The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1133: Heroes Club (Bottom)


Yoga shook his head and smiled softly: "Someone secretly pushed the cultivators here to kill each other, do a big wash of cards, and then benefit from it. ”

Murdered each other, did a big shuffle!

Rumor has it, Qin Yi, Fei Mei Mai and Yan Zhu Xin all had to stand still, standing on the ground with each other. In their hearts, all three were very uneasy, lamenting: the one who pushed the facilitator in the dark, be a really big pen!

“So, 150 years ago, who was the covert facilitator of that big wash? ”

Qin Yi asked.

Feminine and Bamboo Heartbreak are also curious eyes to look at Yoga.

“150 years ago, I had just entered the second floor from the first floor, my strength was quite weak, I was practicing all day in a cave, I didn't dare to come out of the activity. My diving, that is, a whole decade. After 10 years I came out of that cave, I realized that there had been an overwhelming change here, and I missed a wonderful big washing card. I naturally had no idea about the pusher behind that big washing card. ”

The divine colour of yoga is slightly unfortunate.

Qin Yi threesome.

Then, five days later, under the speedy rush of the people, their figure appeared at the Hell's Messenger base.

At this time, the Heroic Society has also been going on for a full five days, and some basic information about the Heroic Society, Qin Yi several people are still on the road, have already passed Lingwu, have a general understanding.

The entire hero will have four divisions: Green Dragon, White Tiger, Peacock, Xuanwu, and these four divisions will be located on top of four mountain peaks.

And the peaks of those four mountains have long been flattened by Hell's Messenger, turning them into four big contest sites.

In each test pitch, there are members of the "Hell Messenger” to monitor the conduct of the Wushu Guild, record the results of the Wushu Guild, because there is a whole 200 drops of imperial fluid temptation, temptation, practitioners participating in the Wushu Guild in each pit, is also the rule, do not dare to make too many times.

Although each of the four sites is located on four mountain peaks, there are still many practitioners gathered in front of the Hell's Messenger base, on that vast square.

Obviously, these practitioners gathered here have been numbered and waiting to enter the site.

The Oriental Lawn, dressed in red armor and sliding red boots, is always standing on the tip of that tall tower. The spirited eyes, Xu Xu Sweeping room, the scenes of the four divisions that line up the word "one” in front, are all incoming.

When Qin Yi and others were seen among the practitioners below, a shallow smile appeared on Dongzhina's delicate face, then she turned around and slowly left.


“Qin Yi, you are finally here. Lord Oriental has been waiting for you for a long time. ”

After many days of silence and loneliness, Mina Na's arrival in front of Qin Yi's four people, she smiled shallow, and saw a few Qin Yi. In her eyes, she was slightly excited: “Come with me, you two have just arrived. Some of the games of this heroic meeting will have to be spoken to by Lord Oriental himself. ”

Obviously, the Oriental Lord she speaks of is Oriental Lawn.

After coming out of the rugged tomb of the ancient emperor in the past, Buzz Lonely Qing listened to Qin Yi's advice, led Zhaoxue Nine people, followed Dongzhi to the "Hell Messenger” organization base, officially becoming "Hell Messenger”.

“Well, lead the way. ”

Qin Yi nodded and turned to wave at the three flaming ladies beside him, Xin Yan Zhu and Yoga.

Led by Buzzing Lonely Blue, Qin Yi four people quickly went up to the fifth floor of this tower building.

The fifth floor, also the highest floor, stands here, where everything around you can be seen at a glance.

In the hall on the fifth floor, Dongzhi, dressed in red armor, waited quietly there, and saw Qin Yi several people come up, beautiful face, immediately appeared a happy light smile.

“Hey, Yoga, how did you get along with Qin Yi? ”

When I saw Yoga among a few people, Oriental Shiba blinked, in my mind, gently appeared the scene of the past, five moves to defeat this person.

And now, this person came here with Qin Yi several people, which was quite a surprise to her.

“Halfway across the road, everyone was the divine guardian of the Kyushu Holy See, so we came together. Is it necessary to make such a big fuss? ”

Touched the chin, yoga, slightly uncomfortable.

The person who caused the biggest stain in his life was right in front of him, and it was weird that he was comfortable.

In this regard, Dongzhi only smiled shallow, did not mention the past of the two people, greeted the people to sit down, and Xu Xu said: “I will tell you about the specific game system of this heroic meeting, which is divided into four divisions: Green Dragon, White Tiger, Xuanwu and Zhuqiu, which I think you have also seen. Any practitioner who enters the four divisions has signed a deed of life and death, died in battle in the competition, the consequences are self-inflicted, and the winner is free to plunder all the riches on the deceased. The 'Messenger of Hell' organization will not interfere...

“At present, Ancestor Phoenix, Ancestor Wan Sword, Yuwengong Yang, and one of my previous capable men preside over each of these four stations. ”

No wonder I didn't see some of the old Phoenix, so that's it.

Qin Yi's heart is clear.

Keep listening.

“The entire Hero Club, divided into three rounds, the first round, the free rotation test, as long as you think you have the strength, anyone can become the master, accept the challenge of other practitioners, and finally decide the four strongest champions...

“Then, in the second semi-finals, the four champions draw lots, two pairs of matches, the winner will enter the third round of the final, the final winner will become the patron of the 'Messenger of Hell' organization and receive 200 drops of Emperor's Liquid, while the second and third places, if they do not die in the final, will also receive 100 drops and 50 drops of Emperor's Liquid, respectively, as the elders of the 'Messenger of Hell' organization. ”

A few people in Qin Yi gave a clear understanding of this heroic meeting.

Normal Heroes Club, divided into three rounds.

Round 1: From the four divisions, four runners-up to the semi-finals.

Round 2: Semifinals, two of the strongest of the four champions to enter the final.

Round 3: Finals.

“In other words, this Heroes' Guild, The Messenger of Hell, will drain 350 emperors. ”

Habitual touching of the forehead, the flaming woman looked at Oriental Chi, with an unknown shallow smile: “Oriental Chi, we all know that this heroic meeting, your real purpose, is to help us eradicate the Oriental Palace gift, but what makes me think that you seem to have more than one purpose? ”