The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1134: The Ambition of Oriental Lawn

Rumor has it, Dongzhi couldn't help but look at Yanmei by surprise. Qin Yi, Yan Zhu Xin and Yoga are all quite surprised.

Feminine glance slowly swept on the faces of the four people: “In fact, I didn't think much before, but when I learned from Yoga's mouth that the second floor of this demonic mausoleum had been washed once, and nearly half the practitioners died, I gradually realized that your hero club seemed not only to help us eradicate the East Palace, but your other purpose was to give the second floor of this demonic mausoleum another big wash, is that it? ”

One more big shuffle!

The effect of these words of Femme Flame, for Qin Yi, Xin Bamboo, and Yoga, is obviously no different than the five thunderbolts. For a while, they were all stuck there.

And Dongzhi, too, is an incredible glance at the flaming lady.

After a while, Dongzhi smiled: “Maiden Yan, you do have a good talent. Yes, indeed, as you said, I just wanted to give the second floor of this magical mausoleum a big wash of cards. And I'm curious, how the hell do you know that? ”

“It's simple, you let every practitioner who enters the room sign a deed of life and death, and you can't really produce 350 drops of Emperor's Liquid for this hero's club, 350 drops of Emperor's Liquid, just a front. ”

Maiden smiled lightly.

“How did you know I wouldn't give 350 drops of Emperor's Liquid? ”

Dongzhi looked at Mai Fei with interest.

Qin Yi, Bamboo Xin and Yoga are also very curious about this.

Nodding her head, Femme said: "This is a tremendous fortune. How can you easily throw it out? With the stipulation that a deed of life and death must be signed, the winner can also freely plunder the wealth of the dead. This hero's club, essentially, has become a game of self-destruct. Think about it. This hero will wait until the end. How harsh will it have to be? At that time, you fomented people against the Orient Palace, and it was another tragic war, so that in this second level, basically no one can fight the Hell Messenger organization, and then who is eligible to reward you? ”

What a wonderful ploy!

“And what 350 drops of Emperor's Liquid, Protective Law, is not the point. ”

"The point is, in the course of the game, the winner can plunder the cultivation resources of the dead at will, and this will make this hero, how harsh will the show be? Obviously, as long as a challenging practitioner enters, he or she will do everything in his power to kill each other and then plunder his or her training resources. ”

The three of Qin Yi listened to this speech of the flaming lady. In their hearts, there was a terrible wave, and they could not return to God for a long time.

This heroic meeting, on the face of it, is Dongzhi's recruiting guardian law, but in fact, it is provoking a disguised self-immolation, a disguised battle of great plunder, such talent, and enormous means, when truly shocking.

Although this move by Oriental Lawn is rather cruel and will not know how many cultivators have lost their lives at this heroic meeting, this mausoleum itself is a hell of a world where all the cultivators trapped are insane.

Therefore, she would do no better to do so.

And she's still giving some people a chance to become stronger.


Curious, Qin Yi secretly activated the left hand of the demon, elicited spiritual power, and covered the range of 23,000 square meters, all of them.

For a while, the battle scene in the four main divisions was also clearly perceived by him.

Indeed, the scenarios in the four branches, as Maiden said, are extremely harsh, because the winner is free to plunder the wealth of the dead, so most of the confrontations are the ones where you die and I live.

How can these practitioners miss out when they usually do whatever they can to gain access to the resources of the practice, and this hero is giving them a bright and powerful chance to plunder?

“This heroic gathering, instead of renaming it the Birth and Death Hongmen Banquet, any practitioner who signs up, one foot, is already at the doorstep of death. ”

After observing the contest scene on the four sub-fields for a while, Qin Yi sighed.

“Indeed, it is a feast of life and death. ”

Oriental Chi nodded frankly: “In fact, there are many practitioners, who have long been completely desperate to be trapped here. This feast of life and death has spared them life and death, to fight for a hand. If they are lucky enough to get a lot of Emperor's liquid, then they see hope...

“So, it can also be said that this time, I am creating a gambling opportunity for these practitioners, in the course of the trial, if several practitioners with a lot of cultivation resources are killed, then he also has hope to get out of poverty, otherwise, only fear death...

“This is a gamble of hope and death, and I did not force any practitioner to come to this Heroes of Death Club, they all came voluntarily, and at the opening, I also made all the rules clear to them...

“To be honest, if I wasn't the planner of this Death Heroes' Society, maybe I'd be involved, especially trapped here, instead of a life-and-death gamble, maybe a glimmer of hope. ”

At this time, Dongzhi, his eyes were gleaming, and his body smelled like a king.

I can't imagine a delicate and weak woman who can raise her hand and throw herself in the footroom and pull the whole second floor of the Divine Demon Garden.

“Qin Yi, Fei Mei Mai, do you two want to go into a field to play? ”

Yanmei glanced at Qin Yi and Yanmei and smiled slightly: “However, I must first remind you that once you enter the arena, it means that you are most likely on a death path, and there will be practitioners who will continue to challenge you until you are killed, unless you have the strength to stay on the arena and stand to the end. ”

“What stage is this hero meeting at now? ”

Qin Yi sincerely said.

“Progress to more than half. ”

“The signing up for the Heroes Club was over two days ago, with more than 800 practitioners enrolled," said Dongzhi. Currently, more than 500 practitioners have entered the arena and more than 300 practitioners are waiting to enter in the square below. ”

“Of the more than 500 practitioners who have entered the competition, how many have died in the war? ”

Qin Yi asked.

Feminine, Jasmine Bamboo and Yoga are also the eyes that will curiosity look to Oriental Lawn.