The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 1135: Unlocking Ten Hells

“With 400 names left in the battle, there are still 100 names left, pleading to lose, sparing the fate of being killed. ”

Oriental Chi said.

More than 400 practitioners died in the whole war. This is a hero's club for life and death!

Qin Yi threesome, for a moment, all stood there, and a chill appeared in his heart.

Exhaling softly, Qin Yi returned to God and continued to ask: "So, is there an East Palace gift among the more than 800 people who signed up? ”

“Of course there is. ”

Oriental Chi smiled shallow: “People like him, naturally, can see through at a glance, this is a bright and plundering opportunity to cultivate resources, how could you miss it? However, after he signed up that day, he left again, and should have gone after the bloody ghost. ”

Obviously, the East Palace Gift speculation is correct, and the East Palace Gift is now completely consumed with blood ghosts.

“So, where is the East Palace Fu divided into? When are you coming out? ”

Femme Flame slightly picked her eyebrows, asked.

“As for the Xuanbu division, there are no rules regarding the time of appearance. All participants in the competition here are volunteers and can appear whenever they wish. ”

Dongzhi said, "But I think the Heroes of Life and Death is coming to an end, and he should be coming soon. ”

Rumor has it, Qin Yi several people, all nodded.

Qin Yi several people did not intend to rush into the field and participate in the competition. Although they had the opportunity to plunder the cultivation resources of other practitioners, they came this time, mainly in cooperation with Dongzhi, to kill Donggong Palace.

The East Palace is very powerful, ranked 46th on the Divine Guard list, or Chiaki Shui is deliberately arranged here, the technology Qin Yi and Yanmei.

This man must be eliminated!

Otherwise, Qin Yi and Yanmei will eventually die on his hands.

In addition to the Orient Palace gift, the evil creature, the Blood Ghost, they hope to take the opportunity to wipe it out of the world completely.

The threat of blood ghosts is greater than that of the East Palace, which is merely a threat to Qin Yi and Fei Mei, while blood ghosts threaten the entire cultivation world.

Next, Qin Yi several people, in the base organization of this “Messenger of Hell”, stayed for a while, waiting for the emergence of Donghong Fu, and then found a way to destroy it.

In a workshop.

Qin Yi, Yan Mei Mai, Yan Zhu Xin and Yoga are all sitting on the floor with tray legs.

Maiden and Bamboo Heart continue to refine Emperor Liquid.

Yoga, in the traditional way, practiced. He had 60 drops of Emperor's liquid on him. On his way here, he had lost to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi, on the other hand, took out “Ten Fang Hells” and continued to decipher the remaining 30 mess codes on the first floor.

After winking, two days passed.

Over the course of these two days, Qin Yi again listed the 30 codes of confusion and countless situations, but still did not find the right way to arrange them, causing Qin Yi's head to be as big as a battle.


Qin Yi exhaled softly, and smiled helplessly: “If I remember correctly, this is 35,6078 times arranged. Try this time, is the arrangement correct? ”

Even with only 60 symbols, it is possible to list countless situations.

Such a complicated arrangement, if replaced by a regular practitioner, would definitely be completely confusing, fearing that the correct passwords would never be arranged.

But Qin Yi is different. He has the left hand of the demon. He can copy every arrangement into his mind without confusion of memory.

After fixing the god, Qin Yi began to move around “Ten Hells”, the 60 golden symbols below.

Not long ago, 60 golden symbols were rearranged together with 60 previously arranged symbols to form a smooth spell.

Later, Qin Yi began to recite the 120 golden symbols arranged.


As he finished reciting that spell, a huge bloodbath was the first layer of the "Ten Fangs of Hell”, and it burst out suddenly. It smelled incredibly amazing. In the hectares, it was every layer of space that filled this place, making it like hell. Qin Yi and others' hearts were unstoppable to breed a chill.

Meanwhile, a pounding air wave followed from the bloody tower, swooping away, the four Qin Yi people in the training room, all hit the wall hard, and fell to the ground again.

“This is…”

Qin Yi, Femme Femme, Xin Zhu, Yoga four people, wolf climbed up from the ground, looking at the floating in the air, slowly spinning blood tower, incredibly hard blinking eyes.

At this moment, the murderous intentions emanating from that little bloody tower are too strong, directly causing Qin Yi's skin to be a hidden pain.

“Qin Yi, did you decipher the password on the first level of this' local hell ’? ”

Maiden looked at Qin Yi with horror.

“Seems so. ”

Qin Yi stared at the slowly spinning bloody tower and swallowed a sip.

“Oh, Qin Yi, you're amazing, actually deciphered the password of 'Ten Fangs of Hell’. ”

Returning to the flaming bamboo hearts of God, on that beautiful little face emerged a strong joy.

Honestly, Xin Yan Zhu has always been unbelievable, Qin Yi really can break the "Ten Fangs of Hell”. After all, no one has ever been able to decipher and decipher the password of this heritage treasure.

Now, however, Qin Yi actually cracked the password on the first level of "Ten Fang Hells”.

“What a horrible kill, this treasure, it's too powerful, it makes me feel like hell! ”

Yoga has never seen "Hell of the Ten” before, and at this moment, it can't be more shocking to feel the killings that have come from that "Hell of the Ten”.

Then he looked at Qin Yi with envy: "Qin Yi, it turns out you still have such a powerful treasure, this can definitely give you the strength to take a whole new step in an instant! ”

However, Qin Yi looked into the eyes of the bloody tower, but it was obvious that the color of disappointment appeared.

It took a while before he sighed and looked at Maiden and Bamboo Heaven: “It seems that this‘ hell of a ten 'is not a sealed function, but a weapon of slaughter. ”

This can be judged only by the murderous intentions emanating from that “Hell of the Ten”.

Hearing Qin Yi say this, the original color of delight on the faces of Femme and Xin Bamboo also disappeared instantly. Instead, it was a disappointment.

Until then, they wanted this “Hell of the Ten” to have a sealing function so that they could use it as a treasure to seal the Blood Ghost forever.

But nowadays, things aren't as good as they thought!