few sharps pierce the slight sound of muscle tissue.

The blood ghost punched these ten bloody nails, too fast, and between the blinks, they all pierced the vest of the Kyushu Holy Spirit in the yellow robe, passing by.


The saint of the Kyushu Holy See in his yellow robe screamed, his fleeing figure suddenly stagnated.

“A little Kyushu Holy See divine guardian, too, wants to escape from the palm of the throne and dream! ”

The blood ghost stepped on the blood cloud and rushed up at great speed. The blood arm burst out like a lightning bolt. The blood hand was more than ten feet wide. He tried his best to shoot the Kyushu Pontifical Divine Guard in a yellow robe.

However, the Kyushu Holy See divine guard in the yellow robe, physical defense, was also good. He could not be beaten to death by the palm of the blood ghost, just on his body, showing signs of tortoise.

“Hmm? Physical defense, not bad! ”

The blood ghost rushed forward, winking quite unexpectedly, and smiling lightly: “Well, I'd like to see, how many hands can you take from this seat? ”

“Evil things, you die! ”

Unable to escape, the Kyushu Pontifical Guardian in the yellow robe, growled, feet on the ground, stamped hard, stamped the ground directly, all like a spider web tortoise cracked open.

With this stampede, the Kyushu Holy See, dressed in a yellow robe, rushed towards the bloody ghost on the cloud, and in the course of the plunder, a golden sword of leniency appeared on his hands.

“Yo, is this the legendary dog jumping off the wall? ”

Looking at the golden sword with its leniency, he killed his Kyushu Holy See Divine Guard with great speed, and the bloody ghost shook his head with disdain, and then he shot it out with his blood and caught a wind, quickly approaching the Kyushu Holy See Divine Guard.

“Knock! ”

The golden sword of war in the hands of the Holy See of Kyushu could not bear this palm of the bloody ghost. It was broken and opened, leaving only one knife handle, held by the Holy Guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu.

And that tremendous impact, even more so, hit the Holy See of Kyushu with hundreds of strongholds.

“Devil, you are a complete devil! ”

The Holy Spirit of the Kyushu Holy See, at this moment, when despair reaches the extreme point, thanks to the impact of the hand of the Blood Ghost, the head does not return to the speed, and continues to flee.

“Gaga, you're right, this is a complete demon! ”

Blood ghost laughed wildly, stepped on the cloud, leaving a huge wave of blood in the air, and after winking, it blocked the Kyushu Holy Spirit: “Do you know how cats play with mice? ”

“Devil, you die! ”

In the roar, the Kyushu Holy See divine guard waved his fist, beating hard at the blood ghost, his fist, between the hectares, the foot surged dozens of times, the foot as big as three buckets.

With his punch, the space around the fist, like a wave, was punched by the pound and squeezed out of a huge circle of ripples.

“Not on your own! ”

Looking at that hard punch, he called himself Jiuzhou Holy See divine guard, but the blood ghost smiled coldly, and then slapped it out, facing the huge fist of the Jiuzhou Holy See.

However, the Jiuzhou Holy See Divine Guard was a false blow. Just halfway through the fist, it was a sudden harvest. Once again, he turned around and fled at great speed. In between blinks, he burst out a thousand times.


The bloody ghost was slightly stunned, and he whispered again: “I can't believe I'm still in front of this table, playing with this pattern. It's just a pity, before absolute strength, any trick is ridiculous. ”

He stood on the cloud of blood, he didn't chase it at all, just the blood hair on his head, instantly surged to a thousand places, and as soon as he tried to shake it, he suddenly tied the guard of the Holy See of Kyushu, who had escaped a thousand places away.

With a thousand pieces of blood, the Holy Guardian of the Kyushu Holy See was bound to his eyes by blood ghosts. Every single hair of blood ghosts is filled with terrible power and is constantly shrinking.

Qin Yi, sitting at the mouth of the cave with 20,000 gauntlets open, perceived all of this through spiritual power without moving a godly color.

“Why is the bloody ghost still carrying out the unscrupulous massacre, at a time when, according to reason, he should be fleeing the whole world being chased by the East Palace? ”

The frown, slightly raised, Qin Yi's heart, was confused to the extreme.

“Isn't the Orient Palace an opponent of blood ghosts? ”

In Qin Yi's mind, such doubts emerged, and soon he shook his head. This was denied: “No, the blood ghost nowadays is much stronger than it was at the tomb of the ancient emperor, but it should not be too difficult for the East Palace to beat him. Otherwise, the East Palace Emperor would not be on the list of divine guardians, 47th place of strength. ”

“But at present, only the blood ghost appears here. Why is it that Orient Palace gave me suspicion about the ‘intelligence’ I sold to him on that day, that the ‘intelligence’ was false, and the killer of the Orient Palace song was not a blood ghost at all? ”

“So, the deal we had with him that day, it blossomed and made him realize it? ”

Qin Yi frowned bitterly and carefully recalled all the details of his dealings with Donggong on the day of organizing the base of "Hell's Messenger”.

But unfortunately, everything was done without a leak, and he couldn't find any blossoms.

“So, what's the problem? ”

Qin Yi Beisi couldn't understand it.

His spiritual reach is about 18,000 feet away.

The blood ghost poured with blood, arrogantly stood on the cloud, full of blood hair, tied the Kyushu Holy See to death, a sharp and cold voice, from his mouth, slowly emitted: “This cat has just begun playing the game of mice, do you want to escape? ”

“Devil, you should go to hell! ”

The Holy Spirit of the Kyushu Holy See, roaring, the aura in his body, burst wildly, that pounding imperial power, filled with every inch of his skin, came out harshly.

“Boom! ”

The blood of the blood ghost was suddenly burst apart by the pounding of imperial power, covering the day.

“Devil, die! ”

In anger and drink, the Holy Guardian of the Kyushu Holy See slapped his hands hard towards the blood ghost, a black palm stamped with his hands gathered together, a hundred feet wide, with an awesome whistling sound, broke into the sky, and struck the blood ghost on the blood cloud.

“Oh, dying struggle? It doesn't work!”

Looking at the giant black palm print that struck at the speed, the bloody ghost smiled with dismay, and then the bloody hair swayed suddenly towards the giant black palm print.


Countless pieces of blood, all drawn on the black palm imprint, instantly pulled it apart, and the attack of the blood ghost was without a pause, the next moment, he hit it with his hands, suddenly to the Holy Guardian of the Nine States.

That Jiuzhou Holy See divine guard only felt the blood flashing in front of him. He had not yet had time to react. The blood hand of the blood ghost had been slapped down with no head and face, directly on the ground, producing a huge palm print with a deep footprint.

And the Holy Spirit of Kyushu, lying in the center of that giant palm impression, was already completely torn, with cracks like spider webs.

The blood of the Taoist Path, from those cracks, erupted, and between the blinks, was dyed into a blood man by the Holy See of the Kyushu Province, and it looked so fierce that it reached the extreme.

“Tsk, the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu is also so unbeaten. Before and after this, he only bears the palms of this seat, and his body is torn apart. However, it's not bad, it's better than the divine guardian of the Holy See of Kyushu, who was killed yesterday. ”

Looking at the Kyushu Holy See in the palm of his hand, the blood ghost whispered.

The Holy Spirit of the Holy See of Kyushu, in the palm of his hand, burst into the sky, opened his mouth and threw up, and the nine little bloody swords, from his mouth, burst out, towards the bloody ghost on the cloud, and burst.